Friday . . . at Puffy The Magic Dragon’s Request

Can we have a Friday thread of Spring flowers, gardens, wildlife, pets, nature, where a Mod is on hand to upload photos provided by Pubsters of their own images, after stripping any location info from them.

Here you go – if only my garden looked like this!

State Rose Garden, Werribee Park

My email address if you want to send pics to me is

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  1. Another proud chapter in Scrott Morrison’s time as Minister.

    Delay to treatment of Hamid Kehazaei before he died revealed in leaked files

    Ahead of inquest, documents show how Australian immigration department held up transfer of asylum seeker from Manus Island for treatment

    ………………………medical advice from the doctors treating Kehazaei – urging he be moved to a tertiary hospital in Australia – was resisted by department bureaucrats in Canberra, anxious to preserve the policy of keeping asylum seekers detained on the island in Papua New Guinea.

  2. The falling of Fizza

    The Turnbull government is on 49% behind Labor’s 51% in two-party preferred terms, the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows.

    Turnbull’s falling personal standing appears to be leading the broader decline, dropping eight percentage points since June and a large 53 percentage points over the last year, the poll published in Fairfax Media shows.

    An equal percentage of voters now either approves or disapproves of the way Turnbull is doing his job, giving him a net approval rating of zero.

  3. I see Fairfax is really pushing the ‘the minor parties are all the go’ line after that IPSOS. A sneaky way of supporting that dyed red-head?

  4. A repost of a great Moir cartoon to go with the headline .
    “Crashing to zero: Malcolm Turnbull’s support evaporates ”

  5. There’s a bit of media chatter about a Turnbull reshuffle. Maybe it will happen, maybe not.

    Turnbull set to reshuffle frontbench in final parliamentary week

    Government sources have told The New Daily that the Prime Minister is keen to “make a few changes” to his ministry as Parliament rises for the year at the end of the week.

    “Keep an eye on Friday,” one high-level Liberal Party source said.

    “Parliament will be over and it will be the perfect time

    Also –
    It’s time for Turnbull to adjust his cabinet team to lift government’s game

    Considering the latest polling a leadership spill might be more likely.

  6. Francois Fillon has won the primary for the candidacy of President of France for the Right.

    The only silver lining may be that with him as candidate, he’ll probably defeat Marine Le Pen, since UMP candidates have consistently polled ahead of her. But regardless, even if he’s as not as horrible as her, he is still horrible.

    It’s still not looking good for the elections in France next year. The Left looks like it’s going to absolutely collapse there.

    • The Bell Group collapse and WA Inc had so many ties to certain individuals in both major political parties back in the 1980’s and 90’s that it is a minor miracle that there is any money left in the pot for there to be an argument over. It was a very strange time in WA then.
      I think a great deal of the problem is that there is a lingering belief that it was the ALP that was responsible for a majority of the scandal, but if you look at the individual players there were far more Lib/Nats involved.
      And yes, WA’s current premier would love to have that money back in the state’s coffers as in the last eight years the state has not survived overly well (and you think JoHo or ScoMo are bad at managing the books!)

  7. Corruption. What corruption? Look at the backpacker tax!

    Paul Karp pushed the treasurer on the George Brandis-Justin Gleeson matter. At first he would not answer and then he said the Australian Tax Office proceeded with the case on behalf of the commonwealth so it’s all G.

    The ATO proceeded with the case. I look at what happens and what the outcomes are and what I’m standing in front of you here today is explaining an outcome that we are going to achieve on the backpacker’s tax and you can jump into the sausage machine all you like, but what matters is what happens, and what has happened on these matters, I thinks fairly crystal clear.

  8. For the delectation of youse…

    Taken by a mate of mine on our camping trip to Myall Lakes last week. They caused quite a few sleepless nights among the small and furries at the camp ground (National Parks, “Nerani”) just by sitting there in their tree, doin’ nuttin’.

    Lovely place, it was. That has to be the cutest Tawny Frogmouth chick ever seen.

    • That’s what they do – sit there doin’ nuttin’.

      My grandparents used to have a property out west of Sydney. There always seemed to be a Tawny Frogmouth up in the rafters of the feed shed, just sitting …… What they got up to after dark was their own business.

  9. After having seen this tiny TF I had to scribble down a little story:

    Tawny Frogmouth

    The wildlife smuggler snatched me while I was in winter torpor. He wrapped me in cloth, taped my wings down and put me in a pouch. We crossed the seas. In a new country he sold me to a bird collector.

    There I was in a cage, far from my natural habitat, my life partner, my moonshine, my Eden. And where are you my favourite moths, spiders and tasty scorpions?

    I became so homesick I decided to turn my back on life. That way, in the invisible world, I could fly to my lovely, waiting for me on our preferred tree.

  10. I know I should be paying close attention to what Brandis is saying but his voice just drones on. But he is throwing Hockey under a cavalcade of double deckers.

    And now Penny Wong is saying that Hockey needs to be recalled from the USA ambassadorship.

  11. leonetwo,

    He sounds like he is reading a story to little kids

    He’s pulling the same caper that he did at Senate Estimates. Make a long, boring diatribe with a herd of unicorns to distract listeners from any chance of picking up any direct involvement by Brandis in corrupt conduct.

    As well as lulling them into catatonic state so as to miss critical information & lies in the Statement.

    Penny Wong on her feet now informing Brandis that Labor will forensically dissect this Statement and will not let this matter rest.

  12. Labor have got Brandis on a hook and Penny Wong is now in the process of playing him and reeling in the catch.

    Haven’t seen the Opposition Benches looking so pleased with themselves for a long time. 😉

  13. Green’s senator McKim nailing Brandis to the wall. No rebuttal by Brandis of WA newspaper’s claim that Brandis told the SG to run dead on the strongest defence in the HC case.

    • Everything is Labor’s fault.

      Here’s a very abbreviated list of things that are all Labor’s fault.

      Brandis having no brain at all? Labor.
      Turnbull’s missing spine and balls? Labor.
      Tony Abbott constantly raving on about his leadership ability? Labor’s fault.
      Japanese subs in Sydney Harbour in 1942? Labor’s fault.
      The assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand? Labor’s foreign policies caused that.
      Krakatoa? Labor responsible.
      The Great Plague? Labor’s health policies caused that, without a doubt. .
      The Great Flood? Must have been Labor’s water policy responsible for that one.

  14. Clever timing to avoid media scrutiny of Brandis?

    “Malcolm Turnbull spoke to the parliament on the Indigenous campaign against domestic violence at the same time as the Brandis statement at noon”

    As usual when Fizza and Brandis try to be clever, it didn’t work.

    Brandis ‘Throws Hockey Under A Bus’ Over Controversial WA Government Deal
    ‘How convenient that you go after the bloke who can’t defend himself.’

    George Brandis accused of ‘throwing Joe Hockey under a bus’ over deepening Bell scandal

    Even Their ABC has finally caught on – just a brief mention though. A whole two sentences.
    Politics live: George Brandis ‘throws Joe Hockey under a bus’ over Bell Group debate

  15. I tried to watch QT, lasted a few seconds worth of Fizza’s robotic fist pumping and drivel about
    evil unions and turned it off.

    There’s only so much a lioness can take before she starts biting off heads.

  16. Bill hones his rapier on Brandis thick hide and lines up the target on Turnbull. The point is getting sharper and more focussed with each question.
    Pyne tries to run interference with some Union Boo from 2005.

  17. Turnbull: maybe the correspondence <between the Feds and WA can’t be tabled because of confidentiality!!!!!

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