Friday . . . at Puffy The Magic Dragon’s Request

Can we have a Friday thread of Spring flowers, gardens, wildlife, pets, nature, where a Mod is on hand to upload photos provided by Pubsters of their own images, after stripping any location info from them.

Here you go – if only my garden looked like this!

State Rose Garden, Werribee Park

My email address if you want to send pics to me is

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  1. “Dear Brother O’Neill …”

    I think we both understand too well how such thoughts exercise our worst fear reflexes, and how ineffective and expensive these processes can become. (I note with sadness that in May 2013 your congregation’s Australian province, at Victoria’s parliamentary inquiry into child abuse, admitted to hiring a private investigator to follow one of the victims. It spent nearly a million Australian dollars defending the perpetrator, plus hundreds of thousands to defend other members also accused of rape.)

  2. Niggle, niggle

    Tony Abbott says there is no reason why he couldn’t work well inside the Turnbull cabinet, because John Howard and Peter Costello worked well as a team, despite not being great friends.

    “You don’t have to idolise someone to be able to work with them,” he said.

    Asked if he would work closely and effectively with Malcolm Turnbull if he retuned to cabinet, Abbott said: “One of the things that I’ve always said to my colleagues is the important thing is to focus on the job at hand. And to do that job as well as you humanly can, and that’s advice that I would be more than happy to take myself.”

  3. I’ve noticed that there is a reticence with family and frenermies on Facebook to talk politics. There is however a bottomless well of embracing pictures of cute animals and I’m going to go out the front gate next time I got my camera and take some pics of road-kill of cute kangaroos and wombats and birdies and things and put them up..
    “…and here’s a cute Koala..(I just turned the head around so as NOT to get the worst side)….”

    • I don’t talk anything on Facebook. I’m there to keep up with what my family are up to, and I use it as a news feed. I don’t make political comments because my sisters and most of my nieces and nephews and extended family are Liberal voters. I love them all to bits and I’m not into starting family feuds.

  4. Let’s just call it for what it is.

    Abbott wants to get back into cabinet because it will mean more money for him I think he’d settle for an outer ministry position, at first, anyway, because he’d get that lovely pay increase.

  5. Sherry Retweeted
    Just Jan ‏@janr572 2h2 hours ago

    Richmond bakery.
    Me: Do you serve Devonshire teas?
    Girl: *searches menu on computer* No
    M: ok. I’ll have a scone, jam, cream, & tea
    G: ok


  7. This ‘Christmas spirit’ business. I’m buggered if I know what it is.

    This weekend families across Australia will be putting up Christmas trees if they haven’t already done that, and covering the outsides of their homes with garish flashing lights, plastic Santas, fake icicles and other bits of tat. It must do wonders for Chinese manufacturing and for retail profits. By the time Christmas Day comes around all that tat will be covered in dust, and/or spiders, and the outside tat will have been through several storms probably involving hail and won’t be looking all that brilliant for Santa’s arrival. Heaven knows why everyone does this when only about 10% of them would have any Christian beliefs whatsoever. They are doing all this ‘stuff’ just because everyone else does it. If you don’t you are ‘weird’.

    And why now? Why not when it’s actually December?

    This family is weird. We put the tree up on Christmas Eve, just before we have our big dinner. I don’t feel at all ‘Christmassy’ until sometime on the afternoon of that day, when I know the house is clean and tidy, Chrismas lunch the next day is organised, the evening’s dinner is under control, the alcohol stocks are more than ample and everything is ready for a good family evening. Time to sit down, relax, have a drink and enjoy good company. We are also ‘weird’ because we like to keep the twelve days of Christmas. It makes sense to us because that’s when we get family visitors, and we also have a couple of birthdays in there too, so why not just party on. One of my kids was dreadfully shocked when a young neighbour, on Boxing Day, told us ‘Mum has put the tree away because Christmas is over’. For us it had just begun.

    • My sibling, currently in the US, has won the family’s “Spot the Early Christmas Decorations” for the last few years with a gory mix of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas tawdry appearing in the shops in late September/early October.
      Mind you it has always cracked me up that there are shops that cater to the “Christmas in July” bunkum that provides the excuse in our climate to indulge in roast goose &c. I have always thought that if you want to celebrate “Christmas” in an southern hemisphere winter, surely it should be celebrated around 21st June, the solstice, just like the northern hemisphere festival is?

