International Beer Day friday

Today is International Beer Day .


And as I am a world citizen I am fully embracing this celebration with a few lovely refreshing beers from my cellar



I bet our suck hole PM wishes he could hide in his cellar after his Pathetic  call to Trump was released

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If there is anymore evidence needed that the people on manus are just cattle the transcripts confirmed it all.


Have your favorite Tipple Peoples

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It will all be over in a year or so

628 thoughts on “International Beer Day friday

  1. Some good news.

    News Corporation falls to $817 million loss on crashing newspaper values

    Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has tumbled to a $US643 million ($817 million) full-year loss after taking a scythe to the value of his cherished newspaper mastheads.

    News key points
    The company plunged into the red from last year’s $300 million profit on the back of almost $1.3 billion in impairment charges across the business, most of which were racked up by the News and Information Services division.

    The value of UK and Australian newspapers were written down by $1 billion.

    Newspapers in the company’s Australian stable — which includes The Australian, Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph — had their book value slashed by almost 40 per cent to $310 million

  2. As camp as a row of tents – Abbott poses in a leather jacket, a gift from …….. wait for it ……. Andrew Hastie.

    Tony Abbott in leather: former PM joins select politicians’ club with kangaroo-skin jacket

    To quote Mr Braithwaite, in ‘Billy Elliot’ – “You look like a right wanker to me, son.”

    Also a ‘right wanker’ in the Urban Dictionary sense.

  3. It’s been a few years since I’ve been anywhere near the ABC News department – either radio or TV. I only know Sabra Lane by name, and I plan to keep it that way.

    I occasionally read an article on their website, but that’s it.

    As far as the postal voluntary survey on SSM goes, all the Liberal Party really wanted was to get it on the front page so that the LGBTI community could be publicly denigrated in an officially sanctioned way. They’ve won that battle already and we’re only a couple of days in. The survey itself means nothing, they won’t honour it anyway. What they’re hoping for now is that the smear is so large that nobody’s going to want to think about it when the government changes. The way people got sick of the republic issue once Howard had mangled it into an unrecognisable form.

    It also helps keep the Coalition’s recurring parade of fiascos out of the public eye for a while, for as long as everyone is talking about marriage equality. Just a sideshow taking over from the more important and pressing stuff. Because, let’s face it, SSM is not really supposed to be an issue for all of us, it’s a basic right the LGBTI community ought to be granted as a matter of course. Nobody else needs to be discussing, we just need to get out of the way.

    We have a moribund political party clinging on to power the only way they know how, with distractions.

    My last point about this is that it ought to be the final nail in the coffin for all the Liberals’ talk of responsible spending and belt-tightening and austerity. That’s the platform they gained government on, and it’s the thing they talked about incessantly for a few years afterwards. You don’t get spending as conspicuously unnecessary as this. I’m surprised more isn’t being made of it.

  4. The full bench of the high court will hear a challenge against the proposed same-sex marriage postal vote next month.

    Chief Justice Susan Kiefel set down the matter to go before the court on 5 and 6 September.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics gave an undertaking it would not send out plebiscite questions any time before 12 September.

  5. I don’t know how to do sarcasm thingos. So don’t take this seriously.

    If Dutton can have Border Patrol then I’m going to join the Plebiscite Police.
    A highly trained select group of operatives whose job is to get video proof of people’s sexual activities to make sure they aren’t falsifying any info on their Plebiscite forms.
    Can any Pubsters remember when Fred Nile’s office was in the doo doo for watching porno ? His excuse was that they had to monitor it to keep abreast (pardon the pun ) of latest developments.
    Where’s John Clease and the Monty Python team when you need them?

    • Sep 2, 2010

      Fred Nile caught in web porn scandal

      “I have not had my staff in there perving over a pornographic film,” he said.

      “He’s just viewed the site to see what type of material is on the site and then switched it off.

      “I was aware they were doing it but they haven’t shown it to me and they just simply use that information to draft research documents and speeches for me

      Fred used to be first through the door at any art exhibition or film showing featuring naked flesh too, demanding things he had already viewed at length be taken away because they were too rude for the innocent eyyes of the citizens of NSW. It became a sort of recommendation – ‘Fred Nile wanted this banned’.

  6. What an absolute balls-up this survey is.

    Government unsure if marriage survey will exclude 100,000 voters, allow 16-year-olds to vote

    Tnen there’s this –

  7. Should the high-court challenge succeed, does that leave the govt up shit creek so far as their sms tactics are concerned? It is way past time the abbott and his fellow bigots are slapped back into the sewer.

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