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  1. I can’t organise a SA Chapter Knees UP right now, but if someone picks a venue, a date and also puts it on Pollbludger then go for it.
    I suggest setting up a separate email address for communication, for your privacy and the privacy of others.
    I use the website Eventbrite to organise it but you do not need to go that far. Just advertise the date and send the venue through email.

    I am otherwise busy, more news to come…

  2. I know we all have to grow old and die, or perhaps succumb to a fatal illness far too young. but even so 2016 has been a vicious year.

  3. Well put by Michael Pascoe…………….There have been a few ‘Galahs’ here saying the same thing 🙂

    To borrow a Keatingism, every galah in the pet shop has been saying the government should borrow more to invest in the nation’s future. Opportunity knocked, but the coalition was not at home, clinging instead to a threadbare ideology of smaller government and bigger corporate tax cuts. The Republican Tea Party writ small.


    • I just saw a replay of that on Sky.

      I keep saying Sky News is the best, better by far than Their ABC for news and for lack of bias, but no-one seems to believe me.

      Of course, what happens at night on Sky when the RWNJs come out to play is another thing entirely.

    • He sure does have the knack. This is a video of Mal’s Climate Change ETS performance.

  4. Satire alert –

    Dick Smith Launches One Nation Peanut Butter That’s Chock Full Of Nuts

    Entrepreneur and aspiring bigot Dick Smith has announced that his company Dick Smith foods will launch a new line of One Nation peanut butter that like the party will be chock full of nuts.

    Speaking to The (un)Australian Dick Smith talked up his latest release, saying: “When most Australians think of One Nation and their policies they say that’s nuts, so why not cash in on that?”

    “You know 77 people voted for Malcolm Roberts and if we can get those 77 people to put on their tin foil hats and leave their bunkers to come out and buy a couple of thousand jars of peanut butter then we’ll be rolling in the cash.”

    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was also on the promotional trail for her parties Peanut butter and she said of the product: “At first I was sceptical of Dick, I mean Peanut butter is brown and I don’t trust anything that is brown but when Dick said it would be chock full of nuts I thought that is One Nation to a tee.”

    One Nation peanut butter will hit the shelves early next year. Those wishing to buy a jar will need to provide proof of Australian residency and must also be accompanied by their carer.

    Mark Williamson


  5. Baking – ScoMo has approved the sale of Kidman and Co to Gina and her Chinese mates.

    Oddly enough this means the property will now be more Australian-owned because the Anna Creek portion will go to Australian buyers.

    • Breaking, mean ‘breaking’.

      Struggling with an on-screen keyboard, sometimes forget to use it. The ‘e’ key on my laptop isn’t working.

  6. Tlbd – Going to North Africa I assume you’ll be flying one of the ‘al Jazeera’ airlines?

  7. I know quite a number of people who for some time had been Pieds-Noirs, meaning they had settled in Nth Africa. They had then all returned to France, including one of my sisters.

    • Sometimes I think about ditching Foxtel, and then I see the crap on offer on free-to-air and decide to keep it.


  8. The inquiry into the Medicare texts has found that all election campaign material will have to be authorised

    This is supposed to be untrue . . .

    but the text sent by the Liberal candidate for Melbourne Ports
    Vote LIberal to get trucks off Beach Road
    is not

    “The committee found that this requirement for authorisation should remain, however, our electoral laws have not kept pace with technological change and the new ways of communicating with voters that this provides, thereby creating loopholes capable of exploitation,” Senator Reynolds said.

    “Consequently, authorisation requirements for the same political messages are not consistent across all formats and mediums of communication.

    “Three core principles – accountability, traceability and consistency – have underpinned the committee’s deliberations and the report’s six recommendations.

    “These principles combine to reassure voters that those disseminating electoral material into the public domain are traceable, accountable and provide clear context for voters when considering the messages they contain.”
    see http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/election-campaign-text-messages-social-media-posts-should-follow-same-rules-as-other-ads-inquriy-20161209-gt7muh.html

  9. Hasn’t Gina Rinehart had a busy week as every one gets into the December Xmas party round

    1. $1 billion for Adani coal mine

    2. suing the Victorian governemt for $2.3 billion for banning fracking via her 20% state in Lakes Exploration

    3. purchase of Kidman empire in conjunction with a Shanghai real estate group

  10. ‘Once in a lifetime find’: Dinosaur tail discovered preserved in amber

    The tail section belongs to a young coelurosaurian — from the same group of dinosaurs as the predatory velociraptors and the tyrannosaurus.
    The sparrow-sized creature could have danced in the palm of your hand.
    The amber, which weighs 6.5 grams, contains bone fragments and feathers, adding to mounting fossil evidence that many dinosaurs sported primitive plumage rather than scales



  11. L2 and Gigilene in case you don’t bother with across the road I thought I should repeat this

    Great comment in the Herald about Malcolm

    Turnbull is like a chameleon, taking on whatever colour his environment dictates. When climate change looked popular, he dressed in environmental green, and in the years a republic was high in the polls, he turned republican purple, and then was rainbow hued when the public said they wanted same sex marriage. Now his environment has turned sharply to the right he has turned the darkest shade of far right red. No one knows his true colours, they were lost long ago or maybe he never had any real colour in the first place.

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