British Election Friday



The polls have closed Counting has begun and the results are starting to come in.


Seats won · 568/650 seats declared
Party and leader
Theresa May
Jeremy Corbyn
Scottish National Party
Nicola Sturgeon
Liberal Democrat
Tim Farron
Democratic Unionist Party
Arlene Foster

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Sit back relax and watch the drama unfold.

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  1. Of those 1785 voters only 100 would have a clue about the CET versus ETS issues

    Australian voters would back a new low emissions target over emissions trading as a policy to reduce carbon pollution, but are not sure about including “clean” coal in the mix, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

    The latest survey of 1,785 voters, which follows Tuesday night’s three-hour Coalition party room meeting in which significant concerns were ventilated about the Finkel review, also taps significant community concerns about the rising threat of terrorism in Australia.

  2. “Mark Kenny sniffs some leadershit in the air.”

    The MSM smell leadershit everywhere; maybe they should check their shoes?

  3. Things must have been fierce in last night’s joint party room meeting. Even fish and chips had to go through security checks.

    i’ll leave the puds to others.

  4. Says it all – behaving like a spoilt toddler just because he can.

    Mr Abbott, who had not read the Finkel report, slammed the CET on Monday as a “magic pudding” and “a tax on coal”

    Remember these? This is why we won’t be getting a CET or any other action on emissions any time soon.

    That;s Little Josh Fraudenberg at the front, back when he had a bit more hair.

    More celebrations and back-slapping.

  5. From the reps last night – the wit and wisdom of Not-so-fat George, speaking on the Adani mine.

    Adani Coalmine
    Mr CHRISTENSEN (Dawson) (19:35): I rise to deliver a long overdue message for the soy latte sipping
    extreme green activists who peddle their lies to undermine jobs and families in North Queensland. The message is this: the fraud is over; your far-fetched anticoal fantasies have worn out their welcome in North Queensland; your fake news has failed and you have nothing left. The anticapitalists, the socialists, the Greens, GetUp! and the George Soros funded ecoterrorists have thrown up every fairytale, furphy and falsehood they could fabricate in a desperate bid to stop Adani, mining industry and jobs in north and central Queensland;fileType=application%2Fpdf

    There’s a whole lot more spluttering and bloviating about Fake News! from George, if you can stand it.

  6. I tried to post this last night

    Last night I heard Alan Kohler talk about the Adani mine. He noted
    1. no private investors will invest in new coal mines
    2. there is a 50-50 chance Adani will get $1 billion to build the rail line
    3. investors are building renewable energy
    Telstra has commissioned a solar farm to supply customers in a region
    a shopping centre owner is installing solar panels on its rooves to sell the electricity to its tenants
    4. John Howard agreed to an ETS in 2007
    5. Abbott rolled Turnbull for supporting ETS in 2009
    6. Abbott & Credlin concocted “Great Big Tax on Carbon” in 2010
    7. Australian energy insecurity caused by Liberal Party and Tony Abbott in particular
    the new head of the Australian Energy Regulator, Ms Cristina Cifuentes, expects that there will be more roof top solar and it will be part of the energy mix. She doesn’t want roof top solar households to purchase batteries and disconnect from the grid

  7. Don’t let facts spoil leadershit

    Anthony Albanese also addressed British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s good showing in the British election. Parallels were drawn by the compere between Corbyn and Albanese, given they both have strong support amongst grass roots Labour/Labor members. Albo says bollocks.

    • I’d love to know why Dutton left the Queensland police. I suspect he may have been asked to leave. Polite speak for ‘kicked out on his arse’. I don’t believe a clod like Dutton left because he wanted to go to uni and become a businessman.

  8. Last week –

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she has never heard of Chinese mining magnate Sally Zou’s company named in her honour

    Cameron England, Business Editor, The Advertiser
    June 5, 2017 11:58am
    Subscriber only
    ONE of the Liberal party’s largest donors, Chinese mining magnate Sally Zou, previously set up a company called “Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation” which the Foreign Minister says she has never heard of.

    The enigmatic Ms Zou, who is also a large financial supporter of Port Adelaide Football Club, also set a company last month called Australian Earthly Paradise.

    That company’s principal place of business is 19 Tallisker Rd, Deep Creek — the address of a pristine 1.5km stretch of coastal property currently on the market for $2.5 million, which is not owned by Ms Zou.

    It is understood she might be intending to buy the property. Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation Pty Ltd was set up in April last year, and changed its name to Glorious Foundation just nine days later.

    A spokeswoman for the Minister said the existence of the company was news to her.

    “The Foreign Minister has met Ms Zou from time to time at various functions. The Minister was not aware of any Foundation established using her name, nor has she been approached by Ms Zou for any government assistance.’’

    Ms Zou is the largest donor to the South Australian Liberal Party, contributing $360,000 to the local arm last financial year — well above any other single donor — and $100,000 to the Federal Liberal Party. It is unclear what her business ambitions are in Australia.

