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  1. I think at least over 50 votes will be enough to secure a result. Palmer won Fairfax by about 53 votes in 2013 after all and the LNP didn’t launch a challenge.

    A R over at Pollbludger raised a good theory as to why Labor’s running away with the result now. Possibly because the LNP scrutineers were much more numerous than the Labor ones on the night because Herbert wasn’t a seat that Labor was expecting to win. But now that Labor scrutineers are paying full attention in the recount, they’re finding that the original count went just a little too well for the LNP than it should have.

    I say that because virtually every polling place is increasing the Labor lead, and there’s only about 10 to go, but I’m not 100% certain that it’ll stay that way of course. But now that Labor’s lead is 73, it’s unlikely the LNP will gain enough to regain the lead or get close enough for a challenge.

  2. Also if Labor’s lead gets above 100, I think the AEC will be having some very serious questions to answer. Like why the original count was 100 votes off the mark.

    Situations like this could get serious if say the LNP finish the first vote with a lead of 101, but the real result is actually a Labor lead of 10 or something like that, but it would never go to a recount so nobody would ever know.

  3. @2gravel

    That’s a possibility, but no other seat other than Herbert has a difference of under 1000 votes. That may not be the final result, but it’s still beyond a doubt that Labor has won Hindmarsh and the LNP has won Capricornia and Forde. Perhaps by 1000 votes, maybe by 900 or even 1100 but it’s not close enough for a dispute of the result.

  4. I’d love to see Waffles trying to persuade a tame indie to become speaker.

    Won’t happen, though: that job is highly prized.

  5. Another polling booth has been added, Northern Beaches which surprisingly has had no change to the 2pp vote this time.

    It’s somewhat nostalgic watching these votes. I lived in Townsville for a few years, and seeing which suburbs are more Labor or LNP leaning is interesting I have to say.

    I thought Kirwan, the suburb I lived in was more Labor leaning, but it seems it’s more marginal than I thought.

    • I take it the further west of the hill the more likely to be Labor.

    • I lived for a year in Currajong back in ’65. I’m glad to see that polling place went well.

  6. Has The Liberal Party Half-hour just become The Republican Half-hour?!!

  7. Ducky,

    One might expect the unkasam and the antipodean versions of the Tea Party to be joined at the hip, and probably at/in several other places too.

    • Quite a bit darker than the original but that’s e-mail compression for you.

    • I have all the photos on my computers on random rotation as screen savers.

      Bit like going to the movies.

  8. 4C is horrendous. Shades of what the Nazis did to the Jews, and any other “sub-humans”.

    Will the perpetrators get their just desserts? I doubt it.

  9. Seems AEC has closed up shop for the day (Open all hours, anyone?)

    74 better off for the day.

  10. Speaking of food, as we were.

    Bake asparagus with a Tbsp of oil and 3 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced, at 200C for ten minutes.

    Divvy Turkish bread and bake for 5 minutes.

    Top bread with asparagus, chopped brie and thyme and bake till brie is melting (about 5 minutes).

    • A comma after the helping?

      Mind you, it’s not beyond SC DH to help One Nation.

    • That’s the headline I was getting annoyed at earlier. It’s suggesting that Labor had been assisted by something in error, when in fact it was the correcting of an error that helped Labor.

      Anyone just reading the headline would be thinking Labor were being helped unfairly.

  11. One brilliant memory from Lake Argentina

    The photos I took of one are many and much more impressive.

  12. Q&A

    Laundy fluffed the first question about major parties popularity. Husic was worse.

  13. The ABC has turned Q&A into infotainment. It’s web stuff and promos all over the place. Just the ting for the Pokemon Go mob.

    Care to check their charter?

  14. All the more reason to cease a lifelong addiction to the ABC, and to restrict myself to ABC Classic FM and – in the wee sma’ – the Beeb.

    • I’m with you about Their ABC and Classic FM. Not too happy about listening to music and not being told what it is. Always, I know it before but what is it?!

      I think I’m about to do one of my Dvorak symphonies periods. He is just such a luscious Romantic.

      As for the local radio 666 Liberal channel;I haven’t had the pleasure for four years or more.

  15. Q&A is”doing” the 4C report (yeah, The ABC is just so wonderful!)

    That is a totally useless exercise: does iTroll expect them to say the guards were wonderful?

