Itt’l be a cold in hell Friday





Before Turnbull  isn’t useless

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or Hanson isn’t a racist cow


But despite all that it will be a cold day in hell before we still can’t have a laugh,drink or food with friends and family and strive to have a happy and caring life despite what all that is going on.

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Don’t get down in the dumps the world is still a great placedownload (8).jpeg




477 thoughts on “Itt’l be a cold in hell Friday

    • I’m really sick of these right-wing nut-jobs constantly whining about alleged bias at the ABC. There is bias – the ABC leans so far to the right it’s are pretty much lying flat on its right side. .

      Surely these idiots know that, and yet they keep on whining or in Dutton’s case, making arrogant demands.

      Are they pandering to their supporters who never watch the ABC because it’s seen as too boring, or only for snobs, or too intellectual, but still want to complain about bias?

      Is Dutton telling us he never watches the ABC, has no idea what sort of bias they show but keeps on whining because that’s the Liberal way?

      I just don’t know the answer.

      If they want Q&A off the air then where will all those right-wing panel regulars go? ‘The Drum’ can’t take them all. Someone will have to invent a new program to ccommodate them all. They could call it ‘Right-Wing-Nut-Jobs ‘R Us’.

  1. To put the Manchester bombing in perspective –

    Syria: 225 Civilians Killed by US Coalition Airstrikes In One Month

    44 children and 36 women killed, some by our own bombs, and we and our political leaders have the gall to be say we are horrified by an attack in the UK.

    We are hypocrites and we are governed by hypocrites. The death toll in the Middle East rises every day thanks to the actions of our own forces. Innocent kids and their families are killed every day and we and our local media ignore that because it’s uncomfortable for us to know we are just as complicit in the deaths of innocent kids as is the latest suicide bomber or crazed truck driver.

  2. Hunter is doing okay. Now to explain that. When we got up this morning there was a big mess from his vomiting and diarrhea. We had to wait until 8.30 to get into the vet. They’ve had him on a drip and we just rang, he is apparently looking brighter, but still has runny bowel movements. They will try him on some food tomorrow and see how he goes.

    The reason for relaying this is, after we left at the Vets, around 10.30, Razz went for a hair cut, got straight after getting a car park straight away. I went and grabbed a few things in Aldi, only one checkout open and plenty of car parks (I walked from hairdresser to Aldi). The two main shopping streets we drove through had plenty of car parks.

    I had to check when we got home that it was actually Thursday. You can’t normally get a car park for love nor money, and as for the hairdresser, there would normally be at least 3 or 4 people waiting that late in the week.

    It was really weird for a Thursday. The sun was shining, a beautiful day. Like us, other people must be closing their wallets and staying home.

    • I used coconut water, or water-diluted canned coconut milk to rehydrate mu old dog after she had a bout of that a few weeks ago. Apparently for some Asian areas it is the go-to treatment for the trots.

    • The delights of owning pets – as well as the lovely snuggles and sloppy kisses you get to mop up poo and pay vet bills.

      I hope Hunter is feeling much better tomorrow.

  3. The Brown Dog next door had a similar problem. We were minding him for the day. Suddenly a God-awful stench wrought the air inside the house. Projectile diarrhoea… EVERY-where: up the walls, on the floor, dribbled across the room in a malignant breadcrumb trail as he tried to control it.

    Brown Dog didn’t look a bit ashamed. He knows when he’s really not to blame. So much for those “Dog Guilt” You Tubes. Must’a been some other dog.

    The grandkids got him outside. HI hosed him down with a peg on her nose. I – with mop and bucket – cleaned up the mess. On a polished wooden floor that meant between the cracks, too. Re-stroke-volting. I was nearly puking as I mopped up after him.

    Threw out the mop. Threw out the bucket. Kept the dog.

    His owner came along that afternoon. We told him the story of the day’s fun. He rushed him to the vet. Told us afterward that he thought it was bowel cancer. Everyone very sad.

    Four days later, with a diet of pure boiled chicken, dog bikkies and nothing else, and Brown was as happy as Larry. Firm stools. Waggy tail. Pointy ears. Lost a little weight sure, but ready to play with his blue plastic squeaky pig, and with Nemo the air-head Bichon Frise (who we were also minding, for HI’s ex-husband).

    Final diagnosis from the vet?

    “Must have eaten something bad. Dogs are pretty disgusting, after all. Would YOU eat that shit they gobble down? Yeah-no, I thought not.”

    End of story.

    A happy ending still, 2 months later. Not bowel cancer.

    Just a bug.

