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  1. When you spit your gum out, but your hands are dirty

    [video src="https://i.imgur.com/euPDxoH.mp4" /]

  2. Leone,

    What else would one expect of christianists?

    If Jesus were to return to this world, and reach Australia, he would be off to Manus faster than he could say “It is finished”.

    • Leone,

      For a moment I thought that might have been Mark Regev’s brilliant idea, but then I discovered that he is now Israel’s ambassador to the UK.

      I bet many Jews in the UK are really thrilled by that.

  3. Leone,

    I will have to ask our elderly jacaranda tomorrow how it is feeling. Especially because if it falls over in anything from the north or west(erly) our house could be affected.

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Rather slim pickings this Sunday I’m afraid.

    The FBI director has been playing dangerous politics methinks.
    Paul McGeough asks just who is this Comey fellow.
    Peter FitzSimons’ weekly contribution.
    The big mistake made over the F6 motorway will not go away without a lot of trouble for Baird’s outfit.
    Charming stuff going on in Fremantle in the lead up to an appearance by Waleed Aly.
    Where it all went wrong for Turnbull.
    Shorten could be on a winner here as he challenges Turnbull to get on top of the shocking exploitation of migrant workers and 457 visa rorts.
    Clive James writes that Hillary Clinton should have told Trump to go and screw himself. Nice prose.
    A book on salesmanship written by Bob Day illustrates just what a hypocrite he is.
    Rachel Golding describes how a simple piece of equipment could have prevented the tragedy at Dreamworld. The best way to fix a problem is not to have it.

  5. Section 2 . . .

    Potatohead is spending a fortune on “leadership training” for his department. Perhaps he should take the course himself.
    Peta Credlin pens an article on how welfare dependency is ruining our country. She’s a charmer! Google.
    A diet of US cable news is not good for you.
    Who want’s to be our next Solicitor-General?
    Here’s an outline of Bill Shorten’s speech to the Queensland ALP conference.
    Andrew Dyson take us on a chauffeured ride. And it’s all too true.
    Mark Knight with the ultimate depiction of sleazebag Trump!

  6. Our new chooks have started to lay so I celebrated this morning with a 3-egg scramble with chopped chives, sliced ham and horseradish cream.
    Turned out well.

  7. So – no journalistic comment on the way our government is now ignoring the constitution? Anyone? Anything to say?

    The Australian Constitution is very clear on the disqualification of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Here it is, in Section 44.
    “(iii) is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent;”

    This is no grey-area statement, there’s no loophole on this one. It’s perfectly explicit. If you are an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent you are out. There’s no need for weeks of high Court argy-bargy on that.

    Prime Ministers are not supposed to ignore the Constitution. If they do then they leave themselves and their actions open to High Court challenges. As this farce of a government has only this week pissed off just about every lawyer in the country the legal eagles are probably not going to look too kindly at shonky work from Turnbull and Co.

    Bob Day, clearly, has been insolvent for quite some time. He was insolvent before this year’s election, but conveniently forgot to mention that trifling little piece of trivia. He should not have been allowed to seek re-election. But somehow he managed it and now here he is, insolvent, owing something like $37.8 million, his company in liquidation and most likely he is soon to be homeless.

    Day says he has written a letter of resignation, but he hasn’t handed it in yet, or he did but he took it back, or he forgot to date it, or something like that. He’s being very coy about it all. Soon he will be telling us the GG’s dog ate his letter and he hasn’t got around to writing another one yet, possibly because he can’t afford the pen and paper.

    A Prime Minister with a spine would have demanded his resignation the day this news broke.Bugger waiting for a letter that might never arrive. He should have had Day dragged to his office and dismissed him on the spot. .

    But we don’t have a Prime Minister. We have a spineless jellyfish who desperately needs Bob Day’s one lousy, tainted vote to get his union-bashing legislation through the senate. So The Jellyfish is doing all he can to make sure Day hangs on to that senate seat until after the voting is done.In doing that he is ignoring the very precise rules in the Constitution.

    The latest news is someone, an ‘unnamed white knight’ is looking at buying Day’s empire so Day will no longer be insolvent and can continue to sit in the Senate.

    You would have to wonder if our multi-zillionaire Jellyfish has chipped in to help keep Day solvent. Has he suddenly become Sir Malcolm the White Knight? The Jellyfish did throw a couple of million to the Liberal Party to make sure he won the election, so he has a lot in common with Day who bought his Family First pre-selection (twice) with very generous donations to his party. It would not be too tin-foil hat to suggest a newly formed subsidiary of Turnbull Inc has suddenly found a stash of $100 notes behind the sofa cushions at a certain Point Piper harbourside mansion.

    Would a new buyer make Day solvent? I don’t think so. The money from such a sale would have to go to Day’s creditors and to the families who are stuck with uninhabitable half-built homes because Day ran off with all the money they paid to have them built. Day will still come out of it insolvent. He should have resigned last week.

