Fizza’s Flying Flop Friday

Our foolish ,flippant,fruitless,fuitile,feckless,pretentious,pompous,imperious,smug,idiotic muttonhead that sadly is our Prime minister jetted off to the US to suck up to their own version in the hope that it would generate some good poll numbers for him. Leaving aside the fact that he should be here putting in his 2 cents worth for the upcoming budget, you get the impression that Trump would rather be chewing his toenails than having to meet with Fizza whom he probably regards as much as he would  some lower skivvy in a far off part of his empire.

 The Don Looks happy here!!

He put Fizza on hold for 3 hours while he celebrated the passing of his healthcare bill. One which I am sure the libs would like to copy.


It will no doubt be spun as a great success by his sycophantic backers in the msm but I doubt that it will help him back home here where it really matters. I can tell what the famously quoted Pub Test is saying at lunch time today.

What a Wanker

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  1. a sensible assessment by Mal Farr off topic, a good article on the rise and fall of a certain kind of personal confessional article that seemed to be all over twitter a couple of years ago, at least from American sources. another election to keep an eye on

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