British Election Friday



The polls have closed Counting has begun and the results are starting to come in.


Seats won · 568/650 seats declared
Party and leader
Theresa May
Jeremy Corbyn
Scottish National Party
Nicola Sturgeon
Liberal Democrat
Tim Farron
Democratic Unionist Party
Arlene Foster

Gippsland Laborite is doing a great job keeping us informed along with others. Many Thanks

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Sit back relax and watch the drama unfold.


730 thoughts on “British Election Friday

  1. Stormtroopers with guns, armed guards outside his room 24/7. Is Oberst-Gruppenführer Kartoffelkopf staging a re-enactment of Kristallnacht?

    EXCLUSIVE: Heartless Peter Dutton terrorises 73 year-old community leader

    At 72 years old, his health has deteriorated rapidly within the confines of Brisbane International Transit Accommodation (BITA). Upon his arrest on 3 May 2017, in Cairns by nine Australian Border Force stormtroopers dressed in black tactical gear and carrying guns, it took five days and a respiratory specialist to stabilise him enough to be fit to fly. He was accompanied on the flight to Brisbane by a nurse, and an oxygen tank.

    Now he’s in immigration detention and has been told that his deportation to the United States is imminent,10415

  2. What the frack!

    Catherine King, Facebook –

    The Turnbull Government is slashing funding to equipment used in radiation therapy in less than two weeks’ time- funding for machines to treat cervical cancer will cease completely, and funding for other radiation machines will be cut significantly.
    This is extremely concerning. Australia can’t afford a single backwards step when it comes cancer treatment

  3. I have asked this question many times of late –

    “How do these sad excuses for human beings sleep at night”?

  4. paywalled, google the URL to read table, no paywall

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