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  1. Hi folks,

    for anyone that is interested in New rules I’m still waiting for the first part to be posted to youtube. There seems to be a delay for some reason. I’ll post them as soon as it is available.

  2. Guess whose fault it is?

    The Immigration Department has made mistakes in its handling of contracts for offshore detention centres, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has conceded.

    A report from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) released last week detailed concerns over the contracting of welfare, security, catering and cleaning services, adding that the department accepted a Broadspectrum contract which had blown out by more than $1 billion without seeking alternative quotes.

    Mr Dutton said the department had to act quickly to set up the detention centres under the former Labor government.

    “(PM Julia) Gillard at the time made an announcement that people would go to Nauru and things had to be set up within a couple of weeks,” he said.

    “So let’s put it in context … yes I’m sure mistakes were made and decisions were rushed.”


    • Quote: “Go on Labor..pick up the phone to Nauru..it’s all there ready to go…” unquote Tony Abbott et al.

  3. Whose fault, again?

    An Afghan man detained on Nauru requires urgent medical evacuation for a heart condition, according to doctors, but his case has not been classed as an emergency.

    The man was asked to write a will and has requested that if he dies, the Australian government care for his children and provide them with an education.


    • The young lady in the pic is a ; ” Miss Jewel Abeshouse (19) of Bellview Hill, in a “self-spot Scamp swimsuit”, which was auctioned at The Smith Family Revel at the Silver Ash last night. The Models and Photographers Ball, for which the revel was a curtain-raiser, will be held at the Trocadero on may 9.”

    • I thought the Toecutters were more 1970’s.

      I know they got to the Great Victoria Bookie robbers.
      A close associate of my family was the first house raided by the police following the robbery.
      Obviously, he was lucky he wasn’t involved.

    • Those old newspapers are full of “dirt” on socialites and whatever..it must have been the main source of entertainment before tele.

  4. This ‘Turnbull has had a good week’ thing –

    I’ve seen those comments too, and wondered just what wee they were talking about.

    Over the last week Turnbull has –
    Had Labor set the agenda on Monday by putting up their private members bill on marriage equality.

    Approved Policeman Pyne’s attempts to control; government MPs by putting guards on the doors of Parliament House, changing the rules for sittng times, changing the rules for the adjournment debate, telling government MPs they could not travel back home without an escort and, for all we know, appointing toilet monitors to make sure government MPs don’t try to sneak out through the windows in the lavatories.

    Had to allow Labor to change the Budget Repair (Omnibus) Bill to make sure it was passed by both houses, and in doing that Turnbull had to cave in to Labor’s demands.

    Has publicly begged for Labor to support his lousy plebiscite by saying he was ‘open to negotiation’.

    Seen a major and politically damaging UN report demanding closure of off-shore detention released just days before he attends a UN summit on refugees.

    Had to endure the embarrassment of the senate having nothing to do on Monday and sitting around enduring hours of filibustering chi-chat because Fizza had lost control of the reps and no bills had been passed on for the senate to debate.

    Performed a spectacular back-flip on his once ‘iron-clad’ superannuation policy, just to make his back-bench happy enough to keep him on as leader for a few more weeks.

    And Tony – there’s always Tony. This week Tony, just back from his annual visit to an indigenous community, made a speech in parliament about the wonderful things he was achieving for his electorate, watched proudly as his former staffer Julian Leeser made a wonderful First Speech and appeared on Today in full biking lycra to announce the proceeds of this year’s Pollie Pedal would go to a very worthy cause – Soldier On. St Tony compared to the worn-out and ageing Mr Harbourside Mansion. Not good at all.

    And THAT was supposed to be a good week?

  5. The final if the Paralympic Rugby aka Murderball is Aussie v USA scheduked for about 1 am Sunday morning. I have been following this with great pleasure. I recommend staying up and watching it. It is excitment personified.

    Fast, thrilling, aggressive and powerful. A must watch.

  6. jaycee@jaycee ‏@trulyjaycee 1m1 minute ago

    Howard on Menzies tonight on @abcnews will be reminiscent of a sentimental Mrs.Sweeney Todd mopping up the leftover “spill” from a pie-bake.

  7. Here are the figures from the 1949 federal election (from Wikipedia). Judge for yourself whether or not there was a “rort”.

    2pp: ALP 49% Coalition 51% (5.1% swing)
    seats won: ALP 47 (up from 43) Coalition 74 (up from 26)
    extra seats after redistribution: 47
    change from prev election 1946: ALP +4 Coalition +48

    As would be typical in all Australian elections, both State and Federal, up until fairly recently, there was already a baseline gerrymander in play due to the voter registration imbalance between city and rural electorates.

    But for the Liberals in 1949, such a subtle advantage would never be sufficient to ensure the overthrow of an enemy which had been in power for nearly a decade. Something more drastic would be called for. Consequently, the gerrymander was enormously reinforced by a timely redistribution. The evidence for this being a rort is indirect but in my opinion irrefutable, if nothing else but by the sheer smell of it. How else could one side have increased its seats by 48 while the other only by 4, when the 2pp popular vote remained so evenly split?

