2017: What’s not to look forward to?

I received an email from Vote1Julia a couple of days ago:

Seeing that 2017 is almost upon us, it is time that some hard hitting questions are asked about the political year ahead of us. Questions that the MSM are too timid to ask as they would endanger their ability to draw their pay cheques. So it is up to The Pub to undertake the challenge 🙂

Please find attached two suggestions. I have a couple more in mind if you need a post to kick off 2017.

Naturally I accepted the offer with many thanks, so I will hand you over to our Guest Author. Enjoy . . .

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1,110 thoughts on “2017: What’s not to look forward to?

  1. It’s currently 37.5c in my computer room/office with 40% humidity level. It was up to 60% between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.

    Bom says it is currently 36c which happens to be the forecast maximum for today.

    This is at 4.00pm here mind you.

    The bom measurement is in one of their special cabinets at the airport which is quite open with any breeze often coming across water in the lagoons surrounding the airport.

    Hence it is always cooler than here.

    Climate Change/Global Warming, phooey. Why this is just normal, we even had temperatures like this in August.

    Just because Monthly & Yearly temperature records are broken regularly here is just a co-incidence, isn’t it.????????? -)

  2. It must be difficult being a right winger at this time of year, having to scoff at everyone that’s grumbling about the heat and telling them that it’s got nothing to do with climate change, while at the same time pretending that you’re enjoying this horrifying heat.

    I have no sympathy for them myself, those people telling others to suck this up and appreciate what the coal/oil industry is doing for the economy.

    • At the end of the music it sounded like one of the ‘Spirits’ had a reversing warning beeper on!

  3. (Testing a post here)

    Someone made a post on Tumblr that made me laugh.

    “I hope this is the last thing that Trump ever sees”.

  4. Last one: A Kiwi guitarist and songwriter from way back originally from Te Awamutu, New Zealand and who has played with any number of Australian Bands – Spencer P. Jones;

    • Must be something musical in the water in the little town of Te Awamutu. Also home town to the Finn brothers.

  5. Fiona Thanks but I’ve locked myself in my office all day with the air conditioning running wand about two weeks of paperwork piled high. I’ve taken my breaks at The Pub. 🙂

  6. I’ve gone through all the media reports of the Turnbull/Abe meeting this afternoon, looked at all the pictures and news videos and I couldn’t find any mention of Julie Bishop being there.

    Maybe she couldn’t get a charter flight.

    There’s a reception tonight (could be over by now) but there’s not much news on that yet.

    Turnbull might have told the silly cow to stay away, her presence would have distracted the media from their job of reporting on whatever was discussed.

    • ABC had a clip of the bi-lateral meeting showing the two sides at a meeting table. No BishJnr.

  7. Leone,

    It certainly did deserve its own post.

    I’m wondering soft focus and/or Botox. Certainly no injection of intelligence or empathy.

    • Heavy makeup, buckets of spakjfilla underneath, most likely. Her face is a lot paler than her neck in the last shots.

      Botox on the brain is a definite possibility.

    • Foils or claws?

      I have a well-trained eye for detail, that’s all. Spending 25 years being Madame la Costumiere does that to you. I also know a lot about makeup and what can be hidden with clever use of it, even though I usually don’t use the stuff myself.

  8. Leone,

    I suppose it would be claws, so that’s a lay-down misere as far as moi’s concerned.

    On a very few occasions I’ve used make-up, but my general attitude towards it is that I know where my mouth and eyes are, so I don’t need any colour signals to tell me where they are.

    • Kirsdarke,

      You have really made me smile.


      On behalf of The Pub, I am honoured to award you

  9. Thanks for that, Fiona.

    I think that Daina Reid deserves the accolades for her impersonations of Hanson though. According to her IMDB page she seems to have retired from TV things, which is a shame.

    I mean sketches like this were absolutely brilliant.

  10. “At the end of the music it sounded like one of the ‘Spirits’ had a reversing warning beeper on!”

    The album is filled with little touches like that that make me gasp in awe at the genius behind this music, like the massive echo on the conga in “Spirits of Ancient Egypt”, which conveys the mystery behind the lyrics and moody melody with its ghostly backing vocals, yet there are weird beeping noises blended into the modernistic verses.


    It may have been a warning for the following track, “Medicine Jar” – one of my favourites:

    • McCulloch composed the music score of the anti-drug song “Medicine Jar” on Wings’ Venus and Mars album and the similar “Wino Junko” on the band’s Wings at the Speed of Sound album.
      On 27 September 1979, McCulloch was found dead by his brother in his flat in Maida Vale, London. An autopsy found that McCulloch died of heart failure due to morphine and alcohol poisoning. He was 26 years old. He was not known for being a user of hard drugs.


