Just Beautiful!

A fortnight ago, the wonderful Kambah Mick sent me a link that has brightened up my days in a time when they really needed brightening. I hope other Pubsters have a similar reaction. I also hope we can use this as a touchstone for when things get really nasty – as they will – in Federal Parliament over the foreseeable future. By the way, some of the lyrics are telling indeed.


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  1. Over in the Murdoch rags, Tom Elliott seems a little… to use the internet term – “butt-ravaged” about the Senate blocking his beloved government’s plebiscite, and demands that the Senate be abolished completely, since people like Xenophon have ‘No Right” to deny the will of the LNP government (which apparently Australia elected so therefore its will should be enacted without opposition).

    Unfortunately for the precious sulking Tom, a referendum is -required- for such a thing. That means a majority of votes -AND- to be passed by a majority of states, and I don’t think states like SA, WA and Tasmania are so willing to part with their entitlements of 12 senators.

    So Elliott and the rest of the LNP sycophants can just sit there and appreciate that the Upper House is there to stay. And if they can’t get the crossbenchers to co-operate with the running of government without sensible compromise then they should just resign and make way for a government that can.

  2. Very interesting comment attached to a Crikey piece on the goings-on last night.

    Rocky Mylar
    53 mins ago
    Turnbull as the ex-head of a merchant bank might easily be called before a Royal Commission, and there might well be adverse finding against him. Other Cabinet members would have similar fears. A Royal Commission could be the death of this government

    Paywalled, of course.

    A RC that brings on the death of this abysmal government – how wonderful would that be.

    Fizza and Co set up a RC with the aim of destroying Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten. It didn’t work. How delicious if a RC destroyed Fizza.

  3. The photos from last night are wonderful. Mike Bowers and Andrew Meares have done an amazing job. It’s hard to pick a favourite so let’s just have lots of them.

    Mike Bowers –
    Turnbull leaving the chanber last night.

    This one says so much

    Next it will be chewing the carpet

    Andrew Meares

  4. I would love to see their faces when they first realized they were about to lose a vote.

  5. Sitting in the Low Head caravan park.

    Thanks to the tip re the chewable Kwells none of us got seasick. In the recliner lounge at the bum end of Spirit I didn’t notice any rolling but niece woke up at some time in the morning and was starting to suffer sea sickness so took two more of the Kwells (child strength because of the youngest member of the party.)

    Had some fun on the road, a semi overtaking us suddenly moving back to the left side of the road, some nifty brake work required and the @#$&*! GPS tried to send us to Warrnambool via every unsealed road in the area, so we ignored it.

    Later a little penguin tour—the penguins are little not the tour. Tomorrow, Sea Horse World, be great!

    George Town received a unanimous thumbs up as a place to live.

  6. I suppose this is worth reading:


    It’s full of “Please, Malcolm, we love you, get it together” nonsense, but it does paint a pretty bleak picture of the situation he’s found himself in. A couple of interesting points were brought up in the comments too:

    1. Turnbull, a moderate progressive? Get outta here, and stop insulting our intelligence. This fiction that Turnbull is one day going to cast off that cloak and reveal himself as a champion of the masses is long past its use-by date. He’s a willing tool of the right wing and that’s where he plans to stay. For all the good it’ll do him.

    2. In and among all the ‘shenanigans’, aren’t we forgetting the most important factor here? Banking RC? If any one of the CPG would deign to discuss the need for that RC instead of being distracted by all the to-ing and fro-ing on the Parliament floor, we’d really appreciate it. The real ‘parlour game’ going on is the one the Turnbull government are playing, where they employ every trick in the book to keep the banks away from some long overdue scrutiny.

    Still, after reading the article I’m now convinced Turnbull’s days are numbered. Murphy’s suggestion for extracting himself from his predicament is, to put it gently, risible. He can try it if he’s keen on ritual sacrifice. Otherwise, he’d be best advised to stick with his party and destroy himself that way. The Liberal Party don’t take too kindly to anyone who doesn’t play by their rules. Ask Slipper if you’re in any doubt.

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