    So in 1949 the conservatives used the electoral system to rort the electoral system. In 1972, the next time they faced an existential threat from Labor, they went outside the system altogether and got a white haired fop in a top hat to dismiss a democratically elected PM.

    Fop in a top hat. Now where else have we seen one of those lately?

  8. Leone

    Surely someone will pull him up over that. Isn’t he supposed to have meeting with the refugee mob? At least they’ll be warned what a lier/lyer his is.

    • I didn’t watch Insiders, but I had a quick look at the relevant part. Laura Tingle did have a small criticism about the number of people still in detention so Bazza changed the subject to show us Fizza on the subway in New York.

      Dutton was allowed to get away with a load of rubbish too.

  9. Those facebook posts must have disappeared because I took them off my main page on FB. …how about that!

  10. I found out where the ‘Turnbull had a good week’ crap came from.

    Where else but Insiders. I should have guessed.

    Bazza actually said it was his best week in his year as leader!!!!

    On Wednesday, Malcolm Turnbull celebrated one year in office and he probably had his best week of the last 52.

    He won an election of course; that’s a political achievement.

    But this week, he finally started to break through the policy logjam with the passage of a budget repair bill and a deal with his own backbenchers on superannuation reform.

    So rather than blame each other for inaction, this week the major parties fought over who should get the credit for the action


    • Perhaps Bazza was being cunningly subtle.. Truffles regime has been so bad that an obviously not good week qualifies as the bestest week it has had…………………………..Nah he has just another soma sucking member of the Canbra presstitute brothel.

    • Like an old gag earlyopener might appreciate
      Q: How’d you go at the races last week?
      A: Curl a mo! Best day I’ve had for three months!
      Q: How much did you win?
      A: Nothing! But I only did three quid!

    • Multiple choice is all the rage

      Q: Is he in favour of changes to 18c?

      A1: yes
      A2: no

  11. Those old newspapers and mags are gems..I picked a lot of them up from under old lino floors when i was doing deceased estate renos for the Greeks..they could give a hoot for them, so i gathered as many together as I could in the time i had to spare…Imagine my surprise when i opened one newspaper from 1953, and there was a picture of my father doing masonry repair to the old Glenelg foreshore stone walls after a huge storm had destroyed it earlier that year….and he had died at least ten years before I found that paper….spooky!

    • One could always smell a wad of paper money produced at the races that had been hoarded under old floors.

  12. I’ll put another couple up later..there’s the headline of Frank Hardy getting knocked back by the Menzies govt’ when trying to get a visa to go to the Soviet Union to speak at some literary event..and heaps of sporting things and such..there’s a pic there of Don Bradman playing golf…and his son winning a foot race.

  13. jaycee423

    Those old newspapers and mags are gems..I picked a lot of them up from under old lino floors

    A bit of a SNAP !. I have a stack of newspapers from 1950-53 I found tucked under lino in a house that was demolished nearby. So many “things haven’t changed’ moments reading them.

    • This great day had it’s own lesser but nether the less “crowning moment” here at the local hostelry..

      It went like this:

      A short announcement.

      As well aware as we are these days of those “Great Moments in History” where an event is celebrated on canvas…like, say ; George Washington crossing the Delaware…or Captain James Cook bearing up proudly on the bow of the Endeavour’s whaler boat as he broaches the sandy shore of Botany Bay…or even our own Col’ Light on Montefiore Hill, with his determined arm outstretched pointing with accusatory finger to the possible location of the future precinct of Adelaide….and how right he was!…. I’d like to draw your attention to those little moments in history…enacted in those little places way off the beaten track that, one must acknowledge, do deliver their own great moments within their own little worlds….less, perhaps, “momentous” than “of the moment”!

      Such an event happened on the evening of the 2nd of June 1953…..on The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd .. at the Sedan Hotel front bar, where was gathered a regular small group of loyal local blokes…many bearing the Germanic names of that peoples that had been enemies in two wars of recent memory….but wishing to scotch any rumours of disloyalty to The Crown, the publican of the hotel called for silence with the ringing of a spoon on the rim of a schooner glass and proposed a toast to “ Her Majesty…The Queen!”…..THAT is the orthodox version of events…..I have it on good authority, though I will not vouch for it’s exactness of detail, that another short announcement accompanied that toast that created a certain amount of “discussion” within that small community….it went like this..

      I doubt it goes without some knowledge in these small country towns, that certain individuals practice ..habits..that are ..shall we say..of a different complextion than the mainstream. Most accomplish these little peccadilloes in the secrecy and privacy of their own homes…of course there is a price to pay for all that secrecy…there is the paranoia that if discovered, the general consensus of “the mob” will excoriate and damn the individual in question to exile or worse….such “difference” is a heavy burden to carry..particularly if one is working every day, shoulder to shoulder with his fellows in the fields…it wears on a chap!

