You are the Prime Minister of Australia – For One Day Only

Today’s Guest Poster is the magnificent Puffy The Magic Dragon, who – as always – has come up with a topic guaranteed to put fire in the belly (and even out of the mouth). Thank you so much, Puffy.

Also, I apologise for my lack of activity for the past few weeks. I am sure you all understand.

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Hats off to Mr Steve Georganas MP, Federal Member for Hindmarsh, House of Reps. ALP.

Steve Geoganas, a thoroughly good bloke, recently attached a questionaire to his newsletter, for people in his electorate, asking about issues and concerns they may have.

As well as keeping in touch with his electorate and proactively seeking their input, his survey finished with an interesting question that I have not seen before in such an exercise.

‘What would you do if you were Prime Minister for one day.’

What an intriguing thought. What would I do?

I would:

  • Close Manus Island and Nauru camps and order repatriation to Australia of the people interned there.
  • Establish royal commissions into the banks, and another into our involvement into the Iraq WMD war. And Children Overboard, and the rest of that can of maggots. Chuck one in for political donations too, while we are at it.
  • Stop the Adani coalmine.

Because I will get to work early on my day, it will only be morning tea-time.

  • I will have plenty of time to fix the NBN fiasco, and then after lunch with Indigenous people’s representatives to nut out a plan to really address inequities, roll my sleeves up for a late nighter.

There is so much more.

  • Also, I would implement the ALP Animal Welfare plan, and designate theft of pets as an act of national harm, punishable by ten years of cleaning up doggy doo doo.

What would you do?

1,133 thoughts on “You are the Prime Minister of Australia – For One Day Only

  1. CON hold Worcestershire mid
    CON hold Montgomeryshire
    LAB hold Bridgend
    LAB hold Doncaster central
    CON hold aldershot
    CON hold Christchurch
    LAB hold Chorley
    SNP hold Aberdeen North
    LAB hold Liverpool Wavertree
    CON hold Cambridgeshire South
    LAB hold Cynon Valley
    SNP hold Ayrshire N and Arran
    CON hold Southend west
    CON gain Southport from LIB Dem
    LAB hold Rochdale
    LAB hold Ynys Môn
    LAB hold Sheffield Heely
    LAB hold Durham North
    LAB Hold Neath

  2. LAB hold Wolverhampton SW
    LAB hold Bristol South
    CON hold Blackpool North
    CON hold Aberconwy

  3. LAB hold Barnsley Central
    LAB hold Swansea West
    LAB hold Cardiff Central
    LAB hold Hull East
    Sinn Fein gain Foyle from SDLP

  4. LAB hold Westminster North
    CON hold Bedfordshire SW
    CON hold Bromsgrove
    LAB hold Sheffield SE
    CON hold Monmouth

  5. LAB hold Nottingham South
    CON Hold Brecon and Radnorshire
    CON hold Eastleigh
    LAB hold Coventry South
    DUP hold East Antrim
    Lab hold Liverpool West Darby
    CON gain renfrewshire east from SNP
    LAB hold Aberavon

  6. CON hold harwich and essex north
    con hold tunbridge wells
    lab hold walthamstow
    LAB hold Bolton NE
    Lib Dem gain East Dunbartonshire from SNP
    LAB hold Ealing North
    LAB hold Alyn and Deeside

  7. LAB hold Bristol East
    LAB hold coventry NE
    LAB hold bishop auckland
    CON hold Surrey Heath
    CON hold Worcestershire West
    LAB gain High Peak from CON
    LAB hold Eltham
    LAB hold Mitcham and Morden
    CON hold Solihull
    CON hold Stevenage