    But Jesus… SOME bug!

    • I’m a Star Trek fan (from the original broadcasts in the UK). And a Dr Who fan (hiding behind the couch in approved anti-dalek or anti-cyberman fashion). As well as having a fondness for Star Wars too.

      I’m never quite sure if that makes me old, blessed with imagination, or just plain weird. My BBF would plump for the latter *wry grin*

  4. Star wars 40th.

    First time with a girl sitting up the back and hands allowed to roam.
    I was 13. Still love all the old movies

  5. Well done, ladies!

    CWA makes it policy to ban Coal Seam Gas as Nationals declare they want to expand industry

    The Country Women’s Association has passed a motion calling for a halt to any further “unconventional gas exploration” in NSW – a ban on Coal Seam Gas.

    The motion was brought forward by Maules Creek Branch of the CWA , and was passed after a show of hands and then a count of numbers.

    It flies in the face of last week’s announcement by NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro that he wanted to see an expansion of the CSG industry, with certain parameters, including that the Liverpool Plains should be cordoned off from any such exploration</blockquote.

  6. Some CWAs ran houses for parents to stay in when bringing their kids from the bush to the big smoke to get hospital treatment.

  7. In NZ they were the CWI, Country Women’s Institute. Now days it is “New Zealand Federation of Women’s Institutes”. Even back in my day it was always just The Womens Insitute”

    The Country Women’s Institute badge with its monogram ‘For Home and Country’ emphasises the values of the movement. The theme of home focused on improving the conditions of women and children in rural society. The theme of country highlighted the place of women as citizens and the role they should play in making their country a better place for families.

    • The presence of a “Save the CFA” bumper sticker often indicates a Liberal voting city slicker

  8. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Trump has once again refused to explicitly endorse NATO’s mutual defence pledge, instead lecturing European leaders on what he called their “chronic underpayments” to the military alliance.
    Contemporaneously Obama gets a hero’s welcome as he reunites with Angela Merkel and urges crowd to ‘fight those who divide us’.
    Waleed Aly has penned an interesting article on terrorism.
    John Hewson makes the point that we can’t leave climate change policy to short-sighted politicians.
    Laura Tingle says Labor is all tactics and no legacy. Google.
    Has the NSW government employed gerrymander techniques with the council mergers?
    And it seems that documentation underpinning the mergers plan is being kept secret. I wonder why.
    What in the hell is going on in the jobs market?
    Rob Burgess writes that the nation’s peak employer body has called for the minimum wage to grow slower than inflation. That really would boost the ranks of the working poor.
    A federal appeals court has just ruled against reinstating Donald Trump’s revised travel ban – marking yet another major setback for the administration’s attempts to curb immigration from six Muslim majority countries.

  9. Section 2 . . .

    Richard Wolffe says “Make no mistake: Trump has fuelled violence against journalists”. He has a point.
    This is what prompted Wolffe’s article.
    Jennifer Hewett takes Barnaby Joyce to task over his frequent advice to people to go to the country to by an affordable house. Google.
    Matt Holden writes that the vicious remarks directed at the ABC from a Quadrant contributor represent a low-tide mark in on-line flame wars.
    Trump has promised to identify and prosecute “to the fullest extent of the law” the intelligence officials who leaked sensitive information from the Manchester bombing investigation.
    Cop that Trump! Young Macron outdoes him in the handshake duel.
    As far as I am concerned there is only one way to reduce damage from cigarette smoking!
    Australia’s GDP growth is expected to be just positive for the first quarter of 2017 and just get us over the line for the longest recorded period of absence of recession.
    Andrew Street waves Taiwan’s approval of marriage equality in the faces of a lot of vociferous Australian opponents – Erica in particular.
    One day we’ll really know what’s going on with school funding.

  10. Section 3 . . .

    The Australian explains how Anna Blight got the ABA gig and tells of the reactions that followed the announcement. Google.
    Peter FitzSimons beautifully takes down Margaret Court over her refusal to fly on Qantas.
    Margaret Court is not getting much support.
    It looks like Sydney is heading for, or already has, a transport disaster at Green Square.
    It’s hard to disagree with Richo’s article about the caning of homosexuals in Aceh. Google.
    Sex crimes detectives are poised to make a decision about whether or not charges will be laid against Cardinal George Pell. Victoria’s police chief on Thursday said a decision about charging the senior Catholic figure was “not too far off”.
    But based on the media’s conviction of Pell, he could possibly win a permanent stay of any criminal prosecution writes John Passant.,10331
    Mark Kenny looks into the Coroner’s report on the Lindt Café siege.
    And Anne Aly writes about the red flags that were flying in advance of Monis’s siege.

