R. U. OK? Day Friday


Yesterday was RUOK day


A very excellent Idea .Doesn’t cost a cent and takes just a few seconds to ask some RUOK mate. Those four words could help save someone who is having a rough time of it .

Albo could as Sam


Tony Could ask his mate Mal


Even these two could ask how they are going


So while we ease into the weekend on Friday Night have a little think and if you think someone is a bit down just ask the question.


So to all you Pubsters


173 thoughts on “R. U. OK? Day Friday

  1. Jaycee
    My condolences, we grieve for our companion animals and it hurts. I know she had a good life with you. Meolema’s doggy and my old girl are on borrowed time. 😦

  2. Fido – The Faithful One?

    I’ve just had an epiphany
    Passing strange for an agnostic
    Whose only daily litany
    Sought help with the Times acrostic.
    I know now that there is a God
    Who hears me and who answers prayers.
    He came here in the shape of Dog
    To cheer me up, relieve my cares.
    He shows me how I should behave,
    To be patient and more cheerful.
    He stays close by, a watchful slave,
    ‘Cos I’m old and sometimes fearful.
    So thank you, Dog, for being here
    On days I do my wondering why.
    You comfort me – so warm, so near,
    Teaching me to rest, content to die!

  3. Re injured animals on the road.

    I keep a “Wild Life Rescue” number in my car. Though it’s probably no longer valid. Will have to check. It’s always my worry to come across such a sad experience.

    Anyway, one day, I was on my way to visit someone in a block of flats. I drove down the driveway when I saw this injured bird – a female blackbird, I think. It wanted to fly off, naturally terrified of my car, but couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to drive on it. Such a callous act, I know. But what should I have done?

    Sorry blackbird:

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    This looks promising. Turnbull and Joyce are squaring off over the WA mining tax proposal.
    And so does this! Top Education (remember them?) has reaped enormous benefits from the introduction of a streamlined visa process. I wonder if they teach what quid pro quo means. What with this, Soapy’s AAT appointment and his diary we could be in for an entertaining week in parliament.
    Another example of fools and money being easily parted.
    Michael Gordon bemoans the lack of class of our political class.
    The crossbench challenges Shorten to join them in moving to dump the plebiscite.
    Clive Palmer’s grilling in court. And there’s more to come!’
    Heath Aston on the building resistance to the $5 per week welfare payment reductions.
    Lenore Taylor on Hanson’s return and how her bitterness is still impervious to facts.
    Dentists are trying hard to prevent the dumping of the child dental subsidy.
    We have a humanitarian crisis in Australia. It’s suicide.

  5. Section 2 . . .

    How 9/11 changed American Muslims’ lives forever.
    Turnbull pats himself on the back for his first year in office. I think he’s been patting another part of his body!
    Paul McGeough on the face of terrorism 15 years on since 9/11. Fear wins until terror loses, he says.
    Now it’s dirty tactics from insurers that are making life miserable for those injured in the workplace. Fairfax is on the job here and asking for information.
    JetStar’s getting quite a reputation. I have never flown with them and intend to keep it that way!
    Nice types attract nice types!
    Annabel Crabbe writes in why Howard was very, very wrong with his pronouncement on women in politics.
    Defence is under fire fall the fines paid for heaps of false alarm callouts.
    Hilary Clinton goes to town on much of Trump’s supporter base. “They belong in a basket of deplorables”.
    Liberal environmental ideology on full display as coal mining in the Sydney water catchment continues.

  6. Section 3 . . . with Cartoon Corner
    Sometimes juries don’t hear all the evidence. Google.

    Ron Tandberg with the defence fire callouts.

    Mark David nails it again.
    David Rowe draws Buddy Franklin.

    A “ripper” from Mark Knight on North Korea’s nuclear bomb test.

  7. Speaking of lack of class in our political class –

    Bananas chose a rather odd outfit for her meeting with Boris yesterday. Odd and so very, very 1990s.

    Julie Bishop makes a bold fashion statement in a pair of shorts

    I’ve chosen the least horrifying image – it’s still breakfast time around here and there’s only so much I can face without throwing up.

    If it’s cold enough for a woolly scarf then it’s definitely cold enough for pants.

    The uncomfortable-looking red stilettos made it even worse, as did her saggy 60 year old knees. If you want to adopt the 20 year old shorts and blazer look then you wear flat shoes with it, not flashy and ill-fitting ultra-high heels.

    This was an official political meeting, not a trip to the footy. So very, very inappropriate. I hope she is not planning a visit to Her Majesty, heaven knows what she would consider suitable attire for Buckinghuge Palace.

  8. Annabel Crabb –

    Woman who enjoys dressing up as a 1950s housewife and has a TV show in which she is very firmly stuck in the kitchen criticises old man for his 1950s attitude to women.


