Itt’l be a cold in hell Friday





Before Turnbull  isn’t useless

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or Hanson isn’t a racist cow


But despite all that it will be a cold day in hell before we still can’t have a laugh,drink or food with friends and family and strive to have a happy and caring life despite what all that is going on.

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Don’t get down in the dumps the world is still a great placedownload (8).jpeg




477 thoughts on “Itt’l be a cold in hell Friday

  1. The Hate-monger is determined to make Senate estimates all about Muslims. Yesterday it was misinformed rubbish about halal slaughter of cattle, plus other rubbish about indigenous people only pretending to be indigenous and accusations the ABC was out to get ON.

    Today it’s Muslim terrorists posing as refugees and wearing burquas.

    For that nonsense she received a big slap-down from the head of ASIO.

  2. Reachtel polled Queensland last night.

    One Nation’s polling is in rapid decline.
    A majority of Queenslanders are against any funding, state or federal, for Adani, 37% were ‘Strongly opposed’.
    Labor’s 2PP vote was down, most likely because of the Adani issue. If Premier Stacia keeps doggedly pushing ahead with support for this project she WILL lose the next election – that’s my opinion, not the poll’s.

  3. Suit over billionaire’s underage sex abuse settles

    By Josh Gerstein

    05/24/2017 06:10 PM EDT

    A woman who alleged she was held as a teenage sex slave by a well-connected billionaire financier has settled a lawsuit accusing another woman of facilitating the abuse.

    Virginia Giuffre alleged she was pulled into years of abuse by investor Jeffrey Epstein when she was working as a 15-year-old towel girl at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach in 1999.

    The suit alleged no wrongdoing on Trump’s part, but accused Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell of procuring underage girls for Epstein. She denied the allegations.

    The made-for-the-tabloids case appeared to be nearing trial as soon as this month when a last-minute delay was granted by the judge. A notice filed with the federal court in Manhattan Wednesday said a settlement had been reached in the case, but did not reveal details.

  4. Why Jeremy Corbyn has the best long-term plan for tackling terrorism on British soil

    Corbyn has been on the right side of history since he began his long political career, and his response to terrorism inspired by events in the Middle East is no different. Corbyn has been astute enough to realise the link between Western interventions in the Middle East and the terror threat emanating from the region. This is a link which is rarely discussed except in dismissive terms due to a form of right wing political correctness. As such, his approach targets some of the root factors driving terror ideology and facilitating the conditions under which terror spreads. It is also the most cost-effective method, important given the apparent lack of funds available for other policy areas like the NHS and the elderly.

    Corbyn opposed the ill-fated regime changes in Iraq and Libya. He questioned the justifications when it was unpopular to do so. He was right. He warned of the repercussions. He was right. There is no longer any debate that both of these helped provide the space, motivation and chaos for extremist groups to thrive. Isis of course would not even exist if not for the Iraq War, and Al Qaeda would have less recruits. With regard to Libya, a 2016 report by the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee stated that the intervention was based on “erroneous assumptions”, not on accurate intelligence.

  5. Hillary Clinton’s Syria Revenge

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    “The U.S. will soon begin laying political-military trip-wires at strategic ‘no-go’ points around Syria, to create space for Washington’s Islamic jihadist foot soldiers.”

    Four months after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. military is fighting Hillary Clinton’s war in Syria. Last week’s U.S. airstrike against a mixed column of Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese soldiers marks a major escalation, as the U.S. draws lines in the sand to claim parts of Syria as its own. Although the presence of the Russian air force has prevented the establishment of Clinton’s “no-fly” zones over Syria, the Americans appear to be attempting to establish “no-go” zones on the ground to provide sanctuary for their Islamic jihadist proxies. The larger goal is to seize eastern Syria, under the guise of fighting ISIS, severing the land route between Syrian government-held territories in the west and the Iraqi border, and further east to Iran.

    The U.S. claimed it struck the column, killing at least six soldiers and knocking out several tanks, to protect U.S. and British special forces troops training anti-government jihadists on the Syrian side of the Jordanian border, where Washington is amassing a large invasion force. The attack is a blatant violation of international law, an act of war, since the Americans and Brits have no right to be on Syrian soil, while the Iraqis, Iranians, Lebanese and Russians are guests of the sovereign, internationally recognized government in Damascus.

