Lets have a Friday Raffle


Its been a while

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Who’s up for a raffle


get your numbers for the chance to win a trooly rooly stupendous prize


Draw at 7.00pm


Good luck




364 thoughts on “Lets have a Friday Raffle

  1. And what say you, Sprout?

    The government of Nauru has said most incidents detailed in the Nauru files were “fabricated” and has accused Australian media and politicians of using refugees as political pawns.

    The Nauruan government delivered its first official statement on the files, having declined repeated requests for comment over recent weeks, in two tweets from the account of its information office on Tuesday.

    “Most refugee & advocate claims on Nauru fabricated to achieve goal to get to Aust. So called ‘reports’ based solely on these claims #fact,” it wrote.

    “Aust left wing media, greens MPs and advocates still using refugees as pawns for their political agendas. Very sad.”


  2. Mad Mal didn’t know it last night, but NASA’s latest figures were about to be released. They are not good news.

    Malcolm Roberts leaves NASA ‘flummoxed’ with Q&A climate claims

  3. Déjà vu

    A private school for children with autism is being investigated after allegations a boy at the school was being held unsupervised in a lockable fenced structure he called a “cage”.

    Officials from the NSW Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards body visited the ASPECT Macarthur School on Sydney’s western fringe and interviewed the parent of the child yesterday after 7.30 notified Minister Adrian Piccoli’s office of the complaint over the weekend.


    This time, the school is not so forthcoming.

  4. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/nobby-beach-po-box-tied-to-russian-cyber-spies/news-story/c4971d6af3c81d5b826814ba4142672b free article

    • Approximately 24 years ago OH acquired a super-duper petrol-powered whipper-snipper.

      On the day of acquisition, he went around the garden whipper-snippering everything in sight.

      Then he approached the “driveway” gate, where there was a big clump of grass.

      I tried – I really tried – to get to him before he destroyed that clump.

      You see, I knew that, nested in that clump, was a large pile of very fresh dog turds.

      * * * * * * *

      OH was ushered in the back door, required to strip completely, and was sent off to shower. Everything he was wearing, except the shoes, went straight into the washing machine and underwent a triple wash. The shoes were hosed clean outside.

      I must confess my reaction was one of extreme hilarity.

  5. Leroy

    Just a quick thank you for your links. I have clicked on most of them when I see them on your twitter feed. I catch up on the rest when you post them here.

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