2016 Christmas

Christmas eve is here .



May your dinner be tasty


and drinks delightful




Don’t forget your pets



Merry Christmas.




549 thoughts on “2016 Christmas

  1. Well that went well –

    No 1 son rang and asked to borrow the cat carrier, his girlfriend needs to transport her moggie. No problem.

    So – we arrange a time and I get the cat carrier out of the laundry to dust it off and whatever.

    Only problem is my two kitties know the sound of a cat carrier being moved. The metal cage part makes a very distinctive rattle when moved. To them it means only one thing. A trip to the vet. Two all but comatose kitties lolling around the lounge room suddenly spring to life, slam out through the cat flap and head for the hills.

    Thy’ll be back – eventually – and I will, of course, be punished for giving them a fright.

  2. Julius Caesar walked toward the senate house and he spotted the auger who warned him about the Ides of March:
    Caesar : “Auger..the Ides are here and as you see..so am I still.”
    Auger : “Yes, Caesar..the Ides are here..but they are not yet gone.”

    The rest…
    The year is not yet ended…keep looking over your shoulder!

  3. The real death toll thanks to this government’s policy is at least 19.
    Recent deaths of people subjected to Australia’s current immigration policies.

  4. I went looking for the original NZ report mentioned above.





  5. http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/kkk-leaders-allege-producers-paid-them-to-fake-scenes-in-canceled-ae-documentary-exclusive-1201950078/

    • The LNP have turned our once reliable manufacturing based economy into a gambling economy..with high risk speculative investment in trickle-down , high-risk energy networks and high-risk investment in shonky communications…all gambling on a market driven up-surge in some point in the future..like betting “on the nose” on a horse-race…FFS!!

  6. The Gambling Economy of the LNP.
    (or: How to make a million dollars without really trying!)

    In William Saroyan’s story ; “Little Miss Universe”, he traces the characters of three gamblers in “The Kentucky Pool Room number One Opera Alley”.

    These three gentlemen each have a “system” thoroughly tested and proved un-assailably accurate to their personal satisfaction, and if followed to the letter, would , in time make them millionaires…of course..just now they were all penniless.

    These three characters are good and accurate metaphors for the current policies of the IPA / LNP / MSM gambling coalition.

    The first character had a system whereby he could examine the running form of the horse in question, and by a mix of calculated insight, psychological knowledge of horses and his own savvy eye for a “good thing”, he could unfailingly ( if requested) pick the winner of a race , any race with all the certainty of “a sure thing”…and according to his own calculations, if he had bet on one particular horse back a year or two ago and followed it’s career till now, he would be “rolling in the stuff!”

    This system is reminiscent of those promises of the LNP before the last election…or was it the one before? About the promise of a booming economy and jobs and growth..MILLIONS OF JOBS!..MILLIONS OF ‘EM!…if only the voting public give them the nod…and they did..and the result?

    Same system, different “horse race”, same result!

    The second character based HIS system not on the chancy risk of a horse (read ; open market), but rather on the secrets of the machinations of owners, jockeys and wise gamblers (read ; entrepreneurs / speculators/ corporate investors )..his system took into consideration outside events like the weather in another state, at the track, the amount of horse manure taken out , money going into the bookies bag, in short, everything that could be squeezed into the realm of possibilities to win or lose…much like the reliance by the free-market and economic rationalists on the breathing and farting statistics of those extreme gambling houses; the stock exchanges of the world.

    Same system, different “horse” , same result.

    Now the third character is the most reliable “winner” of the lot..This character can never lose, because he has cut out the whole tiresome particular of risk and capital venture and just listens to the race without placing a bet and at the final call, quickly scribbles the winners name on a piece of paper and rushes into the gambling den holding the paper high and exclaiming : “Here!…See..I had the winner all the time..here’s the proof!” ..of course only a fool would ever take such a claim seriously after the second attempt…but there’s no explaining the amount of foolish people in this world.

    This last “system” is an exact representation of our own Main-stream media reporting on the “economic success story that is the LNP.”..win, lose or draw, there they are , rushing about in the media dens of the nation, every person-jack of them flourishing that little piece of LNP. Press-release exclaiming how well they are doing “picking the winners”, “managing the economy” and “rescuing the budget” and securing those “jobs and growth”..Just like their namesake in the William Saroyan story : “San Jose Red” , as reliable as clockwork, just as the final call is given, there they are with their little slip of copy..: “Look, we told you..the LNP will always be better at picking the horses..oops!..sorry..managing the economy than your local bookie!

    Same system , different “jockey”, same result.

    So : “Do you feel lucky…punk!?”

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