Look to the Future Friday


I know I shouldn’t be doing this.

I really do

But I can’t stop it. I have tried,resisted the temptation,

self medicated


,self flagellated


download (1).jpeg

and banged my head on the wall but sometimes the feeling comes over me that this Coalition govt. is in terminal decline and that Labor will win the next election and Shorten will be pm.

Don’t howl me down I realize I am tempting fate and there is a long way to go and i shouldn’t get cocky



but gee it is starting to look like things are pretty crook for Malcolm and his band of merry  miscreants.

I cheer up every time I hear Abbott has given another speech denigrating Mal, I guffaw endlessly when I hear Jones and Hadley thunder that only bringing back Abbott can save them, I have cachinnations when Bolt and co. explode against their on party.

You can blame me if it doesn’t work out, but daring to dream and hoping for a better future can be quite fun sometimes.

Anyone else feel the same?


865 thoughts on “Look to the Future Friday

  1. From a hasbeen who, had it been better, never would have been

    The former Australian prime minister John Howard says he does not believe Donald Trump is a racist, while warning against what he sees as a “rush to condemn” the United States president.

    Howard said Trump should be judged on the substance of his actions, saying his “locker-room style might not be the whole man”.

    “I think people who are writing him off now are foolish,” Howard said. “And a lot of people who are doing that still can’t accept that they lost.”



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