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  1. Until recent times My signature was pretty well exactly the same as it was when I was about 8 or 9 years old. For about 12 years I was a workplace delegate for the AWU and used to write out Union Membership tickets for an average of 500 Members every year.

    I had to sign my name in triplicate for each ticket I filled out. It took me about 3 days to complete the operation but I can guarantee that the last signature was identical as possible to the first one.

    But in the process of ensuring that the signatures closely matched the ones that I signed the year before, I used to finish each signing session with a totally stuffed right hand.

    The commission of about $1.00 per ticket helped to ease the discomfort to some degree though! 😉

  2. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the UN next week. i’d love to hear the reaction to Dutton and Fizza. I’m surprised they dare show their faces.

    UN human rights office calls on Australia to end offshore detention
    Chitralekha Massey, the new Pacific representative of the office says politicians must show courage and close Australian-run detention centres

  3. I think some guys are missing the point – the signature was not identical repetitive but unique repetitive.

  4. “Kambah Mick
    September 17, 2016 at 5:28 PM
    In a quiet moment, thinking about tax returns, my mind goes back to the mid sixties.”

    Wow – now 9 likes.
    Pub Miles Franklin!

  5. CTar,

    Did you have to suffer through a tooth extraction yesterday?

    I had the stump of one of my front teeth (broken chewing a rock hard snickers bar) and a back molar which had a poor crown fitted which allowed for the remainder to suffer from decay to the degree that the stump was useless & had to be removed done late on Thursday.

    Two of these operated on at the one time was 2 too many and I’m not exactly a happy chappy at the moment.

    Still, they say that time heals all wounds but I think I will soon get sick of cold, soft meals for the next week.

    A word of warning for those starting to get on a bit in years. Teeth do well to last 3 score years & 10 if extremely well looked after (baring accidents) but can start to fall apart fairly quickly in quite a short time in your sixties.

    Dentists & associated practitioners love older patients (their bank accounts fatten substantially the more seniors patients they have & as long as they have private health insurance) because they are regular patients in the chair as their teeth are wearing past the point of no return and present a number of expensive options to allow them to keep chomping on their favourite steaks of chops till they fall off the perch!

    Do your best to deny these overpaid, underprivileged buggers the standard of living that I don’t believe they are entitled to, as long as you can.

    One of these beggars hit me up for $1,00 for just 1 hour in the chair to do a root canal on the smallest tooth in my mouth & it didn’t need to be done at all. That didn’t include the $400 return airfare fro Rocky to Brisbane to have the work done.

    • Locally 2 years ago I spent $2000 for 6 sessions of teeth hygiene cleaning by the resident hygienist.
      Following that, the dentist proprietor (without prompting) quoted me a cheap price of $62,000 to fix my teeth.
      (I had thought I had some relationship with the dentist as I driven his young teenage home a couple of times from Scotch College tennis training as a favour).
      $62,000 bullshit

  6. earlyopener,

    I think some guys are missing the point – the signature was not identical repetitive but unique repetitive.

    I reckon that was mine to a tee! 😉

    • You have completely lost it jaycee.
      She wouldn’t hold a candle to Stevie Nicks!!!!

      Not to mention musical talent!

    • early’…you’ve spent too much time in too close examination of thoroughbreds to have a sensible opinion on the beauty of the human species..

    • jaycee – how can one have a sensible opinion?

      However, to counter your derisive comment I might add that my last live-in girlfriend was one of Australia’s leading lingerie models and mother to an international pop singer and actress!

    • Earlyopener,

      While Jaycee is more than capable of looking after himself, I will take this opportunity to remind you of The Pub’s rules:

      Toujours la politesse, Monsieur, s’il vous plaît. Merci beaucoup.

    • Pardon Fiona?
      jaycee and I are about the only ones with humour here.
      And where did I put a foot out of place?

    • Earlyopener,

      That is a large – and highly contestable – assertion.

      However, believe it as you will, I’m trying to be a peacemaker, so I shall basket and be briefly at peace with myself.

