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  1. Disappointing results in the Ballarat council election. The lying Liberal Amy Johnson was returned in the North Ward (infamous for being elected in 2012 as an “Independent”, but joined the Liberal Party the day after the election). The other two in my ward seem to be Independent. The one I voted for didn’t get up.

    The Central Ward returned its 3 sitting councillors, disappointing there as they were 1 Liberal, 1 Independent and 1 Green.

    And the South Ward returned the only Labor sitting councillor Des Hudson, as well as the Liberal Ben Taylor (who resigned in 2012 to run for the 2014 State election for Buninyong), and the Independent Jim Rinaldi.

    Very unfortunate to see such a low turnover, because this council has been just awful.

  2. Bendigo council has basically been turfed out with only two past councillors returning.

    Five women and 4 men. The dreadful anti Mosque woman Elise Chapman didn’t make it, though her and another bigot polled strongly.

    I have no idea who is affiliated with which party as only the Greens announced it. It was impossible to find who was conservative or progressive and I think thats possibly why women polled so strongly, at least if we vote for a woman they might be OK.

  3. Gippy Laborite

    You know that saying, ‘ignorance is bliss’? I wish I hadn’t asked. We now have the most backward council ever. Not one progressive amongst them. Ugh!!!

    • In Wellington one of the councillors defeated was Patrick McIvor, who was part of the push to overturn Darren Chester’s preselection after Chester’s change of heart on marriage equality. Also former Family first candidate Michael Rowell who, by the looks of it, spent a fortune on corflutes and advertising, came dead last in the central ward.

    • Would love to know when signs became corflutes. About the same time as water bottles becoming portable re-hydration devices or having a blue with your 12 year old brother became sibling-rivalry?

      When citizens became clients? Rent-seekers, became interest-groups and voters, stakeholders?

      Internment/Concentration Camps became off shore processing. The less-well-off, become aspirational or worse, the lower socio economicly disadvantaged.

      In recent times, Singapore no longer has floods. When underground car-parks in Orchard Rd are under water the gahmen refers to the situation as “ponding”.

      And the US no longer goes to war, it proceeds to interdiction.

      Sorry, I think I may need to go off to the room of mirrors and re adjust my karma.

    • Gravel

      Wasn’t there a lot of whinging and moaning about the council code of conduct up that way?

    • Looks like that old scrapper saying was right after all..: “You get ’em down, you make sure they stay down and you make sure they don’t get up in any hurry”.

    • EXPLETIVES x infinity! There goes my blood pressure…

      that hate mongering bigoted opportunistic gloating ignoramus…..

      was the asylum policy the price of her support for welfare cuts and other LNP nasty policies…?

    • I’d say she has always been in favour of welfare cuts. It’s possible she demanded tougher cuts, though.

      That’s odd, really, because Hanson has been living on a government handout – her parliamentary pension – since she was voted out in 1998. Without that steady income she would not have been able to afford to more backwards and forwards between Queensland and NSW, depending on which bloke she was shacked up with at any given time. She would not have been able to afford that trip she made to the UK when she was thinking of migrating but found there were just too many immigrants of colour there. And she certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford that little plane or to afford the services of James Ashby.

      She’s just another pig with her snout in the trough.

  4. Good on Pauline.. That tweet should get the message though to even the most ardent worshippers of the Magnificence that is Mal in the press gallery.

  5. Baw Baw Shire results are in. Only one councillor was defeated bringing the Gippsland councillor casualty count to 20 (5 in South Gippsland, 4 each in Bass Coast and East Gippsland, 3 each in Wellington and Latrobe and 1 in Baw Baw)

  6. jaycee@jaycee

    @OddemocracyA @glebbern “…and then Malcolm gave my balls a little squeeze of affection + said he’d do the same 4 Pauline when he sees her”

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