New Year’s Eve 2016

The only problem with NYE 2016 is the grim prospects in 2017. I won’t detail them: they’re too depressing.

Instead, let us acknowledge New Year’s Eve in whatever way we feel appropriate.

Various friends are out partying, but as I’m not really a

Instead, I’m planning a quiet evening, tidying up a bit after Darling Daughter’s departure.

(Note to self: No housework tomorrow . . .)

Maybe a judicious quantity of

(don’t think it’s too late to get to the shops)

then again, maybe not.

In deference to pet and wild animals, definitely no

Hmmm, maybe I’ll watch

just to whet your appetite.

Whatever you are planning, keep safe and healthy, and remember you are welcome at The Pub any time of the day or night.

Incidentally, if today seems longer than usual, it is: a leap second will be added just before midnight.


124 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2016

  1. Father Rod Bower’s powerful speech to Sydney’s vigil for Faysal last Friday.
    Melbourne’ turn is on Tues 3rd, 6pm Swanston St.

  2. Fiona

    I think there was some disturbance in the force at Mt Ruapehu. Although not of the scale of 20 years ago. Trivia: Ruapehu was ‘cast’ as Mt Doom in Lord of the Rings

    Having climbed it seeing landscape that dwarfed me being dwarfed by the ‘Boom’ is !!!

    • Well, he is an ex-QLD policeman, not to mention a greedy individual.

      Why should he care about anyone less fortunate than himself?

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