    Ms Zou owns a modest number of companies registered in Australia including Aus Food Alliance, Aus Jade Group, Aus Diamond Mining Group and Aus Gold Mining Group.

    The Aus Gold website says “Our current projects span 630 km2 with estimated gold reserves of more than 5 million ounces and we are actively seeking new investment opportunities across Australia.’’

    Ms Zou’s companies appear to hold no licences or approvals relating to projects in South Australia.

    She does have a close relationship with the SA Liberal Party, with Aus Gold-branded gold foil-covered chocolate coins handed out during the Prime Minister’s last visit to Adelaide. State Liberal Party director Sascha Meldrum said “The Liberal Party is not involved with or aware of the operations of the Foundation company you refer to’’.

    Ms Zou frequently praises the Liberal party on Twitter, while also criticising the Labor Party. She did not respond to attempts to contact her

  9. I think we might need some more lace handkerchiefs

    Three senior Turnbull government ministers will be hauled before the Supreme Court of Victoria to explain why they should not be charged with contempt after accusing the judiciary of advocating softer sentences for terrorists.

    In an explosive development, the Supreme Court has ordered Health Minister Greg Hunt, Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and Human Human Services Minister Alan Tudge to appear on Friday “to make any submissions as to why they should not be referred for prosecution for contempt” .

  10. Michael Gordon, not holding back.

    Despite what Peter Dutton says, the Manus Island payout is momentous

    Immigration Minister Peter Dutton can assert there is no admission of liability, but you don’t agree to a payout of more than $90 million if you are confident you can defend your position in open court.

    He can call it a “prudent outcome for the Australian taxpayer”, but there wouldn’t have been a case in the first place if the human rights of the Manus Island detainees had been respected

    Settled to avoid all that messy information being made public.

  11. FMD.

    Combustible cladding to be stripped off Lacrosse Docklands tower

    On Monday, the Building Appeals Board ordered the owners to remove the material. It quashed a bid by LU Simon Builders to keep the cladding and instead install more sprinklers, saying the equipment might fail with “catastrophic” results.

    Cheap building materials turning high-rise apartment buildings into ticking time bombs: unions, fire experts

    • Jaeger,

      In my opinion, it’s criminal negligence on the part of the property developers.

      It is also among the many abhorrent behaviours that the CFMEU is doing its best to combat, and that the dinosaur ABCC was resurrected to protect.

      Because people – whether they are the people doing the construction, or living in the building afterwards – don’t matter.

      Mammon is all.

      See also Lord of the Flies.

  12. Malcolm Turnbull’s $1 billion plan to scrap carbon tax compensation is dead on arrival

    The Turnbull government’s plan to save nearly $1 billion by axing carbon tax compensation for new welfare recipients appears dead on arrival.

    The Nick Xenophon Team has confirmed it will join with Labor and the Greens to vote against the government’s legislation in the Senate, guaranteeing it will fail.

    Instead of taking away payments what is needed is a 100% increase in this payment. Electricity prices have increased drastically sine the Abbott government abolished the carbon price and we are all still waiting for that $600 cheque/price drop Abbott promised us. Or was it $800?

    It’s at the point now where people on pensions and benefits have to choose between heating in winter or eating. Air conditioning in summer is just a distant dream, we can’t afford it and have to make do with fans, if we can afford to run them . Soon it will be cold showers only.

  13. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. For a change there’s not too much on Trump today.

    Guns, guns, US bloody guns!
    Will the Virginia shooting become a Rorschach test for America asks The Guardian?
    Michael Pascoe sees Murdoch fingerprints all over Ten’s body. He implies Murdoch wants to keep it on life support to metaphorically harvest its valuable organs.
    Quite obviously building safety will come under close scrutiny after the Grenfell Tower fire.
    The SMH tells us that the aluminium composite cladding used on the building has form when it comes to high rise fires.
    Massola writes that Turnbull is under big pressure from Abbott to water down an already tepid climate policy recommendation.
    From Peter Martin. “So much does Tony Abbott dislike the Finkel review of the electricity market that he hasn’t read it. On Monday, three full days after it was released, he branded its key recommendation a “magic pudding” and a “tax on coal” while conceding that he had been guided by “reports of the report” rather than the report itself. I understand where he is coming from. Who wants to wade through 200 pages of a report they won’t like?”
    Meanwhile as political manoeuvring in the wake of the Finkel Review of the nation’s electricity system intensifies, Canberra has been forcibly reminded of the extent of looming energy shortages. Blackouts could come next summer with the operator of the energy markets warning electricity supplies cannot be guaranteed, with the system exposed to extreme conditions.

