31/03/2017 Friday

The Eiffle Tower opened on this day in 1889
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And many other things occurred on this date
Albania offers a multi-party election for the first time in 50 years.
President Jimmy Carter deregulates the banking industry.
U.S. forces in Vietnam down a MIG-21, the first since September 1968.
President Lyndon Johnson signs the Consular Treaty, the first bi-lateral pact with the Soviet Union since the Bolshevik Revolution.
An estimated 200,000 anti-war demonstrators march in New York City.
The South African government declares a state of emergency after demonstrations lead to the deaths of more than 50 Africans.
The siege of Dien Bien Phu, the last French outpost in Vietnam, begins after the Viet Minh realize it cannot be taken by direct assault.
Winston Churchill declares that the A-bomb was the only thing that kept the Soviet Union from taking over Europe.
The Soviet Union begins controlling the Western trains headed toward Berlin.
The United States and Britain bar a Soviet supported provisional regime in Warsaw from entering the U.N. meeting in San Francisco.
Germany begins a counter offensive in North Africa.
La Guardia airport in New York officially opens to the public.
Britain and France agree to support Poland if Germany threatens to invade.
To relieve rampant unemployment, Congress authorizes the Civilian Conservation Corps .
Great Britain declares a state of emergency because of the thousands of coal miners on strike.
Daylight Savings Time goes into effect throughout the United States for the first time.
The United States purchases the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million.
General John Pershing and his army rout Pancho Villa‘s army in Mexico.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris officially opens on the Left Bank as part of the Exhibition of 1889.
The first electric street lights ever installed by a municipality are turned on in Wabash, Indiana.
Skirmishing between Rebels and Union forces takes place at Island 10 on the Mississippi River.
The first monthly installment of The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens is published in London.
In Paris, France, Maximilien Robespierre is elected president of the Jacobin Club.
Meanwhile in Australia on the 31/03/2017
The 18c  amendment act was defeated in the senate
Tough Titties you smug wanker
This entitled one is having a bad day
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And this is certain to lose the Libs more votes
So I would think it will be remembered as a pretty good day for B. Shorten and the Labor team.
 What will next Friday look like?

643 thoughts on “31/03/2017 Friday

  1. Trump the idiot stampeded into it by the effing war mongers’ latest “Gulf of Tonkin incident”.

  2. Aljazeera saying about 60 missiles.

    There’s now discussion on whether or not any actual chemical weapons were taken out. At first it seemed only the air base and aircraft were targeted, now there’s a thought a chemical factory might also have been destroyed.No-one knows for sure yet.

    It seems pointless to take out the air base and aircraft that delivered the gas and not take out the chemical weapons themselves. The talking heads on Sky tried to explain it as ‘sending a message’ to Assad – do it again and we’ll destroy more. Because one of those heads was Jim Molan I ditched Sky and went over to Aljazeera. Their comment is far better.

  3. And “wanker” doesn’t begin to describe this one either

    Malcolm Turnbull has hinted that Australia may be involved in an expanded US-led military strike on Syria, after outrage at Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack in Idlib.

    The prime minister, speaking shortly before it emerged the US was launching missile strikes on a Syrian military airfield near Homs, said the attack “cries out” for a strong response and that Russia had to take some responsibility.

    “I can’t go into any more detail than that, other than to say that I’ve spoken only a little while ago with the defence minister [Marise Payne] and the chief of the defence force [Mark Binskin]” he told 3AW radio on Friday.

    “You know where we stand. We have condemned this attack utterly. It cries out for a strong response and we are in very … close and constant communication with our allies, in particular the United States.”


    • Turnbull probably thinks all his Christmases he come at once. He gets to chest-beat, make Churchillian speeches and come on all aggressive. He no doubt thinks that will be a real vote-winner. Saved by an air-strike!

  4. The more I hear the worse it gets.

    Trump has probably seriously upset the Chinese. He had a state dinner with President Xi and then minutes after Xi left Trump ran the pre-recorded announcement of the attack. Xi is still in the US and due to have more talks with Trump and they will be very difficult. The US strike was done off their own bat, no involvement from the UN Security Council at all, just Trump doing his own thing. China takes a dim view of countries acting outside the UNSC. Xi is going to be very angry about that and about not being informed about the strike earlier.

    • They were all pushing Trump rather than crawling to him. Headlines everywhere having a go at “girly man” Trump. Madman McCain was most animated. Now THERE is a war monger. Still trying to make up for being a POW ?

  5. Of course Shorten will go along with anything Turnbull proposes. Australia is already deeply involved in Syria with Labor’s full approval. If Turnbull decides to do more then Shorten will agree. We’ll be in for more rubbish from Turnbull and Shorten about the importance of protecting Australia from the evils of Daesh.

    I think the last Labor leader to oppose joining the US in yet another war was Simon Crean, in 2003, strongly condemning Howard sending troops to Iraq. He was forced to resign later the same year because of poor polling and we ended up with Latham.

  6. Turnbull has just been on ABC-24 in full “braying” mode. Tough guy, defending Australia,World is outraged etc.etc.

    Yes, we may be outraged but how does this excuse an unauthorized – internally to the USA or eternally from the UN – bombing strike?

    It’s Goodies v.Baddies all over again, marching off to war to the sound of drums and trumpets. Breasts are swelling with national pride ,and so on.

    It all fell to shit in Iraq and Libya.You really DO think they’d learn, wouldn’t you?

  7. The sad part is that the number of people fleeing the massacres have nowhere to go since no one wants them, especially not Trump and Turnbull.

  8. If, like me, you are after some background information on what has been going on in Syria then try these.

    This – written a year ago – might help.
    What exactly is Australia’s policy in Syria?

    And – from December 2015.
    Australia’s Illegal War in Syria: A Brief Update

    James O’Neill is a credible writer and sometimes writes for Independent Australia and less often for New Matilda. More of his work can be accessed here.

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