Friday . . . at Puffy The Magic Dragon’s Request

Can we have a Friday thread of Spring flowers, gardens, wildlife, pets, nature, where a Mod is on hand to upload photos provided by Pubsters of their own images, after stripping any location info from them.

Here you go – if only my garden looked like this!

State Rose Garden, Werribee Park

My email address if you want to send pics to me is

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    • That will probably backfire as the ABC and SBS are still trusted more widely listened to than shock jocks

  1. A view from another place …

    It’s warm enough and the ihumidaty is low enough. So work can go on from 10AM to 4:00AM.

    This morning I’ve been doing stuff.

    First up using a very heavy duty pressure washer. The point being clean the trailer before the Wheat.

    Ptmd will get this.

    I fed a horse. A hammer whack on the Barley.

    And yes I had a walk with a heavy calibre rifle.

    Life in the sticks ..

  2. Fremantle To Cooktown: If You Thought Australia Day Was Offensive, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

    “On the Queens Birthday long weekend, Cooktown stages a re-enactment of Captain Cook’s arrival in 1770, when, fresh from claiming the east coast of the continent for Britain, he and his crew limped into a small inlet to repair his ship, The Endeavour.

    And every year, this happens…

    The Aboriginal actors featured in the video are from the nearby community of Hopevale, one of the poorest and most disadvantaged towns in the country. They’re slipped a few bucks to participate (while the broader Aboriginal community overwhelmingly ignores the event).

    And that audio that you hear – the thousands of delighted residents and visitors laughing and clapping as the ‘hapless natives scurry off into the bush’ – is real. We didn’t edit in a canned laughter track. It happens. Every. Single. Year.

    Indeed, it’s one of the highlights of the four day annual ‘Discovery Festival’… because, you know, Captain Cook was the first to ‘discover’ Australia, despite the fact millions were already living here, and had done for at least 60,000 years… the oldest, continuing culture on earth.

    Cooktown’s Discovery Festival website opens with this line: “A fully costumed re-enactment of the landing of Captain James Cook and his first meeting with the Guugu Yimithirr people is just part of the entertainment available on the June Long Weekend. Come join our celebrations all weekend throughout the town.”

    Dispossession as entertainment. Only in Australia”

  3. Senator McDonald can’t make up his mind whether he is for or against the Roberts MPI! 😉

  4. I will give Cooktown a miss when that is on.
    There is a lit to celebrate about Capt Cook without the invasion. The Cooktown residents would do well to read his words about the injabitants ( therefore owners) of this land and his fears for them post settlement.
    He most certainly would not of approved of this celebration and the disaster which was heaped on the Aboriginal people.

  5. With Castro gone. Will Cuba produce a Deng Xiaoping? Or is brother Raoul and other family firmly in power and unlikely to give it up ?

    • The USA rwnjs will probably infiltrate the political system, destroy the healthcare, any social safety net, exploit the workers and destroy the environment for profit.

      Whyy should Cuba miss out?

  6. I got a good laugh at a comment from M. Yarsby on the Drum. He said that Joe Hockey and Brandis are two extremely bright men and the ALP are unlikely to find anything.

    Don’t you like hubris.

  7. “I was not involved in — and at the time they took place — had no knowledge of the discussions between Mr Hockey and WA ministers,” Senator Brandis said.

    Urgent phone call to Hockey by Brandis. Hockey staggers out of bed in Washington at 3.00am to listen to an hysterical George Brandis saying, “Remember Joe, ‘mum’s the word eh! If we all hold together and say nothing to contradict what any one of us has said about our involvement in this matter, then I at least could survive this little problem!”

    “Sorry about throwing you under the bus but I know you understand how this works.”

    Yeah, every man for himself!!!!! 🙂

  8. Poor Joe , smacked about by both these chaps. Oh the ignominy of being snotted by the nerd on the right 😆

  9. puffyTMD,

    Joe, the eternal punching bag

    You gotta admit though that he is a tempting target in more ways than one! 😉

  10. I can’t imagine Labor letting go of this issue now that they have the smell of blood in their nostrils.

    The real question now is just how much pain Turnbull is prepared to suffer in support of his Attorney General before he decides that his own survival is more important that of George (lying rodent) Brandis, his accident prone Minister that seems to have a negative effect on his polling which has a tendency to continue to head in a negative direction.

    Anyone got any ideas as to how Turnbull can turn things around?:

    Thought not! Looks like you are on your own now Malcolm! 😉

  11. Blimey!

    Looks like Pauline Hansen has renewed her Liberal Party Membership going by that totally unqualified support for the “Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013”!

    She has nailed her support to the mast and now we have X adding his support to the Libs in their warfare against the labour movement!

  12. Interesting how the press describes anything this government can cobble up a senate majority on, no matter how compromised, mangled & different from its original as a “win!”.
    And “compromise” is in vogue too.

  13. leonetwo

    Manildra was the cheery on top of the cake that showed what a bent bustard The Rodent was. First there was his brother Stan being bailed out by taxpayers millions after Stan and his mates “disappeared” all the worker’s super and entitlements. Rodent reckoned it was all legit because they were trying to save the company. Quite by accident it was the only company that received such “assistance” .

    Then there came the incident involving Manildra. I was involved in the bio fuel crap back then so took much notice. A shipment of ethanol from Brazil was on the way to ‘Straya. Brazil has gone big on sugarcane ethanol and could supply way cheaper. Hi ho what a fortunate set of affairs that one of the Coalition’s largest donors at the time had the luck of the government jacking up duty on imported ethanol while the ship was on the high seas. Oh and did I mention the increase was such that it meant the ship turned around mid voyage as the increased taxes made it more expensive than local stuff and so there endeth Manildra’s competition ? Manildra being back then the “800lb Gorilla” of the industry laughed all the way to the bank. Banana Republic were the words i used at the time to describe Howard’s actions.

