Liu Xiaobo Has Died

Photo credit: Committee to Protect Journalists

Some of you may ask, who was Liu Xiaobo?

A Chinese scholar, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

A proponent of human rights, someone who called for political reform in China. Someone who was brave enough to campaign for political rights – indeed, for the end of single-party rule in China. Someone who was made a political prisoner, convicted in 2009.

He died of liver cancer today.

Requiesce in pace

Why is this important?

Because we all know what happens to a country when critics are silenced.


755 thoughts on “Liu Xiaobo Has Died

  1. Leigh Sales is arguing fiercely with the UNHCR representative in Australia re the talks about resettling refugees with close family ties in Australia

    Most unedifying, Leigh Sales has again demonstrated she is a Liberal shill – she isn’t an unbiased reporter anymore – absolutely no need to watch ABC News anymore

  2. Tony Jones is the wrong moderator of Q&A tonight
    2 out of the 4 high school students are in private schools
    1 is at Williamstown High School – not a normal high school
    1 is a left-school farmer from Kaniva
    only 1 student on the panel of 4 students is working class, and she is of aboriginal descent. Not to diss her but there is no panel member representing “normal” high school students

    • MacRobertson Girls High School is THE selective girls high school for girls in Melbourne metro. the academic standards there are eye watering. Girls in Year 9 must footnote their essays and list their bibliography in alphal=beth=ic order. Trust me Parade College, Kaniva High School and Williamstown High School pupils don’t have to footnote essays or provide bibliography

      When I taught at Bright P12 teachers sent their daughters to MacRobertson and had them board with extended family

    • Nah. Tony comes from a good private school background. His school, Newington, charges a modest $30,000 p.a. for tuition only so for him the panel is very balanced.

    • Leonie there are few selective high schools in Victoria, those with entrance exams are
      Melbourne High School – boys
      MacRobertson – girls
      Suzanne Cory in Hoppers Crossing
      Nossal in Berwick

      High academic standards
      University High – music helps
      Melbourne Girls College in Richmond
      Matthew Flinders (Girls) in Geelong
      Albert Park High (Music)

      Normal high schools with good academic reputation with tight zoning
      Mentone Girls High
      Balwyn High
      McKinnon High
      Camberwell High

  3. I grew up just outside the Mentone Girls High zone.

    The suburb was pissed off when the well respected headmistress Nina ???? was forcibly moved to Mac Rob.
    The head prefect in my year taught at MacRob until she took up an academic career in the education faculty at Monash – not wanting or meaning to diss her – meaning to highlight the selective nature of MacRob. MacRob girls would never have suffered from crap math teachers

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Peter Hartcher on the potential for a China/India nuclear war. A nice way to start the day!
    The proposed F6 Extension toll road from Sydney to Wollongong would charge about $10 for each one-way journey, according to a leaked planning document. Ouch!
    Michael Pascoe reckons that despite his rhetoric Bill Shorten will not get around to taxing family trusts.
    Extreme El Nino events will more than double in frequency, even with the most ambitious goals to curtail global warming, exposing large regions to severe droughts and placing coral reefs in peril, a team of scientists including Australians say.
    Sam Crosby writes that regardless of what happens today, the best leaders of tomorrow will be those who do not jump at every loud noise, but instead understand how to construct a tune from them. Quite a good article.
    Another big business and lobbying rort – sugars in food and the Health Star Rating.
    Morrison pooh poohs the rise in inequality.
    The SMH editorial is unhappy that the NSW has scrapped “follow the dollar” reforms.
    Yet another loss in court for J Edgar Tuber!

