British Election Friday



The polls have closed Counting has begun and the results are starting to come in.


Seats won · 568/650 seats declared
Party and leader
Theresa May
Jeremy Corbyn
Scottish National Party
Nicola Sturgeon
Liberal Democrat
Tim Farron
Democratic Unionist Party
Arlene Foster

Gippsland Laborite is doing a great job keeping us informed along with others. Many Thanks

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Sit back relax and watch the drama unfold.

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  1. Stephen Koukoulas‏Verified account @TheKouk · 50m50 minutes ago

    Phew: Insiders got through the show without looking at govt debt hitting half a trillion dollars #Insiders

  2. kk – Well then he missed it.

    Cassidy mentioned it. The ‘visitors’ shrugged and he went on to the next item.

    • Kouk said “looking at it”, sounds like Insiders merely “Meh’d’ it, nothing to see here. You would think all that ‘debt and deficit disaster’ talk from the Coalition and the press coverage when the debt was half that never happened.

  3. If only there were more like her.

    Outspoken Senator Will Keep Dragging Her Party On Adani And Asylum Seekers

    “I certainly would never defend turn backs.”
    Senator Lisa Singh has promised to keep speaking out against her party’s positions on major issues, maintaining that boat turn backs are a bad idea and the Adani coal mine shouldn’t be built

    So much better than the usual mealy-mouthed Labor dribble about stopping people drowning at sea and Adani providing 10,000 jobs.

    Worth mentioning – Labor gave Ms Singh a supposedly unwinnable position on the Tasmanian senate ballot paper last election. They wanted her gone. The voters of Tasmania had other ideas.

  4. France on Saturday made good on its promise to invite foreign climate change experts to the country, pledging €30 million to fund the work of up to 50 researchers.

    The move comes two weeks after President Emmanuel Macron criticised his US counterpart Donald Trump for pulling out of the UN’s Paris climate agreement – calling on US climate scientists and entrepreneurs to “come and work in France on concrete solutions for climate”.

  5. Interesting tweet regarding the contempt case, as the other tweeter says, it wasn’t government work.

    • I agree with that tweet.

      The three ministers sent unsolicited emails to a journalist at The Australian, they did not make off-the-cuff remarks during interviews.

      That to me means they issued statements, and they all colluded on them. It was an orchestrated attack on the court and the judges, not some innocent remarks made in ignorance, as the SG wanted the three judges at the contempt hearing to believe.

      How often have we heard some Abbott/Turnbull minister or other dodge a question by saying they cannot talk about an issue because it’s before the courts. And yet THREE ministers all decided to make comments while a matter was still with the court. Ignorance? Not blooming likely.

  6. gigi – On Fr24 there’s a suggestion that Macron’s party will get near 75% of the seats!

  7. We’;ll just how malleable Dicky is

    The education minister Simon Birmingham says he wants his schools funding package passed this week, although the prospects of the Turnbull government securing a funding deal with Greens backing appear to be fading.

    With parliament set to resume on Monday for the final sitting before the winter recess, Birmingham told reporters on Sunday the government was prepared to negotiate with either the Greens or the crossbench to pass the so-called Gonski 2.0 package.

    But the Australian Education Union appeared on Sunday to be digging in against the package – a development that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the Greens to sign up.

  8. kk

    “Police investigating the shooting of four cars as they drove through Perth say one car was hit by a total of seven rounds.”

    Not gone ‘postal’, I hope?

  9. Oh Noes first the shootin’ in Perth and now the oldies joining in. ISIS is everywhere…………………that the Russians aren’t 🙂

    A CENTENARIAN ploughed into a garden fence on Cornwall Street, Swanborne yesterday afternoon.

    A police spokesman said the 100-year-old female driver ran into the suburban fence just after 3pm, cutting her lip.

  10. carrt2016

    Tis where the nudie beach is………….. oh and the SAS barracks. No connection though.

  11. A timely reminder

    Labor is pursuing Malcolm Turnbull over comments he made last week endorsing criticism of the Victorian judiciary by three of his ministers – interventions which have now exposed them to contempt charges.

    The shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, says the day before last Friday’s court hearing, the prime minister went on radio station 3AW and “backed in his ministers’ comments, despite knowing this matter was before the court the following day”.

    In a radio interview last Thursday, Turnbull said the courts of justice “are not immune from public criticism”.

    “The courts cannot be and are not immune from criticism which may extend to robust observations of a particular decision or penalty,” the prime minister said.

  12. The terrorists just aren’t doing their bit

    Fewer people are being murdered in Australia, with the nation’s homicide rate hitting an all-time record low.

    The latest report of the national homicide monitoring program reveals there were 238 homicide incidents in Australia in 2013-14 compared with 307 deaths in 1989-90.

    That finding brings the national rate down to one victim per 100,000 people – the lowest since the program started in 1989.

    • So after all that – Labor’s primary vote keeps creeping up, Shorten and Fizza are neck and neck in the approval/disapproval numbers and the government is still being propped up by ON.

      There is no positive spin possible for the government from those results.

  13. Stormtroopers with guns, armed guards outside his room 24/7. Is Oberst-Gruppenführer Kartoffelkopf staging a re-enactment of Kristallnacht?

    EXCLUSIVE: Heartless Peter Dutton terrorises 73 year-old community leader

    At 72 years old, his health has deteriorated rapidly within the confines of Brisbane International Transit Accommodation (BITA). Upon his arrest on 3 May 2017, in Cairns by nine Australian Border Force stormtroopers dressed in black tactical gear and carrying guns, it took five days and a respiratory specialist to stabilise him enough to be fit to fly. He was accompanied on the flight to Brisbane by a nurse, and an oxygen tank.

    Now he’s in immigration detention and has been told that his deportation to the United States is imminent,10415

  14. What the frack!

    Catherine King, Facebook –

    The Turnbull Government is slashing funding to equipment used in radiation therapy in less than two weeks’ time- funding for machines to treat cervical cancer will cease completely, and funding for other radiation machines will be cut significantly.
    This is extremely concerning. Australia can’t afford a single backwards step when it comes cancer treatment

  15. I have asked this question many times of late –

    “How do these sad excuses for human beings sleep at night”?

  16. paywalled, google the URL to read table, no paywall

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