  11. Blogpost from Yougov

    Full poll

    Click to access TimesResults_170525_VI_Trackers_Terrorism_W.pdf

    Favourability figures

    Click to access Results_170525_Favourability_W.pdf

  12. Section 4 . . .

    Michael Koziol tells us about the unedifying performance at Estimates with Gillian Trigg.
    And Pauline was having a bit of trouble in Estimates too.
    Bill Shorten has said Labor would lobby the Turnbull government to establish a commission on violence and neglect in the disability services sector, and make it a priority if elected.
    OPEC is facing a pincer movement of technology and policy and is cutting production further in an attempt to raise prices. It didn’t work yesterday. The article explains the factors coming into play.
    One of Australia’s most respected former military leaders, Admiral Chris Barrie, just declared that Australia is “sleepwalking” towards war. He says we must plan to “win the peace”.
    Australia ingratiating itself into a post-Brexit, British-instigated Anglosphere would be a futile exercise in counterproductive nostalgia writes University of Melbourne Associate Professor Allan Patience.,10333
    The federal government has conceded little policy development has been completed around forced moves of public service departments and agencies to the regions, but promised future plans will be “more structured” than the pesticides authority controversial relocation. How pathetic!
    Here’s what’s happening at APVA as a result. Staff resignations more than doubled to nearly 20 per cent at the pesticides authority as a controversial push to move it from Canberra built momentum.

  13. Section 5 . . .

    The Trump administration proposed its first budget this week. The plan contains savage spending cuts totalling US$3.6 trillion over the coming decade. And it is indefensible on almost every level.
    Derryn Hinch is ramping up pressure on Pauline Hanson’s One Nation over the explosive recording of senior figure James Ashby proposing a secret arrangement for the party to make money out of taxpayers and candidates. There could be more that is yet to emerge, Senator Hinch has said, predicting Senator Pauline Hanson and Mr Ashby, her chief-of-staff, face the possibility of criminal charges over the matter. And the AEC has advised that it is has commenced formal proceedings into Hanson’s aircraft. Popcorn time?
    Michelle Grattan says that for Pualine Hanson James Ashby is a dangerous man to have around. particularly in the lead up to the Queensland election.
    An Badham uses THAT photo to tell us about the von Trump family on tour.

  14. Section 6 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Alan Moir throws it all at Potatohead! And some of his colleagues.

    Mark David also has a good swipe at Dutton.

    As does David Pope.
    Jon Kudelka also lines up Dutton.
    David Rowe rounds off the Dutton/ABC story.

    Cathy Wilcox says plenty with this contribution.

    Broelman and the Perils of Pauline.

    Ron Tandberg and Turnbull’s type of philanthropy.
    It was Mark Knight who couldn’t resist having a crack at the photo of the Trump family with the Pope.

  15. Times YouGov poll shows a 5 point lead for the Tories! (paywalled)

    Blogpost from YouGov, explaining that although full voting figures are not available for the gap between the lastest & last published YouGov polls, favourability figures suggest this might be a post/during terror atack recovery from a Tory slump after their “dementia tax” debacle.

    Full poll

    Click to access TimesResults_170525_VI_Trackers_Terrorism_W.pdf

    Favourability figures

    Click to access Results_170525_Favourability_W.pdf

  16. About bleeping time!

    Bill Shorten vows to establish royal commission into abuse of people with disabilities
    Labor leader says harrowing accounts ‘cannot be ignored’ and comes after Coalition rejected recommendation to establish inquiry

    Turnbull is wrong when he says a committee set up as part of the NDIS will stop abuse. It won’t.

    • While we are about it, what about mandating minimum nurse ratios in nursing homes. There is a 120 bed nursing home in Adelaide that has 1 registered nurse on night shift. Not good enough!

  17. Hunter is doing well, bright as a button, had a feed, no vomiting or diarrhea. Have to ring again at 2pm and maybe able to pick him up if he is still well after another feed.

    Razz and I both slept in this morning, the stress and worry had exhausted us.

  18. Could the shortage of 54,000 skilled workers in NSW be due to a number of factors

    1. the physio in the northern beach suburbs who wanted to hire a part timer. In that district most people have to work full time to pay the rent or commute long distances. As this physio has taken months to hire staff perhaps he is too demanding or he isn’t offering enough hours

    2. business owners said they don’t have time to train and supervise new hires. Business has been cut to the bone so no capacity to expand

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