International Beer Day friday

Today is International Beer Day .


And as I am a world citizen I am fully embracing this celebration with a few lovely refreshing beers from my cellar



I bet our suck hole PM wishes he could hide in his cellar after his Pathetic  call to Trump was released

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If there is anymore evidence needed that the people on manus are just cattle the transcripts confirmed it all.


Have your favorite Tipple Peoples

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It will all be over in a year or so

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    • Funnily enough, it’s a parliamentary vote that is actually, y’know, “politically correct”.

      This is Abbott again, saying what he did in the Republic Referendum: “Don’t trust politicians!”.

      It is a very tired and hideously cynical line for a… politician, ex-PM, ex-Minister, current back-bencher receiving the full-tilt salary… to take.

      But I get a lot of “They’re all as bad as eachother” guff from everywhere I go about town. It’s rife, it’s endemic. I have to accept that this is what many,many, if not most people truly believe.

      Wreckers like Abbott have brought it on.They encourage this type of thinking. It creates confusion and depression. Destructive chancers like Abbott LOVE confusion, because this is what they profit from.

  1. Wow, I’ve seen Bill do some good stuff, but this was just brilliant. Straight from his heart. I was in a quandary whether to vote or boycott it, but after hearing Bill I will go for the yes vote.

    Razz said that is does set a precedent for more of this bullshit, and they will get away of more of this sort of stuff.

    • Bill keeps getting better and better. You think he has carried off an amazing speech that will take some beating and then his next speech is even better.

      What really pisses me off is the way the MSM – still – keep on telling us Shorten is boring, or bland, or lacklustre. He’s not. All their comments tell us is they have never bothered to listen to one of his speeches.

  2. Well, I’d already made my mind up to participate, and that speech confirmed it.

    I’ve already advised a couple of 18-20 year-olds to register. I didn’t ask them how they’d vote, but just to get out and vote. I told them that the cynical old men of our so-called “government” were relying on them to just shrug their shoulders and adopt a cynical approach. I urged them not to fall for it.

    I can see a lot of problems and pitfalls… and that’s even if it goes ahead. I don’t believe the ABS has the capacity to organize such a grand survey at such short notice, and many things will follow from that. Let’s just say it’s already looking like another Turnbull fuckup. This supposedly “brilliant” man is the greatest political klutz we have, and are ever likely to have for years to come. I can’t think of a greater buffoon: helpless, style-over-substance. Afraid.

  3. From Bill

    If it were up to me, Malcolm Turnbull’s $122 million postal survey on marriage equality would never happen.

    It’s a colossal waste of time and money — and it’s already unleashing hateful insults.

    But if it goes ahead, I will be voting yes, and I will be campaigning for a YES vote. I will knock on doors, I will make calls, I will encourage every Australian to vote. And I’m asking you to join me.

    The decks are stacked against us. Turnbull and his allies have done everything they can to set this up to fail. So it’s going to take some doing:

    I completely understand why some people might see this offensive plebiscite and want to boycott the whole thing. But that’s what they want us to do.

    To LGBTI Australians, I want to say this: I’m sorry this is happening. I know you are frustrated and angry and sad and bewildered by how it has come to this – but I want you to know you are not alone in the fight ahead.

    We support marriage equality – and we will stand with you to make it happen. It’s time to organise and fight back, send a message to this government and to our country that cannot be ignored.

    So let’s work together and vote YES in the marriage equality survey. Click here to let us know you’re part of it, and we’ll keep in touch over the coming weeks with more you can do.

    In solidarity,

    Bill Shorten

    95,467 signatures so far

    • Yaaaay ! Thanks for the link. I thought Oh Noes when they swapped leaders so close to an election.

    • KK – could she be NZ’s Annastacia Palaszczuk? Given a “hospital pass”, but won in spite of it.

  4. It shows there is a hunger out there for someone offering a goodbye to “business as usual” which just ain’t working………………..unless you are of the “1%”. So a Corbyn,Macron, or even a Trump are flocked to.

