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  1. cont…

    Until the sounds of Abbott punching the wall and Talcum yelling at his footman after their electoral losses were heard around the globe..

  2. Puffy,

    Yes, Krakatoa’s eruption was allegedly the loudest sound in “recorded” history, but one has to wonder about some of the volcanic explosions, like Thyra (approx 1620 BCE) or even Tambora (1815) – both of which are well and truly in recorded history.

    Then, of course, there are the pre-homo sapiens (or pre-homo sapiens habitation) eruptions (thinking here of a couple of the NZ super-eruptions). I’d also be interested in the sound of the meteorite(s) that caused the Great Lakes.

    • Not that far back. The Taupo “super volcano” went BANG just 1800 years ago. Only a VEI 7 so just 10 times more than Krakatoa. 🙂

      “Tree ring data from two studies suggests a later date of 232 CE ± 5.[4] Known as the Hatepe eruption, it is believed to have ejected 100 cubic kilometres of material, of which 30 cubic kilometres was ejected in the space of a few minutes. This was one of the most violent eruptions in the last 5000 years (alongside the Minoan eruption in the 2nd millennium BCE, the Tianchi eruption of Baekdu around 1000 CE and the 1815 eruption of Tambora),…………there appears to be a correlation, to within a few years, of a year in which the sky was red over Rome and China. ”
      The ye olde eruption of Taupo has some mind boggling numbers.

      The Oruanui eruption of New Zealand’s Taupo Volcano, the world’s largest known eruption in the past 70,000 years, had a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8………26,500 years ago in the Late Pleistocene and generated approximately 430 km3 (100 cu mi) of pyroclastic fall deposits, 320 km3 (77 cu mi) of pyroclastic density current (PDC) deposits (mostly ignimbrite) and 420 km3 (100 cu mi) of primary intracaldera material, equivalent to 530 km3 (130 cu mi) of magma, totaling 1,170 km3 (280 cu mi) of total deposits. The eruption is divided into 10 different phases on the basis of nine mappable fall units and a tenth, poorly preserved but volumetrically dominant fall unit.[1][2][3][4]

      Modern Lake Taupo partly fills the caldera generated during this eruption; a 140 km2 (54 sq mi) structural collapse area is concealed beneath the lake

  3. I think there should be a comma after the word ‘losses’ in the sentence.


    Until around the globe were heard the sounds of Abbott punching the wall and Talcum yelling at his footman after their electoral losses.

    But does that attach ‘their losses’ to the footman as well?

  4. Then, of course, there are the pre-homo sapiens (or pre-homo sapiens habitation) eruptions (thinking here of a couple of the NZ super-eruptions).

    The Oruanui eruption of New Zealand’s Taupo Volcano, the world’s largest known eruption in the past 70,000 years, had a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8. It is the largest eruption in the history of New Zealand. It occurred around 26,500 years ago in the Late Pleistocene and generated approximately 430 km^3 (100 cu mi) of pyroclastic fall deposits, 320 km^3 (77 cu mi) of pyroclastic density current (PDC) deposits (mostly ignimbrite) and 420 km^3 (100 cu mi) of primary intracaldera material, equivalent to 530 km^3 (130 cu mi) of magma, totaling 1,170 km^3 (280 cu mi) of total deposits.


  5. “The first ten million years were the worst,” said Marvin, “and the second ten million years, they were the worst too. The third ten million years I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline.”

  6. I’m somewhat chuffed – picked 5 out of the 6 finalists in the Sydney International Piano Competition!

    Should I take up footie tipping???

  7. Jaeger,

    You are correct. I can tell a dud, or not so dud, or a possibly good, or a likely great classical pianist.

    Footie is another creature.

  8. I have grown to like watching the Adelaide Crows, probably because of Eddie Betts more than anything else. Also, their style of footy is close to football (round ball) in their moves and some of their tactics. Of course it lacks the tactical complexity of soccer and rugby is very different animal, but I find myself watching the Crows. I tune in and out, being on The Pub or something at the same time whereas with rugby and soccer it is eyes glued to the TV the whole time.

    But the Crows are good ambassadors for their game, with fast exciting play and good players with interesting backstories.

    But when a football match (soccer) comes on TV or l am at a live match, i am home at last.

  9. it is The Dragonette’s second birthday party this weekend.

    She is a fiesty two year old dragonette now. I think she is a chip off her Grandma’s block.

  10. I am sure this dinner will be overflowing with bon homie and celebratory good cheer 😀 It does however lack a certain ‘something” now what is it I wonder ?

    PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull will throw open the doors of the Lodge in Canberra tonight inviting every MP and senator for champagne and canapés to celebrate his government’s near-death election experience.


  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. It’s Sunday and there’s not much I’m afraid.
    Back with the patrol next Saturday. I’m taking the useless iPad with me but it just doesn’t cut the mustard for this type of work.