    Didn’t want to say “What are youse guys doing about it?” Their ABC asking the tough questions?

  16. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-25/young-boy-victimised-in-youth-detention-in-northern-territory/7657708





  17. I made an earlier comment that I hope some Labor heavies are on the ground in the Herbert counting area a letter to the PM from Drefus is as good as tits on a bull, he needs to get his act together and get on site pronto

  18. Have I missed something is Robb no longer in Parliament? and now a board position on TV Ten, he must have really sold the country down the river with his TPP’s

  19. Bilko,
    Robb didn’t recontest. He was succeeded in the safe seat of Goldstein by (IPA) Tim Wilson, who survived a pre-selection stoush with the daughter of Alexander Downer.
    Robb is already accumulating positions – rewards for services rendered ?

  20. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. I enjoyed QandA last night. Neither Laundy or Husic descended into blaming the other side of politics.
    There are rather rich pickings today.

    I couldn’t bring myself to continue watching 4 Corners after a few minutes last night. It must have been sickening and worthy of immediate and thorough examination. Gillian Triggs agrees.
    This is how it’s done! The Washington Post comes out and warns the country about Trump being a danger to the nation and to the world.
    NRL players certainly have style.
    The OIC channels FIFA in announcing this decision. Is this the beginning of the end for the Games?
    More on the subject from Shaun Carney. Google.
    Curtis Cheng’s son gives Hanson a public slap.
    The expert money managers’ SSM plebiscite cost is blowing out even before it is defined.
    Peter Hartcher says the government should support Rudd’s nomination and tells us why.
    It’s all over for the Dick Smith outfit as creditors finally vote to liquidate.
    Michael Pascoe welcomes us to the age of fear, exemplified by Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson.
    The SMH editorial says much the same as it analyses Trump’s acceptance speech.

  21. Section 2 . . .

    John Oliver reveals the real theme of the GOP convention as only he can.
    This allegation from the Democratic Party about Russia’s involvement with Trump’s ascension is simply frightening.
    In typical Greg Jericho fashion he puts the sword to the “welfare is killing us” mantra with pesky fats.
    Eric Abetz hates prejudice abroad unless it helps promote it at home.
    Norm Francis writes on Krugers, Bolts and glass houses.
    The New Daily posits that Sonia Kruger is not a racist – rather she is a naive pawn in the habds of terrorists.
    Scott Morrison tells the world that he will not back down on superannuation. So stand by for a back flip. Google.
    This seminarian supports celibacy and says it is not the cause of priestly sexual abuses. I wondered when reading this just what psychological damage is done to certain individuals during the “formation” process.
    Andrew Street uses his whole column to serve it up to Mike Baird.
    Linda Burney hits the ground running and lambasts Nigel Scullion’s performance.

  22. Section 3 . . .

    How Lisa Singh beat Labor’s machine men. I hope there’s a lesson for them here!
    There are quite a few of the world’s economies that are really under stress. It’s a bit of a worry.
    The latest renewable energy myths from Murdoch and the Coalition. It’s appalling!
    Ace reporter Michael West on the scandalous handling of mine closures and remediation.
    A fall at the first hurdle for Turnbull’s latest attempt at university reform.
    This is a good laterally thinking proposal to curb TV and radio betting ads.
    The steepest residential street in the world.

  23. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Cathy Wilcox on how the be responsible for nothing.

    Ron Tandberg with the census collector.
    Great work from David Pope on Labor’s factional structure. His depiction of Kim Carr is superb. And I wonder if he’s going to keep on using a duck-like image of Shorten.
    At the Olympic village courtesy of David Rowe.

    Mark Knight with Dan Andrews’ youth problem.
    Jon Kudelka with the scrutineers in Herbert.

  24. BK

    This allegation from the Democratic Party about Russia’s involvement with Trump’s ascension is simply frightening.

    Personally I think is a crap attempt to cover incompetent arses and a ‘look over there”.The real OMG should be what has been revealed.

  25. It’s ‘you grovel at my feet and I’ll toss you a nice juicy bone’ time.

    Bone-tosser – Gina
    Dog – Andrew Robb
    Bone – Channel 10 board position.

    Meh! Channel 10 is failing, audiences are dropping, it’s losing money. I don’t think Robb and/or Gina, who got him the job, will save it.