    Obama traded in such a hope , which we could supposedly believe in, however when the GFC was on he chose to bail out Wall St rather than Main St. One day one of the hope offerers will deliver. Death to the economics of Thatcher/Reagan and stoke the fire with Hayek et al’s books.

    “In just a week Jacinda Ardern has delivered a poll-quake to the New Zealand political scene

    OPINION: So the poll-quake has hit and it’s a magnitude 9 on the political Richter scale.

    It was inconceivable that the positive headlines and the enthusiastic public reaction to Ardern would not have delivered a huge poll boost. Those with long memories can only compare her reception with the arrival of David Lange on the scene

  5. I don’t do this often but read Katharine. All of it

    Little wonder he was distracted. When the Labor leader got to his feet for the matter of public importance speech after question time, it was for one of those rare moments that happen in politics, the moments that are genuinely electrifying.

    It was going to be a ridiculously audacious speech.

  6. From Facebook – a suggestion to include a fistful of glitter in the envelope with your postal survey ballot paper. (Plus bonus handy instructions on how to post an envelope)

    What a wonderful idea!

    I know, you are thinking “if it is non-binding, why should I bother?” Shoving this tactic to manipulate the results in their narrow-minded, smug faces with a resounding result in support of Marriage Equality is very much worth it. Or maybe I am aiming too high with their faces … perhaps they should take it and shove it somewhere else… but I digress…

    When you get the ballot, simply complete it and put it in the “envelope” provided (as per the instructions). Feel free to add a fistful of glitter, just to emphasise the point.

    Now you need to post it. “Where?” you ask, “Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat?…” No. Not that sort of “post”. You need to find a post box (please see the photo for reference).

    See that slot at the top? The “envelope” should fit easily. If you happened to have over-stuffed it with the glitter, do not fret. You can pull down the handle and there will be enough space for you to send the glittery suppository of wisdom for Tony Abbott on it’s way

  7. Watching the start of Shorten’s speech it came to me that his arm movements reminded me of someone and the name Paul Keating came to mind. Not sure why, not a Keating gesticulation aficionado but that was what my subconscious threw up . Any truth in that ‘random’ thought ?

    • TLBD

      No ifs or buts , Kenny was on the Shorten train, Well at least on the Mal cannot win on this train.

    • For Turnbull, the worst outcome would be for the postal “survey” to return a negative vote. He would be honour-bound to deny a parliamentary debate, but the issue would not go away, potentially consuming another whole year. Reformers would merely point to the survey’s manifold franchise problems, its “wrongness” in principle, and the immutability of their case for change

      Kenny isn’t the only one to think that.

      Marriage Equality Proponents Are Considering A Boycott Which Would Let The ‘No’ Case Win
      The ‘yes’ people are considering saying ‘no’ to the postal plebiscite.

      I understand both sides of this argument – vote ‘yes’ and perhaps force turnbull to a parliamentary vote, and in doing that allow him to take all the credit for finally legalising same sex marriage.

      Or vote ‘no’ simply to deny Turnbull any chance of taking credit, leaving it for the Shorten government to do it properly.

    • A good policy but this from over the road is an accurate comment on the Kenny article. When even the hard core pressitutes start abandoning ship, as they did with The Rodent , then the end is nigh. So sad .
      “I’ve seen Kenny criticise Trumble before, but usually with a pro forma bash at Bill Shorten the same time. I’ve never seen Kenny so clearly “

    • Her name was bugging me as being somehow familiar but I could not think of why,,,,,,until now, Her music was/has used by Philip Adams in the Late Night Live intro.

      I am not a “classical music” fan but I did love Adam’s LNL original theme music.

      The version he used sounded very much like this interpretation.

  8. I added my name to “It’s time.”

    Getting pinged by the ATO tax-bot for getting married – despite changing my marital status code and including my spouse’s details – really pissed me off.

    If a genuine, legally recognised couple has to jump through those hoops, the system is totally broken.

  9. Here’s Even More “Respectful Debate” On Day 2 Of The Postal Vote Campaign
    On day two of the “respectful debate” for the postal survey on same-sex marriage, ABC staff were silenced and received hate-filled post.

