Feverish Friday


Yes, the annual footie Grand Finals weekend has rolled around again.

In Victoria we have enjoyed a public holiday, and no doubt every cafe, bistro, etc has gone broke because of those naughty penalty rights.

I heard a poor deluded person on radio this morning who is flying from Sydney to watch the Swans (oops!) win tomorrow, and then flies back to Sydney to watch the Sharks thrash the Storm.

To be honest, I’m not a follower of either code – though I have to be somewhat aware of what is happening in the AFL because of a couple of friends whom it’s best to avoid when their team(s) lose.

However, this year I have some sentimental skin in the game: I really really want the Doggies to win. Sixty-two years is far too long.



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  1. WA had power outages yesterday due to storm damage, mostly from branches and debris falling onto power lines. The outages were due to failure of the poles and wires. Not all power has been restored yet.

    No politician has been on TV claiming it was all the fault of renewables, or the problems were caused by wind turbines failing in strong winds. Not one politician has tried to make this a huge political issue.

    Funny, isn’t it, compared to the blackouts in SA.

    • I think it is because WA has far more investment in solar- than wind-power. That, and politicians here have seen the scathing commentary about jumping to blitheringly stupid responses only a very short time ago. Short enough that they (or their PR teams) would not have forgotten, anyway.

  2. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/internet-us-government-managing-online-data-icann-domains-internet-corporation-assigned-names-a7340636.html




  3. Why do organisers think 60000 NRL patrons would like the sort of stuff that passes for pre-game entertainment these days?
    It’s a cacophonous turn-off.

    • I see a bit of a contradiction here. On the one hand he wants to ban the Dogs because of cruelty (?) and now he wants to be cruel to native animals. The man is mad.

    • I see the connection – the greyhounds occupy valuable land in Glebe, land which could be put into the hands of Liberal-supporting developers. The native animals are on land that could be cleared for development by the same Liberal-supporting developers.

      Need some proof? This was in the news earlier this year.

      Concerns for safety of Little Penguins at North Head in Manly
      The last remaining Little Penguin colony on the NSW mainland could be at risk if a tourism company’s bid to change its operating conditions is approved, environmentalists and advocates say.

      Mawland, which runs the Quarantine Station site at North Head in Manly, has applied for a raft of variations to its planning controls, including playing music in an outdoor area metres away from penguin nests, boosting visitor numbers and carrying out environmental audits less frequently

      And then this, a few weeks ago – ‘accidentally’ my arse.

      North Head penguin colony accidentally cleared by restaurant

      A colony of endangered Little Penguins, the last on the NSW mainland, have had parts of their critical nesting grounds allegedly cleared during building works at a restaurant, the state opposition claims.

      The breach is alleged to have taken place despite repeated recent efforts to save the penguins from wild fox attacks at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars, including a network of cameras and snipers.

      Labor alleged that vegetation covering 60 metres of “critical habitat zone” in a NSW national park at North Head was denuded after the Boilerhouse restaurant strayed over the boundaries of its licence during land clearing late last year


    • Isn’t. Bambi Baird one of those fundy xtians ? Came up a bit before he was elected but “All Quiet on the Western Front” since then.

    • No. He’s devoutly Anglican, very mainstream.

      He once had ideas about becoming an Anglican minister.

    • Anglican may be. But my unreliable memory has him connected with some pretty fundy types. Those C of E Anglicans aren’t all All Gas and Gaiters these days 🙂 Most especially those in Africa .

  4. It is still windy and cold here. Those new housing developments on the Adelaide flood plain are getting on swimmingly.

    • Why do I hear The Doctor’s leitmotif and the words “Bad Wolf” echoing in my ear with this image?

      Should we wield vinegar bottles when viewing a particular parliamentarian?

  5. The Sharks won!

    I was a bit worried for a while, I thought this would be the Kiss of Death.

    What a bunch of phonies.

    Morrison has to put on a bit of a show because he lives in the Shire – for the moment anyway. Howard is a Dragons supporter. Fizza was pretending to be a Sharks supporter. Well, why not.Pretending comes easy for him. He’s been pretending to be prime minister for a year, and pretending to be a Liberal for a long time.

  6. A local young guy in the CFS is into drones and he just sent me one of his first aerial HD photography efforts. It is of the Mount Torrens Centenary Park (of which I am Chairman of its committee).

  7. Global Research, September 30, 2016

    This carefully documented report by political correspondent Marwa Osman confirms that the US is supporting and arming the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels which are the object of the Syrian government’s endeavor to Liberate Aleppo, with the support of Russia.

    Crimes against humanity are being committed by Al Qaeda with the support of its sponsors including the US, Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    The Western media reports accusing Russia of deliberately targeting civilians are fabricated.

    The Syrian government operation is directed against the various terrorist entities with the support of Russia.

    America’s air raids launched by Obama in 2014 under a fake counterterrorism label are intent upon protecting rather defeating the ISIS – Daesh terrorists.


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