Friday with a election tomorrow

Hello. It,s Friday and apparently there is a election in WA. tomorrow.

By all accounts could see Labor returned to power after 8 years and  consign Barnett and his ilk to oblivion with a record of doing ok when the miming boom was on but no strategy for when it finished.

Labor should win the lower house easily but the upper house will be interesting with the libs /Onenation loonies preference deal.

So but Sunday morning Malcolm will be on tv saying the election was fought on state issues nothing to do with his inept federal government and the msm will probably go along.

Bob would Bite Malcolm if he could

Bob Walk

So would these 2


Should be a happy night tomorrow. Enjoy the  victory


630 thoughts on “Friday with a election tomorrow

  1. The sound track that was playing in Abbott’s head when he saw Truffles at the funeral

  2. Leak’s memorial service sounds dreadful- Just take a look at who was there, and the ‘joke’ from Barry Humphries.

    Barry Humphries Draws Huge Laughs With Joke About “Funeral” For The Human Rights Commission At Leak Memorial
    The prime minister said one of Bill Leak’s most controversial cartoon’s united Australians in “freedom”.

    It’s said a man is known by the company he keeps. Leak certainly proved that today. A gathering of the who’s who of this country’s right-wing scum.

    • My grandmother told me that she knew Barry Humphries in school. She said he was a bit of a pervert, obsessed with girls and their private parts.

      She didn’t say much more than that because she tried to avoid him and she tries to be polite about her former acquaintances, but that bit of trivia stood out for me.

  3. You cab tell a Leigh Sales by the company she keeps

    Mark Di Stefano 🤙🏻 ✔ @MarkDiStef
    Invited guests to Leak memorial have started arriving: Ross Cameron, Nick Cater, Simon Benson, Daisey Cousens, Peter Dutton, Leigh Sales.

  4. From the Climate Council – some sensible comment on Trunbull’s pumped hydro brainfart.

    Turnbull’s Pumped, but should we be? – What’s the deal with Pumped Hydro Energy Storage?

    We really don’t need to worry about the detail in Turnbull’s announcement because that’s as far as ‘Snowy 2.0’ is going to go. The announcement was intended to do two things – save Turnbull’s leadership after the WA election by giving him a boost in this weekend’s Newspolll and take media attention away from Wetherill and his plans for SA. Then it can all be forgotten.

  5. that interview, from julia gilliard, our new hospital, our renewables, penny wong, wine, beaches, central market, St Kilda Playground. wine, food, wine.

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