    • Same here with the silly ‘Christmas in July’ thing. As far as I can work out it was started by tourism places to drag busloads of oldies in for dinner at a very slow time of year. I’ve always thought it should be a winter solstice thing, if you really want to do it.

  8. re facebook

    It’s a strange thing. I rarely put anything political up as I know that most members of my family are from the right. Although many do a lot of good in their community, they simply have these odd views …

    On the other hand I have three friends who are Trotskyists. I thought I was a lefty … They send an awful lot of articles. They don’t seem to be inhibited as I am. What I like about them is they keep me in touch with my past.

  9. I like the German stollen for Christmass, bake one every Christmass since “Swiss Patisserie” upped sticks and left. The booklet that came with the Kenwood Chef Major Platinum stand mixer has a very neat recipe indeed. I have no idea what the Dutch cook at Christmass and don’t care, stollen will do me!

  10. Now I remember what that picture of Appauline Hanson reminded me of. Chucky.from the Horror movie Child’s Play.

    • Another flogging with a very limp lettuce leaf, no doubt, followed by a lovely diplomatic post somewhere nice as compensation for having to say cross words.

  11. Cricket is like a book that you are reading and only keep reading to see what happens in the end. Grandson went home about 3pm and we are here on our lonesome still watching the cricket…………any minute now the ending will be revealed……….

    One thing is I have caught up on stuff as I have the radio on then look up at the tv when something happens because the radio commentary is ahead of the tv action.

  12. This week in parliament will be fun.

    Fury at Barnaby Joyce as water threatens to sink ABCC

    Crossbench Senator David Leyonhjelm says he will vote against legislation to re-establish the construction industry watchdog if the federal government caves in to Nick Xenophon on water, making Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s task of passing his key bill even tougher.

    And the last-minute drama has also exposed serious tensions within the Coalition: Liberals are furious at Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce for raising the water issue that provoked Senator Xenophon.

    They are perplexed as to why Mr Joyce sought to enrage the three Nick Xenophon Team senators on the eve of the final fortnight of Parliament when their votes were crucial, especially on the re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission

  13. One of my fondest memories of Christmas as a kid was the preparation and effort that mum put into Christmas cakes and puddings. Too much fruit was never enough, and always soaked in brandy or another spirit. The puddings always cooked in basins and not a cloth, a legacy from nana who thought the white surface a cloth produced, a bit “how’s your father?” To this day, I still prefer them cooked in a basin. Eaten cold with a slice of cheese even better.

    The cooking would normally take place in or around September and then they would be placed in a cupboard to mature . There would be much ceremony as we would be all called into the kitchen to have a stir of the bowl with the wooden spoon for luck. Mum worked full time in a Collingwood shoe factory at the time and however she conjured up the effort to do these things usually on a week-day night after glueing soles on shoes, and, as she was a single parent still impresses me – more so, these days.

    This was a time when roast chook or pork, was still a bit of a special event. We would have both, on Christmas Day, and as a leg of ham was quite pricey, this would be often be substituted with a leg of smoked mutton. A trifle (“no, it’s not shop bought sponge, I made it yesterday”), with fresh peaches, strawberries, raspberries and home-made custard and whipped cream and jelly would accompany the pud – as a kid, you were expected to have a serve of both – and we all did as did the adults. Wouldn’t at all be surprised if mutton-ham is now more expensive than the pork version.

  14. Thank goodness Truffles had a “good week” eh Massola , Well apart from Branisnaps Billion Dollar ballsup and Barnyard’s APVMA pork barrelling and not forgetting this little turd Brarnyard dropped on Truffles’ lap this week Thank goodness we have such quality political reporter such as you 😆

    Crossbench Senator David Leyonhjelm says he will vote against legislation to re-establish the construction industry watchdog if the federal government caves in to Nick Xenophon on water, making Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s task of passing his key bill even tougher.

    And the last-minute drama has also exposed serious tensions within the Coalition: Liberals are furious at Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce for raising the water issue that provoked Senator Xenophon.

    Read more:

  15. I love fruit cake. And yes, you can’t have enough fruit.

    You can keep that European bread stuff. I don’t care for it at all. Christmas means fruit cake – and not the crap you buy in the shops. The proper homemade kind.