    And we were reminded that the minister now in charge of the agency responsible for surveying the public on same-sex marriage once said gay sex was “sordid behaviour” and “unnatural acts

  10. Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage Celebrant
    8 August at 08:41 ·

    As a celebrant I am supposed to make sure that I’m marrying one man and one woman. Any time I’m not sure about that, I’m supposed to consult with the Attorney-General’s Department. But here’s the rub. It is all about the paperwork.

    One Man and One Woman – an open letter to Malcolm Turnbull

    • One of my sons married early this year. The celebrant stated the essential parts of the Marriage Act and then went on to very sussinctly ridicule its intent as both he and his wife have a number of friends (in attendance) who were in same sex relationships with children. Well received by all except my mother who went home after the ceremony and didn’t go to the ‘knees-up’.

  11. I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time — when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what’s true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness…

    The dumbing down of American is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance.

    — Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

  12. Speaking of US ‘Dumb”. Check out this 2000 US election debate on foreign policy, Listen to Dubya and be gobsmacked at what he said compared to what he later did.

  13. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    What next from Abbott? Now he wants a missile shield! Perhaps Turnbull could use one for himself.
    John Hewson piles into Turnbull over his handling of the SSM issue saying that he has consistently chosen political expediency, and compromise, rather than commitment and substance on this and so many issues.
    Mark Kenny is fulsome in his praise of Shorten’s MPI speech on the postal survey yesterday.
    Katharine Murphy was also quite impressed.
    James Massola outlines the strong points that Shorten made.
    Cormann must have been stung by Penny Wong’s speech on the postal vote and reaches out to offer special legislation to set “fair” ground rules for the debate. A bit late Mathias – your mob have already shown their colours!
    Laura Tingle calls “crap” on the survey. Google.
    Here’s an op-ed piece from Penny Wong on the survey.–dont-boycott-it-20170810-gxtfa8.html
    Bob Brown writes that there is talk of boycotting the postal vote on marriage equality as a revolt against the delaying tactics of the government. That would be a mistake, he says.
    Judith Ireland writes about the excoriating opinions of polling experts on the postal survey.

  14. Section 2 . . .

    ACT Senator Zed Seselja will vote “no” in the Turnbull government’s postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage, arguing Christians and other religious believers could persecuted for their views on marriage and sexuality if the law is changed. Turn it up Zed!
    David Crowe writes that Australians face a campaign free-for-all on same-sex marriage as all sides mobilise to win a postal vote, amid fears there will be no rules to govern the ballot or curb offensive ¬advertising. Google.
    Ben Eltham says the postal survey is vicious and cruel and that’s why we must vote. He really lets fly!
    Michelle Grattan opines that Shorten’s campaigning skill should get the “yes” vote over the line and, in doing so, give Turnbull some protection.
    Stephen Koukoulas has his say on the survey.
    Adele Ferguson is on Bruce Billson’s case as he goes into lobbying overdrive to water down a bill on the discredited franchise industry. She says that since joining the FCA, Billson’s lobbying efforts to dilute the bill have been described as unprecedented as his relationships and connections helped him reach right into the bowels of the government and the party room.
    Meanwhile Pizza Hut head office has been blasted for failing to respond to warnings about the underpayment of delivery drivers and allowing allegedly unlawful activity to spread through its network to in-store staff.
    The editorial in The Age goes to Guy’s lobster troubles to call for a fix on political donations.
    It beggars belief that the “tough on crime” campaigner Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy dined on lobster and Grange with the alleged Godfather of the Melbourne Mafia, Tony Madaferri. Worse, we now we hear that the (now former) Victorian Liberal Party’s fundraiser, Barrie Macmillan, suggested “splitting” donations from the crime boss in order to hide them from the Australian Electoral Commission.
    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is considering pursuing a case against Commonwealth Bank of Australia directors that would allege they breached their duties to protect the company’s reputation when responding to AUSTRAC warnings the institution was being used for money laundering. Google.

