R. U. OK? Day Friday


Yesterday was RUOK day


A very excellent Idea .Doesn’t cost a cent and takes just a few seconds to ask some RUOK mate. Those four words could help save someone who is having a rough time of it .

Albo could as Sam


Tony Could ask his mate Mal


Even these two could ask how they are going


So while we ease into the weekend on Friday Night have a little think and if you think someone is a bit down just ask the question.


So to all you Pubsters


173 thoughts on “R. U. OK? Day Friday

  1. Oh dear!

    Fizza’s big mouth has landed him in deep trouble.

    Same-sex marriage: Turnbull pledged to fund both sides of plebiscite debate, Archbishop says

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made an “unambiguous” offer to provide public funding for opposing sides in the same sex marriage plebiscite, one of Australia’s most senior Anglican leaders says.

    The Federal Government is considering whether to provide funding for both the “yes” and “no” camps, if legislation to establish the plebiscite is successful.

    A spokesman for the Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies said Mr Turnbull made the remarks at a meeting of church leaders earlier this year.

    “It is the Archbishop’s clear recollection that the Prime Minister, in words that were unambiguous, stated that funding would be available to both sides on a similar basis to the republic referendum, thought the exact amount was not discussed,” the spokesman said in a statement


    That should kill off any Labor support for the damn plebiscite – Labor wanted no funding for either side as a condition of their support.

    • Leone,

      I have wondered from time to time whether the difference between the Sydney (and, for that matter, the Tasmanian) diocese and the rest of the Australian dioceses has to do with when they were founded. Both – or all three – depending how you look at it, started before the Wesleyan mini-revolution galvanised the then extremely conservative Church of England into a bit of self-examination.

      Before that introspection happened, the Brit and colonial Anglicans were very much of “The rich man in his castle, the poor man at the gate” mindset.

      Following that review, the Brits – and the post-Wesleyan dioceses in Australia – were somewhat more concerned with the need to “raise” the “lower orders”, in other words, some a concern with the betterment of those “orders”.

      I think that’s one reason why Melbourne (the diocese with which I am slightly acquainted) is so different from Sydney.

      What do you think?

    • I don’t know much about the Anglican church or it’s history in Sydney. I’ve taken a bit more interest lately simply for personal reasons, because one of my offspring was for a time a keen Anglican and a regular at a church in Sydney’s south. (He’s over it now.)

      I don’t like what I’m learning.

    • I’m not surprised. Think privilege, think Rum Corps, think “normal” white males etc etc etc.

      Ladies, bring a plate. And a tea towel.

  2. Should make for interesting listening/reading:

  3. Second link has Minister bios

    NT Labor Government announces female-dominated Cabinet
    By James Oaten
    Updated about an hour ago

    The Northern Territory Labor Government has elected the state’s first female-majority Cabinet, with five of the eight top jobs going to female MLAs.

    Northern Territory: New Gunner Labor Ministry
    Sep 11
    Posted by Mike Smith

  4. Fiona

    I’m not surprised. Think privilege, think Rum Corps, think “normal” white males etc etc etc.

    Ladies, bring a plate. And a tea towel.

    Did you see my comment on the previous page about my newly discovered family link to the Rum Corps?

    It’s a worry.

    • I did see your comment, Leone, but it really wasn’t in the forefront of my mind when I wrote that comment.

      All I can say is I’m most relieved that you have clearly escaped that particular aspect of your ancestry.

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