Itt’l be a cold in hell Friday





Before Turnbull  isn’t useless

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or Hanson isn’t a racist cow


But despite all that it will be a cold day in hell before we still can’t have a laugh,drink or food with friends and family and strive to have a happy and caring life despite what all that is going on.

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Don’t get down in the dumps the world is still a great placedownload (8).jpeg





477 thoughts on “Itt’l be a cold in hell Friday

  1. President councelled one outing because he wasn’t allowed to use a helicopter in Israel.

  2. Beware of this, lots of tweets going around showing a pic of a “no tweets” account, some from journos

  3. Selling the selling of the budget.

    Not happy with trying to distract loyal readers with beat-ups about Labor leadership The Guardian now tells us the government has been ‘frantically selling’ the budget. REally? You’d nevetr know from the reporting in The Guardian over the last two weeks.

    Coalition frantically selling the budget but voters stay switched off

    Apart from pushing the usual MSM lines about people no longer listening to politicians and regurgitating the results of some old polls there’s really not much in this Lenore Taylor scribble. There is, however, the required ‘Shorten under pressure’ comment about the government pulling off a huge policy reversal. Cue applause?

    I know The Guardian is seen as centrist, possibly even a bit leftie, but since Budget Night all I’ve seen is a lot of Labor bashing and a bit of Turnbull boosting.

    Here’s an example, from earlier in the week, written by Gabrielle Chan who is seen here as ‘on our side’. Ms Chan wrote about the government’s plan for fully funding the NDIS. Did she mention Labor’s claims to have fully funded the scheme? Did she mention that the $54.5 billion Scummo claims will be raised from his levy increase over en years is almost the same as the amount needed to pay for those $55 billion dollar tax cuts (now more like $65 billion) for business? No. She did not. Instead she attacked Labor over Shorten’s plans to have the levy increase apply only to those earning over $87,000 a year. A perfectly sensible proposal, considering families of people with disabilities and people managing to earn income while dealing with their own disabilities are likely to be in that lower income bracket and are already struggling to meet the costs of managing a disability.

    To prove her point that Shorten is playing politics with the NDIS Ms Chan dragged up two disability advocates – just two. They allegedly warned Shorten it would be ‘a shame’ if the NDIS became part of a political fight. Gee, hasn’t it been exactly that since Abbott became PM in 2013? Where was Ms Chan with her accusations then?

    Ms Chan then abandoned her rather shabby argument for a bit of good old leadership confection by hinting at disagreement between Bowen and Shorten,

    Yesterday The Guardian finally woke up to the Fairfax/Huff Post crap about Albo challenging Shorten and Murpharoo churned out a piece about it. More crap. So very predictable.

    It’s clear the MSM, including The Guardian, are now in full Kill Bill mode as a way to distract us from the failure of the budget and to get Fizza that much-desired poll boost.

  4. Last time the reformers rode high in Iran the F’wit ‘mercans threatened Iran militarily. So hey ho rally round the flag and all that in Iran and that was that ofor the reformers.

  5. My friends who are high school teachers regularly remind me that teenagers always boast about sexual exploits and often forget to think through the consequences of their actions. I think that Australia’s morality might need revision with regards teenage sex.

    I understand that in Denmark its assumed that teenagers will experiment with sex. So long as sexual activity is between teenagers that’s OK, but if an 18 year old has sex with a 15 year old that’s not OK. People are expected to settle down when they want to rear children

    Apropos this article about the 15 year caught on phone raping? an inebriated 15 year old

  6. billie,
    That lad and his friend need the book thrown at them. If she was too drunk to say yes to both the act and the filming and the sharing, then sexual assault it most certainly is, imo.

  7. It is about time young males learned that a female is off limits until she says ‘yes’, not the reverse, available until she says, ‘no’.

  8. I have varied my opinions on Assange a few times, I still think the Yanks might have liked to get him from Sweden, but the women should have had their allegations tested in court, in line with my above commnts.

    • I was thinking of the morning act. Though that is a bit hard to work through. Some women might be happy to be woken to some of the night before and that is shown as romantic in the movies, .but a man would have to wake her up to find out if it okay…but in the movies it is generally him waking her up with cuddles and she signals consent, .but it would be a shock to wake up to find last night’s amore has turned into a bit of grab it while you can…damned if I know.

  9. I think Assagne’s mind has been seriously messed with because of his experiences with The Family.

    Give me a child before the age of 7 …

    • Except Assange was older that 7 when his mother took up with a member of The Family and he spent only a couple of years in that environment.

      i think Assange is messed in the head for a lot of reasons. not just because of whatever might have happened while he was with The Family. His nomadic childhood, his mother being unstable, a variety of men moving in and out of wherever his home happened to be. It’s all going to produce someone very unstable himself.

      Assange (assuming it’s the real one) tweeted this yesterday –

      No-one knows for sure how many children he has, there are said to be at least four as well as his older son Daniel, now in his late twenties. He didn’t seem too worried about his children when he was traipsing around the world fornicating with anyone who would oblige.

      i wouldn’t be sorry to see him rot in that embassy until he dies of old age. He’s a narcissistic coward, not some sort of hero.

