International Cat Day (so moi’s a bit late …)

As many of you may know, it was International Cat Day on Tuesday 8th August. And yesterday was International Lion Day. So, in my role as Dame Queen Fiona, I thought it appropriate that we should take time this evening to pay our respects to our true masters and mistresses …..

The Felines (lol)

First, in honour of a very special large cat:

Then (it almost goes without saying) there’s Grumpy Cat:

Shinakano the Zen cat:

and for a little ‘awwwwww!’, remember this?

not to mention the Husky kitten:

and possibly best of all, blind labrador Terfel and his guide:

Enjoy your evening, and remember …

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  1. Some Aussies have known this for decades.

    Is Australia striving to be an ideal target for a nuclear strike?
    Recently leaked information reveals that sweeping eavesdropping activities at Pine Gap position Australia squarely as a target for a nuclear strike in the event of a major conflict involving the USA and its strategic rivals

    Listen to the interview with Professor Richard Tanter.

  2. Mark Dreyfus

    Of the many astonishing things that happened in parliament and the high court over the last few weeks, there is one that I find the most mind-boggling – the willingness to label a part of the constitution as outdated, or irrelevant, because some MPs had not bothered to comply with it.

    Seriously. The five parts of section 44, including the prohibition on dual citizenship, have been in our constitution since federation. The wording has never changed. It should not be a surprise to any Australian, let alone a cabinet minister, that it exists – and that it is a requirement to comply with it.

  3. From The Guardian

    ABC chided for Trump bias
    Even when it comes to Donald Trump the ABC has to maintain perfect balance. The broadcaster’s complaints division has upheld a complaint about an interview with Max Bergmann from the Centre for American Progress on the ABC News channel’s program The World. The complaint was that the interview was a “one-sided criticism of Donald Trump” and the presenter failed to disclose the political affiliations of the Centre for American Progress.

    “The ABC agreed that more information should have been provided about the Centre for American Progress. This information was relevant and important to the audience and its absence meant that viewers were not able to weigh Mr Bergmann’s observations and criticisms in their proper context. Accordingly, the broadcast was not in keeping with the ABC’s editorial requirement not to present factual content in a way that will materially mislead the audience.”

    Yeah, I agree they should disclose the political affiliations of their contributors.

    Just like they disclose that the IPA is a Liberal Party right-wing “think” tank (on the rare occasions someone from the IPA is on, that is).

    • Howard started this rot. Thanks to his efforts and the sterling work of the Abbott and Turnbull governments the ABC is now just another organ of government propaganda. our very own Ministry of Truth.

      I don;y care what happens to it now, it’s been a long time since it was fit for purpose as a national broadcaster. Turnbull can give the whole show to Murdoch as a birthday gift, or flog it off to Radio Uzbekistan for all I care.

  4. Remember when Howard nobbled the Repubic referendum with a tricky question?

    It might be happening again. I wouldn’t put anything past this government.

  5. Leone

    Some of the stuff that is being posted on twitter is obnoxious. I feel so much for young people who aren’t secure in their sexuality. It is going to be bad for all of us, but the young will suffer. That is why I’m pleased so many have enrolled and undated their enrollment, and hope they have done it mostly in support of the yes vote.

    In the meantime I’m trying to avoid reading any of the rubbish.

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