  15. Section 3 . . .

    This detailed report on the cancerous corruption within the Border Force is a bit of a worry. In particular, the cover-ups and removal of oversight.
    One of Australia’s most respected former law-enforcement officials has called on the government to restore anti-corruption measures abolished by the Abbott government, saying border officials were prime targets for organised crime. Google.
    Manildra is still playing funny buggers over mandated d ethanol in fuel. More and and more, the ethanol mandate resembles a tax on Sydney drivers to secure tens of thousands of dollars in political donations.
    A lot of staff at the ABC are unhappy with the “heavy handed” memo instructing them to be “even handed” in covering SSM.
    An angry delegation of Labor MPs confronted opposition immigration spokesman Shayne Neumann on Wednesday night about what they view as Labor’s silence on Australia’s offshore detention of refugees. They reckon Dutton’s got the better of him.
    Gai Brodtmann has lashed Turnbull government minister Paul Fletcher over comments to Parliament about Canberra, accusing him of disrespect for federal public servants.
    Trump ratchets up his fiery rhetoric on North Korea even further.
    But it’s probably just his usual bluster.
    Anne Summers tells us that we are a frightened nation that needs to reconstruct its values.
    The estimated cost of the Sydney gateway project connecting the WestConnex tollroad to the city’s airport and port has more than doubled to as much as $1.8 billion, a leaked document shows.

  16. Section 4 . . . with Cartoon Corner Part 1

    A United Nations special rapporteur has criticised the Turnbull government’s approach to social protection policy, saying its framing of “welfare” appears designed to prejudice the debate against welfare recipients.
    The retail electricity market has been “spivified”. Look at the results of this study.
    Has Kyle Sandilands been laying down with a few dogs?

    Ron Tandberg and Postman Mal again.

    Matt Golding has a little beauty on the survey.

    Andrew Dyson sums up Turnbull’s leadership.

  17. Section 5 . . . Cartoon Corner Part 2

    Cathy Wilcox is unhappy with the current state of government.

    John Shakespeare and North Korean tensions.

    Mark David and Turnbull’s self-proclaimed “strong leadership”.

    Broelman goes to Guam.

    Paul Zanetti on celebrations of success after yesterday’s summit with energy retailers.

    Andrew Weldon on the quality of debate we can expect before the postal survey.

    Cathy Wilcox reminds us of an old cartoon on the plebiscite. How prescient it was!

    David Rowe beautifully depicts Trump.

    MUST SEE! David Pope and a “relieved” Turnbull.
    Oh dear! Mark Knight really goes to town on the Liberal Party.
    Andrew Dyson conflates two recent stories on crustaceans.

  18. “Cormann must have been stung by Penny Wong’s speech on the postal vote”

    More likely stung by Bill Shorten’s speech and by the very positive (for a change) media coverage it received.

    Light is slow to dawn in Liberal minds.

  19. There are a lot of myths on same sex marriage being pumped out by the ‘No’ side that need to be busted.

    Today’s myth needing busting, thanks to Bill Shorten’s reminder in his interview with Sabra Lane, is the lie that Labor ‘did nothing’ in their six years of government.


    On 19 September 2012 Labor brought on a vote on the Marraige Amendment Bill 2012. It was a conscience vote and it failed, 98/42.

    Here’s the hansard, so you can see who voted on wgich side.;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansardr%2F136b90b1-cf84-467a-9150-fe3c3b5cacda%2F0106;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2F136b90b1-cf84-467a-9150-fe3c3b5cacda%2F0000%22

    And here’s an ABC report from that day.

  20. Sabra Lane actually asked Shorten whether he was being a little too tough on Turnbull by claiming the PM will “own every bit of filth etc.” arising from the coming SSM survey campaign.

    Shorten simply answered that Turnbull is the PM. It’s his government that’s imposing the survey on us all. He’s in charge, wants to be in charge, and wants to be seen to be in charge, a “strong leader” and so on, ergo… he owns it.

    Sabra hated this answer and kept on contradicting Shorten. She contradicted him several times throughout the interview. She’d ask him an obviously loaded question, and then when he didn’t fall for the gotcha, she’d just come in over the top of him and blast him out with interruptions. Does she not realize that no-opne in the radio audience can understand a word either interviewer or interviewee is saying when two people are talking simultaneously? Two voices talking on radio is the equivalent of mutual annihilation – they cancel each other out.