  10. New rules and other stuff –

    New rules – pt 2

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    –No overtime this week–

    Also – If you have any concerns about blood pressure or you want to keep your computer screen unbroken do not watch this interview –

    The whole show for those interested – new rules at 45:40 –

  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Annabel Crabbe has a swipe at the Murdoch empire. Read it if you feel inclined.
    Lenore Taylor writes that the budget isn’t cutting through with disengaged voters.
    Instagram has been ranked as the worst social networking app when it comes to its impact on young people’s mental health.
    A rather vomitous welcome for Trump to Saudi Arabia,
    Amy Remeikis writes that Australia continues to assist in international prosecutions where the death penalty is an option, while underpinning its bid for a seat on the United Nation’s Human Rights Council with a call to abolish capital punishment worldwide. Mesma does hypocrisy so well!
    CNN’s Anderson Cooper has had enough of the Republican apologists!
    Sam Dastyari has told the next generation of his party the left of politics needed to resist turning a blind eye to extremism, and it was time for Australia to start a conversation on faith. Looks like it was a good speech.
    ATO deputy commissioner Michael Cranston was recorded in a series of police phone taps telling his son Adam they “have to think of a strategy” in the weeks leading up to his son’s arrest over a $165m tax fraud. I think he might be in a spot of bother. Google.
    Instead of demolishing racism and religious bigotry, the Turnbull Government, following the previous example of John Howard, has opted for compromise on basic principles.,10313
    Imre Salusinszky says that one of the biggest challenges in political media management is putting the brakes on government ministers and MPs who simply want to go on and on about their political opponents.

  12. Section 2 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Peter FitzSimons on laptops, Trump and Pell. And a good joke at the end.
    A Canadian-born Australian citizen who called Peter Dutton’s Brisbane office to voice opposition to treatment of asylum seekers says an electorate officer told him to “go back to the United States then and deal with Trump”.
    Labor’s plan to limit tax advice deductions to $3000 will primarily impact blue ribbon Liberal electorates, analysis shows. Hardly surprising.
    David Penberthy makes a very good point about the rapacious demands of elite sports players and managers. Google.
    The UK’s urban centres are bearing the brunt of the latest austerity cuts. Not since the Thatcher era has a Tory government dared to pit town against country this cynically.
    A 15-year-old former private schoolboy accused of raping an intoxicated teenage girl at a party has been allowed to travel overseas at taxpayer expense to visit his parents in the school holidays. How lovely!

    Broelman at the ATO.

    Andrew Dyson on Trump’s political witch hunt.
    Mark Knight with Trump coming off second best.

  13. When too much bastardy is not enough

    Anyone who arrived in Australia “illegally” by boat has been given a deadline of 1 October to apply for refugee status or face deportation.

    The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, says there are 7500 illegal maritime arrivals living in Australia who have yet to prove they are refugees and owed protection by Australia.

    Many arrived without identity documents on boats run by people-smugglers up to seven years ago under previous Labor governments.

    Dutton says Australia is one of the most generous countries when it comes to resettling refugees but can’t afford to be taken for a ride by people who refuse to provide details about their protection claims.

    “We are not going to allow, given the level of debt that our country is in, for more debt to be run up paying for welfare services, for people who are not genuine,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

    The photo shows his inner self.

  14. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of how bereft of purpose the Liberal party has become is that the only thing most commentators agreed about the budget was that it was “Labor-lite”. But such branding, while a damning indictment of the Liberal party, also contains traps for the ALP should it believe the fight has been won.

    It’s not hard to see why the budget was quickly viewed as a capitulation to Labor. While the ALP has long argued that revenue needs to be raised, the Liberal party has equally long believed the path to surplus requires cuts to government spending.

    And so when the budget contained new taxes and only fractional cuts in total government spending, the natural response was that it appeared a very Laboresque approach.

    Measures within the budget also helped with that branding. The bank levy, the increase in the Medicare levy, and the cuts to higher education to pay for schools funding were things either previously proposed or done by the ALP.

    But given the budget also carried with it a tax cut for those earning more than $180,000, a continuation of the company tax cuts, and increased penalties for those luxuriating on the $535.60 a fortnight under Newstart, it also begged the question of what it says about the ALP that such a budget could be considered “Labor-lite”?

  15. Some 5,000 migrants bound for Italy were rescued in waters off the coast of Libya between Thursday and Saturday morning by Italian and Libyan coastguards, statements from both countries said.
    Around 2,900 people were rescued on Thursday, 2,300 of whom were found in international waters and taken to Italy, while 580 picked up in Libyan waters were returned to the north African country.

  16. Oh dear, Poodle

    Christopher Pyne, who used to be the education minister but now looks after defence industry, said he had not had a single email, phone call, letter or visit from a constituent complaining about how the government plans to change funding arrangements for Catholic schools.

    “I am quite disappointed in the Catholic education system nationally for running a campaign, using their parents’ money, that is dishonest and is trying to keep in place a system which is not fair to all Australians,” he told Sky News on Sunday.

    • That would be because Pyne’s constituents know there’s no point complaining to him. he’s not going to do a thing, except lie about everything being Labor’s fault.

      It’s why I don’t bother complaining to Pruneface. I know he’s not going to do a thing. He doesn’t do a thing to help those who support him, so sending him a complaint or a protest email is pointless.

  17. Every time I hear Pyne this word pops into my head. Backpfeifengesicht (“a face that invites a slap.” )

  18. What the hell comes next? Paying Adani to dig holes in Queensland? Is there anything the Fizza government and the Queensland government won’t do to get that damn mine?

    ‘Mockery’: Turnbull government quietly cuts Adani’s Abbot Point turtle controls

    The Turnbull government has quietly axed eight environmental conditions aimed at protecting vulnerable turtle species set to be affected by Adani’s proposed $3 billion coal terminal expansion at Abbot Point in Queensland.

    The move by the Environment Department, signed by minister Josh Frydenberg on May 10, also modified a ninth condition that required the Indian-owned miner spend $450,000 annually to implement a marine offsets strategy. Those funds will now go to the Reef Trust, possibly from a later date

  19. So the disappearing link curse strikes again, for those that missed it the whole Bill Maher show, new rules at 48:38 –

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