Look to the Future Friday


I know I shouldn’t be doing this.

I really do

But I can’t stop it. I have tried,resisted the temptation,

self medicated


,self flagellated


download (1).jpeg

and banged my head on the wall but sometimes the feeling comes over me that this Coalition govt. is in terminal decline and that Labor will win the next election and Shorten will be pm.

Don’t howl me down I realize I am tempting fate and there is a long way to go and i shouldn’t get cocky



but gee it is starting to look like things are pretty crook for Malcolm and his band of merry  miscreants.

I cheer up every time I hear Abbott has given another speech denigrating Mal, I guffaw endlessly when I hear Jones and Hadley thunder that only bringing back Abbott can save them, I have cachinnations when Bolt and co. explode against their on party.

You can blame me if it doesn’t work out, but daring to dream and hoping for a better future can be quite fun sometimes.

Anyone else feel the same?

865 thoughts on “Look to the Future Friday

  1. And this govt here complains about a handful.

    The first of more than 3,500 would-be migrants picked up off the coast of Libya in recent days arrived Wednesday in Italy, as Rome pressures other countries into taking their share.
    The early morning saw a coast guard vessel with 481 migrants aboard reach the southern Sicilian port of Pozzallo, while the Phoenix vessel of Maltese NGO Moas began disembarking 422 more further up the coast at Trapani.

    One migrant was a newborn Cameroonian named Chris, whose mother gave birth to him on Tuesday aboard a rickety wooden boat.


  2. South Australians want more funding for ABC: poll

    On the TAI site

    Full data

    Click to access TAI%20-%2030%20June%202017%20-%20South%20Australia%20-%20ABC.pdf

    Includes SA federal voting poll figures. Note, not clear in this ReachTEL poll if the 1b TPP question is for the undecided, or a respondant allocated TPP for the whole sample.

  3. Parrot at full squawk!

    Yesterday Alan Jones gave the Queensland premier a hard time over the Acland mine decision.

    Today it was the turn of the NSW premier on Shenhua.

    Gladys began by blaming Labor, Jones demolished that furphy and it was all downhill from there as Jones became more and more irate. I wish NSW politicians would stop trying to dismiss all criticism of yesterday’s Shenhua announcement by raving on about ‘Labor granted that licence’. The exploration licence granted by Labor expired early this year, and has just been renewed by the Berejiklian government.


    What sane government allows the destruction of the best farmland in the country so a Chinese company can mine coal?

    Much as I loathe Jones his strong stance on mining and fracking earns him a lot of brownie points.

    • If the victim was a “scumbag”, we wouldn’t be having a 20th anniversary memorial?

      Unless the “scumbag” was Kate Carnell – that would just be karma.

    • P.S. Only 20 years and the text is already eroded? I hope that’s covered by the warranty…

      Etched text on a polished granite slab is typical – less exposed/unprotected surface area for weathering.

  4. Come on, Gladys!

    South Australia has called on New South Wales to join the Labor states in working up their own, coordinated, clean energy target if the Turnbull government cannot resolve its internal brawl about the Finkel review.

    Ahead of a meeting of energy ministers on Friday, the SA energy minister, Tom Koutsantonis, said all state governments had a “responsibility to act” given the chief scientist, Alan Finkel, had delivered a credible roadmap to lower energy prices, increase network security and reduce emissions.

    He said NSW was particularly exposed by the policy vacuum and could face power shortages this summer.

    “What [NSW] has to keep in mind is they have the highest penetration of coal-fired generation in the world and the only price signal they have is the commonwealth renewable energy target,” Koutsantonis told Guardian Australia.

    “There’s no other price signal to incentivise any other form of base load generation. Now, unless they are going to put batteries in, or some form of storage in, they are going to be short, and they are probably going to be short this summer.

    “Unless the market gives them a signal to go out and build new, lower emissions generation like gas, nothing is going to happen and, if nothing happens, we’ll have what happened last summer when they had to load shed the Tomago aluminium smelter because they were running out of power”.


    “Ye shall know them by their deeds”

    • This little black duck

      I worked as part of the crew that did all the previous implosions in ‘Straya. The people in charge where CDI founded by the dad of people we worked with after he returned from WWII. What was a young guy trained in demolition at the end of a war going to do ? 🙂 They were pretty much the only people in the world that did it back then.

      The people they used in Canberra must have been cowboys. Shaped charges using military grade explosives are the go. You do not get debris showering people a kilometer away.

      Here’s the guy we worked with. We got him pissed as a maggot after the first Perth implosion, a kiwi hangi will do that . His brother who turned up to the next one asked WTF did we do to him as Mark virtually never drinks let alone get drunk 🙂 I reckon he stressed out to the max over the “she’ll be right bro” attitude of what was an all Kiwi crew 😆

  5. “Find out what clothing expenses you can claim”: ATO email, two different versions today. (Looxury!)

    I read it as “ATO: Now targeting clothing expenses.”

  6. I don’t know much about the incident which killed that girl, but if the authorities had said the building demolition was a public spectacle I would have gone down to watch. It would have been safer to tell people to stay home and watch it on TV.

  7. Nadal (beaten), Djokovich (retired hurt) and Murray (hurt, soldiered on and beaten) are out.

    Go, Fed Express!

    I have no idea which “ladies” are left in the singles. As I said, until Graf II comes along, I’m not very interested in the “ladies”.

  8. This little black duck

    It was not QC it was penny pinching. The government hired el cheapo company and you get what you pay for. CDI were virtually the only ones who did it but after a bit of publicity cowboys wanted part of the action. CDI had decades of experience and were a family company. Things that money cannot buy.

    CDI charged $900,000 for one of the buildings we did. Back in the 1980s so $900k was worth something. “All” they did was get sent the building plans and send us what needed to be done. 2 weeks before the implosion one of the brothers would turn up . At which point frenzied activity with 12-20 hour days becoming the norm. Building plans sent never seemed to match reality and so much “”adjustment” needed. Then they we would help them place the explosives and BOOM. Then off they went to the next place.

  9. From a hasbeen who, had it been better, never would have been

    The former Australian prime minister John Howard says he does not believe Donald Trump is a racist, while warning against what he sees as a “rush to condemn” the United States president.

    Howard said Trump should be judged on the substance of his actions, saying his “locker-room style might not be the whole man”.

    “I think people who are writing him off now are foolish,” Howard said. “And a lot of people who are doing that still can’t accept that they lost.”



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