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  1. Financial modelling is beyond that lot

    Coalition Minister Luke Hartsuyker, who has been heavily involved with the backpacker tax legislation, has been unable to say how much money the proposed measure will save.

    Mr Hartsuyker is the Assistant Minister to Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.


    Or maybe he knows and doesn’t want to give us the unpalatable facts.

  2. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national-party-bloodletting-follows-nsw-byelection-wipeout/news-story/2f8deb296518d794ec75ba383606a8a1 paywalled

    National Party ‘bloodletting’ follows NSW by-election wipe-out
    Rob Harris and Annika Smethurst, Herald Sun
    an hour ago

    PANICKED National Party MPs have held an extraordinary two-hour meeting in the wake of the party’s NSW state by-election wipe out.

    The meeting, which was described as a “bloodletting”, saw several MPs speak up over fears about the Turnbull Government’s direction amid concerns of a wipe-out from a rampant One Nation.

    In the “robust” closed-door discussion, one MP told colleagues the party was doing little to distinguish itself “as a party of the bush”.

    “It will kill us,” the MP said.

    The Herald Sun has been told other regional MPs expressed frustration at the amount of time some Liberals are spending talking about “fringe issues” — including about moves to reform section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act — at the expense of grassroots issues of importance to regional voters.

    The 22-member partyroom was also bitterly split over Queensland MP George Christensen’s outspokenness over the 457 visas.

    MPs said the mood of the meeting was much closer to Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s stance on foreign workers being given jobs ahead of locals, than the line being taken by the Turnbull Government.

    The discussion sparked an “airing of grievances”, which also included criticism of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for being regarded as “out of touch”.

    “Half the room was annoyed that the government hasn’t taken a strong enough stand on this, but the other half was arguing that regional Australia relies on 457 workers,” one source said.

    “It was robust, testy … a bit firey. But the situation calls for that. We should be sticking up for our electorates.”

    One frontbencher said: “We’re talking too much about fringe issues that very few people in the real world are worried about.”

    “I agree we should fix 18C but if I go into an abattoir in my electorate you can guarantee the workers have no idea what its about.”

    “We need to be talking about people struggling to pay bills, get jobs … not this other rubbish.”

    Some Nationals, including NSW MP Mark Coulton, have warned the party must avoid being “morally pure, but politically naive” when it came to 18c.

    The firey meeting comes as Attorney-General George Brandis was caught expressing concerns that the Queensland LNP risked losing seats to Pauline Hanson’ s right-wing One Nation Party at the next election.

  3. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/queensland/campbell-newman-backs-george-brandis-assessment-of-mediocre-lnp-20161121-gsudob.html

    http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/other/HCATrans/2016/289.html wingnuttery!

    http://robertcorr.com/wp-content/uploads/Analysis-of-Culleton-submission-2016-11-21.pdf a good explainer



  4. Honouring the first Australian Labor Party female Member of Parliament
    “In 1937, in evidence to the royal commission on youth employment, she described her work as convener of a party committee dealing with youth employment problems. She supported raising the school leaving age to 16, child endowment, equal pay for men and women, and improving training and working conditions of female domestic servants. In 1938, at her instigation, a royal commission to inquire into sanitation, slum clearance and health and housing regulations in Perth was set up; Holman was a member. She also attended the British Commonwealth Relations Conference in New South Wales.”


  5. A very interesting appointment was just announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop. Former Liberal MP Sharman Stone will be the new ambassador for women and girls. Dr Stone was the MP who stood up to John Howard over the ban on RU486. She was also instrumental in seeing an end to another Howard era policy which was a stop to foreign aid money being spent on family planning services in developing countries. Given the views of US president elect Donald Trump on abortion, I wonder if this is the Turnbull government doing its bit to see a strong campaigner for women’s rights remaining on the international stage. I hope so


    No – it’s just Fizza finding a job for yet another displaced conservative.

    Sharman Stone replaces Natasha Stott Despoya, appointed by Julie Bishop in December 2013.

    I didn’t even know we had an ambassador for women and girls.