  14. Lateline is a must watch for the segment on bone donation, like when hips are replaced. We have to get over the hangups over donating bits of us that get cut out.

    • By the time I drop off my perch my bones will probably be the only part of me worth recycling.

      We think nothing of giving or receiving blood, why should other bits of our bodies be any different?

  15. All three monkeys stolen from Symbio Wildlife Park have now been returned and are doing well.

    I don’t have words to describe what I think about the idiots who stole these little creatures.

    Third monkey named Gomez stolen from Symbio Wildlife Park returned

    Earlier today –
    Two stolen pygmy marmosets found and returned to wildlife park, one still missing

  16. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. BK’s back in the saddle and thanks Lizzie and Douglas & Milko for their excellent efforts.

    Can the “stickiness” of customers to banks be overcome with new, more comprehensive account transfer arrangements?
    This article really calls out Bullshit! on the government’s claims on the effect of unionism on the coat of housing.
    Peter Hartcher writes on reports that China is warning us not to side with Trump.
    If the weight of a child was enough to tragically topple this monument slab onto a little girl then its design must be way deficient. Look at its height and area of its base.
    Turnbull has hitched himself to Brandis’s wagon after Soapy throws Hockey under the proverbial bus. A good move? Michaela Whitbourn reckons this story has a bit to run yet.
    Laura Tingle says Brandis still has one big question to answer. Google.
    Michelle Grattan thinks similarly.
    Paul Bongiorno says that an agile PM is sticking with Brandis – for now.
    Chris Johnson tells us that privatelyTurnbull really is fuming over Brandis.
    I would suggest this deplorable woman will be heading for less salubrious accommodation than that to which she is currently accustomed.
    And pricks like this also make my blood boil.

  17. Section 2 . . .

    Manildra must have a trove of compromising photos to “encourage” the NSW government to employ these ethanol fuel mandates.
    And we continue to give these loopy, irresponsible outfits huge tax exemptions! For many years I have gritted my teeth when I see this mob walking around the streets proselytising their beliefs with their poor little already damaged children in tow. Surely another form of child abuse.
    One of Shorten’s former associates could be in a spot of bother.
    After this startling revelation for the Auditor-General one must ask if the government really IS serious about budget repair. But it’s only revenue and that doesn’t seem to matter to Morrison
    Michael Wast tells us how the TV networks are flipping us the bird.
    The House Privileges Committee has ordered the return under seal of all NBN-related documents seized from Jason Clare’s office in the AFP raids.
    The Great Barrier Reef story Pauline Hanson didn’t show.
    Apple makes another blue with its latest operating system. Owners are not at all happy.
    Is The Guardian getting close to nailing Morrison over illegal boat turn-backs?
    Former Nationals MP Karlene Maywald tells Barnaby he’s got rocks in his head over the MDB scheme and SA’s water. Google.

  18. Section 3 . . . with the full link for the Karlene Maywald story

    Former Nationals MP Karlene Maywald tells Barnaby he’s got rocks in his head over the MDB scheme and SA’s water. Google.
    Max Chalmers goes further and says that Barnaby is “the self-serving face of everything that is wrong with politics”.
    George Christensen says he’s ready to cross the floor to support a commission of inquiry into Australia’s banking system.
    Andrew Street on the new political divide – believers on the system vs the non-believers.
    Dave Donovan on “Lies, lies and more post-truth lies”.,9782
    David Morrison is under pressure as Australian of the Year. Does Jacqui Lambie have him spooked?
    Morrison’s “immutable” backpackers tax has gone from 32.5% to !9.5% to 15% and it’s still not passed the lower house.
    The four year long dispute in the Department of Human Services is about to bubble over again as rolling strikes are planned for Centrelink and Medicare. Fence and ATO are also deeply locked in combat with the government.
    The government’s ideology in these negotiations are palpable as is demonstrated by this forlorn address to the staff of the ACCC by Rod Sims.
    The fun continues as there is pressure to dispute the efficacy of the ballot of parliamentary staffers to very narrowly accept the latest pay and conditions offer. There are accusations of strongarm tactics having been used.
    Tony Wright on the dysfunction of One Nation.

  19. Section 4 . . . with cartoon Corner part 1

    Will this signal the end for usurious payday and small amount lenders? I hope so.

    Mark David on Turnbull’s polling woes.

    And more from Mark David.

    Here’s David Rowe with Soapy’s latest problem. I wonder whose red high heel shoes are in the picture.

    Cathy Wilcox channels Gilbert and Sullivan for this contribution on Brandis.

    Peter Broelman with a beauty on Castro.

  20. Section 5 . . . Cartoon Corner part 2

    Ron Tandberg’s got it the ABC all worked out.

    Chris Downes drains the swamp.

    Alan Moir has Baird doing a job on ICAC.

    David Pope takes us for lunch in the forest with some of our favourite characters.

    Ron Tandberg with some tit-for-tat between Xenophon and Turnbull.

    Andrew Dyson takes Turnbull to the museum.

    Matt Golding on the resurgence of cryogenics.

    Mark Knight and the Coalition’s whoopee cushion. Funny.
    Jon Kudelka on the backpacking trail with Barnaby and Malcolm.

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