Happy Frappe Day Friday

Today is International Frappe Day


Apparently it comes in many styles

Chockie and Cream




Not sure about this one


This one looks ok


as well as this


So cheers to Frappe Day Friday, I  think you cant go past this one but I do have a educated palate, so maybe not everyone would appreciate the fine qualities of Nescafe


If enough people are interested I will do a Melbourne cup sweep again this year.


448 thoughts on “Happy Frappe Day Friday

  1. I maybe just on old bugger and as “bodoh as sotong”. (Silly as a squid), but I can’t access the comments made by Turnbull’s son. Maybe because I don’t subscribe to Off-Your-Face-Book? Dunno. What did he say?

    • The headline and opening line of your link shows what an extraordinarily “innovative” government we have. Now what is the right work for this sort of rule ? Hippopygiarchy ? Apologies to all who know even the slightest amount of ancient Greek 🙂

      Turnbull government accidentally supports Labor in second embarrassing parliamentary blunder

      The Turnbull government has suffered a second embarrassing failure in Parliament, effectively voting to call on itself to explain its own failures on multinational tax avoidance

  2. Turnbull is quite the security risk.

    This morning we discovered his insistence on living in his mansion instead of using the official residences is a huge security nightmare.

    Now there’s this –
    Malcolm Turnbull and senior cabinet ministers using WhatsApp could pose security risk: experts.

    Fairfax Media has spoken with four cyber security experts who have each flagged potential security issues with the widespread use of WhatsApp by the Turnbull government – particularly at a cabinet level – in place of secure, government email servers from platforms approved by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), Australia’s cyber intelligence agency.

    Craig Searle, the founder of security consultancy firm Hivint, pointed out WhatsApp was not an approved platform on the ASD list of Evaluated Products or Certified Cloud Services, whereas Apple’s iOS operating system and Blackberry’s operating system were


  3. fizza a cybersecurity risk?

    How can that possibly be?

    Didn’t he invent the internet all by his clever little self?

  4. Now for something indecent and obscene, A billionaire slagging off people on welfare. Especially when said billionaire has received so much government largesse from all those lovely ways miners avoid paying a brass razoo in tax . Especially a billionaire born to a privileged family.Especially one who , along with Gina The Hutt lead the BLF’s ( Billionaire Liberation Front) war on the mining tax ( aka paying US for the use of what WE own.)

    MINING billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s blunt speech on our cash-splash welfare culture at the National Press Club has infuriated some social media users.

    In his speech, the billionaire chairman of Fortescue Metals took aim at cash splash welfare, saying it bred “complacency”, “laziness” and rewarded bad choices.


  5. Leone

    You come up with the goods every time, thank you for that link to the turnoff and son stuff. I think a golden echinda is due.

  6. Mike Baird is planning another backflip, this time on lock-out laws.

    What an outstanding gymnast the man is!

    Mike Baird expected to back down on Sydney lockout laws

    So he has made the greyhound racers and the gamblers happy, he might make the drunks happy, but what is he going to do about reversing his plans to privatise hospitals and destroy TAFE? Bugger-all, most likely.

    • Actually they are both bigger issues and bigger vote losers than the greyhounds and the lockout laws.

    • Leone,

      I do understand they are bigger issues, but where will the vote losses come? Will the rusted-ons really be upset by hospital privatisation in particular until it comes back to bite them?

      Similarly, though perhaps to a lesser extent, with the demolition of TAFE. Their grandkids don’t do those nasty, dirty, TAFE courses. They do proper eddication like law, medicine, accountancy etc.

      Of course, I hope you are right and am more than happy to be proved wrong.

    • I feel a soupcon of pity for the last Lib left leaning on the table to represent the government – but I am so unimpressed that the rest of the government representatives bunked out.

      Such poorly written legislation. Such incompetence in execution. I just hope those who voted for the Coalition because ‘the media told them to’ are realising what a poor showing with which they have provided this country.