    Lane wears her political heart on her sleeve. She rarely even has a Labor person on, and when she does she goes after them rudely and aggressively. No wonder some call AM the The Daily Liberal. When she has ministers on she sits back and does her nails as they drone on and on. Maybe she’s reading a book? I dunno, but whatever she’s doing it’s not interrupting them.

  21. This morning’s article by John Lord and particularly the comments at the end, prompt the thought that I shall be sending a letter to my MP later today when I can compose it (with less obscenity and more disappointed venom, I think).

    The possibility that this would be the wedge, however unintended to remove compulsory voting, and allow the IPA another success, does not sit well with me. There are so many other things that this exercise in cowardice could change for the worse, that it surprises me that such supposedly intelligent people as our federal politicians haven’t realised the possibilities for unintended consequences … or are they so short sighted that they can only see the ground just ahead of their toes?

  22. Far more important than conspiracy theories and same sex marriage surveys –

    Australia will join the conflict if North Korea attacks the US: Malcolm Turnbull
    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared Australia would invoke the ANZUS security treaty for only the second time in its history in response to any attack by North Korea against the United States.

    Will Labor have the guts to say no to this madness?

    • Cheezus!

      If I was North Korea I would wipe out Pine Gap to demonstrate my new weaponry, and if there is fallout well it’s in a remote area against people who don’t matter. I mean really would Trump lift a finger to help Australia. tick, tick, tick . . . . refugee deal?

      The North Korean leader probably went to school in Switzerland

    • Trust this govt to go along with Trump. And for Labor to hesitate before hopefully saying no. Somehow I think Labor will say yes. Sorry to be so downhearted.

    • Pine Gap has always been a first strike target, no matter who Australia saw as ‘the enemy’ at any given time.

      If any nation wants to attack the US then it would be most liikely to attack an overseas communications base, which is what Pine Gap is, rather than just throw missiles at the US maninland. Those of us who have been protesting about Pine Gap since it first started in 1970 have always thought thius would be the most likely scenario.

      Turnbull, by leaping into a stupid ‘me too’ announcement, has just guaranteed a strike on Australia in the event North Korea does decide on full-scale agression.did he discuss this with cabinet, or is it yet another captain’s pick?

      Australia has invoked the ANZUS Treaty once, Howard did it after 9/11, after a brief consultation with his cabinet. we all know the consequences of that irrespoinsible decision, we are still dealing with them.

      The US has never invoked that treaty and probably never will, not even if their bases here are wiped out.

      There is no committment in that treaty for either side to come to the aid of the other. It only requires the signatories to ‘consult together’ when threatened and to ‘act to meet the common danger’ in the event any of them are faced with aggression but does not specify any particular acts.

  23. Sabra Lane’s attack on Bill Shorten is important for the optics.

    She accused him of being a criminal and using Richard Pratt’s private jet. Shorten didn’t drop into the gutter with Malcolm’s dodgy past eg Play Up and OneTel and lucky not to have faced criminal charges over HIH.

    Sabra’s questioning shows that she is a warrior for entrenched privilege and I reckon when ALP wins next election she should be shown the door

    • You’ve got a got ear, Billy. I didn’t hear the “jet” smear. It was probably when she was talking over the top of him. Of course it plays to the “class traitor” accusations and the “Wannabee Harbourside Mansion” smear that Turnbull put out,but which has been repeated many times (most recently by Amanda Vanstone in an SMH column a couple of weeks ago).

      What do these eejits want? Industrial warfare as the only alternative? All negotiations through courts, in public? Workers and bosses continually at odds with each other?

      Lane said that laws passed in the last couple of days, if in force when Shorten was leader of a union, would have prohibited him from doing some of the deals with employers that he did do.

      I admire Bill’s resistance to reaching over the interview table and throttling her.

      The point is that it was legal when he did it (and probably will be legal again), so her insinuation that he escaped by the skin of his teeth was highly specious and insulting.