  16. Bob of Crikey reviews a book by teh editor & a journo of teh NT News. Looks like a good read.

  17. I really liked that cartoon about the phone. Just this week my old mobile threw in the towel and I am looking for a simple, cheap and unlocked replacement. I went into a shop to look at some possible options and spoke to a young girl who looked like she was about 14, but probably was not. She told me that she hadn’t seen a phone with a keypad before. I replied that my previous one had a ringing handle.
    She just looked bemused.

  18. kambah mick
    i am going to get an old working dial phone for the hell of it. also if there is a blackout the old phones still work because they don’t need electricity.

    • Ahem, the old phones do need electricity, but it comes through the copper telephone wiring.

      That – I think – is the main reason OH (ex PMG/Telecom/Telstra engineer) is so opposed to the NBN. Even though he was one of the early proponents of the fibre optic rollout.

  19. My land line phone looks just like the photo, Not that I use the land line anymore.Mobiles and a brazillion begging “charities” phoning in the evening saw it unplugged.

  20. I make a fruitcake in the fall for winter eating. Dislike intensely fruit mince pies and the christmass pud.

    A nice stollen is so much better than a christmass pud in our climate.

    But I do like oliebollen on New Years Eve. Crazy, eh?

    The Italian christmass cake is OK but somehow lacking

  21. And rotary dial phones? Ugh! Used them for the first X number of years in my working life. They belong in a museum nobody visits, horrible clunky old things! Yuck, give me a keypad any day!

  22. Fizza loves his NBN

    NBN Co applied for a credit rating without an explicit government guarantee even though it is wholly owned by the federal government, it emerged on Friday.

    This means NBN Co received a lower rating than it would have with a government guarantee. And instead of borrowing $19.5 billion on private markets at the same rate as the government – currently about 2.5 per cent – NBN Co will repay the government interest at 3.7 per cent.

    The government and NBN Co stink to high heaven. Taxpayers are slugged an extra 50% that goes straight into government coffers.

  23. Noel Pearson – what a charmer.

    ‘Bucket of s***’: Noel Pearson abuse claims ‘straining’ relationship with Queensland Government'straining'-relations-with-qld-government/8057908

    Added bonus – Good to Great Schools Australia, a group partnered by American real estate and investment companies and a US based education provider. (A dodgy one.)

    The National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI)

    Does anyone else think it’s a bit strange having so much American influence on the education of indigenous Australians? I think it needs investigation, especially as the ‘direct instruction’ method Pearson insists on using is out-dated and discredited.

  24. What’s today?…oh yeah..: Monday!

    So this bloke migrates to Australia from one of the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia..?. His english language skills are limited, but he manages to get work and eventually start his own business in one of the furniture building trades. But there comes a time after six months or so where he begins to long for some female company..but his language skills being what they are, he finds some difficulty in meeting up with appropriate ladies. He decides to go out to a singles bar to try to meet someone.
    At one plush bar in the city, he sits at the long bar having a drink and he spots a well-dressed voluptuious lady at the other end of the bar alone and having a drink. He calls the barmaid (Shirley) over and quietly mentions to her that he would like to buy the lady there at the end of the bar her next drink..
    “I vood like to pay for her darrink”..he mumbles out.
    Shirley looks to the lady in question, shakes her head, winces and whispers to him;
    “Nah!..You don’t want to do that”..
    “Und vie not!?” the man draws back somewhat surprised.
    “Because” and she leans close to him ” I know she’s a Lesbian!” Shirley hisses to him quietly.
    Well..the man is shocked into a momentary silence..he’s taken aback..then he regains his composure and comes back all offended..He firmly but quietly thumps his fist on the bar-edge and pushes some coins toward the barmaid..
    “I do not care!” he heatedly exclaims “Vot is dat to me..or you!..Here is the money, I vill buy her next darrrink!” he finishes up quite agitated. Shirley shrugs and goes away.
    The man watches eagerly as Shirley takes the lady’s glass away and returns with a fresh drink for her..just as the drink is placed on her coaster, The man takes the opportunity to sidle up next her seat and mustering his most suave, sophisticated “man-of-the-world” pose, he asks the raised-eyebrowed woman, in a most knowledgeble way..
    “Und tell me..Vot part of Lesbia do you come from?”

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