      Goodnight, all.

    • Fiona
      You do need the rest.
      Peacemaker between whom?
      (And were you sleeping yesterday when gravel said I had rocks in my head.)
      Do you want goodnight or goodbye?
      I’m easy.

  7. Scorps – Yep. 1 Wisdom tooth out. The thing was loose but took some getting out. Felt rats#it for the rest of the day but no bleeding and gum already closed over now.

    $270 for 15 minutes work … Dentists are on a winner.

    I hope your mouth better after a nights rest.

  8. Jaycee

    She’s largely forgotten now despite the number of Grammys she won.

    Great voice and could do it live. I saw her twice.

  9. I’d just like to take this moment to put in a plug for “Annies Lane” Shiraz.an excellent low cost alternative to Grange Hermitage when one is seeking a good drop at the home BBQ.

  10. carrt2016,

    $270 for 15 minutes work

    Me, $800+ for about 30 minutes plus the talk about all the things that can go wrong prior to the op and 10 minutes after letting me know all the things I can’t do for the next week or so and all the things I can’t eat or drink.

    ie hot drinks like coffee which I love & ie hot meals etc for about 5 days etc also!

  11. Just as I was about to hit “enter” to post that comment, everything went black with a loud bang. The lights came back on but no computer or screen.

    The lights of all the houses in the street came back on but the street lights were dark. (just came back on now)

    Unfortunately, the transformer for my computer screen (or my screen) is cactus so it is back to the old back-up one.

    Thank goodness the PC didn’t crack up as I have only just forked out $400 to get it back working again.

    These IT professionals don’t miss you either. Must take their billing ideas from the dentist professionals! 😉

  12. I had one extraction done paid by Trade Bart (barter system.) Still got most of my own teeth.

  13. Earlyopener @ 9:55pm,

    Yes, I do need sleep. This has been a torrid week: teaching, marking assignments, and more stressfully my mum being diagnosed and hospitalised with pneumonia.

    As for being a peacemaker, I wish to remind all Pubsters – including you – of The Pub’s only rule: treating others as you wish to be treated yourself.

    As for Gravel’s response to you yesterday, I did not see it at the time (being teaching or marking or visiting my mum), but I did check much later, and found your comment to Gravel which seems to have sparked her response. In my most measured opinion, I think your initial comment was unwarranted.

    I’m happy with a goodnight from you. It’s up to you whether you would prefer to make it a goodbye.

    • Fiona thanks for your reply but you still haven’t explained this –
      “While Jaycee is more than capable of looking after himself, I will take this opportunity to remind you of The Pub’s rules:

      Toujours la politesse, Monsieur, s’il vous plaît. Merci beaucoup.”

      In relation to gravels response yesterday – I was described by it as having rocks in my head re my comment and dis-appointment on Senator Conroy’s surprise resignation. Nothing personal towards gravel and no big deal.
      This is over the top stuff by you.
      Are you OK and you certainly should not be doing any student marking at the moment!

  14. Fiona
    I actually had a fight with a guy this afternoon in Eskdale Rd Caulfield with a guy 30 years my junior who was laughing when a lost small white fluffy dog was run over even when I was running in front of approaching cars trying to prevent it.
    I half won that one but most days are half empty.

  15. Crows finished for the year. Sad for me, BK and Puffy’s Oldma. Perhaps end the night with a Schubert Nocturne

    • GD,

      Youtube html needs to be on a line all by itself, i.e., you need to hit Enter before and after the youtube html.

  16. Well, tonight I’ve finished putting up the results of what’s probably one of the messiest state elections in Australian history on Wikipedia – the 1933 South Australian election.


    God there’s just so much wrong about it. That somehow Labor was split into 3 parties while the Liberals and Country parties united into one. It made the unique combination of multi-member districts with preferential voting that much more disastrous.

    It feels kind of sad looking at it from the future, that after this election, Labor did not form government in SA for another 32 years.