  8. Plaid hold Dwyfor Meirionydd
    LAB gain Sheffield Hallam from Lib Dem (Nick Clegg’s seat)
    CON hold Wokingham

  9. Lib Dem gain Twickenham from CON
    LAB gain Stroud from CON
    CON gain Walsall North from LAB

  10. LAB gain Bristol NW from CON
    CON Hold Somerton and frome
    CON hold Wealden
    LAB hold Nottingham North
    CON hold Grantham and Stamford
    LAB hold Hyndburn
    LAB hold Worsley and Eccles South
    CON hold Newbury
    CON hold Romford
    LAB hold Birmingham Northfield
    CON hold Uxbridge and south Ruislip
    DUP hold East Antrim
    LAB hold Birmingham Yardley
    CON hold New forest east
    LAB gain Glasgow NE from SNP
    CON hold Guildford

  11. LAB gain Ipswich from CON
    CON hold Watford
    LAB hold Don Valley
    CON hold Chingford and Woodford Green
    LAB hold Coventry NE

  12. LAB hold Doncaster North
    LAB hold Luton North
    CON hold Scarborough and Whitby
    CON hold Colchester
    LAB hold Bristol West
    SNP hold Glasgow Central
    LAB hold Islington South and Finsbury
    CON hold Clwyd West
    CON hold Epsom and Ewell
    LAB hold Durham NW
    CON hol Meriden
    LAB hold Hull West
    CON hold Kenilworth and Southam

  13. LAB hold Birmingham Erdington
    CON hold the Wrekin
    CON hold Cleethorpes
    LAB hold Salford and Eccles
    LAB hold Nottingham East

  14. Ah, it seems Mr. “Student Fees” Clegg has lost his seat. Good riddance I say.

    Overall, I can’t see May surviving from this. Names circulating around who would be the next PM include David Davis.

  15. CON hold Salisbury
    CON hold Dorset West
    CON hold Copeland
    SNP hold Dunfermline and west fife
    CON hold Norwich North
    CON hold Ribble Valley
    LAB hold Islington North
    LAB hold Leicester South
    LAB hold Liverpool Walton
    SNP hold Lanark and Hamilton East
    LAB hold Wythenshawe and Sale East
    CON hold Chesham and Amersham
    LAB hold Cambridge
    LAB hold Swansea East
    CON hold Bosworth
    CON hold Wimbledon

  16. CON hold Maldon
    LAB hold Manchester Central
    LAB gain East Lothian from SNP
    LAB hold Gedling
    CON hold the Cotswolds
    CON hold Gosport

  17. SNP hold Glasgow North
    CON gain Ayr Carrick and Cumnock from SNP
    LAB hold sheffield Central
    CON gain Aberdeen South from SNP
    LAB gain Cardiff North from CON
    LAB hold Ealing Southall
    CON hold Dorset South
    CON gain Clacton from UKIP
    LAB hold Birmingham Ladywood
    CON hold Thurrock
    SNP hold Inverness nairn badenoch and strathspey

  18. I think Boris will have a shot at it, but, he’s lot a lot of popularity over the past year and probably won’t get very far. He’d go the way of Michael Gove.

  19. CON hold Chippenham
    CON hold Worcester
    LAB hold Sedgefield
    CON hold Gainsborough
    Sinn Fein gain south down from SDLP
    DUP hold Belfast North
    CON hold Staffordshire Moorlands
    SNP hold Airdrie and Shotts
    LAB hold Norwich South
    Lab hold Hackney South and Shoreditch
    LIB DEM gain Bath from CON
    LAB hold Leeds East
    CON hold Norfolk NW
    CON hold Isle of Wight

  20. LAB gain Peterborough fro CON
    LAB gain Bedford from con
    LAB hold Ellesmere port and neston
    LAB hold Bolton SE
    CON hold Chicester

  21. LAB hold Hayes and Harlington
    SNP hold Glasgow South
    CON hold South Ribble
    SNP hold Perth and North Perthshire
    CON hold Gravesham
    LAB hold Redcar
    CON hold Lewes
    LAB hold Greenwich and Woolwich
    CON hold Dartford
    DUP gain Belfast south from SDLP
    LAB hold Leyton and Wanstead
    CON hold Suffolk Coastal
    SNP hold Edinburgh East
    CON hold Telford
    CON hold Stafford
    CON hold Great Yarmouth
    CON hold New Forest West
    CON hold Hornchurch and Upminster
    LAB hold Manchester Withington
    CON hold Tonbridge and Malling
    CON hold Maidenhead
    SNP hold Glasgow NW
    CON gain Middlesborough south and cleveland east from lab
    Sinn Fein hold Mis ulster
    Lab hold Lewisham East
    CON hold Reigate
    LAb hold Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymeny
    CON hold Aldridge Brownhills
    CON hold Sittingbourne and Sheppey
    LAB hold Leicester WEst

  22. Vince Cable appears to have won his seat back from the Tories.

    I have a lot of time for Cable. He seems like one of the more reasonable members of the Lib Dems.