  9. WTF was Bish jnr thinking when she thought THAT was appropriate dress for such an official occasion. ? Has Sir Les Patterson been seconded ?

    As for the article It is filed under “Politics” yet the first half was all about………


    She stepped out in a pair of shorts.
    Ms Bishop was meeting Johnson in London to reaffirm the countries’ close bonds between Australia and the UK. Stepping outside the box Bishop paired her blazer with matching shorts and a pair of red heels.
    Our Foreign Minister has a known love for fashion and has revealed before that she doesn’t have a stylist.

    She has previously said her work clothing label of choice is Armani, she wears 2XU and ASICS when she runs, and that accessorising is key.

    “I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the mornings,” Ms Bishop said.
    “I give myself 30 minutes to shower, dress, do my hair, make-up, and go … it comes with experience.”
    Ms Bishop also said she likes to purchase classic, statement outfits that can be re-worn.

    • “……has revealed before that she doesn’t have a stylist.”

      In the interests of Australia’s international reputation I move this government immediately hires a top level stylist for Ms Bishop. Al in favour …..

  10. puffyTMD,

    My condolences, we grieve for our companion animals and it hurts. I know she had a good life with you. Meolema’s doggy and my old girl are on borrowed time.

    Unfortunately, not only our animal & bird companions on borrowed time, but “WE” are as well. 😉

  11. Speaking about grandsons, Mrs Scorpio and I are currently out west at Morven visiting our daughter, son-in-law and two grand kids.

    Eli and his dad are currently on their way back to Morven on a steam train ride from Charleville. Eli looks really excited about the adventutre going by the pictures his mum has sent me from just before they departed from Charleville.

    The train departed originally from Brisbane and is now on its way back to there.

    What an adventure for a 3 year old.

  12. BK,

    Here’s the correct link to the Mark Knight cartoon.

    If Mark Knight lived in North Korea, that cartoon would have seen him tied in front of the barrel of an anti-aircraft gun & blasted to smithereens! 😉

  13. Paralympics (on channel 7two) is AWESOME. Just watched power-lifting, table tennis, wheelchair races and wheelchair basket ball. Exciting stuff!

    Tonight the Aussie Rollers take on Spain in the Men’s Wheelchair Basketball. Watch it if you can.

  14. Puffy, I agree with your assessment – definitely awesome and exciting.

    I’ve been watching each night (both the catchup and live). The coverage seems much better than I can remember for previous Games, and so it should be.


  15. puffyTMD,

    You wouldn’t believe the neglect! The duck was COLD.

    TLBD or Ducky does come from Canberra after all.

    I hope he is OK! 😉

  16. ” first year of Turnbull government ” aka The Gap Year..

    Gap noun 1………… .2 an empty space or interval; interruption in continuity; hiatus……….3………..4.
    a difference or disparity in attitudes, perceptions, character, or development, or a lack of confidence or understanding, perceived as creating a problem:

  17. Mark Di Stefano


    The transcript of the Cassidy-Joyce back and forth about the pesticides authority reads like a comedy skit.

    The whole blamey interview was a comedy skit. The main thing wrong was that Cassidy nursed him through it & never took advantage of the multiple opportunities offered to him by Bananaby!
    they should never feel sorry for, or give an inch interviewing grubs like him.

    They just accept tummy rubs and free passes as being just the normal order of things in the political universe.

    When I saw that bit where Howard was being interviewed, I almost threw up seeing that open mouth adoration of the female ABC interviewer leaning right over towards the mongrel with a look that could only be interpreted as her being totally besotted with the warmongering lowlife!

    No bloody wonder that Labor gets such a bum rush by pretty well the total ABC staff. The beggars are besotten with the whole motley crew of Libs & Nats, past & present.

  18. http://www.tallyroom.com.au/30241 scroll through the last few entries (from the top down)


    http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/backgroundbriefing/2016-09-11/7826176 audio link


  19. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-11/greta-friedman-woman-in-vj-day-in-times-square-photo-dies/7833842







  20. Starting price on a LNP. parliamentary win.

    Here’s one for the punters..: What odds would you give on the favourite, the BOOKIES favourite in a horse race winning the photo finish, after falling back in the field at the last furlong race to the post, only to be given the result by a shortest of short-half head on a recount by the race-committee appointed stewards after a week or so of considerations on the photo?

    Whadda the odds?

    But metaphorically, THAT is what the result of the last election hinged upon when the dust had settled…in effect, the LNP. “won” the last election by the vote margin of the one closest seat, what ever that was..and then it was with postal votes…if that was a horse race, there wouldn’t be a dry eye in “the flats” bookies ring and the trainer would already be on a plane out of the country to Venezuela! Any old punter will tell you that the chances of a come-back after falling behind at such a point in the race would be smaller than starting-price odds on a Black Caviar re-run in the 2011 Newmarket Handicap .

