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  1. Di Natale showing suitable bluntness

    MarkDiStef: Di Natale on Dutton: “Does the Minister think my Italian relatives shouldn’t have come here because of the Mafia?”

    MarkDiStef: Di Natale: “Peter Dutton is ‘thoughtful and compassionate?’ No, Malcolm, he is a scumbag.”

  2. Back on line again. I’ve got no idea why the internet & land-line phone were down. The very hard to understand but helpful asian guy tried every thing he could to get me back on line and in the end after about an hour on my mobile, It finally came good.

    It came on just after a NBN technician started fiddling with things on one of those TELSTRA pole thingies.
    Turns out that it was just coincidence and the more likely explanation is that one of those units on a rack at the TELSTRA now NBN building about a kilometer away was having more premises connected to the NBN and was not connected at all.

    My theory is that my service came back on through a local issue being rectified rather than what the very helpful Technical Support bloke did trying to get me back on line.

    By the way, the Technician over the road said NOT to attempt to reset the NBN Modem via the pinhole switch just below the power switch, even if a Technical Support person requests you to do it if you are having connection problems.

    He said that under NO circumstance should you attempt to reset your Modem. He seemed to know what he was talking about and was very adamant that you should not reset it.

  3. Leone

    Dan Andrews is coping flak from the msm here in Vic because he is doing all this good stuff, and big bosses don’t like it. Apparently yesterday the news limited paper here tried to make out Dan was losing popularity. The push polling done in that particular survey gave them enough rubbish to make that assumption, where in fact the poll was the same as the previous one.

  4. “36% were most concerned about the arrival of asylum seekers by boat, 21% about the use of foreign workers under short term (457) visas and 20% about the overall increase in Australia’s total population.
    Liberal/National voters were most concerned about the arrival of asylum seekers by boat (51%) while Labor voters were more concerned about the use of foreign workers under short term (457) visas (29%).”

  5. Katharine Murphy on Fizza’s weakness.

    Malcolm Turnbull smiles into the void of his own leadership in Dutton row
    Asked three times if he supported his immigration minister on Lebanese Muslims, the PM could not answer

    A simple question, repeated three times, lest the inquiry present as somehow ambiguous to a prime minister suffering jet lag after a night flight from Peru.

    Turnbull heard the question clearly but he wasn’t able to answer.

    He couldn’t support Dutton, he couldn’t condemn him.

    The prime minister just had to stand there, smiling, face fixed into a mask, pretending, as if the meaningless formulations coming out of his mouth had any meaning – and inviting assembled journalists to buy into this fiction, to validate nonsense


    When the former leader of the ‘isn’t he the best ever’ fan club starts to write like this then it’s definitely all over for Turnbull The only question now is how long does he have? Will he still be leader when parliament returns in in February? Will he even last until the end of this month?

    • I think she has finally woken up. She asked one of those questions and obviously was not at all happy with the non-answer she received.

  6. l2

    I think she has finally woken up.

    I don’t. She’s still saying Turnbull’s great but can’t do anything because of the rest of Parliament.

    ‘If only Mal was dictator everything would be hunkey-dory …’.

    • Why do I think she has changed? Because Fizza verbally patted her on the head today by refusing to answer her question. A male journalist might cop that, a female one, especially one who has never made any secret of her adoration of Turnbull, might not. It’s both a professional slight and a sexist one.

      Ms Murphy might still be hoping for her idealised ‘Real Malcolm’ to emerge, but that belief is getting shakier and shakier.

      t’s a slow change, but it’s there.

  7. Leone

    I read that because it was being tweeted like there was no tomorrow. She left of all derogatory words for dutton, no too bad on turnmoil, a slap with a limp lettuce leaf. Glad you could see it as a turning point, and hope you are right.

    Dead silence on it all in the msm otherwise.

  8. Ex Sky

    It will be a busy year for Dan Bourchier in 2017 – the former Sky News NT bureau chief has been appointed presenter of ABC Canberra’s nightly television news bulletin as well as presenter of 666 ABC’s breakfast radio program.

    Bourchier will present the nightly news Monday to Thursday, with Craig Allen presenting Friday to Sunday.


  9. Culleton’s letter


    Doesn’t look good.

    Ms D’Ath said she had also written to her federal counterpart, Attorney-General George Brandis.

