International Cat Day (so moi’s a bit late …)

As many of you may know, it was International Cat Day on Tuesday 8th August. And yesterday was International Lion Day. So, in my role as Dame Queen Fiona, I thought it appropriate that we should take time this evening to pay our respects to our true masters and mistresses …..

The Felines (lol)

First, in honour of a very special large cat:

Then (it almost goes without saying) there’s Grumpy Cat:

Shinakano the Zen cat:

and for a little ‘awwwwww!’, remember this?

not to mention the Husky kitten:

and possibly best of all, blind labrador Terfel and his guide:

Enjoy your evening, and remember …


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  1. It’s Sunday extravaganza time,

    New rules and other stuff –

    New rules – pt 2

    Opening monologue –

    Overtime – take the time to watch this vid, you will not be disappointed.

    Also –

    The whole show for those interested – new rules at 47:45

    Keith and Jonathon

  2. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Great journalistic leadership from Lenore Taylor here.
    Trump’s divided America is shining in Charlottesville!
    Mark Kenny opines that given the Trump factor it should be Parliament that confirms whether or not we go to war.
    Malcolm Turnbull is mortgaging Australian security to an erratic U.S. president, whose instincts may be to shoot first and ask questions later, says La Trobe University Adjunct Professor Tony Walker.,10603
    NSW and Victoria are sitting on a glut of 100,000 underused houses, with more than 2000 six-bedroom homes across Sydney and Melbourne occupied by just one person. It’s not helping homelessness.
    Peter FitzSimons tells us how the crazies have emerged already over the postal survey.
    Range war breaks out over egg supply.
    Amy Remeikis writes on Turnbull’s obsession with Shorten.
    Jess Irvine examines the economic benefits of legalising SSM.

  3. Section 2 . . .

    I don’t know what to say about this effort from Matt Wade.
    Paul Malone writes that the APS Commission’s new social media guidelines go too far.
    According to Amy Remeikis the Obama administration lobbied Australia to change its asylum seeker policy, actively disagreeing with the Australia’s off-shore detention and “Stop the Boats” mentality.
    Alan Austin writes that boycotting the postal survey would benefit the “no” mob.,10604
    Read this and weep! This goes to my difficulty in describing Matthew Wade’s article.
    Imre Salusinszky gets behind our anti-terrorism activities.

  4. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Lovely work from Matt Golding.

    Mark Knight sneaks into the urinal with Trump and Kim.
    Mark David and a sycophantic Turnbull.

    And he has one on Trump’s war readiness.

    Broelman and two types of fallout.

    Paul Zanetti and a reluctant Turnbull.

    Making America Quake Again.

    More from David Rowe and the CBA.

    Andrew Dyson looks at Trump’s speechwriting.
    Ron Tandberg turns Trumps words back upon him.

  5. Classy, Forrest, very classy

    Billionaire philanthropist businessman Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has lashed out at opponents of the cashless debit card aimed at curbing substance abuse in remote Indigenous communities, singling out the Greens in particular whom he branded “the party for paedophiles”.

    “I have to hold the Greens accountable here; the Greens might as well be the party for paedophiles, the party for child sex abusers – you’re the party of human rights and you’ve forgotten the human rights of children, just call yourself the party for paedophiles.”

    • Twiggy’s not doing too well lately.

      The Vatican has accused Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest of exploiting the Pope as it distances itself from his anti-slavery campaign, which it pledged to support last year.

      In a scathing statement quoted in Italian newspaper La Stampa, one of Pope Francis’s principal aides, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, told reporters the Vatican had walked away from Mr Forrest’s campaign to end slavery because it felt the Pope had been exploited.

      “We do not want to be used,” Bishop Sanchez said.

      “A businessman has the right to make money but not by using the Pope

  6. BK

    Re “Mark David and a sycophantic Turnbull.”
    Abbott fanboi Greg Sheridan gave me a lol with his take on Truffles’ “yes sir, whatever you want sir” forelock tugging bravery.
    The Prime Minister’s statement was clear, crisp, bold, necessary and right. And it took some courage.”

  7. I found this in the comments in that Lenore Taylor article.

    ABC staff have today received a reminder from upper management not to point out the blindingly obvious stupidity of holding a non-biding public poll on same-sex marriage via the postal service, stating that “there are two sides of this issue, those who want to let gay people get married, and those that know that same-sex marriage is inevitable but are willing to spend $122 million of taxpayer money just to delay it six more months, and both of them are equally valid points of view.”


  8. BK

    Greg’s track record shows a belief that there can never be enough “All The Way With the USA” .

    • I’ve never understood war.

      Why is Turnbull so keen to get us into a nuclear war? Doesn’t he understand what will happen?

    • It’s a mystery, leone. The pictures we see coming from the MS and Africa should make the politicians so cautious. But no. And then, they’re the very ones who reject war-fleeing migrants.

  9. My suggestion for a theme song for the “Yes”campaign…

    (although I think the Mormons mightn’y want their version to be used!)

  10. Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer said on Twitter he was “heartbroken” and blamed Mr Trump for inflaming racial prejudices with his campaign last year.

    “I’m not going to make any bones about it,” he said.

    “I place the blame for a lot of what you’re seeing in American today right at the doorstep of the White House and the people around the President.”

  11. Yeah, right!

    New high-efficiency low-emission (HELE) coal-fired power plants have a role in the energy mix and the government is prepared to intervene in the market, Josh Frydenberg has said.

    The energy and environment minister told Sky News on Sunday that new coal plants “need to be considered” alongside other sources of baseload power, and the government could intervene if the market failed to deliver the “best possible outcomes” in the electricity market.

    The comments leave open the possibility of government intervention in favour of coal, despite Frydenberg saying in July that the government would only support new coal power plants “if the market supports that”.

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