  14. Section 2 . . .

    Tony Wright reminds the right wing rump of some climate history.
    Phil Coorey says that it’s clean coal or bust for Turnbull’s CET. Google.
    A frustrated Malcolm Turnbull has taken an apparent swipe at his predecessor, Tony Abbott, for reducing climate policy debate to “glib” slogans. The Prime Minister has called for an end to the ideological wars over climate change and wants a clear national energy plan. Well he’s the Prime Minister so why doesn’t he DO something about it?
    Matt Grudnoff says next time you get an increased power bill blame Tony Abbott. Too right!
    There are no easy options for Frydenberg as he faces his test of power writes Rob Harris. Google.
    The Turnbull government’s plan to save nearly $1 billion by axing carbon tax compensation for new welfare recipients appears dead on arrival writes Adam Gartrell.
    Peter FitzSimons reckons Turnbull and Hunt must have rocks in their heads in wanting to bid for the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup.
    Greg Jericho examines our income tax system and proposes a progressive Medicare levy.
    Fawning obsequiousness will be gushing from these three Coalition ministers and The Australian’s Simon Benson as they front the court tomorrow.

  15. Section 3 . . .

    The Greens could be on a winner here by going in strong for a federal ICAC.
    John Warhurst goes even further and says that we need a Royal Commission into the corruption and decay of Australian politics.
    The SMH editorial says that China’s influence peddling should be opened up to public scrutiny.
    Oh dear! A key political fundraiser for former prime minister Tony Abbott has maintained contact with Chinese Communist Party-aligned businessman Huang Xiangmo, despite warnings from ASIO to Mr Abbott about the billionaire donor.
    It’s never ever Dutton’s or the government’s fault for anything. Now he’s blaming lawyers!
    Michael Gordon, however, says that despite what Dutton says the Manus Island payout judgement is momentous. Rather than continue to blame Labor for creating the problem, he says, Dutton should be focussed on bringing this sordid chapter to an end.
    Paul McGeough writes that Jeff Sessions’ stonewalling has created more problems for Trump with respect to the “Russian thing”.
    Richard Wolffe writes pity the amnesiac attorney general. The Senate intelligence committee is not the first time Sessions’ good name has been tarnished by ‘appalling lies’.
    The high cost of obsessing over “head counts”.

  16. Section 4 . . .

    Theresa May’s still having trouble forming a government.
    The New York Times’ Roger Cohen says “The British, sleepwalking into what Will Hutton of The Guardian has called “a national act of self-harm on an epic scale,” have voted to be near ungovernable – a condition in which the enfeebled Prime Minister Theresa May claims she can offer “certainty,” but that in fact constitutes, as she has conceded, a “mess”. It’s a weak and wobbly outfit he says.
    Does the UK election herald the end of the media empire as we know it?,10400
    The UK parliament has resumed sitting and Corbyn has been giving May a hard time there.
    The Australian has an article from a guy from the Catholic University saying we are a Christian nation. Let’s see what the 2016 census tells us next month when the religion figures are released. Google.
    We are being lied to — official poverty rates need to be doubled since data on unemployment and income markers is derived from inauthentic starting points says Gerry Georgatos.,10392
    Aldi Australia has signed up to the federal government’s voluntary Tax Transparency Code, which will require the retail giant to give taxpayers some level of disclosure about its highly secretive tax affairs.
    The board of the deeply troubled CPA is set to make a “major announcement” tomorrow. Google.

  17. Section 5 . . . Cartoon Corner

    David Pope uses Batman to put the Finkel report objectives into perspective.

    Mark David and the little engines that couldn’t.

    Mark David and the Coalition Party room “discussion” on the Finkel report.

    Mark Knight goes there too!
    Alan Moir with more on Australian values.

    David Rowe in the depths of the climate policy coal bunker.

    Ron Tandberg and this government’s stopping capabilities.
    A delightful contribution from Jon Kudelka on climate policy development.

  18. I’d love to see the ALP jump on this out of court payment to MI detainees. There are loads of angles that they could use to differentiate themselves from the Tories without compromising their basic policy towards these folk ( even though that is repugnant ) .
    Surely they could be the party that is humane? It would take intelligence and courage, but it could be done surely?

    • They won’t. They are firmly convinced that Australians are all vicious racists and believe they have to carry on with demonisation of refugees to have any hope of returning to government. I think they are wrong all the way on this.

  19. LotF

    Or Truffles more like.Check out the RWNJ demographic’s writers of choice BoltA and Planet Janet today……….

    “Prime Minister will sink Liberals

    THE Prime Minister is destroying the Liberals so completely that if MPs don’t sack him soon they can kiss their party goodbye”
    “Libs may be headed for oblivion


  20. BK – “a guy from the Catholic University”.

    That guy (as I’m sure you know) is Dr Kevin Donnelly, another RWNJ, Gonski hater, devout Catholic,homophobe, former chief of staff to Kevin Andrews and staunch promoter of ‘Christian values’, of which he has none. Tony
    Abbot relied on him for advice on education and made him joint head of his national curriculum review with Ken Wiltshire, another RWNJ.

    This guy –

  21. Just wonder why this latest shooting in the US is not being billed as a “terrorist” incident – that’s right – he’s an older white male – not Muslim!

  22. So, in his new citizenship Bill, Potato Dutton intends to rename the “Pledge of Commitment” the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

    There is more than a whiff of draconianism here.

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