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We haven’t had a TGI Friday post for a couple of weeks, due to editors being otherwise – and severally – engaged, so I thought a Saturday Salon might be in order.

Anything you like, from







Birds and Blooms


Funny Dog Site



Then, of course, there’s food:

Edgar Daily


News Ltd

If anyone has enough energy after all that, there’s always

Bieler Tagblatt

Not to mention


Whatever you have planned for the weekend, have fun, and

Illegitimi non carborundum!!!

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  1. Came across an unusual word this morning. Given Truffles caving in on all his supposed beliefs it may well apply to him. Is Truffles actually an Anythingarian ?

    1704, one Thomas Brown used the word anythingarian for people with no particular set of beliefs

  2. Fiona asked:

    Pol Animal & Angrybee,

    Would you like to be put in touch with each other?

    Yes please!

  3. Asylum seeker and refugee stuff –

    Australia was a no-show at the court case currently underway in PNG. Australia was asked to present a plan for re-locating asylum seekers and refugees now on Manus Island. We didn’t bother. That would be because Dutton has no plan other than to offer those incarcerated huge sums of money to go back to whatever hellhole they fled from. PNG insists the camp is illegal and will be closed.

    Possibly in retaliation, PNG seems to be refusing medical attention to asylum seekers and refugees from Nauru.
    Refugee with growing breast lump has medical transfer from Nauru cancelled
    Woman and more than 12 others told their transfers to Papua New Guinea have been postponed for at least three weeks

    Also about Manus Island – a Pakistani refugee, Kamil Hussain, drowned in an accident on thursday. Other refugees wanted his body flown home to his family for burial. That Bastard Dutton refused.

    The Pakistani government, showing far more humanity that the Turnbull rabbler, has taken charge and made the arrangements.

    • PuffyTMD

      When Dutton Mutton became a “stander behind” of Abbott he struck me as having the look of a thug. It was the vacant (light on nobody home) look that he would have. The goon standing behind a gang leader . Called him Droog Dutton. Turns out his book could be judged by it’s cover.


  5. The police finally catch a real live terrorist and he turns out to be an alleged member of Reclaim Australia. The man has now been charged with planning a terrorist attack and other associated criminal actions.

    George Christensen and Pauline Hanson have been active and very vocal supporters of what is now a terrorist organisation.

    Will Fizza take any action? Will he demand Christensen’s resignation from parliament? Will he decide Hanson cannot be sworn in as a senator? Of course not. I’ve met jellyfish with more spine than Fizza.

    • We seem to have won a gold medal in the swimming. Well, we’ve won two, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was only the one, or that nothing at all has happened in the Olympics so far except for the women’s 4×100 freestyle final. Because Channel Seven have shown nothing else for about the last hour and a half. I know competition has ended for the day, but geez, give us some information or a wrap up or any kind of variety, Seven.

      I’m one of those people who quite likes the Olympics. But I would like to watch it, or at least something resembling it. However, it looks as if I’m going to have to put up – again – with just the things Australians are in, surrounded by repeats of things Australians are in. Padded out with interviews of things Australians are in, or interviews with family members of things Australians are in. Or Australians in studios talking about things Australians were in.

      The jingoism is already off the scale, and we’re only a day in.

      My only other complaint is that Channel Seven have dedicated three channels to this thing, and when I turned on this morning two of the channels were showing the same thing.

    • If you really, really want to watch a glorified sports carnival you do have an option – you can pay Channel 7 for a ‘premium’ access app. Not tat it will be much help.

      Besides screening some 900 hours of the Olympics on all three of its digital channels (Seven, 7two and 7mate) and website, Seven will offer a “premium access” app, at a one-off cost of $20, which will provide another couple of thousand of live-streaming hours of every competition session from Rio

      Yep, that’s right. You can PAY a free-to-air TV network for the stuff they should be providing to everyone free of charge. I suppose 7 has to find some way to recover the gazillions it has spent on getting exclusive rights.

      And boy are they exclusive! Other channels can only show a few minutes of footage on their news, and even worse, they are limited in how many times they can do that.

      I’m seeing comments about that ‘premium’ app and the free one. Apparently the picture quality is woeful.Lots of very unhappy viewers here –

      Just as well I have no interest whatsoever in watching the games.

    • I did. Although I watched it all, I didn’t like it as much as Maigret. All that singing put me off a bit. Otherwise I thought it was quite original with an interesting and complex plot. The young boy was great.

  6. TLBD
    “The treasurer, Scott Morrison, has called on Labor to pass $6.5bn of “zombie measures” ”
    But but but why? Scrote Morriscum’s sky faerie church of choice reckons the pious will be sent shed loads by Dog. Sooooo with a trooly rooly pious chap in charge of the money should have it rolling in.

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