  17. Fiona – Thank you for that journey back to my one visit to the Royal Albert Hall for a Last Night of the Proms! Britannia Ruling the Waves is not my favorite sentiment about my motherland, but so evocative of my childhood.

    I went to The Pub tonight as usual before turning in and here I am re-living my childhood memories of Julie Andrews. She and I often sat on opposite sides of the track on Platforms of Walton-on-Thames suburban railway station, she alone and presumably off to rehearsals in London, already a child star, a prodigy………an inspiration to me an Eleven Plus scholarship child, working hard to lose the ‘Cockney’ accent which she was working hard to mimic in singing “All I want is a room somewhere…….” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hVqUeGBPmo

    That sentiment was so real to me. I was so often cold. Wonderful to know that she is still alive and kicking, if not singing!

    • Patricia,

      The only reason I included Britannia was because of that wonderful costume. I’m glad you enjoyed both sets of memories.

  18. Kirsdarke,

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on an even more interesting election – the 1949 Federal. As you’ll recall, there was a massive redistribution in which the reps was increased from 74 to 121 seats. Of this increase of 47, Labor won only 2. Nice one, that. I’ve never read of any credible explanation for it. By neutering Labor’s metropolitan power base, it formed the basis of a long standing gerrymander that would keep Labor out of power for over twenty years.

  19. Not exactly a subject of discussion here but:

    Calls to ban ‘dangerous’ imported shotgun after farmer left brain damaged

    A group of rice farmers from the Riverina in southern New South Wales are calling for a Turkish-made semi-automatic shotgun to be banned from sale in Australia after a farmer was left brain-damaged when one misfired.

    Lloyd Polkinghorne was given a huge knock to the head when his gun exploded sideways during a routine bird shoot over rice fields.

    “I just felt I’d been kicked in the head, it took me totally by surprise.”
    Incredibly, Mr Polkinghorne drove home and put himself to bed, but over the following weeks, the true extent of his head injury became apparent.

    He had suffered a serious brain injury and a cerebrospinal fluid leak.

    Advice to me long ago – Semi-automatic shotguns should not be used left handed as gas/cartridge (and anything else that goes wrong expels to the right i.e. in the direction of your head.

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    The VET scheme has been overrun by spivs and shysters,
    Peter FitzSimons’ weekly column.
    how to ditch your ISL if you have crappy speeds, etc.
    Contracts for maaates?
    Pressure mounts on the health system and more and more Australians quit or reduce their private cover.
    The WA Liberal Party is in tatters.
    Pauline Hanson is, sadly, deeply Australian says Annabel Crabb.
    George Williams pulls apart Turnbull’s SSM plebiscite legislation and says it could go down in a High Court challenge. It asks the wrong question.
    Paul Karp analyses Turnbull’s motives on SSM.
    How to counter Hansonism – by two people who would know.

  21. Section 2 . . .

    Greg Jericho writes again about the casualisation of the Australian workforce.
    Has Cormann transmogrified from Terminator to Negotiator?
    David Penberthy contrasts two consecutive Senate speeches. A good article. Google
    Lenore Taylor reviews a number of first parliamentary speeches.
    Take the time to watch this Guardian documentary on America – the Gun Nation.
    They are mad.
    John Manadue gets right down to the problems with Australians’ health.
    The great hospital car park rip-off. Google.
    And just add to Trump’s stupidities.
    Some exciting research at the ANU has found a way to speed up evolutionary change in enzymes.

    Mark Knight signals an AFL regime change.

  22. dedalus

    Lets see

    – Chifleys’ policy on nationalising the banks;

    – A long coal miners strike;

    – Ramped up fear of communism; and

    – Menzies policy of ending rationing.

    • Thanks carrt2016. You can always point to factors which contribute to the losing of any election. Those 4 you mention are obvious reasons for losing that one. But they don’t explain the losing of all but 2 of the extra 47 seats after the redistribution. Something about the redistribution itself explains that – but what it is I don’t really know.