  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Nice work from Cormann here. Looks like he’s got a habit of taking his family on holidays to Broome on the public teat.
    Nick O’Malley writes on what to expect from a Trump administration.
    Does ANYBODY give a toss?
    The former MI6 agent who compiled the dossier on US president-elect Donald Trump reportedly felt “duty bound” to share the intelligence he “deemed crucial”.
    Jonathan Freedland tells us that we shouldn’t treat Trump as a normal president because he’s not. This is serious stuff!
    And I thought Tiger Airlines was bad!
    It’s all building up to an “interesting” inauguration.
    Pauline Hanson said she and One Nation have been approached by other MPS from the two major parties wanting to join One Nation because MPs were frustrated by the lack of action from their political parties. Only in Queensland.

  12. Section 2 . . .

    Adam Garratt suggests that Turnbull will opt for a minimalist ministry change and keep Arfur Whatshisname as Minister for Health.
    Annabel Crabbe is not impressed with the way politicians have been using travel entitlements.
    Matthew Knott reckons Turnbull should finish the job of killing off Abbott’s pet projects and rid us of the school chaplains program. Yes please!
    Talk about a digital divide!
    Nice work from Kevin Andrews here – $2000 to attend a “prayer breakfast”. Now THAT’S wast!
    Getting a bit sensitive eh Mesma? Fairfax reveals that Hugo Boss has agreed to “dress her” for the event. So her story’s a bit thin now.
    This is the sort of stuff we should not abide.
    More IT woes for this government as the My Health Record gets some attention.
    Federal investigators have found the Chicago Police Department routinely violated civil rights of citizens, according to a report issued Friday. Here are some of the most concerning parts of the assessment by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Nice place!

  13. Every funding issue comes back to that $50 billion tax cut for big business this farce of a government is determined to have.

    Turnbull Government faces $3.7b hole in NDIS funding without education money transfer

    The Opposition’s research spokesman, Kim Carr, also agreed the move was a “false ­dichotomy”.
    “The government has $50bn in proposed tax cuts sitting there yet it wants to deprive the country of essential research infrastructure that will drive innovation into the future,” Senator Carr told The Australian.

  14. Julie and the polo.

    That designer label Hugo Boss had been scheduled to dress Ms Bishop for the event also suggested her intention to attend.

    At the polo on Saturday, few guests seem to notice Ms Bishop’s absence

    Two things from that .

    1 – No-one cared if she was there or not. Ouch!

    2. Hugo Boss manufactured uniforms for Nazi leaders and organisations in WWII using prisoners of war and forced labour from occupied countries. Herr Boss joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and was a financial sponsor of the SS.

    Is it a good look for Jules to be ‘dressed by’ a company with such a distasteful past?

    One more thing –
    If only Jules had had the decency to tell the truth. Why didn’t she say she decided not to go because of the ongoing expenses debate? Why did she feel the need to lie about a meeting with Shinzo Abe? Now she looks like a goose and it’s all her own fault. Of course, she will blame it all on her staff, her kind always do.

  15. Baby boxes in Scotland:

    All newborn children in Scotland will receive the boxes by the summer following a three-month pilot in Clackmannanshire and Orkney.
    The boxes include clothing, bedding and toys and are based on a project that has been running in Finland since 1938 to give all children an equal start.
    The Scottish government scheme will cost an estimated £6m per year.
    The boxes contain about 40 different items including a play mat, a changing mat, a digital thermometer, a fleece jacket, several babygrows, a hooded bath towel, a reusable nappy and liners, a baby book and an organic sponge.
    The box also contains cot sheets, a mattress and a blanket, making it suitable for a baby to sleep in.


  16. The Haggis bashers following the Finnish path.

    Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes

    For 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a box by the state. It’s like a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed. With the mattress in the bottom, the box becomes a baby’s first bed. Many children, from all social backgrounds, have their first naps within the safety of the box’s four cardboard walls.

    And some say it helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.
    It’s a tradition that dates back to the 1930s and it’s designed to give all children in Finland, no matter what background they’re from, an equal start in life.


  17. I knew about the Finland baby boxes, but I didn’t know Scotland was going to do the same.

    It’s brilliant idea.

    Can you imagine what would happen if a government here (only a Labor government would consider it) tried to do this? There would be screams about single mums on welfare ‘getting’ something they didn’t deserve. Why should bludgers get free goodies? We are only encouraging them to have more babies out of wedlock blah …. blah….blah….. There would be howls from the likes of that fake red-head from Queensland about Muslim babies or refugee babies being given things that only white Australian babies deserve, shrieks from the Liberals about unaffordable handouts to leaners. No, it’s never going to happen here. An equal start in life? That’s so not the modern Australian way.