    • Just this morning I proposed on Twitter the chance of getting a class-action going against Turnbull himself for deliberately and against much expert advice , screwing up the NBN….there has been some interest..

  8. Dressage thoughts.
    SHE was competing at the dressage comp’ yesterday and while I was there as an observer, I got to thinking about Joe6pack…well, not about Joe himself, though THAT may be a source of inspiration at times, but rather his tarpaulins..his truck tarpaulins..and how they pull them so tight with those tricky-truckies-knots..some of which could compete with the Gordian Knot of mythology…I only know one simple one, but then all I gotta tie down are a few bales of hay…But I got to thinking how those tarps are tied as tight as a drum-skin..and I got to thinking.

    I also got to thinking about Hedy Lemarr, the actress..she seemed to be quite often dressed in jodhpurs..but in those days they had those loose “wings” like the Gestapo blokes had..AND she also had the ubiquitous riding crop, which , when she was rudely insulted by Ronald Coleman, her leading man, she’d suddenly raise the crop to give him a deservedly swish across the face…but he’d grab her wrist before she could and he’d pull her angry body close to him..closer, closer…, and then there’d be that rise in dramatic music from that Hollywood classic composer; Alfred Newman (without the “E” ), with the violin cat-gut howling romance and the camera would pan-in for the close-up of those Hedy Lemarr fiery eyes and then would come that agro smooching…you know the score..

    Anyway..there I was observing..in the line of research, y’know..an’ I’m thinking that stretch lycra is a very forgiving material…VERY forgiving..AND, if I may make a studied observation..a very complimentary material as well…

    I had the opportunity at one point in my research to be following a rider of favourable proportions walking a steed in front of me as I made my way to the registration post..and I had chance to make note of how the rocking gait of the horse encouraged a rhythmic movement complimentary to the saddle cantle (that curved part at the rear of the saddle seat) that allowed a firm set of buttocks to ease and thrust against it..and the invention of stretch lycra allowed that firm, thrusting flesh contained within those johdpurs a freedom of movement not so easily enjoyed in days of yore..

    I might make note here, that it is certainly an advantage when researching “in-situ” that one makes use of a pair of suitable sun-glasses..so one doesn’t “spook” the quarry.. very important if one wants to retain “integrity of detail”in their results..those reflective ones would probably be the best, if more expensive..but hey..I’m not telling you anything you didn’t know already and I apologise if I am seen to be preaching to the converted!

    Anyway, that got me thinking about Joe6pack’s tarpaulins and how tight those truckies tie them down..and I’m thinking that it must be a very satisfactory feeling getting those tarps stretched tight as a drum-skin and running your hand over that taut material..perhaps even giving them a flick with thumb and index finger..just to hear them “sing”…a very satisfying feeling indeed…..of a job well done..

    Eh, Joe?

  9. The government’s polling must be worse than we have been told. They are going full-throttle hate on refugees and asylum seekers, coming up with the worst legislation yet.

    And more –
    Asylum Seekers To Be Banned From Australia ‘For Life’: Report
    The government wants to rush strict new immigration laws through parliament.

    Australia will become the first country in the world to pass laws banning certain refugees from entering the country.

    Come on Labor, now’s your chance. Block this!

  10. I have go past how low this government can go. Labor needs to get all the successful refugees that have high achievements to stand with them and say no.

  11. I do not believe the ALP will open the door on a stoush over asylum seekers/refugees. It is what Turnbull wants, given his polling problems. The losers, as always, will be the poor blighters stuck in our offshore gulag.

    • no excuse. just how I think it will go.

      I am of the firm belief Labor will refuse to take the bait. In the long term they will do a Russian Winter on this issue.

  12. Coalition just acting as normal. Back in the Rodent’s time they hectored NZ to change its immigration laws. Why ? Because of the Racist rabble’s fear that too many ‘brown’ people from the Pacific Islands might come to Australia. using NZ citizenship . They told NZ its laws were too lax when it came to granting citizenship.to such coloured folk.
    When NZ did not comply Howie made all sorts of drastic changes affecting NZers coming to and living in Australia..

  13. If I was Shorten, I would not straight out oppose this. He is starting by asking to see the full text of the proposed legislation so I think Shorten will look for a way to avoid this wedge.

    This legislation will be challenged in the High Court and with no Solicitor General advice, I can’t see Brandis getting it right.

    It may get the refugees out of our rotten gulag earlier, if Labor can use it as a re-wedge. ‘You have what you want, resettle these people now.’ It is probably a faint hope as the Libs will not give up their hostages easily.

    All in all, a disgusting situation, where doing the right thing has no positives for anyone, including the refugees.

    • no, that is not always the case. The right thing is bipartisan handling of the issue, putting people first. If one does the right thing while the other does the exact opposite, the situation can stay the same for decades.

      In this case it will stay the same until the death of the generation brought up in a white racist culture, unless a way is found around it.