      Moreover, the way she just accepted that the law is legitimate, that it will work well, that it corrects an obvious wrong, was highly indicative of her general attitude:if the Libs do it, then it’s assumed it must be for a good moral reason.

      I used to listen to AM a lot up to a few years ago, but when it became The Tony Abbott Show (“Opposition leader Tony Abbott says”) it assumed a lower priority in my world view. When Lane took over, I basically gave up, except for the rare occasions when I am still in bed at 8am, and don’t quite want to get up just yet. I flick iton for my daily dose of outrage.

      Speaking of daily doses, Rad HAdley this morning reported a story from Fiji about 80Chinese nationals who had been involved in a scam to defraud Chinese people on mainland China. Chinese police contacted Fijian police and the arrests proceeded apace etc.

      What was unusual about this was that the story appeared on SBS World News. It was on the SBS web site. Hadley paraphrasd the yarn,but then said “Of course we’ll have to check whether it’s true, because,y’know, it’s from SBS, but if we can verify it we’ll look into it further.”

      The implicit message was that SBS news pretty-well always lies,and that therefore anything they report needs to be corroborated before being followed up. A very insulting backhanded insult against SBS, I would have thought.

      Contrast Hadley’s skepticism regarding SBS news with anything at all that he reads in the DailyTelegraph. With the Tele it’s as if Hadley is running a “reading for the blind” show. He vomits out whole columns, verbatim, from the Tele,with his own commentary interspersed throughout, without the slightest questioning of whether they are fact-based or not.

    • Bill dined with the Pratts and was allowed to use Richard Pratt’s private jet for a reason Turnbull, having married into a wealthy and influenctial family, would fully understand.

      Shorten, back then was married to Deborah Beale, who was Richard Pratt’s god-daughter.

      Godparents have every right to invite their god-children to dinner, and have every right to assist them and their families in any way they can, if they want to do that.

      Whether the Pratts kept contact with Bill after his divorce from his former wife is not public information.

      The ‘private jet’ smear just doesn’t work. Sabra Lane is just a snarky botch with a hugely over-estimated idea of her importance. Bill calmly wiped tthe floor with her and I’m sure would love the chance to do that again.

    • Bill Shorten used Richard Pratt’s jet to get down to Beaconsfield, Tasmania when those miners were trapped underground. And I think a Pratt studied for the same MBA as Shorten at the same time

  24. Turnbull said:

    “So let’s be very clear about that. If there is an attack on the United States by North Korea, then the ANZUS treaty will be invoked and Australia will come to the aid of the United States.”

    What the fuck is he on about? He’s talking about taking sides in a possible nuclear war, FFS.

    When you’re challenged domestically at home, the economy’s tanking, wages are stagnant, your own party half hates you all the time, and you hardly have the guts to peep over the top of the parapet, bring on a good, old-fashioned war.

    The journos can pretend to take it seriously. They can use that extra-large font they use for whenever “our boys” are “in harm’s way”. They can smother any criticism by calling it unpatriotic. Wedge, wedge, wedge…
    fear, fear, fear…

    This man Turnbull is dangerous. North Korea is a fight we are not involved in, promoted by both sides for the grubbiest political reasons, charged with the last few pathetic reserves of testosterone that only the pathetically weak can call on. And Turnbull says “Me too!”

    WHAT a wanker.

    • I thought that the SAS were run off their feet on high rotation through Afghanistan and Iran or is that Iraq. The SAS is a very small force and it’s only the SAS that are used in overseas combat situations.

      Our air force is tiny, eg a training intake of pilots is 3 students
      I suppose we could promise to look into an investigation into where our exported uranium ends up, if that’s OK with Barnaby and Gina

  25. Shouldn’t we all have our say on whether or not Australia rushes into a nuclear war?

    Surely someone could whip up a quick postal survey – hang on, we have one. Why not add another question?

  26. Ms Sabra Lane is a tory bitch – don’t you all remember the disdain with which she treated FPM Julia Gillard? She used to wallow in the nasty self righteousness of the abbott handing out back pats and foot rubs while accusing PM Gillard of lying and incompetence. Ms Lane hasn’t changed – she is still one-eyed and all things nasty when it comes to Labor.

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