    • At a guess I’d say the post-war immigration program played a role. New housing estates in the outer areas (often without much infrastructure of transport, schools, health that you had in the inner areas possibly leading to some frustration). There were ‘aspirational’ voters with home ownership opportunities and small businesses so that the demographics were less predictable than earlier.

      Freudenberg believed that Calwell stuffed up the redistribution, which was the reason Labor just missed out in the 1954 election despite getting a larger vote. So that could also have been a factor. But I think the changing demographics might have been the largest one, and Calwell might not have understood that.

      The reverse happened in SA. Playford’s successful industrial program and migration led to the urban sprawl reaching into nearby former country areas turning many former safe country seats into marginal and then Labor ones. The gerrymander in favour of country areas led to Playford being overrun in the 60s as more of these seats became Labor. You could say Tom Playford was eventually a victim of his own success, but he had held power with a very low state-wide vote.

  23. Every morning at this same time I have a internet “Mal-com” (Malfunction-communication) every day of the week..It gives me the shits!..crappy mobile broadband.

  24. I re-offer this little anecdote as a defence to the sometimes perceived “over-the-top” posts from several of the members of this esteemed site…in that it may be detrimental to suppress the “creative urges” that spontaneously arise with impromptu blogging..and while good manners and discrection must be retained toward allowing the more extreme of loose talk, I would like to encourage a more “forgiving” toleration toward those who , quote: “can’t help themselves”..

    Went away over the peninsular for a couple of days last week..nice break..no blues w/ th’ neighbours like BB. ..he seems to enjoy getting into scraps with the bogan “locals”!…on the way back, got the most endearing Aussie compliment from the OH…you see, we had just pulled out from the general store there at Pine Point..we had stopped for an ice-cream..we selected, and I was paying with the card ( these modern ice-creams cost the price of a small car!!) and I said to the lady behind the counter (one of our gen’) ;
    “I see you’ve mastered the technology then?”
    “Why? “ she asked curious as to what I meant.
    “Well, when I was in here a couple of days ago, you were swearing at the card-swipe there and saying that it was all meant to be easier”.
    “Oh, that!?” she replied in a slipping cockney accent (you can take the girl from the sound of Big Ben, but you can’t…)” It was the post-office charge thingy…it wouldn’t accept the name…and it seems if the name is hyphenated, like , say : ‘Donnington-Smythe’, you have to remove the hyphen to make it one word or it wont accept!”
    “Crikey” I said, “ That could be embarrassing…I grew up with a bloke whose name was Fooke…and he married a girl named Whitt…so imagine the problem THAT could cause..!” and I raised my eyebrows and gave her the wide-eyed look!
    “Ooo, I know, “ she shot back..” I got a friend with a name like that…ooo..how embarrassing!”
    “ And then there’s Koshy, from ‘Sunrise’…you know?”
    Ooo..yeah I know Koshy…Sunrise on Seven.”
    “Well, he’s from the Barossa..and his name is not really pronounced “Koshy” up there, but how it is spelt is how it sounds !” and I gave her the fluttering eyebrow treatment again..
    “Yes, well” she responded excitedly ” …this friend’s name is spelt F-U-C-H…and it really is pronounced…” and she paused and looked at me knowingly..
    “Ooo..I know, I know!”…I exchanged.
    And we both laughed heartily and we left the shop with her cackling and she called out as we were just out side..
    “ Ahh, ha..thank you..that’s made my day that ‘as…”
    And as we drove away, the OH, while intently unwrapping her Ice cream, said (without looking at me) in that quiet, subdued ‘wifely tone’…;”Jeesus, you’re a bullshit artist..”
    “Thank you my love” I replied after an appropriate pause and touched her arm tenderly.
    ” …we aim to please”
    And I do believe THAT, to a raconteur as I aspire to be, is one of the most complimentary things that can be said.

  25. Daedalus/Carrt,
    I am travelling at present, so I am going on memory without much opportunity to check, but I would concur with carr’s list, especially the end of controls and rationing and the coal strike. Bank nationalisation had been settled, but it remained as an indication of Labor’s desires and seemed consistent with Menzies’ framing of the election as a choice between socialist controls and Liberal freedom.