  6. I’d like to make an observation and to also propose a new idea for The Pub…If I can observe that the main motivation of an anti-war stance from the first to the second to the Vietnam war did not come from any “Great Speech” or any main street protest, but rather from the many and varied forms of artistic performance.
    From “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “A farewell to Arms” along with many very famous and good poetry contributions from Graves, Sassoon and Owen to just mention the English writers…The same with the songs of the fifties, sixties and seventies ..of which the song below is an excellent representation.
    Now..What I propose for The Pub is this..: That there is a “contribution test” , where short storiesof NO GREATER than 500 words and or poems and or just real-life anecdotes of “life experience” of the writer…be submitted and the best for the week , fortnight or month..chosen by a specific “like button” for the items..then be put up as a deliberate artistic statement starter piece..and much fanfare be directed toward ..not just the starter piece..but what could be seen as ..wait for it..” The Pub Test” of how and what drives the Australian cultural direction and feelings. Of course, no sexist, racist or bigoted pieces permitted.
    It could be opened up to the broader public through social media (twitter etc) to get as many people as possible to contribute..the judging could be done solely by the “like button” so it wouldn’t take much time and the contributor would be responsible for their entire presentation, including grammar, layout and typos etc.
    What do people think?….

  7. Newspoll federal poll

    TPP: ALP 53 (0) L/NP 47 (0)
    Primaries: L/NP 38 (-1) ALP 38 (0) GRN 10 (0) OTH 14 (+1)

    Nov 17-20, 1846 sample

    Turnbull: Satisfied 34, Dissatisfied 54
    Shorten: Satisfied 36, Dissatisfied 51
    Better PM: Turnbull 43, Shorten 33

    The interactive chart thingy has now been updated with the new result


    Check it out, its not paywalled

  8. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/newspoll/newspoll-another-labor-win-as-turnbull-loses-his-economic-touch/news-story/c587b4df4a3f655feb96eeecffa3a0a2

    Newspoll: Another Labor win as Turnbull loses his economic touch
    The Australian 10:30PM November 21, 2016
    Phillip Hudson Bureau Chief Canberra

    Confidence in Malcolm Turnbull as the best leader to manage the economy has dropped below 50 per cent for the first time since he became Prime Minister, as Labor chalks up its fifth consecutive Newspoll lead over the Coalition.


    As Mr Turnbull returns to Canberra today after a three-day trip to Peru to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation leaders summit, Newspoll shows 48 per cent of voters believe he is more capable of handling the economy compared with 32 per cent who nominate Bill Shorten as best.

    This represents a seven-point fall for Mr Turnbull from mid-May when the question was last asked and 55 per cent of voters said he was best to manage the economy in the wake of the first budget under his leadership. Since the start of the year, Mr Turnbull’s rating as most capable to handle the economy has tumbled by 10 points.

    Support for Mr Shorten as best to handle the economy is up three points from May and has jumped 12 points since March as he has more than halved the Prime Minister’s lead from 34 points to 16 points as the better economic manager.

  9. Senate to pass union regulator bill after Coalition whistleblower concession
    Nick Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch negotiate new protections, which they say government will extend to corporations and the public sector

    Messrs Xenophon and Hinch should ask Ricky Muir about ‘promises’ made by this farce of a government. If they think their amendments will be kept then they are seriously deluded. Fizza will get his crappy legislation past the senate,he will do a presseer tomorrow filled with waffle and fist-pumping, the media will go into full-on gushing mode, we will be in for a few days of Labor and union bashing and then Brandis or one of his lackeys will quietly put up a regulation that either gets around or removes all those pesky amendments.

  10. You know..If you look back to the golden age of “hard copy” publications, both in Oz and overseas, every now and then one publication jumps out from all the dross because , through an editorial decision made by an enlightened editorial board, the publication embraces a more literary policy and attracts some great writing to it’s pages and secures a place in history for all involved…I’m thinking of “The Bulletin” “The Dawn” , some other “underground publications”..Some great American Monthlies and of course the European ones.
    Why not, in this electronic media days, can there not be a similar “publication” that encourages and attracts perhaps a skill of presentation that could equal the quality of writing and secure for it’s “editorial board” that well deserved place in literary history?

