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Just Because

In old Germanic tribes, the day of the week was dedicated to the goddess Freya, which is why in English Friday called Friday.


 In Catholic countries Friday – the sixth, not fifth day of the week.


“Friday” – the proper name of the character of the novel by Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”, the native and the novel’s heroine, “Friday, which kills” the science fiction of Heinlein – spy and trained killer.


 In most places, where the adopted five-day week, Friday – the last working day before the weekend and is therefore seen as an occasion for celebration and relaxation – “Friday’s syndrome.”


Abbott wants his job back


 Shorten is doing well


And Tomorrow is the cox plate.


What’s your tips? Pick the winner for Bragging rites.


Winx not included.



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  1. I didn’t think Bob Day would have the hide.

    If anyone’s vote requires government ministers to skedaddle out of the chamber like gazelles, it would be Bob Day’s.

    Turnbull has given up any vestige of the enlightened, exciting Renaissance Man that he started out as.

    Bill Shorten should ask Turnbull whether he will accept Day’s vote.

  2. Snot just did what a pollie should never do: answer a question with an open-ended question.

  3. Perhaps Bob is desperate for a few more weeks sucking on the taxpayers teat ? He sure needs every penny ant the moment.

  4. If you open the tweeter’s tweet & see the thread, he has more to say about this thing

  5. Penny Wong –

    Tonight, the nation’s 2nd highest law officer resigned over a naked power grab by George Brandis, and an explosive letter reveals Barnaby Joyce sacked his department head to cover up his own crimes. Read together, the Grimes letter and the Gleeson letter tell you something shocking about the integrity of senior ministers in this government, and why they should be the ones resigning

  6. Part 9


    Pennsylvania has been a key swing state for several elections however the last time a Republican has carried the state was in 1988. Polls has consistently put Hillary Clinton in the lead and she is likely to carry the state

    One of the key races for the Senate in this election is the race in Pennsylvania between incumbent Republican Pat Toomey and Democratic Candidate Katie McGinty. Polling is currently showing a tight race with a slight edge to McGinty

    Pennsylvania was gerrymandered by the Republicans prior to the 2012 election and it was so bad the Dems only won 28% of the seats despite winning a bit over 50% of the vote on the house ballot. However there are a couple of districts that are competitive. The most competitive this cycle is the 8th District due to the narrowness of the district (PVI R+1) and the fact that the incumbent is retiring. Also if the democrats do well then the 6th, 7th and 15th (all PVI R+2) could be within their reach.

    Pennsylvania’s governor is not up for election this cycle

    Ballot Initiatives
    The only ballot initiative up for a vote is one raising the retirement age of Pennsylvanian judges from 70 to 75

    Also here’s a bit of info about the Cook Partisan Voting Index (PVI) that I have been referring to

  7. Final part for tonight part 10

    Ohio and Indiana

    Ohio is the another contender for the title of mother of all swing states having gone to the winner of the presidency at every election but one since 1948. Recent polls have shown Hillary Clinton taking the lead again and if Trump continues to tank then she’ll keep the state in the Democratic column. Indiana on the other hand is a reliably Republican state with the GOP winning all but one of the last 12 elections in Indiana (2008). Some polls, however have shown the race tightening here but Trump has a slight edge for now.

    The Ohio Senate race should’ve been a close one but the general consensus is that the Democratic candidate, former Governor Ted Strickland, has run a shocking campaign and that the incumbent republican Rob Portman will win easily. In Indiana, on the other hand, the Democrats got lucky when former Senator Evan Bayh jumped into the race at the last minute in order to try and win his old Senate seat back. The most recent poll has him leading the republican candidate, Congressman Todd Young, by six points in the race to succeed retiring republican Dan Coats.

    Ohio, like Pennsylvania, has been heavily gerrymandered by the republicans to given them an overwhelming majority of seats even when the overall vote is tight (like it was in 2012). And the only district that may be competitive is the Dayton-based 10th district (PVI R+3) and even then it is probably a long shot. Indiana has also been gerrymandered however a couple of polls (albeit for pro-Democratic groups) appear to have the 9th District based in Southwest Indiana as potentially competitive. This could be due to the fact that this is the seat that Todd Young is vacating to run for the Senate and the seat has been represented by Democrats recently from 2006-2010, however it is a long shot given the partisan nature of the district (R+9). Additionally the 2nd District in Northern Indiana (R+6) could be a target if the Democrats are having a good election.

    The governorship in Ohio is not up this time around but the Indiana governorship is up for grabs and it looks like Mike Pence’s decision to forgo the race to become Trump’s running mate may have put the GOP’s hold on the governor’s mansion in jeopardy. Recent polls have the Democratic candidate, former speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, John Gregg leading by between 5 and 12 points over republican candidate, Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb.

    Ballot Initiative
    The only initiative on the ballot in these two states is one in Indiana that would establish a constitutional right to hunt and fish.

  8. I might leave you with this. An appraisal of media depictions of Hillary Clinton over the past 25 years

  9. Looks like the ACT cabinet will have seven.

    Pleased to say that my electorate, 1 of 5, will have two in there: Yvette and Gordon Ramsay.

    Yvette, like her dad, is a goodie. Gordon Ramsay is a hard worker around Kippax, where I live.

    Portfolios won’t be allocated till Shane Rattenbury makes up his mind whether he wants a ministry (he will).

  10. You may be about to watch or will choose to miss

    Monday 24th October at 9:36 pm (66 minutes)
    Arthur Sinodinos, Tanya Plibersek, Chris Mitchell, Robert Manne & Christine Dolan: On the panel: Cabinet Secretary Arthur Sinodinos, Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek; Former Editor-in-chief of ‘The Australian’ Chris Mitchell; investigative journalist Christine Dolan & writer Robert Manne. #QandA
    2016, Premiere, CC, Live, News, Factual

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