  14. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/29/south-korea-president-orders-10-staff-members-to-resign-amid-worsening-crisis a day old

    http://askakorean.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/the-irrational-downfall-of-park-geun-hye.html worth reading this background blog post, it expalins a lot



    https://mic.com/articles/157977/inside-the-secret-meeting-that-changed-the-fate-of-vine-forever note the bit about harassment, keep in mond Vine is owned by Twitter


    “The primary vote share of unsuccessful City Ward candidates was: Julian Fidge (12.90 per cent); Ashlee Fitzpatrick (8.89 per cent); Greg Mirabella (8.48 per cent); George Dimopoulos (6.28 per cent); Russell Stone (4.54 per cent); and Luke Davies (4.12 per cent).”

    Yes, Greg Mirabella is Sophie’s husband. He’s lost his big to regain his council seat post the 2013 sacking, so did his unpleasant running-mate, Julian Fidge.

    Julian Fidge was at the heart of Wangaratta Council’s dysfunction. See this from 2015.

    The state govt sacked it in 2013.

    Julian Fidge was also a preference feeder candidate for Sophie in the fed election.

  15. For the very few who may be interested in Gippsland council elections. 5 out of 6 Gippsland councils have posted results (Bass Coast, South Gippsland, Latrobe, Wellington, East Gippsland) and all up 19 incumbent Councillors have been defeated (4 each in Bass Coast and East Gippsland, 3 each in Latrobe and Wellington and 5 in South Gippsland).

  16. Aerchie on asylum seekers:

    We are against crime. Most of us, according to polling, are all for stronger measures against criminals.

    Yet now most of us are horrified when that is taken to its logical conclusion.

    President Rodrigo Duterte has simply moved the guidelines about how to treat criminals. We don’t need wasteful trials where the only beneficiaries are the lawyers. Why have a trial when we can simply shoot the criminal. That oldfashioned idea of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is just sentimental codswallop from a bygone era.

    No, we in the Western world are not quite ready to accept such a solution.

    We still give the drug dealers trials and prison sentences although we do destroy the products they sell.dutertton

    But is the Duterte method so far from our moral position?

    We don’t like the idea of evil people smugglers sending people, as asylum seekers, out to possibly die at sea. We see that as an evil crime. Peter Dutton tells us it is.

    Our solution is the same as Duterte‘s is with the drug dealers. Destroy the product they sell. The asylum seekers.

    This solution predates Duterte’s method of dealing with drug dealers but is very similar!

    The difference is that with the Dutton method we do it slowly, not quickly, with a bullet. We incarcerate indefinitely and drive these people insane. We remove all hope and wash our hands of the mental and human consequences.

    After all, they are only the product the criminals are pushing. It isn’t as though they are real human beings.

    • That is an appropriate analogy. rotten as.
      I will always remember my shock when Rudd went off his tree about ‘people smugglers’, I had a gut feeling then that we lost any control of this issue.

  17. Gippsland Laborite,

    You – along with Kirsdarke – are a mine of information on all matters concerning elections. For my part, I don’t care whether you comment on the local club’s recent ballot, or the latest decisions on Alpha Centauri. You are a true gem.

    • 8. Fizza has not called him a dickhead (“When asked by Neil Mitchell on 3AW radio, if Senator Brandis was a “dickhead”, Mr Turnbull did not respond”).

  18. I don’t think Comey will last long

    The political pressure on FBI director James Comey intensified on Saturday night as four powerful Democratic senators demanded immediate answers about the bureau’s announcement it is examining new material as part of its investigation about Hillary Clinton’s email server.

    Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Dianne Feinstein of California, Thomas Carper of Delaware and Benjamin Cardin of Maryland wrote to Comey and the attorney general, Loretta Lynch, to insist on a thorough briefing by Monday about Comey’s decision to tell congressional officials about new material from an “unrelated case” – a decision that shook the campaigns with only 10 days to go.

    “[N]o later than Monday 31 October 2016,” the senators wrote, “we request you provide us with more detailed information about the investigative steps being taken, the number of emails involved, and what is being done to determine how many of the emails are duplicative of those already reviewed by the FBI.”


  19. jaycee If I never have to tarp a semi again it will be too soon but there is definitely a knack to doing it correctly.
    I had this cranky old boss many years ago that would go around the load and if he found a rope that was loose or incorrectly tied he would make you untie the whole lot and start again. Miserable old bastard but you learnt to tie them correctly pretty quickly , If gates were involved and was fairly level I could do one in about 1/2 hour longer if was a odd size. you then had to re tighten everything after a hour on the road to set it properly, Young fellas with tautliners have got it easy these days but general freight work still require proper tarping most of the time

  20. Myth busted: Stay-at-home parents don’t get more than those who work

    And –
    Government’s scare tactic about the welfare system treats us like idiots
    Greg Jericho
    Example of parents being better off on welfare than working is absurd. Never has being a single mother of four been considered a ticket to easy street

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