  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. As advised yesterday this will be the last Dawn Patrol from BK until next Tuesday.

    Phil Hudson in The Australian analyses Newspoll and deduces that Turnbull is losing his economic touch. Google.
    The government got its Registered Organisations bill (with whistleblower protection amendments) through the Senate this morning.
    Michelle Grattan writes on the passage of said bill.
    The Nats have flexed their muscles in the Senate over the Adler shotgun ban. Big George described it as “a warning shot fired above the government’s bow”.
    Laura Tingle says that Morrison is going to have to hit the reset button on the budget as he is being kicking and screaming to face reality. Google.
    Ever heard of “thunderstorm asthma? Now we have.
    Nicholas Stuart says that Dutton thinks he’s got the magic touch to lead the Liberal Party out of its hole.
    John Passant says that Turnbull talks “tax trash”.
    Here’s an essay from David Marr on how hostility towards immigrants is on the rise as Australians despair of the government.
    Is this the end for tax deductions on non-compulsory uniforms?
    It would be a shame to see Adrian Piccolo lose his education ministership. Many others share that opinion.

  12. Section 2 . . .

    There are so many options for Trump in choosing his administration but he goes for the ugly. The last paragraph says it all.
    State by state Greg Jericho examines our changing economy and asks what is the key to healthy economic growth.
    Andrew Street says that Turnbull is about to find out if the DD was worth it.
    The moment the US gave the world to China.
    The Trump card leaves migrant workers in Australia at a lass according to this SMH editorial.
    How Trump could use the White House to enrich himself and his family. Will this stain and haunt his presidency?
    If this doesn’t frighten you noting will.
    And right on cue . . .
    Read whatever you will into this as the Pope says that it’s now OK in perpetuity for priests to forgive the “grave sin” of abortion.
    Brian Morris explains why politicised religion is at odds with the public mood on contemporary social policy. A good article.

  13. Section 3 . . .

    In a disturbing report it is revealed that dozens of health professionals die from drug overdoses every year.
    Culleton channels “The Castle” in his High Court appearance yesterday.
    Don’t look at magazines for health advice.
    The Catholic Church sets up a company to “name and shame” over failures in the management of child sexual abuse.
    The ICC should throw the book at South Africa over ball tampering.

  14. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Mark David with Brandis’s latest gaffe.

    Cathy Wilcox with the government’s use of a Trump Trojan horse.

    Just look at this David Rowe contribution!

    And more form David Rowe on Morrison’s surplus problems.

    Paul Zanetti on stage with Turnbull and Obama.

    Mat Golding gets it.

    Mark Knight inside Trump Tower with Melania and the little darling.
    Jon Kudelka with Morrison’s latest brilliant advice on surpluses.
    David Pope sends us greetings from APEC.

    Ron Tandberg at the US Comedy Festival.

  15. Posted over the road.

    william bowe @ #107 Monday, November 21, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    From a book published in 1998:

    Members of labor unions, and unorganized unskilled workers, will sooner or later realize that their government is not even trying to prevent wages from sinking or to prevent jobs from being exported. Around the same time, they will realize that suburban white-collar workers — themselves desperately afraid of being downsized — are not going to let themselves be taxed to provide social benefits for anyone else.
    At that point, something will crack. The nonsuburban electorate will decide that the system has failed and start looking around for a strongman to vote for — someone willing to assure them that, once he is elected, the smug bureaucrats, tricky lawyers, overpaid bond salesmen, and postmodernist professors will no longer be calling the shots. …
    One thing that is very likely to happen is that the gains made in the past 40 years by black and brown Americans, and by homosexuals, will be wiped out. Jocular contempt for women will come back into fashion. … All the resentment which badly educated Americans feel about having their manners dictated to them by college graduates will find an outlet.



  16. Something needs to be sorted out here.

    The ABCC bill doesn’t go to the senate until this afternoon.

    The bill passed last night was its companion piece, the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014. It’s the union-bashing part of the legislation, it allows more regulation of union officials.