    I and still amused by Chif’s rueful post-election assessment: “we were thrown out by voters hostile about petrol rationing, even though they didn’t have the price of a bus ticket when we came in”.

    I would add that Labor was over-confident that Menzies was unelectable, however improbable that seems retrospectively after his long reign. This is perhaps a recurring error for Labor, as we were for a long time convinced that this was true of Abbott and earlier Howard. There was little if any opinion polling in 1949 to dent the gut feelings of Labor MPs and supporters. Arthur Calwell had ministerial responsibility for electoral matters and was apparently convinced that the redistribution would entrench Labor. His fallback strategy was the coincidental introduction of PR in the Senate as a restriction on any future non-Labor Government, which worked out well!!!

    D. I don’t believe that there was anything inherent in the redistribution that harmed Labor; rather it was the collapse in support from the historic high point of 1943, with a slight fall in 1946 and a calamitous drop in 1949. Someone may wish to check the 2PP calculations (guesstimates) for the period.

    • You can add post-war immigration to the list. I was a very small child back then, but I can remember just how much hatred there was for ‘reffos’.

      Chiffley was responsible for the start of the huge wave of post-war immigration. to many Australians that was an unforgivable crime.

      For once Annabel Crabb got things right – her piece on Hanson being very Australian is spot on. All this hatred we see now is not something Howard brought about, he just stirred up the lingering feelings Hawke and Keating had done their best to banish.

      Australians have been haters since the day the first white people stepped ashore in Sydney Cove. The English hated the Irish and vive versa, the Protestants hated the Catholics and vice versa, the few Jews and people of colour among the crowd were despised by everyone. And, of course, the top dogs – the officers and free settlers – looked down on the convicts.

      From Day 1 of white settlement this country has been divided on race, religion, social status. Menzies, like Howard later on. used this to full advantage. It didn’t stop him taking in a flock of German war criminals though.

      The myth of Australia as an egalitarian nation has always been just that – a myth.

  26. PJF

    Yes, I’ve heard elsewhere that Calwell was to blame for his involvement in the redistribution. Ex ALP member Rodney Cavalier once told me that. But it hardly explains the weirdness of the outcome.

    Certainly, the 2pp proportion of the vote in 1949 favoured the Libs. Indeed it was a big swing from the 46 election, and that is obviously down to the normal causes you and Carrt mentioned.

    But here’s the extraordinary bit: the extra seats after the redistribution were almost entirely won by the coalition!

    Whichever way you look at it, the redistribution resulted in the most blatant gerrymander in Australian electoral history.

  27. I believe in my archived early 1950’s newspapers, there is the results, seat by seat, of the last federal election that was contested by a united Australian Communist Party..If anyone wants to see, i will drag them out and photo it and post it.

  28. Lord of the Fridge

    A US site I keep an eye on is a bit of a RWNJ joint. Her “health problems’ has been a high rotation topic there there for quite a while there. A word cloud would have top of the tree “Parkinson’s’ and “Coughing fits”.

    Not that the US RW has a lock on such nuttery.

    Trump and Putin poisoned Hillary Clinton, warns top doctor

    One of the US’s most well-known scientists has warned that Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

    Bennet Omalu, the famous pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of deceased American football players, made the disturbing suggestion on Twitter.

    ‘I must advise the Clinton campaign to perform toxicologic analysis of Ms Clinton’s blood,’ he wrote. ‘It is possible she is being poisoned.’

    Then, in a second tweet, he added: ‘I do not trust Mr Putin and Mr Trump. With those two all things are possible.’’


  29. Hillary Clinton’s health has been a topic of discussion for almost all of this year. The rumours have been spread by the Trump camp, quite blatantly.

    This, written in April this year, explains Hillary’s REAL health issues which are minor and long-standing.

    The conservative media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s coughing

    Spreading rumours about his opponent’s alleged ill-health is really all Trump has left.