  23. LAB hold Bradford South
    LAB hold Leeds West
    LAB hold Tottenham
    CON hold Derbyshire South
    CON hold Selby and Ainsty
    CON hold Wiltshire North
    LAB gain Portsmouth South from CON
    LAB gain Coatbridge and Chryston from SNP
    LD hold Norfolk North
    LAB hold Easington

  24. CON hold Cambridgeshire NW
    LAB hold Birmingham Selly Oak
    LAB gain Canterbury from CON (!!!!!!)
    CON hold Gloucester
    CON hold Esher and Walton
    CON hold Portsmouth North
    SNP hold Glasgow SW
    CON hold Louth and Horncastle
    CON hold Boston and Skegness
    CON hold Hackney North
    LAB hold Cardiff South and Penarth
    CON hold Mole Valley
    LIB DEM hold Westmoreland and Lonsdale
    LAB hold East Ham
    CON hold Woking
    CON hold Bolton West
    LAB hold Penistone and Stocksbridge
    CON hold Bognor Regis
    LAB hold Exeter
    LAB hold Harrow West
    LAB gain Warwick and Leamington from CON
    LAB hold Manchester gorton
    CON hold Sutton and Cheam
    CON hold Romsey and Southampton N
    CON Hold Hampshire East
    CON hold Brentwood and Ongar
    CON hold Lichfield

  25. LAB hold Lewisham Deptford
    CON hold Hitchin and Harpenden
    LAB hold Walsall South
    CON hold Hampshire NW
    LAB hold Leeds Central
    CON hold Orpington
    LAB hold Lancashire West
    DUP hold Upper Bann

  26. LAB gain Derby North from CON
    LAB hold Oldham east and saddleworth
    CON hold Witney
    LAB hold Barking
    LAB hold Cardiff West
    LAB hold Lewisham West and Penge
    CON hold Bournemouth West
    LAB hold Streatham
    LAB hold Brentford and Isleworth
    CON hold Devon North
    LAB hold West Ham
    CON hold Totnes
    LAB hold Warrington North
    LAB hold Leicester East
    CON hold Wyre and Preston north
    CON hold forest of dean
    LAB hold Dagenham and Rainham
    CON hold Windsor
    LAB hold Birmingham Hodge Hill
    LAB hold Hornsey and wood green
    CON hold Morley and Outwood
    CON hold Carmarthen west and Pembrokeshire south
    CON hold Harborough
    CON hold Reading West

  27. A couple of leaders’ results in now.

    Lib Dem leader Tim Farron barely holds on in his seat, scraping home with just under 700 votes in front of the Tories.

    UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has been utterly humiliated, only winning 7.7% of the vote in his seat.

  28. CON hold dorset north
    SNP hold linlithgow and falkirk east
    CON hold Bournemouth East
    CON hold Harrow East
    CON hold Derbyshire Dales
    SNP hold Cumbernauld
    CON hold Bexleyheath
    SF hold West Tyrone
    CON hold Ruislip and Northwood
    LAB hold Birmingham Hall Green
    LAB hold Hammersmith

  29. CON hold Suffolk South
    CON hold Somerset NE
    CON hold Beverley and Holderness
    CON hold Northamptonshire South
    CON hold dudley south
    BBC predicts tories will get 44% of the overall vote
    LAB hold Chesterfield
    CON hold Redditch
    CON hold Hereford
    CON hold Staffordshire South
    CON hold Waveney
    SF hold Newry and Armagh

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