Happy Frappe Day Friday

Today is International Frappe Day


Apparently it comes in many styles

Chockie and Cream




Not sure about this one


This one looks ok


as well as this


So cheers to Frappe Day Friday, I  think you cant go past this one but I do have a educated palate, so maybe not everyone would appreciate the fine qualities of Nescafe


If enough people are interested I will do a Melbourne cup sweep again this year.



448 thoughts on “Happy Frappe Day Friday

  1. I pre-polled on the first day, so have been happily thumbing my nose at fliers, auto-diallers etc.
    One caught my eye, though.

    It appears at first glance to be a hand-written note (“Dear neighbour”), urging me to vote for a local Liberal candidate.

    * The paper has an odd textured surface with subtle ridges, unlike the usual 80gsm printer paper.
    * It appears to have been cut (somewhat inaccurately) from a larger sheet.
    * The “hand writing” is reverse italic, and the style appears feminine – unlike the alleged author’s name. They add too many squiggles to works like “comm(m)unity.”
    * There are no indentations in the paper, and under magnification, it has clearly been printed (halftone artifacts or similar) – leaning towards inkjet as it doesn’t have the shine of a laser printer.

    While it does have a name and address (no street number) and mentions the candidate’s party, it has more than a whiff of astroturf to it.

  2. Trev, Dave

    Heard a comment this arvo at the gym, got a sarcastic ironic laugh from me and few others standing around waiting for a class… older guy talking to young guy, they were obviously arguing about the election… young guy said something about the Libs promise to build small hospital in Tuggeranong, older guy responded “fat chance, Canberra Libs only know how to blow up hospitals….”

  3. Just watched Bambi Baird’s presser for his Doggies back down. Is it just me or are the tie tiers for Baird and his nodder abysmal ? Lo

  4. angrybee101

    “fat chance, Canberra Libs only know how to blow up hospitals….”

    ‘Ektually’ they do not. One of my brags in life is having been part of the small team that did every implosion demolitions in Perth. When they did it in Canberra , using cowboys, they killed a young girl.
    Canberra fuack up

    Here is the mob I worked for.

    • It was obviously a sarcastic comment… But yeah I was there too, over near the yacht club. Canberra has long memory, Kate Carnell (still living off the public purse) will be forever unpopular in this town…..

  5. Kate Carnell was in charge (ie Chief Minister) and as far as I know the family of the young girl have never been compensated and KC is still prancing around.

  6. Apart from the fact of how DARE they blow up the hospital where I was born, had my eye operation, my tonsils removed, and my broken arm set TWO DAYS after it was bruck, it was an appallingly managed, cheapskate, shonky, and deplorable affair.

    Why Kate Carnell doesn’t have at least a metaphorical albatross around her scrawny neck I just don’t know.

    • can’t claim birth at RCH, but tonsils, appendix and broken wrist. Every time that witch shows her face on tv spruiking lib mantra, abolish penalty rates etc, I want throw something at her…

      Jeremy Hansen sounds like a moderate, but last time we had Libs in govt in the assembly and the c’wealth, canberra was decimated by public sector cuts.

      One of the ALPs adverts uses Newman as an example… “can’t trust the Libs”.

      It will be an interesting weekend.

  7. Aye, Angrybee, Carnell not a fav with those with memories, destroying a hospital, contractors and sub-contractors, killing Katie Bender, drink driving, Bruce Stadium going from $20m to $80m. Her govt was a disaster, she was a disaster, drinking champers from a black-tie event at Stromlo watching the fires approach the night before its destruction ( http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/01/20/1042911332579.html ).

    I also watched the explosion but a fair distance away seeing the splashes in the water thinking that’s not good.

    I did harass an Liberal candidate today infront of Belco Westfield – I had to ask where’s the new hospital they promise in their placards against the light-rail is to be located – he couldn’t tell me – so it’s a lie I said out aloud and he stuttered – so you’re going to claim the extensions to Woden, or the new teaching hospital at Canb Uni, or throw our money at John James private I demanded. I got a shrug, they don’t care, and no-one in the media will ask too hard either.

    I’m absolutely sure they have no intentions of funding another hospital – but they will be there to cut the ribbons at Woden extension and Canberra Uni Teaching hospital that Labor initiated, planned and funded – and ABC will televise it without mentioning that Libs had nothing to do with it but rather opposed them whilst in opposition.

    I really am worried Liberal wreckers will get in aided by our lying media.

  8. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Paul McGeough says the Republicans are in their greatest crisis since Watergate. Delicious!
    Trump is America’s abusive boyfriend, the one Mum can’t seem to shake
    Trumps Great Unhinging continues.
    The “unshackled” Trump will now “go to war”. Google.
    Trump’s self-promotion has destroyed his brand.
    Trump’s truest believers are worried – and so they should be. maybe they should look into a mirror.
    It appears there a more damaging tapes that are around the place, this time with him using the “n” word.
    The housing boom has changed the way Australian live. Too right it has!
    Barnaby Joyce is defying the Senate over his pork barrel move of public servants to Armidale in his electorate.
    This MUST stop! Thanks Mr Rudd.
    Life insurance companies get in early and introduce an enhanced code of conduct regarding investigations.