    Senate passes union regulator bill after Coalition whistleblower concession
    Nick Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch negotiate new protections, which they say government will extend to corporations and the public sector

    The ABCC bill will restore the Howard-era building industry regulator- more union-bashing. Howard’s regulator didn’t work, there were more accidents and deaths while it was in operation then there have been since it was abolished, but this government will never miss an opportunity to rant about ‘corrupt unions’.

    This might help.

  17. I’m sure Fran Kelly attacking Labor’s Chris Bowen for not “rescuing” the budget and oz’s triple A credit rating was her warming up for when Labor gain power and she will THEN have the opportunity of grilling a REAL treasurer and govt’.

  18. This is a really positive article from Nick Kristof from the New York Times. Apparently its now his most read column ever..


    He suggests following smart conservatives on twitter to avoid the echo chamber, and judging by the response many are following his advice..


    Its good advice, any suggestions for Aus conservatives worth following?

  19. Yep, he’s the only one I could think of, and I always read his opinion pieces in Fairfax, but he’s not on Twitter.

    The conservatives I know of that are on twitter, I do NOT want in my twitter feed!

  20. Fiizza, apparently, has been crowing about getting his registered organisations bill past the senate. Just as I thought he would.

    He should enjoy the gloating while he can, there’s not going to be much more of it. He’ll get the ABCC bill through and then that’s it. The senate will kill his lifetime ban on refugees coming into the country, or will negotiate amendments to allow visits and tourism, which will destroy the original intent anyway.

    After that it’s MYEFO, which will show yet another blow-out in the deficit and then it will be all downhill to next year’s budget.

    It’s all going so well, isn’t it.

  21. Andrew P Street –

    Malcolm Turnbull must condemn Peter Dutton’s unacceptable racism
    A government minister singling out a specific Australian ethnic group for condemnation is either unacceptably racist, or totally OK. We’re going with the former.

    It’s never going to happen.

    Fizza is supporting Dutton and avoiding answering very direct questions.

    Asked about Lebanese Muslim migration, Turnbull backs Dutton’s job as minister.
    James Massola of Fairfax asks: on Lebanese Muslim immigration Trent Zimmerman told the party room he had concerned about the mixed messaging we have heard in the last few days. Do you grow with Mr Zimmerman or do you agree with Michael Sukkar who told the party today that Peter Dutton’s commentary is spot on.

    Malcolm Turnbull backs Peter Dutton.

    Peter Dutton is doing a great job as minister…Of course, Peter has been outstanding in his work, in our work together as a government, in reaching agreement for resettlement with third countries. So, he’s doing an outstanding job as immigration minister and if you want to look at a failure in immigration policy, you don’t have to look very far back


  22. Click to access Essential-Report_161122.pdf

    Bernard’s analysis





    Click to access mapping-social-cohesion-national-report-2016.pdf

  23. Fizza’s non-answers to questions about Dutton’s idiocy are, as Gabrielle says, excruciating.

  24. Andrews bans fracking for good – the man is a hero.

    If only NSW and Queensland would do the same, instead of bending over backwards to allow more and more fracking.

  25. I got connected up to Turnbulls 2nd rate NBN last Wednesday afternoon. Best speed marginally better than best adsl speed.
    Sending this via phone as the better, faster & sooner NBN has been down all dat so no Internet & no phone.
    Thanks for nothing Mal.

    • Fizza seems very tanned. Has he taken Tony’s former prime ministerial spray tanner onto his staff? Or was he just trying to compete with Trump to see which leader could have the most orange face? What a shame he never got to have that tan-off with Trump.

  26. Did Dutton malign Leb Catholics? Christian lebs are very much Liberal voters. In the last Federal election, many of them moved over to the Christian Democrats, with their preferences going to liberals.

    • Yes, he did. Not by referring to them directly, but by inference.

      Dutton singled out Lebanese-Muslim immigrants, but how many people are going to bother to work out which Australia grandchild of a Lebanese immigrant is Muslim and which is Catholic? To your average Australian racist Lebanese = Muslim and Dutton plays on that misconception. Most would have no idea that a large percentage of Lebanese immigrants at the time he refers to were Catholic or Orthodox.

      This is interesting, although a bit dated now. It does a good job of explaining the mix of religions in the 1975-1981 intake of Lebanese immigrants.

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