    In case you didn’t know – Foxtel has a 15% share in 10, done last year to raise much-needed revenue, $77 million. Just like selling your soul to the devil, really. James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch also own large chunks, as well as Gina, of course. There’s a recipe for disaster. Murdoch the Younger and Packer the Younger are both complete idiots, fantastic at losing money, woeful at making it, steering Channel 10 to a loss. Gina ditto. Now Andrew Robb joins the pack. What a dismal line-up.


    Channel 10’s announcement of Robb’s appointment (page 2).

    Click to access Andrew%20Lancaster%20And%20Andrew%20Robb%20Join%20TEN%20Board.pdf

    Robb is a board nominee of Hanrine Investments.

    Hanrine Investments is a subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd.

    Gina’s shares in Channel 10 were bought through Hanrine.

    We can see where Robb’s loyalties will lie when it comes to tricky board decisions. It’s so nice of Gina to look after her friend Andrew, now he doesn’t have that ministerial salary plus perks. Robb is another one who will not be getting a lavish pension after retiring from parliament. He was elected in 2004 – the cut-off point for lavish retirement allowances.

  26. Thank you Four Corners.

    Turnbull Announces Royal Commission Into Horror NT Youth Detention

    Fewer than 12 hours after ABC’s Four Corners program aired a shocking report from inside Northern Territory youth detention centres — including young people strapped to chairs, tear gassed, stripped and held in solitary confinement — Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a Royal Commission into the treatment of children in those facilities


    • Turnbull being what he is it’s not going to happen any time soon, if at all. He has said what he thinks is required, now he can just go back to sleep until parliament returns and hope everyone forgets all about this well before then.

      What about a RC into the treatment of children on Nauru? That is also institutional abuse. No? Not interested Mr Turnbull?

  27. Over the road Confessions spotted this from last year. Well before 4C .

    Young Indigenous imprisonment in NT: ‘You wouldn’t believe it in a modern-day society’

    Riots, escapes, allegations of mistreatment: what’s behind the crisis in youth detention in Northern Territory? A special investigation by Helen Davidson
    Thursday 22 October 2015 08.13 AEDT

    John Lawrence SC, a Darwin lawyer formerly in charge of Aboriginal legal aid, says: “The stories I’m getting you wouldn’t believe in a modern-day society, the way they’re treating these kids.”


  28. We already HAVE Royal Commission into the way kids are institutionally abused while under the protection of large religious and state organizations charged with taking care of these children, not monstering them.

    It’s called The Royal Commission Into Institutional Child Abuse. We don’t need another expensive red herring to distract us.

    These NT matters should be referred to the EXISTING Royal Commission. They would fit right into its charter and we would probably see a few more State-based children’s detention centers added for good (or bad) measure.

    A separate Royal Commission is just another way of confusing the issue, breaking it into its constituent atoms and then fobbing off attention to this kind of abuse by the death of a thousand cuts.

    Turnbull desperately wants his very own Royal Commission, and he doesn’t want Julia Gillard’s Royal Commission to get any of the kudos for exposing and investigation systemic abuse… even though that is EXACTLY what Gillard’s Royal Commission is supposed to be doing.

    Turnbulls investigation is a distraction, not any kind of humanitarian act.

    • The current RC had its time frame and funding extended in 2014 for another two years. t’s expected the final report will be made in December 2017. Labor strongly supported demands for this extension and finally the Abbott government gave in. Adding more extensions will blow out that time-frame and will need more funding. I can’t see this rotten government agreeing to that. They didn’t want the RC in the first place.

      If Turnbull’s RC ever happens (I have my doubts) it will be given to some Liberal Party lackey commissioners who can be guaranteed to hand down the required ‘it’s not our fault’ report.

  29. But, but, but, everyone is praising turnoff in how he has come out so soon in calling the RC. He is our hero. He will fix it…………….oops one of those flying pigs just hit our window.

  30. Just a technicality, I suppose, but –

    There is no ‘Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse’.

    What we have is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

    So abuse of kids in prisons or in detention centres does not come under the terms of reference of the RC. It was set up to deal specifically with child sexual abuse and ‘related matters’ ‘Related matters’ is defined as
    “….any unlawful or improper treatment of children that is, either generally or in any particular instance, connected or associated with child sexual abuse.”

    The torture – because that’s what it it – discussed last night, and for long before that, is not sexual abuse. This really does need and deserve a new RC, it should not become just an addendum to another RC.

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