  5. Section 2 . . .

    Jenna Price justifiably piles into the Quadrant magazine.
    Jared Kushner is in deep doggy do.
    Kushner’s statement raises new questions about how Donald Trump could have entrusted someone with so little foreign policy experience with such a powerful international portfolio.
    Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper told conference attendees on Friday that he sometimes wonders whether President Donald Trump’s goal is to make “Russia great again.” Clapper, alongside former CIA chief John Brennan, appeared before an audience at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. The discussion, which multiple news outletsdescribed as wide-ranging, included some sobering criticisms of the president for downplaying Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.
    More 7-Eleven transgression.
    Michael West looks at how the New Zealanders do better than us when it comes to the PBS.
    Users of the $40 billion-plus ¬National Broadband Network are receiving peak-time connection speeds as low as 1/500th of the ¬service they are paying for, sparking complaints the nation’s biggest infrastructure project is failing to deliver the promised digital transformation. More from The Australian on this scandal. Google.
    Meanwhile The National Broadband Network (NBN) admits it has an image problem and is considering forcing telecommunication companies to guarantee a minimum level of service for customers as part of a review of its controversial pricing model to head off growing criticism about the project’s internet speeds. Google.
    David Wroe on the UNHCR’s claim that the government had agreed to resettle some refugees in Australia.

  6. Section 3 . . .

    What a pathetic situation! Momentum is building within the Coalition for a postal vote plebiscite on same-sex marriage, with former prime minister Tony Abbott indicating support for the idea for the first time.
    More than 40 per cent of the 795,000 students in NSW’s public schools do not list any religion on their enrolment form, according to new data that comes as parents and teachers push for an overhaul of the strict rules that leave students with “dead time” if they do not attend scripture. Isn’t it time for us to realise that we are in the 21st century?–new-data-20170724-gxhi58.html
    The court in William Street is preparing for a big day tomorrow as George Pell fronts.
    The outgoing Human Rights Commission president, Gillian Triggs, has said the creation of a new “super ministry” of home affairs was part of a hastening trend towards centralised and unchallengeable government power.
    This is health care in the US in 2017. And the Yanks honestly believe they have the best in the world! Google.
    Are the first ladies of other countries providing the women’s fightback against Trump that we’ve all been waiting for?
    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned — what will entertainers do in his absence?,10530
    Jennifer Hewett explores the potential for energy to trigger a political implosion. Google.
    Australian gambling operators are expressing interest in a new style of “skill-based” machines more like video games that are marketed at younger punters who are unlikely to play the traditional, push-button pokies. This is all we need!

  7. Section 4 . . . with Cartoon Corner Part 1

    Susie O’Brien has had her fill of faux allergy fraudsters clogging up our cafes and restaurants with their demands for dishes that are gluten-free, wheat-free, tomato-free or dairy-free. Google.
    A 5% drop in measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations could cause a threefold increase of measles cases, costing the public sector millions, US study shows. Could there be a connection to the link above perhaps?

    Cathy Wilcox and today’s quick news cycle.

    Matt Golding reprises the Democracy Sausage.

    Broelman on four year parliamentary terms.

    Zanetti also looks at four year terms.

  8. Section 5 . . . Cartoon Corner Part 2

    David Rowe’s take on the electoral cycle.

    David Pope also has a say on it.
    Class warfare in the air.

    Pat Campbell with the Coalition’s energy policy cooker.
    Ron Tandberg gives us Trumpcare.
    Matt Golding being unkind to Xenophon.

    Pat Clement has Sean Spicer pondering over a brighter future.
    Alan Moir with Coalition unity.

  9. :lol; picture of Truffles attempting to look ‘rural’ .Damn 😦 shit though what he said though. Headline should be sent to everyone as they connect to fraudband.

    Fibre broadband speeds pointless, claims Turnbull

    Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday claimed there was no evidence that there was any benefit to end users from getting access to broadband speeds higher than currently available under existing ADSL2+ technology.

    • The brand-new.ill-fitting Akubra and that damned check shirt – he still drags those out when he wants to look ‘rural’.

      Technology has moved on since 2011. There was no 4G TV in 2011, there was no Netflix or Stan. Remote medical procedures were still the sort of thing you saw only in sci-fi movies. Labor had the sense to plan for the future, Turnbull destroyed all that with his multi-technology mess.