    “I am deeply concerned by the matters raised within Judge Rinaudo’s correspondence, which relate to the integrity of the courts and the administration of justice in Queensland,” Ms D’Ath wrote.

    “Could you please let me know what action you or your officers have taken?”

    I wonder what Toad had to say …

  10. According to a Queensland government source, Brandis replied to both D’Ath and Rinaduo that there was nothing he could do and suggested any concerns about illegal acts be reported to police.

  11. Culleton should be locked up in a secluded establishment for the insane. He’s completely nuts.

    • Not to mention her spouse, Sir Nicholas Shehadie, former Lord Mayor of Sydney and – shock horror – the grandson of an immigrant from Lebanon.

  12. Kaffeeklatscher,

    “Picayune” describes almost every facet of turd brandis, physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

  13. “Culleton should be locked up in a secluded establishment for the insane”
    The Senate ?

  14. Fiona

    Also Fantastic rugger bugger guy.

    So Shehadie is a ,GASP, Lebbo !? Sacre beaujolais, I always thought the name irish. Moi had the privilege of scrumming down with him at the bar of the Randwick club during a tour a 1/3 of a century or so back. Can’t remember why but we had been discussing secret front row forward business . In rugger bugger there is a universal bond between front row forwards.

  15. The Coalition’s proposed lifetime refugee travel ban is a “severe and exceptional” measure that is not needed to protect Australia, a government-controlled parliamentary committee has said.

    The parliamentary joint committee on human rights, chaired by Liberal MP Ian Goodenough, said in a report released on Tuesday the ban appeared to have a disproportionate effect on people of certain nationalities and could be discriminatory.


  16. We’re about get some more propaganda

    A reporting team from Sky News has been granted access to film at the Australian-run immigration centre on Nauru.

    Asylum seekers and refugees on the island had been reporting since Monday that they had seen media around the area.

    Laura Jayes, the news channel’s Canberra-based political reporter, arrived in the past two days, and photographs taken at the gate of the centre show a camera operator, identified as Josh Brown of Sky News.


  17. Just watching Rick Stein in Venice to Constantinople (I prefer the “real” name)…I have been asking my sister in Italy about the “evil eye”..(malocchio)..and witches and such..I love those crazy Italian stories…where there is just you (the storyteller) the characters, the plot / storyline and the zany behaviour of the characters..
    Here is a hint of that world of the evil eye…

    “Anyhow to let you know about the “Malocchio” that they do here or take it
    away, also headaches, warts, is that anyone can learn it but it has to be
    given the magic words by an old women that knows it to a younger one on
    midnight of Christmas Eve, and then the old woman can’t to it anymore. So
    that’s how it’s passed on. They do it by passing a bowl of water that has
    been dropped a few drops of olive oil in and blessed three times ( here
    three times is used for everything, or three or five or seven always dispar
    never even number, because even numbers are bad luck) and then pass the bowl
    of blessed water over the head of the person three times saying the magic
    words, then set the bowl down and see if the oil drops disappear, if so you
    have a Malocchio. Then they see after a while what the oil drops form. For
    exsample, if it forms a necklace ( the drops one after the other) they say a
    woman gave you the Malocchio if it forms a mashile thing it’s a man that did
    Anyone can give a Malocchio even by saying nice things. For exsample if you
    see a baby and say ” What a lovely baby” you have to say ” Benedict” Which
    means bless him or her, otherwise you will give them the Malocchio. And
    babies are very subject to the Malocchio. If somebody is doing the sauce,
    vine or other food things you have to say ” San Martino” to them otherwise
    the sauce ect. Will go bad. And they say that you made it good off because
    you didn’t say San Martino. We change our wine over on San Martino’s day
    otherwise the vine turns upside down and goes off…”

  18. What is it about turkeys and Christmas

    Michael O’Sullivan, chief investment officer in Credit Suisse’s wealth management arm: “The impact of the Brexit vote is widely thought of in terms of GDP but the impact on household wealth bears watching.

    “Since the Brexit vote, UK household wealth has fallen by $1.5tn. Wealth per adult has already dropped by $33,000 to $289,000 since the end of June. In fact, in US dollar terms, 406,000 people in the UK are no longer millionaires.”


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