Spring has sprung

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Warmth may be returning in a big way if these two idiots don’t settle down

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But life goes on



Footy Finals are here. Good luck to all involved. ( Go The Cowboys )


I can’t wait till this waste of time is over


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And Just to remind you all

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According to the big retailers.

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Chin up folks. Things can only get better

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  1. Josh Frydeberg’s brilliant (cough, cough) idea to avoid power blackouts this summer – turn off your appliances. He’s even going to send you text messages as a reminder. But only if you live in Victoria, NSW or SA. The rest of you can keep on guzzling as much power as you like.

    Power bills: Why the Government wants to pay you to switch off this summer

    This ‘plan’ was suggested a while ago, now Fraudenberg has convinced some of the states to go along with it. I assume you need a smart meter to take part, otherwise how would anyone know what you switched off and when you did it? What if, like me, you don’t have an air conditioner to turn off, and, like me, don’t cook hot meals on really hot days? What if you just tell Fraudenberg to get stuffed?

    Wouldn’t it be better to spend all those millions on – I dunno – here’s an idea – maybe something like more renewables, ASAP?

    • Weekly discussion by Richard Dennis and guests on whatever he thinks is the topic of the day. Today it was will robots take our jobs and welfare payments. He likes to interview someone who he thinks is a lot further right than he is, to get a different angle, although he might not agree with them. Today it was some chap who thinks people on welfare are doing well.

      The link will take you to all the podcasts since this started a few weeks ago.

      Last week’s was mostly about the government’s idiotic decision to outsource and cut funding for the domestic violence hotline. It was very interesting.

      I don’t bother with many podcasts, but I like these.

  2. Salim Mehajer’s marble palace –

    The SMH thinks this staircase is ‘exquisite”.

    I think it’s a nightmare, and not just because of its design, the way it seems to have just been dumped there without any planning and the ugly marble.

    I could not use those stairs, there’s no handrail. Even fit, able-bodied people would find it terrifying. The curve makes it more dangerous, so does what seems to be a steep angle. I hope that gold door in the background is a lift, because no-\one is going to want to use this display of vulgarity.

    This is what happens when someone has too much money and no brain at all.

    • Maybe the staircase is meant to be a diving board ……

      I’m trying to work out why there seems to be a motor bike, or bits of one, parked under the stairs. Is this just Salim’s garage?

  3. I found this video informative but at the same time, very sad about Trump’s america.

    The comment he makes toward the end “Oh, right, it’s 2017, of course I’m talking about nazis” is on point.

  4. Things are now so bad in the White House that staff are doing their best to keep Trump isoltaed and out of the public eye.

    “I hate everyone in the White House!”: Trump seethes as advisers fear the President is “unraveling”.
    In recent days, I’ve spoken with a half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers, and they all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president that seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods.

  5. Adani’s financing for its proposed Carmichael coalmine could face a further hurdle, with Westpac appearing to indicate it will not refinance its existing loan to Adani’s coal terminal at Abbot Point.

    A recent report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (Ieefa) revealed Adani needed to refinance more than $2bn worth of loans for its Abbot Point coal terminal in the coming year – an amount that is more than it paid for the port in 2011. That means the company has negative equity on the facility – owing banks more than it is worth.

    The refinancing of its port comes as the company must find $5bn of loans for its Carmichael coalmine, which every Australian bank – and many international banks – have said they will not support.


  6. This is purely an ACT issue. The Federal government doesn’t like it so they stop it

    An Australia-first trial of pill testing at a music festival will no longer go ahead after Spilt Milk organisers pulled out six weeks before the event.

    The trial was approved by the ACT Government in late September following months of negotiations with the Safety Testing Advisory Service at Festivals and Events (STA-SAFE).

    Ryan Phillips, Director of Kicks Entertainment, told Hack STA-SAFE had not provided the relevant “documentation” and he had run out of time.

    STA-SAFE denies this was the case and says Spilt Milk’s announcement was a surprise.

    “It comes down to STA-SAFE,” Ryan said.

    “They need more time to provide documentation, insurance, legal framework to operate on federal land.”

    Spilt Milk needed a festival licence from the National Capital Authority, a body that manages planning and development of Commonwealth land in Canberra.

    In August, ACT Shadow Minister for Health, Vicki Dunne, told Parliament:

    “The Spilt Milk festival is at Commonwealth Park, which is on Commonwealth land. Pill testing will need Commonwealth Government approval, and I doubt that they will give it.

    “[Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris] can feel free to blame the Commonwealth whilst being silently thankful that she did not have to deliver on pill testing.

    Ryan said he could not put the rest of the festival, to be held on November 25, at risk by waiting any longer.

    Asked why he had announced pill testing if he couldn’t get it sorted in time, Ryan said the initial announcement had come from the ACT Government.

    “We came from behind them, following their lead,” he said.

    “We’re advocating for it.”

    He said he still wanted pill testing to happen at Spilt Milk in 2018.

    “We’re hugely disappointed, but I’d be more disappointed if we do it wrong and have a trial that’s not successful and this doesn’t make a difference in Australia.
    It’s not our fault: STA-SAFE

    STA-SAFE is a consortium of drug harm reduction advocates including Harm Reduction Australia, Students for Sensible Drug Policies, and Dr David Caldicott, from the Australian Drug Observatory.

    Dr Caldicott denied STA-SAFE had been slow with providing documents to Spilt Milk or any other organisation or agency.

    “As far as I know we provided all documentation necessary,” he told Hack today.

    “We haven’t been consulted, we really don’t know what this is all about.

    “If he would like to contact us we would be delighted.”
    We still support pill testing: ACT Gov

    Acting Minister for Health Shane Rattenbury told ABC Radio Canberra this morning he’d heard rumours and was concerned that pill testing wouldn’t go ahead.

    However, he said the Government had “made all the right steps”.

    “The ACT Government has approved pill testing and believes that’s it’s a valuable harm minimisation measure,” he said.

    “We’ve got a consortium called STA-SAFE, made up of a medical team, with all the right skills, who are willing to undertake it.

    “We put the arrangements in place with various such government authorities such as as ACT policing.”

    He said ACT police had been heavily involved in discussion about government approval and “recognise it as a harm minimisation strategy”.


  7. https://au.news.yahoo.com/qld/a/37444638/industrial-manslaughter-bill-passes-in-qld/

    http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/controversial-legislation-passes-through-queensland-parliament/news-story/1a8f548846183b9d8ca998bfc641c9c6 free article, I linked two sources as each has a bit the other doesn’t

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