  6. It will create more American jobs on the backs of dead Yemen civilians:

    There’s Less than Meets the Eye in Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal

    It takes a lot of existing offers and future promises to add up to $110 billion.

    Donald J. Trump may be unpredictable, but there is one common theme that runs throughout his presidency: a penchant for exaggerating his achievements. From his insistence that the crowd at his inauguration numbered over one million people to his claim to have rebuilt the military before his first budget was even announced, the president is perfectly comfortable claiming credit for things that have not, in fact, occurred.

    So it may be with the new arms deal with Saudi Arabia, pegged by the Trump administration as worth up to $110 billion. Many of the items mentioned as part of the package had already been offered to Riyadh during the Obama administration, including a Patriot missile defense system, Multi-mission Surface Combatants, attack and transport helicopters, and artillery systems. The value of these offers runs into the tens of billions of dollars.

    One item in the Trump package that is clearly new is the offer of a Lockheed Martin Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system, a deal that could run into the billions depending on how many missiles are included and what kind of support systems are involved. But that leaves the administration a far distance from its $110 billion in claimed sales.

    The State Department fact sheet on the deal listed weapons and gear that might be offered to Saudi Arabia, from aircraft to armored vehicles to border defense systems. No such deals have been formally announced to Congress as yet. And they will purportedly be rolled out over a decade — beyond the four years of Trump’s first term, or even a second one

  7. Brazil Mainstream Media Admits Spreading Fake News About Lula

    The mainstream media channel has long claimed that both former leftist presidents were involved in the massive corruption scandal.

    Brazil’s largest television channel, Globo, has admitted that is has divulged false information about former Brazilian presidents Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva and Dilma Rousseff.

    Globo journalist William Waak acknowledged on television Tuesday that previous reports about Lula and Rousseff, allegedly owning offshore accounts, were inaccurate.

    The mainstream media channel has long claimed that both former leftist presidents were involved in the massive corruption scandal involving Joesley Batista, owner of JBS, Brazil’s largest meat packing company.

    “We said that Joesley Batista had claimed in the awarding statement that he deposited fines on two current accounts abroad, in the name of the ex-Presidents Lula and Dilma Rousseff,” Waak said.

  8. I’ve been uncomfortable about Palaszczuk’s government for a while now, namely since Rob Pyne left Labor.

    Queensland threw out Newman after 1 term in an unprecedented landslide because he rushed ahead and did things the electorate didn’t like. Queensland Labor needs to realize that it is in fact a minority government, and they will have to win votes if they want to stay in power. So they should do things that the electorate likes, and charging forward with Adani is not one of them.

    Yes they might be reassured that they’ll get more from preferences now that preferences are compulsory, but that is not an assurance of victory. The next election is less than a year away, and the one after that probably won’t happen for another 4 years since terms have been increased as far as I know.

  9. I am sure the Independent could have worded this headline a little better.

    All the victims confirmed dead after the Manchester bombing

    • “All the fatalities confirmed dead”?

      Do MSM journos understand basic English? “New scientific theory discovers life on Mars.” etc.

  10. A good read from Robert Fisk and a look at a very interesting but forgotten character in the middle east and our current flucking it up .

    “Emir Abdelkader was a Muslim, Sufi, sheikh, humanist, protector of his people against Western barbarism, protector of Christians against Muslim barbarism, so noble that Abe Lincoln sent him a pair of Colt pistols…An American town was named after him – Elkader in Clayton County, Iowa, and it’s still there, He was supported by Victor Hugo and ……

    ……………..As long as we bomb the Middle East instead of seeking justice there, we too will be attacked. But what we must concentrate upon, according to the monstrous Trump, is terror, terror, terror, terror, terror. And fear. And security. Which we will not have while we are promoting death in the Muslim world and selling weapons to its dictators. Believe in “terror” and Isis wins. Believe in justice and Isis is defeated.”

  11. I just found out my friend has 4 to 6 months left before the lung cancer kills her, unless she is lucky. i hate cigarettes and the drug pushing companies that make them.

  12. Jake Shimabukuro strums monster sounds out of the tiny Hawaiian ukelele, as he plays a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” A sensational performance from TED2010 — it’ll send shivers down your spine.

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