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  1. tlbd

    I’m a bit thick and don’t do oblique very good, but I do get your signal that an owl posted means you are leaving The Pub for the evening. Good night. 🙂

  2. kaffeeklatscher,

    Well of course they support the LNP. What other party gives them a greater chance to go out and kill ‘ethnics’ in foreign climes and get to collect some medals and campaign ribbons for doing so ?

    That’s not what is the primary motivator! It’s the same in most human endevours,. Follow the money.

    Most full time service personnel support the political Party which provides them with the best remuneration fore the duties that they perform.

    Overseas & active service allowances are very attractive especially if they come combined with assurances that as much as possible, they will not be exposed to undue risk in the performance of those duties. ( Howard was a champion at this which is why they loved him so much )

  3. Scorpio

    So all the cuts in their pay still doesn’t persuade them to rethink which party has their best interest at heart. Very sad.

  4. 2gravel,

    In my opinion, they will always be of the belief that thr LNP has their best interests at heart & will always be the party that supports them best financially, (allowances etc as well as keener to engage in military exercises beyond our borders) ! End of story.

  5. scorpio6to2

    I well remember the screaming weeping and wailing from the military chaps and chapesses in Timor when they stopped getting the ‘full continental breakfast’ of allowances/bonuses etc.

  6. This is a bit rich. coming from a man whose great-grandfather was an immigrant from the Middle East.

    Katter’s great-grandfather was Lebanese, a Maronite Catholic, as so many immigrants from the Middle East are today.

    How he can spew his hatred without choking is beyond me.

  7. BobKat is sooo Quinceland. Sorry to those north of the Tweed but you have huge form for which I apply great prejudice. Be it Joh, Pauline, Blackbirding or the notorious “Pass Laws” of Apartheid Seth Efrika were based on Qld’s Native Welfare laws.

  8. I have just been reading about the attack in Nice, and have to admit I am getting a little tired of these people doing such things being “sexed up” at “terrorists”. They may cause terror, and have been convinced by some sick ideologically inclined others to take these action, but they really are mere murderers and thugs and I believe should labelled as such. It would take the shine off their “martyrdom” nicely I should think.
    It’s one of the things that was learned in Northern Ireland. As soon as the various flavours of paramilitary were identified as mere murderers and gangsters, it became much easier to get people around a table talking about how to grow a peaceful solution between the two sides.

    I think the real trouble is more that the provocations that develop the kinds of ideology that says killing others for “religion” is acceptable. Reduce the provocations, let people sort their own problems out and provide a space for peaceful (more profitable?) solutions to develop, instead of going for the ideologically easy profit of guns, drugs and sexy suicidal endings.

  9. I have an internet + phone friend called Annie (not her real name) who I speak to on the phone a lot. I have had no phone call, no post in the very private forum in my board. Attempts to ring her result in her phone ringing out. Annie made sure I knew her real name and what hospital she would be in, she is not in that hospital.

    So I fear my friend is dead. Dead from lung cancer or dead from emphysema. Annie had left instructions I was to be informed when she died but I doubt her brother would really bother.

    I was late with a couple of tax returns. Because of the idiotic INS that means I have moral turpitude. Hope they are happy one of their citizens died all alone!

    Poor Annie, so addicted to cigarettes she was still smoking even after her radiation treatment. Hope you are in the US version of the Anglican Church heaven. My dear, I wish I could have been there, holding your hand, when you passed.

    Fucking bureaucratic bullshit! Didn’t fucking help your citizen, eh?

    • I am sorry for the loss of your friend. You have spoken about her before and I feel the same outrage over the cigarettes and the stupid INS.

      They won’t let you visit your friend but their citizens can walk around armed to the teeth with lethal weapons!

      RIP Annie.

  10. Looks like the lunatic in Nice was more the common or garden ‘f’wit than Salafist jihadi

    EXCLUSIVE – ‘He drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs. He was NOT a Muslim – he was a s***’: Truck terrorist’s cousin reveals he is an ‘unlikely jihadist’ who beat his wife and NEVER went to the mosque



  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    There is a report that the Turkish military is attempting a coup!
    Dennis Shanahan tells about the Liberal recriminations rising to the boil. Google.
    Hartcher reckons he’s got the inside info on how Turnbull won the election.
    Tony Windsor reminds Turnbull that running a country is nothing like running a business.
    Jenna Price writes that the Liberals’ gender women woes run far deeper than just underrepresentation.
    Mike Seccombe analyses what went wrong with the Sydney siege.
    “View from the Street” wonders why conservative politicians don’t fight for housing affordability.
    Andrew Wilkie calls for an Australian “Chilcot” inquiry into our entry to the Iraq war.
    Katherine Murphy says that the Coalition needs to knuckle down to rediscover its true purpose.
    Karen Middleton reviews all the political spin from the election.
    Paula Matthewson and the trouble Turnbull will have in working out his new ministry. There’s a lot riding on it she says.