      Such a burden had for several years weighed heavily upon one such chap amongst that gathering that evening in the front bar of The Sedan Hotel…(we shall not name names!)…He had come to the decision a week or so before that he would share this burden with his fellows and take the consequences ..whatever…he would “own” his idiosyncrasy. He had chosen that particular evening and he had steeled himself for the occasion with rehearsed lines and solemn mood to deliver to best advantage that which he wished to say..and why not!..and why not!?…The fact that the publican had chosen, with his unfortunate royal toast to the newly coroneted queen, the very zenith of that moment, at the very inhale of breath, so to speak, was inconvenient but not a deterrence…he decided to press ahead.

      The silence was heeded, the glasses were charged, the toast was made..: “To the Queen!”..”Hear, Hear!”…the schooners were just touched to wetted lips when he made his own small announcement…He drew a big breath, gulped and guiltily blurted out..:

      “I like wearing women’s clothes…..I always have .”

      Several of the party had to be revived after choking and spluttering on the amber fluid just then being imbibed.

      I would not like to claim that he said it “gaily”…but rather, in a quiet, solemn voice…soft, but determined…You know, there are some hesitations in the general hubbub of public gatherings where silence can follow momentous announcements…I’m thinking of Julius Caesar about to cross the Rubicon and he says quietly..; “Jacta alia est” (the die is cast)..the legions, I suspect, fell silent…or Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar, with his famous telescope to the blind eye..: “I really do not see the signal”….there are others…there are others…such a silence followed this announcement in the front bar of The Sedan Hotel….a full ten seconds silence…an eyewitness noted the ticking of a clock (two rooms away) for a full ten tocks…that record, I hasten to add, still stands!…I suspect the shock of this fellow navvy, this rough-handed roustabout, whom they were more used to see in moleskins and blucher-boots, informing them of his preference for women’s petticoats and finery threw some small confusion into their male minds…..it wasn’t long, however, “till the boat rightened itself”, the wave of confusion subsided and he was confronted with wide-eyed “enthusiasm”…..needless to say, his first suspicions of the possibility of estrangement, alienation and blind anger were quite sufficiently full-filled!

  14. Prime Minister Christensen

    MP George Christensen has said that a threat to quit the Liberal National party over the backpacker tax is a “moot point” because he now predicts the government would ditch the controversial revenue measure.

    The comments, reported in the Courier Mail on Sunday, signal the next priority for the conservative MP will be to force a backdown on the backpacker tax, after he led a successful revolt on superannuation that resulted in major changes to government policy.


  15. Cringe!

    New York: For a man who loves trains, how else is there to get around New York other than catching the subway?

    That’s just what Malcolm Turnbull and wife Lucy did after visiting the 9/11 memorial and museum during their first stop in the Big Apple on Saturday.

    The pair chose to hop on at Fulton Street station with Mr Turnbull remarking on the underground marble walls of the platform.

    It was a short ride for the pair of just two stops – skipping Wall Street for Bowling Green station – before joining locals in climbing the stairs to a sunny Battery Park.

    “I’m a great fan of subways generally,” he later told reporters in the park.

    “I’ve travelled on the New York subway many times.”


    • With him – a camera crew, his photographer (for the still photos) mikes and sound gear and his security team.

      It must have taken days to organise. I hope New Yorkers didn’t mind the disruption. All so Fizza could waffle on about the joys of the subway.

      Fizza’s constant ‘Look at me! I’m using public transpor!t’ stunts just give me the heaves. It’s all so damn fake.

  16. Another triumph for the country with the best refugee policy in the world –

    Nauru refugee denied emergency evacuation after suspected heart attack
    Australia not classing Afghan man’s case as an emergency but doctors say he is suffering from acute coronary syndrome and ‘requires urgent medical evacuation’

    And another –
    Australia’s forgotten detention centre: the peculiar torture of Christmas Island’s asylum seekers locked up with hardened criminals

    • 4. Because, many many centuries ago, some people told other people fairy tales. Those other people believed in those fairy tales so much that they held those fairy tales to be true.

      The people who told the tales did so to hold those other people in thrall through fear.

      Those other people told still other people, including their children, that not believing would make their existence after death a misery for ever and ever.

      Those still other people …

  17. Why does George have so much say? Even if he does almost need two whole seats to accommodate his backside he’s still just a back-bencher.

    George has been raving on about the backpacker tax and is threatening to cross the floor (I hope the floor is reinforced) to vote against it.

    No wonder the good gentlemen on the land want to keep it. It’s quite a lovely little rort they have going.

    Backpackers ‘manipulated into staying in expensive substandard housing’ to have farm work signed off

    • I wish my brain hadn’t read that as “the backbencher tax” But that would explain why Mr Christensen doesn’t want to pay it…

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