  7. This may sound like a bit of sentimental tosh..but hey..

    Got the old shack up for sale…years ago, back in around 1980..we (the family / brother, sister and the old folks) chipped in a few hundred quid each and bought this cheap block of land on the peninsula and I built a holiday shack there..sure an it was built on the dirt cheap , out of bits of sticky-tape and bent wire sort of, but it was great for the kids to get away from the city and we’d go fishing, crabbing, that sort of thing…

    You’d get there and the first thing is you’d run to claim a bed and throw your clobber in one of the two big rooms with four beds in each, grab a crab-rake or fishing rod from the corner and make for the beach..the shack..and it really was a shack..was just to flop in for the night..cook the tucker in and watch the fire burn and crackle before you hit the sack….it was effing great when the kids were growing up..

    Some times there’d be half a dozen or so family or friends kids and the parents over for the school hols’ and it would be a whale of a time..sometimes on one of the days, we’d all go to Pt. Vincent to fish off the wharf there and I’d go check out the books and such in the op-shop over the road in St Neot’s (who the ‘eff is St Neot?..he ain’t no mick saint! ) church (best find : a first edition USA. of T.E.Lawrence ; “Seven Pillars Of Wisdom” !..heyyyy!) annex and we’d all end the day before going back to the shack with a big butcher’s wrapped paper pack of fish and chips..how many chips went to the seagulls!?..the fish being caught local from one of the fishing boats that worked the gulf in the area…geez!..it was good.

    But now, the old shack is up for sale, I am getting too old to maintain it..and after the recent hernia operation ( I’ll tell you about it someday!)..it’s all getting a bit too much for me..The kids have grown up into gen Y adults..and are no longer interested in “crab island” or “cockle cove” or “starfish rock”….the shallow flats are “smelly” now..and just who wants to gut and clean their own fish anymore?..indeed…who wants to even go fishing anymore..and the old place has that “old smell” and look..it never was pretty..the old shack..not like the brand-spanking new McMansions popping up all around the little enclave..and NO-WAY will anyone be using the “out-the-back” dunny..even if it is a flush toilet..the spiders?.the dark!? And the rainwater in the old tank..is it safe to drink?…doesn’t everyone nowadays have an ensuite?

    And those retirees who came there to getaway from the city…and brought the city expectations with them, expect there to be ; services, no fire risk..and that grey-water run-off from the kitchen and the shower that goes under the trees to keep them watered in the long hot summers..is that a health risk?..and if there is a bush fire, those trees around your shack could “catch on fire and send it onto my house..I’m going to ring the council”…But the birds, the animals, you protest..the delicate native lilies and such?..Poison the lot…not a blade of grass..not a hint of verdant cover shall tarnish the scoria and gravel..

    It’s the school holidays..and there are no kids fishing..not even an adult walking the beach..nor at the wharf at Pt. Vincent..no kids, no people even to watch the crayfish boat sidle up to the wharf and unload it’s catch..not a curious soul..what has happened..is this a kind of Brave New World of hideaway people..is there no wonder in nature anymore?..no cry of children in a discovery of delight..Do not the parents delight in showing and explaining even with a tad of bullshit those strange shells and twists of sea-worm casings..to tell lurid tales of the goings on there just around the next cliff of “smugglers cove”..of dark nights and pirates and booty and good lord knows what else to see the wide-eyed wonder in their eyes as they fall to sleep snuggled in you lap by the fire in the old shack…

    The shack is up for sale now..and I was there to cut the grass and tidy the place up a tad so it’ll look good…But really, it is only being sold for land-value..to be honest..no-one wants a shack anymore..you see..everyone now has an ensuite..the kids their ipads or smart-phones..But you know, as we were walking on the cliff-top road down to the jetty there..for just a moment..be it the wind-blown smell of the mallee trees in flower, or the cry of a gull in the air…for just that one short breath, I was back in the time with the kids and our arms full of fishing gear and buckets and a crab-net and we were all laughing and heading to the jetty and my little boy was saying that he bet he will catch a big, big squid…for just that one short moment..

    Time has stolen the years from me , and I could bloody well weep.

  8. Hello “Freefall”!

    I would love to republish your comment as a threadstarter v soon – but for the moment I’m going to gazump you with this:


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