    • Are those digital thermometers actually bath thermometers?

      When I gave a new mum a bath thermometer mum, grandma and great grandmother were all surprised that the correct baby bath temperature “lukewarm” is much cooler than our bath temperature and the baby didn’t scream and come out looking like a cooked lobster.

      My sister became a grandma this morning so I better hunt down a bath thermometer now

  18. Greg Jericho –
    The government’s horrific start to the year is fully deserved and completely appropriate

    Having a minister claim entitlements while buying an investment property is probably the best example of an out of touch government as you could imagine. About the only better example would be a minister claiming entitlements to attend a polo event. But that would just be too much of a caricature to believe.

    Oh hello, Julie Bishop


  19. I home again after spending 5 days on the gold coast for the Magic millions horsie stuff. No impulse buying by me . Was tempted a few times but I was under strict instructions not to buy anything . Very strict instructions Kill joy but that’s another story. The Sussan ley thing was getting plenty of mileage around the coast and it seems pretty well known that it was not a spur of the moment decision. The bloke that sold it too her is a well known LNP supporter though most of the people I chatted too would fit into that category as well.I was given free accommodation from a mate but no big name clothing company offered to dress me which I think is a bit of a insult as I am much better looking than the Kalgoorlie tart Bishop . Maybe next year.

  20. joesixpack

    You may have dodged a bullet with the clothing.

    This is what ‘big name’ Givenchy was promoting for blokes last year. From their Spring Collection –

  21. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/01/philippe-reines-donald-trump-214630 this is amazing


  22. Joe needs no Givenchy cos’…….

    “I’m too sexy for my shirt
    Too sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hurts
    And I’m too sexy for Milan
    Too sexy for Milan
    New York, and Japan
    I’m too sexy for your party
    Too sexy for your party’

  23. Blue hair, blue wine:

    When five young Spaniards came up with the idea of marketing a blue wine, it was dismissed by Spain’s traditional vintners as a gimmick that would never take off.
    But since launching on the market last summer, Gik has shaken up the industry and sold close to 100,000 bottles to clients in some 25 countries, becoming something of a must-have tipple among young hipsters.

    But now, the producers have been told they cannot market their produce as ‘wine’ because it is the wrong colour.

    “It is absurd because its composition is 100 percent grape,” explain the entrepreneurs behind the product.

    The vino is created from a selection of Spanish grape varieties and then turned a deep electric blue hue with the addition of anthyocyacin, a natural pigment extracted from grape skin, and indigo, a natural dye derived from the woad plant.


    • gigilene

      Tut tut to the proof reader and the spell checker it is “anthocyanin” not “anthyocyacin”. What ever the spelling those anthocyanins are currently one of the “hot” food ingredients at the mo’ for supposed health benefits.

    • Broomhilda was right ! those Bolsheviks are on the march. Although tit is Troy Bramston a Labor Uncle Tom house pet kept by The Australian and Sky News so grade accordingly.

    • Jason

      Well I just wasted vital card playing time to read that rubbish. It seems they are getting a bit scared. I wonder if they have some polling?

    • kaffeeklatscher
      I graded accordingly and gave it a fail just find it laughable that dolts like Kelly and Bramston seem to think the ALP “left” in government could be any worse than the current incumbents.

  24. The temperature has dropped down here to a balmy 36c but with the humidity at 48% it is almost unbearable!

    I pity some older folks here who don’t have aircon or are bedridden or disabled.

    Quite a number of quite severe storm cells around, especially in the central highlands area and a ripper not far away from here. It seems to be moving in a southwards direction and will miss us.

    There are times when you wish for a storm even if it is just to cool the place down & stop plants & lawn from dying in the heat.

  25. kaffeeklatscher
    I graded accordingly and gave it a fail just find it laughable that dolts like Kelly and Bramston seem to think the ALP “left” in government could be any worse than the current incumbents.

    According to Bramston the left supposedly took over Queensland Labor in 2014, Please Troy, remind me which party won the election in 2015.

    Another thing this article tries to do is to paint Albo as an Australian Corbyn. If Albo moved to the UK, joined UK Labour and ran for their leadership I guarantee that he would be denounced as an evil Blairite because according to the Corbyn cult wanting a Labour government in power in order to enact policy for the common good is an indication that someone is an evil Blairite.

    • Bramston and is ilk were the problem with the party during the Beasley Crean and Latham years and probably caused more of us to try and take back the party from the direction they were sending it!

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