  12. Section 2 . . .

    On foreign policy Trump makes George W Bush look like a colossus! It’s frightening.
    Paul Bongiorno with a sober look at where Turnbull might go with this parliament.
    Why Islamic State hates France.
    A cousin of the man who killed all the people in Nice was not religious but rather was a completely nasty bit of work. We shall see I suppose.
    Was Mehajer too smart by half?
    What is driving women to do this? I have no idea.
    Michael West reveals how we are being gouged on LNG prices.
    Fly with JetStar? I don’t think so!
    Joe Biden has slammed the “gathering forces of racism” in the US and Australia.
    This is a situation no person should be put into.

  13. Section 3 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    Complaints to the TIO about flaky internet are soaring.
    Latika Bourke in the Liberals’ money woes.
    And Mark Kenny has coined a new term, “buy-election”. In the article he calls for a transparent real-time register of political donations.
    Laurie Oakes says that Turnbull’s $1m donation is a “bad look”. He’s got form, says Oakes. Google.

    Alan Moir has Turnbull celebrating an amicable compromise with Barnaby. It’s a beauty!
    David Pope has tracked down Sussan Ley.
    Ron Tandberg eavesdrops on Turnbull and Abbott.
    Matt Golding and Turnbull’s political ambition.
    Mark Knight with a reminder of France’s terror woes.

    I am taking Mrs BK on a holiday next week for her 70th birthday. She would prefer this to having a big shindig at home so who am I to object?
    Accordingly I will be unable to curate the Dawn Patrol from Monday through Friday next week.

  15. Looks like HI and I will be away next week too.

    HI is sick of hanging around getting paid to do nothing (not sick enough to go back, or resign, just… sick of waiting for the turkeys at her work to get their act together and DO something). The theory is that if we go away the cog wheels of fate will come unstuck and begin to turn. They usually do, whenever we think they’ve forgotten about her.

    We are now past all normal notice periods, deadlines and policy guidelines for taking action. This delay in itself is potentially exculpatory due to effluxion of time. Their “Investigation Planning Sheet” is out the window (and that’s if they had one, which I doubt). They have gone completely silent. Tens and tens of thousands of dollars of public money is being wasted every month: over $250,000 in salary and entitlements since they first started threatening her.

    We have heard on the grapevine that more critical senior staff have left or are about to leave. Morale is at an all-time low. HI’s boss and her “senior management” mates are doing routine tasks – down to refilling handwash bottles in the dunnies – themselves (reported with great relish by two sources). They have been put through the wringer recently with a major departmental investigation initiated at Ministry level into “certain practices”. They are now using a “temp” replacement of the replacement person to do SOME of HI’s work. They can’t advertise HI’s job, because they haven’t arrived at an outcome.

    Meanwhile, the full pay – salary, super – lobs into HI’s account regular as clockwork. Entitlements are incremented by several hundred dollars a week. All because of one protected manager’s pride and obstinacy, and senior management’s inability to control her obsessions and vendettas… and to admit they backed the wrong horse.

    They’ve never had anyone who hasn’t just cut and run before. HI is a new experience for them: someone who fights back and stands up for her rights and a fair hearing.

    And takes the money.

    • Time for Hi to write a humorous book about it All names changed of course. if she does humour in writing it would be a cracker. I reckon in the style of the Janet Evanovich novels. The bit about the Evil Witch filling the soap dispensers is a cracker of a chapter ending.

      {PS as HI’s Editor, i am sure we can come to a reasonable profit sharing agreement, including 1% of the film rights. I did say reasonable. 🙂 )

  16. Guru Peter Hartcher in the SMH this morning writes ” In the event, Turnbull came within a few thousand votes of losing majority government”.

    The man can’t even add: as iit stands, 12 in Herbert and 1,054 in Forde make 1,065, which is somewhat less than a “few thousand”.

  17. BB

    I hope you and HI have a great week, and get lots of sunshine too. It is very quiet here, I guess we are all waiting for ‘something’ to happen.

  18. 2gravel,

    Yes, the owl is a sign-off. I only use it if I’ve been doing a bit of posting.

  19. Sorry, I just couldn’t stomach that Hartcher piece. I got as far as something about Fizza conducting a ‘regal campaign’ and never stooping to savage attacks on Shorten and gave up. The man-love out in bucket-loads, yet again.

    Regal? Turnbull gave the impression of an old man too weary to do more than a bit of morning campaigning before retiring to the harbourside mansion for a nanna nap.The few night-time appearances he made, in particular those debates, were obviously tedious for him. His dismissal of the occasional pleb who managed to get close enough to His Regalness to express some concerns was dismissed with that fake death’s-head grin and a few trite words. Maybe that’s what Hartcher meant, the ‘regal’ and very obvious Turnbull distaste when a single mum or an old man got too close. Fizza gave a most excellent impression of Louis XIV being accosted by a ragged, scrofulous beggar in the halls of Versailles.