  9. Section 2 . . .

    Consumer groups slam the industry’s code of conduct.
    Adele Ferguson writes that it’s time the life insurance industry got with the times.
    It’s RIP for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Ouch!
    Why Baird has staked his future on the greyhound racing backflip.
    Mark Kenny apportions the blame for the SSM debacle.
    Now the divisive plebiscite is sunk now let’s get on with it and legislate for marriage equality.
    Turnbull won’t discuss what will happen with SSM while the Senate has yet to consider the bill.
    Turnbull catapulted into the danger zone after Labor sinks the marriage equality plebiscite says Katherine Murphy.
    Turnbull is trussed up, unable to deliver either marriage plebiscite or parliamentary outcome writes Michelle Grattan.
    Paul Bongiorno says that Turnbull will be left at the altar with the plebiscite.

  10. Section 3 . . .

    Cormann confirms that the privatisation of the APS will continue. Google.
    Another One Nation senator demonstrates that one needs to be a crackpot to get anywhere in that Party.
    Peter Martin on CEDA’s excoriation of “do nothing” Turnbull.
    Greg Jericho on Morrison’s faith in a business sector that is not investing.
    Abbott publicly criticises the government party room of leaking.
    An open letter to the lovely Jim Molan. It’s a cracker.
    Security experts say Turnbull should abandon using his Point Piper mansion.
    Peta Credlin calls out the “gutless wonders” in Canberra over their Trump-style locker room talk.
    Another management cock-up by Woolworths.
    7-Eleven is closing stores in the wake of the wages scandal.

  11. Section 4 . . .

    Senator Macdonald continues with his stellar performances as chairman of Senate committees.
    The Independent Australia has been having some interesting interaction with James Ashby.
    NAB is reeling after three IT failures in a week.

  12. Section 5 . . . Cartoon Corner

    John Shakespeare with Baird’s greyhound racing position.

    Paul Zanetti joins in on Baird’s backflip.

    David Rowe with a beauty on Turnbull’s current position on SSM.

    Here’s David Pope’s take on it.
    Something similar from Mark Knight.
    Matt Golding on hacking in the cabinet room.

    Great stuff from Warren Brown!

    Sean Leahy with the Trump defence.

    More from Matt Golding as he captures the moment the fact checkers blew up.

    Jon Kudelkas’s version of the plebiscite.

  13. It would be well worth anyone on twitter re-tweeting Ben’s first tweet here, the one with the article




    http://www.afr.com/news/politics/national/abbott-blames-nsw-liberal-party-for-almost-losing-election-20161011-grzttv might be paywalled, try opening through twitter or google the URL to click through

  14. The school funding thing –

    Matthew Knott writes a piece whining about how much more funding private schools receive, blames it all on Bill Shorten and barely mentions that he is referring only to federal funding.

    I’m sick of this deceptive rubbish. It’s important to understand the history of federal funding for education, to understand how it works. The Gonski plan aimed to change everything, but it was never been properly implemented and is now dead. I’m not going into a discussion of the ins and outs of Gonski because that would take all day.

    State governments provide the bulk of funding for public schools and – surprise, surprise – that comes from federal funding to the states. If the states decide they should spend more money on freeways and less on education then they do exactly that.

    Public schools do get a little bit of federal funding. The measly amounts Knott mentions are federal funding, not the overall funding public schools have.

    This article, written before Gonski and going only as far as the 2011/2012 budget, explains the history of schools funding in Australia and how it worked until 2011.

    Peter Garret in his time as Minister for School Education described this system as ‘a dog’s breakfast’. This article also explains how some private schools were grandfathered by John Howard, to ensure their federal funding kept growing.

    A notable example of the way the SES system has been abused is The King’s School. Because this school is very popular with rural elites many of its pupils come from country areas that are economically disadvantaged, so the school’s SES rating has always been rorted to show the school as catering for a disadvantaged majority. This, of course, means lots more federal funding for the lavish palace that provides education of the sons of the squattocracy. I’m sure other elite private schools that cater for this group also enjoy this rort, but Kings is notorious for it.

    A good question that Matthew Knott should have asked, but didn’t is this –
    Why does a public school in wealthy St Ives, NSW, need to charge fees of $1466 a year, per child when that school is fully funded by both state and federal governments? Why do public schools charge fees at all? This is something that should be debated, but never is.

  15. Some people help:

    People in the suburbs of Paris are taking the migrant crisis into their own hands, all thanks to a new Facebook challenge that’s quickly going viral.

    It all started when a delivery driver called Malik Diallo, who lives in Sarcelles in the northern suburbs of Paris, decided to get his friends together and get them cooking.

    They prepared a series of 150 simple meals, packed them into paper plates, tin foil, and plastic bags then headed into Paris to share them with migrants.


  16. Those pay-walled afr articles.

    There are two steps the article goes through. First, the article goes up. Then, the wall goes up.

    If you click on the refresh button in your browser between the two it stops the wall going up. You have to be pretty quick. Click as soon as you see the article.

  17. Love it

    Breaking news from AAP and the High court:

    Four former federal politicians have lost their high court challenge over reduced post-parliamentary perks.

    The four – a Howard government defence minister, John Moore, the Hawke government minister Barry Cohen and Labor MPs Barry Cunningham and Anthony Lamb – had used the same legal principle made noteworthy by the Australian comedy movie The Castle.

    They argued their entitlements under the Superannuation Act and to a life gold travel pass were their property which had been acquired by the commonwealth other than on the just terms required by a section in the constitution.



    Supplement to Daily Program for Wednesday, 12 October 2016


    “The Government’s failure of leadership in energy system modernisation.”

  19. “and can the prime minister answer the question without another tantrum about a text message?”

  20. Gabrielle Chan is having another good day.

    Good at pointing out inconsistencies in ministers’ answers.

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