    Mark Kenny with a rather superficial look at the time ahead for Turnbull.
    Peter Martin on why austerity doesn’t work.
    Peter Wicks wonders if the Liberals are broke. Keep your eye on the money he says.
    John Menadue looks at the winners and losers in the globalisation push for FTAs.
    Barnaby Joyce’s farcical move could lead to two thirds of our pesticides and veterinary medicines specialists quit. Nice work Barnaby. I bet the Dept of Agriculture is hoping for a big ministerial reshuffle involving the loose cannon.
    It looks like the Orlando killer was a long tern user of steroids..
    Pauline Hanson gives her Facebook friends a lesson in Gallic geography.
    The benefits of less bathrooms in the modern home.

  12. Section 2 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Alan Moir with the rather difficult Senate. Note the little time bomb still running around.
    Ron Tandberg with some economic perspective.
    A bit of political poetry from Mark David.

    David Rowe with Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

    A delightful cartoon from Mark Knight on Turnbull’s donation to the Liberal Party.

  13. Hanson’s Gallic geography – What a fool.

    The unpublished part –
    “It was Nice? Paris, Nice, what’s the difference? Just foreign places full of foreigners who don’t speak English. I thought Nice was a biscuit? Did someone drive a truck into the Arnott’s factory? Are Nice biscuits halal?.”

    Fizza ‘taken by surprise’ when she told him she would end up with four, ‘possibly seven’ One Notion senators? He was probably trying hard not to laugh.

  14. Add my viewing of it too, and Razz will have a look when she comes in. 🙂 Thanks for the link, it should happen to her more often. Did anyone notice Ashby in his sun glasses coming down the steps and going in the opposite direction?

    • I hadn’t noticed. It certainly looks like Ashby, especially when you look at the larger version on Facebook.

  15. Bastards.

    Diabetics fear for health after government removes blood sugar test subsidy

    The federal government removed the subsidy on blood glucose test strips for people with type two diabetes who are not insulin dependent effective July 1, though there will be a six-month transition period.

    It comes after an election campaign in which neither of the major parties raised substantial policies in preventative health, although the government claimed the growth in health expenditure was unsustainable.

    The price for a box of 100 strips will rise from $1.20 to $60 for patients who are not dependent on insulin because their diabetes is controlled


    Save a bit by cutting a subsidy, spend millions more on hospital care that would not have been needed if the subsidy had stayed. Liberalnomics in action.

  16. The Liberals probably have a major insulin supplier as one of their donors. Says he half in jest . Well a little less than half knowing how low they can go.

  17. US Vice President Joe Biden begins whirlwind visit to Melbourne

    Antidoping Officials Are Expected to Ask That Russia Be Barred From Rio Olympics

    On this day 2 years ago, the Gillard government’s carbon tax and emissions trading scheme were repealed

    Toowoomba South: Liberal National Party to retain seat with David Janetzki

  18. I’ve been seeing a lot of comment on social media about Kerry Stokes helping fund One Nation’s election campaign.

    I don’t know how much truth there is to this, but Channel 7 admits paying Hanson for her appearances on ‘Sunrise’, although they won’t say how much, and there’s another little matter soon to come before the new senate which adds weight to that idea.

    Turnbull’s changes to media ownership rules passed the reps in April, but didn’t get through the senate before parliament was prorogued. It would be so handy for an ambitious media owner like Stokes to have three or maybe four tame senators willing to vote in favour of whatever he wanted when that bill comes back.


  19. A little late to the party on this one, but this YouTube video proves herding cats might present some problems for Malcolm:

    • I worry about the Family Court and what might happen to divorcing couples if the assorted nutters get their way. Hinch will vote for anything if he thinks it will get attention. Hanson wants to abolish the Family Court and change family support payments because her support base seems to be mainly men bitter about their former wives divorcing them. Barnaby seems to be agreeing with her on that, with the Nats pushing for changes as well. Heaven knows what other nutters are going to get into the senate by the skin of their teeth.

      Whatever nasty stuff happens we can blame it all on Dodgy Dick and his ambition to be a major power, and, of course, on Fizza, the wrinkled, dried-up cherry on the compost heap (thank you Paul Keating for that wonderful image) for plotting with Dodgy Dick and the GG to get a friendly senate and instead ending up with a snake pit. That lack of judgement thing again ……

  20. WHY does the media keep drawing attention to Hanson? No other politician gets this sort of promotion.

    That visit to the Cairns Indigenous Art Festival? Another triumph from 60 Minutes, no doubt hoping for a controversial reaction.

    Video of the confrontation has attracted hundreds of thousands of views on social media. Hanson was brought to the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair by a crew from the tabloid current affairs TV show 60 Minutes, raising tensions among artists and visitors, organisers said


  21. Leone

    The msm is sick sick sick. Mind you, with lnp getting back in they’ll have to respond if they stir up too much trouble.

  22. The L/NP is determined to tear down as much social structure as possible.

    If they go too far they just may get their own 26 messidor.

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