      If Australian voters were intelligent the last election would have been lost by the government on the mess they have made of of the NBN alone. Bad luck for us that a majority of voters don’t ever think about what they are voting for.

  10. This is a disgrace.

    The top water bureaucrat in NSW, Gavin Hanlon, has been secretly recorded offering to confidentially share internal government information with irrigation lobbyists — documents he proposed to strip of government logos and share via a special Dropbox account — to assist their lobbying against the contentious Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

    Yes, I know it’s a disgrace because of what is being done (or not being done) for and to the Murray-Darling Basin.

    But it’s also a disgrace because the very people who are solemnly charged with overseeing the program are actively aiding its biggest rorters. Hello? It’s the NSW Public Service rearing its ugly head once again, no doubt in compliance with an unofficial nod from the head of a minister or two as to how best to treat “our friends” in the industry.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s the irrigation industry, the construction industry or the health industry, the “mates” get the inside running always. If there’s a nice bit of bush somewhere, bulldoze it, put up a block of apartments in the middle of it, or dig a motorway through it, under it or over the top of it. It’s like shovelling sand from one heap to another: make-work. And when you’re finished shovelling, then you can shovel it right back again, woth a guaranteed margin for all your trouble.

    If there’s a perfectly functional hospital, or several hospitals that need “rationalization”, don’t fix ’em. Get your mates in the “Health Care” industry to build a new one: more efficient, more modern, and better service than the old ones, with a hefty prize for the developers. Only private enterprise can work such miracles.

    Got a beautiful river that’s unaccountably dying of thirst? No probs. Find an irrigator (and party donor) to mop up any spare water it might have, depriving everyone downstream of both their natural environment and their livelihoods, and then call it “best practice”.

    It’s amazing how efficientprivate enterprise is nowadays: efficient at stealing taxpayers’ money, their natural heritage and anything else that isn’t nailed down… and some things that are. Prise it loose, declare it “state significant”, have a quiet word with the senior public servants about what’s expected of them, and then if you’re found out, threaten to spit the dummy and leave the system. “Messy”, yes. But who gives a shit about the mess, when someone else will have to clean it up? And when you leave the government, or the Public Service, there’s always a job for the boys and girls who play ball.

    Investigate? That’s easy when the people investigating are investigating their own behaviour. Somuch moreefficient that way.

    HI and I have had a gutful of the NSW Public Service, for reasons discussed here over time. We have continually run into corporate amnesia, regneging on agreements, bastardization of the rules that are there for allto follow (but in reality only apply to lower employees), delay, obfuscation, double-dealing, sham sympathy, lamentable lack of either talent or intelligence, and lately outright documentable lies: whoppers that would do Goebbels proud, fairy tales not only completely untruthful, but not even logically consistent to Year-3 level. They just nod, say they’ll get back to you, and another 3 months passes.

    The waste we’ve seen is unbelievable, all to cover the collective arses of a bunch of over-promoted middle managers who, if they go down, may take their more senior bosses with them.

    It runs from the top to the bottom:the incompetence, the maladministration, the nepotism, the time-serving and the sheer bloody cheek.

    So far we have survived, even prospered in one way or another,but I shudder to think of how many other rocks there are out there waiting to be turned over so we can witness the slugs,the worms and the cockroaches who scurry out from underneath them.

    What’s going on in NSW is monumentally bad. It is badly governed, badly guided, and badly administered. It’s a honey pot for untalented rorters and spivs, sleeve tuggers, rent seekers and slimy lurk merchants. As for themugs who just pay their taxes… who care a fig about them? The government got their $12 billion surplus, which means they collected $12 billion too much tax, and the punters cheer instead of stringing their rulers up. It’s Topsy-Turvey Land where the good die young and the crooks rule.

    What can we do about it? I dunno..but something oughta be.

  11. I’m wondering why it took a Four Corners program to make people realise what has been going on with the entire Murray-Darling system for years. Cotton-growing is a blight and should never operate in Australia. We just don’t have the water resources to support it.


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