  30. I’ve noticed the ‘Turnbull had a good week’ meme is floating around the press gallery. I’m not really following politics that closely this week, so I’m not in a position to dispute it. But does anyone know what they’re basing it on? I saw the plebiscite go down, and Christensen dictating terms to the PM, and the Superannuation backdown. The only thing that went his way was the ALP helping him get the Omnibus bill through Parliament, but only after telling Turnbull what he had to change in it, and all their terms being agreed to.

    So, are they just saying it because it’s the ‘vibe of the thing’, or are they actually talking about something specific here. There was some talk that he performed well in QT, at least early in the week, but I didn’t see any evidence of it.

  31. You’re dreamin’

    The attorney general, George Brandis, has confirmed that the government is prepared to negotiate with Labor to win its support to set up the plebiscite on same-sex marriage plebiscite.

    Speaking on Sky News on Sunday, Brandis defended the government’s proposed architecture for the 11 February poll – including $15m of public funding for yes and no case advertising – but said the government was prepared to compromise.

    Brandis also conceded the plebiscite was “constitutionally unorthodox” and there could be “outliers” on the yes and no case that did not engage in civil debate.


  32. A taste of what’s in store if Fizza manages to get his plebiscite past the senate and if he does get to hand over government funding to the ‘No’ campaign. (Both of which are unlikely to ever happen.)

    Anger erupts over Marriage Alliance rainbow noose advert

    Some background not included in this article –

    The Marriage Alliance website is very coy about who is behind the organisation.

    A quick Google gets more information. No wonder they want to keep things quiet!

    …the group was reportedly
    founded by ACT Liberal Party member Tio Faulkner.
    Former Liberal president Ashley Goldsworthy is also a founding director of the group. Meanwhile its spokesperson Sophie York, whose book was launched by Tony Abbott, is a Liberal Party member who once ran as a Member of the NSW Legislative Council.
    Sophie York, the group’s spokesperson, once ran for the NSW Legislative

    Click to access 1529_mamamia.pdf

    So we have a Liberal Party organisation hoping to be given government funding to help defeat a plebiscite ordered by the ultra-right wing of their own party. Isn’t that just lovely.

    There’s more.

    Marriage Alliance’s alliances. It’s already been reported that the new anti-gay marriage group Marriage Alliance has many longstanding ties with the Liberal Party. Face of the party Sophie York was a Liberal preselection candidate for the seat of Bradfield, the party is backed by former Liberal Party president Ashley Goldsworthy, and its media is managed by Nathaniel Smith, numbers man and son of former NSW attorney-general Greg Smith. A tipster has pointed that the “T. Faulkner” who authorises the group’s TV advertisements is actually Tio Faulkner, former president of the ACT Liberals and former staffer to Liberal Senator Zed Seselja, who is also against same-sex marriage. Faulkner was engulfed in controversy in 2012 when he was criticised for running the ACT Liberals while also having a taxpayer-funded job as a staffer. Faulkner is also listed as a founder of the group by biblesociety.org.au. After this week’s vote by the Liberals to bolster their position to keep the status quo, we wonder why all these Liberals feel the need to start a separate group, when their party is blocking marriage equality just fine without them


    And more –

    The Marriage Alliance was founded by Tio Faulkner, a member of the ACT Liberal Party. Its founding directors include former investment banker Jim Dominguez, Queensland businessman Ashley Goldsworthy and business adviser Mark Phillips, who all have Catholic affiliations.
    Mr Dominguez was invested with the Papal honours as Knight Commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great for his contribution to education and health. He was chairman of a campaign against euthanasia in the 1990s. Mr Goldsworthy is currently on the Brisbane Catholic Education Council and Mr Phillips was a member of review panel in the Catholic Education Office in Sydney in 2014


    It gets worse. The ‘rainbow noose’ idea seems to have been copied from this –
    Rainbow Nooses Cause Uproar on Tennessee Campus

  33. I’m having the devils own job trying to get these pics up here of the results of the 1951 general elections…but they are on my facebook page under photos..go there ( Joseph Carli ) and look if you like.

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