    [Newmarket Handicap (Group 1 – 1200m)
    Flemington, March 12, 2011
    2nd – Crystal Lily (margin – 3 lengths)]

    Whatever the chances , for a while there they were slimmer than slim and my experience with lady Fate, Luck, Nemesis or whatever is that she takes no prisoners when it comes to a losing percentage…What I am saying, in short, is that in the election, we wuz robbed !..And I for one on Twitter was screaming for someone in the AEC. To check the “signatures” of those voting marks on those postal votes..because as history has shown , even in the first democracy in ancient Greece, the first thing learned in calling elections was working out how to rig them.

    They did this by calling the election at harvest time when all the country folk were out in the fields working and could not come to the centres to vote, so an “agent” was commissioned to collect all the village votes and deliver them to the counting house…THIS was a licence to “print votes and money”…of course, the “agent” collected the votes by marking his own pottery shards with whichever party had secured HIS purse and delivered these votes to the counting house. We can tell this rort happened because archaeological finds have revealed “voting urns” filled with shards obviously marked by the same hand.

    Hence : “Check the “signature” on those postal votes!!

    But what is done is done…I can live with the result..just!…what happens now is the worry that with a decided lack of MSM. oversight of this govt’s behaviour, and the appearance of a swing to the right of media promotional intent, I have grave doubts for the next or any other election bringing a change of government without some sort of armed insurrection to shift the trash from their dugouts in Canberra.

    It is becoming increasingly evident this govt’ is NOT going to be pulled up for ANY inconsistency or indiscretion by the Fourth Estate..Indeed, the MSM. seems intent on a white-wash of the shortcomings , when one considers that the reason for the Whitlam dismissal was it’s inability to pass supply after only six weeks, while this govt’ has not passed a single budget in it’s entire time in govt’…FOUR budgets! ..and not one passed..and judgeing by the publicized trickery of the “Omnibus” coming our way this week, they do not appear to be any closer!..one has to seriously ask : “ When will the GG. Do the right thing by the nation and call a halt to this failure of a government and cancel it’s run?”


    And there..with NO authoritarian official willing to pull the pin, NO media oversight to ask the obvious about all the balls ups, and NO beauracracy to put the PM out of his misery, it appears we are doomed to swirl about in directionless eddies not unlike Shakespear’s “tide in the affairs of men…” in Julius Caesar…But I can tell you from my studies of THAT general, HE tolerated no delay in settlement or decision..The history goes that upon the senate’s hesitation to fund his invasion of Gaul, he sent a Centurion to the senate to proclaim that if THEY would not give Ceasar their permission, “ he would take it with THIS!” and he slapped his hand confidently on his sword.

    That history informs most severely the result of denying natural justice to the majority of peoples. Or as Theodor Mommsen explains it : “ The house of the Julians showed us most clearly, with disastrous result the impossibility of containing fire and water in the same vessel”.

    This “new” history appears to be the rewriting of that same tired old script.

  21. Jaycee,

    Belated commiserations on the loss of your pet. It’s probably close to a universal emotion of grief & loss when a much loved pet reaches the end of their allotted span.

    We miss them terribly for a while.

  22. I trust the “collective” doesn’t begrudge my sudden intrusion upon your blog pages…I do not want any to think I just returned here to seek out your sympathy for the passing of my pussy (enter ; Mrs. Slocum..stage left!) , rather consider that like “Smiley”, I am but the “spy who came in from the cold”.

  23. Jaycee,

    To be honest, I was wondering how long you would confine yourself to 140 characters . . .


    • Not to underestimate the breadth and depth of capacity for 140 characters to allow suitable epithets, Twitter does have it’s limitations in both length to adequately denigrate and staying time to suitably castrate those LNP./ MSM bastards who still have their balls in-situ!

      I do enjoy a long rant!

    • Current position of…………………..well not quite sure in actual fact . Possibly the Cabinet but then again it could be the Press Gallery. Hard to tell from this angle.

  24. I have a confession to make –

    I’ve been nagged into doing some family tree research on a maternal branch of the family no-one seems to have bothered with before. Why this task always falls to me is just one of those things families never want to talk about. However, this time some interesting things have come to light.

    First – I’ve found two more convict ancestors. That’s cool, the more the merrier, I say.

    Second – I have a direct ancestor who was a private, later a corporal in the Rum Corps.

    The Rum Corps! FFS!

    I’m not sure what to make of that.

    • My convict count is 6; all by way of my maternal grandmother, a very “proper” woman who did not acknowledge any such “taint”.

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