    Most times Fizza seemed a tired, bored old man, fed up with this prime minister business and itching to move on to something more interesting. He did not compare well to the much younger and very energetic Shorten, still campaigning late at night, then up early every morning for a run, always interested, always on the go, never showing the slightest sign of being tired, or bored.

    And the lack of attacks on Shorten? FFS! Whose campaign did Hartcher watch? All Turnbull did, every day, was sneer at Shorten, tell lies about Labor policies and plaster on the smear. Even his election-night speech was just a rant about how horrible Labor and Shorten had been.

  20. BK and Bushfire Bill,

    I hope you both have a lovely week with your respective lovely spouses.

  21. One DOES get the feeling that Turnbull has bitten off more than he can chew, doesn’t one? The dog really caught the hubcap this time.

    What’s the good of being PM if nobody likes you, and most of them are either laughing at you or plotting revenge?

    He bought his way into Wentworth, and now it turns out he’s bought his way into the Liberal Party’s latest disaster: Nats ascendant, malcontents everywhere, polls plummeting, the Senate looking bolshie and that mysterious smile on Bill Shorten’s face that won’t go away.

    He’s got no real friends in his own party, just associates who express loyalty because they have to, like Julie Bishop.

    I know Julie’s loyal to her leader, because of the large number of leaders she’s been loyal to in the past, all of them now in the political graveyard with Julie weeping over their carcasses. But even she’s sinking the stiletto lately: she’s made it known she is “quate heppy” with Foreign Affaires, always on the lookout for an Australian caught up in terrorism – either a perpetrator or victim, no matter how slight the involvement.

    You’d wonder why he couldn’t just enjoy his money and go off on a trip somewhere with Lucy, a long one, far away, where the climate and the company is much nicer.

  22. Excellent piece on the problems Turnbull will face.

    A lame duck at the mercy of the lunatic right is no win for Turnbull.
    Whichever way you look at it, Turnbull’s decision to go for a Double Dissolution was an unmitigated disaster. Another example of his poor judgement, now leaving him at the mercy of the hard right, writes David Tyler.

  23. Not that unexpected as the Turkish military have long seen themselves as guardians of Atatuk’s secular state. Erdogan has from the start been eroding the secular nature of the Turkish state.

  24. After doing a bit of flicking around the interwebs this morning I’ve learnt Turnbull has always bought himself an easy ride. Who knows, this might even go back to infants school, where he tried to buy friendship by bribing the other kids with lollies. Sadly there is no evidence of that happening, but I’m pretty sure it did. I’ve also found other interesting gossip.

    At uni he was so busy trying to build a reputation as a journalist he didn’t have time to attend lectures, so he bought lecture notes from a mate, John O’Sullivan, now chairman of Credit Suisse and still a friend.

    That link is to part of Paddy Manning’s book ‘Born to Rule’, an unauthorised biography of Turnbull. Fizza’s old mate O’Sullivan is now suing the publisher, Louise Adler, because he didn’t like a chapter in the book. Fizza and O’Sullivan seem to share a similar litigious nature, two precious petals who must never be upset.

    To the defamation courts, where I find John O’Sullivan, Credit Suisse bigwig, leading money man for M. Turnbull and former husband of Janet “The Planet” Albrechtsen, suing Louise Adler’s Melbourne University Press.

    Paddy Manning’s unauthorised biography of Turnbull, Born to Rule, has got on O’Sullivan’s wick and he’s commenced proceedings in the Federal Court over a chapter that deals with
    the antics of former Treasury mole Godwin Grech


    Laurie Oakes mentioned Fizza contributing to the Liberal Party before, and paying Alan Jones to do radio commercials in 2004, when he was after pre-selection in Wentworth. There’s a lot more to that story.

    Here’s Lateline, in October 2003, with details of the Alan Jones business and a lot more.

    Here’s what Fizza paid for his 2004 election campaign, in which he managed to defeat Peter King. He literally bought himself a seat in parliament.

    Click to access 729.pdf

  25. http://australianpolitics.com/2016/07/15/bill-shorten-re-elected-unopposed-alp-leader.html






  26. I picked up a good 1997 Volvo to use while I sort the insurance out. Of course, the company is undervaluing my damaged car, so it will be a while until i can get a replacement.

  27. Leroy

    The suggestion brought a quick response from ACT Greens campaign manager Maiy Azize who said the Greens had never accepted donations from developers.

    And have most likely have never been offered any. 😀

  28. http://australianpolitics.com/2016/07/15/bill-shorten-re-elected-unopposed-alp-leader.html

    Bill Shorten elected unopposed?


    I distinctly remember heaps of articles (mostly written by James Massola) that told us Bill was on thin ice, shaky ground, walking on banana peels, Anthony Albanese was out to get him, and that anyway, he was supposed to have resigned the leadership over a year ago when he indicated that he possessed the temerity to turn up to the TURC and actually answered questions in his own defence. An editorial in The Age even went so far as to suggest that he “step down” for the good of the Party (The Age’s heart is always in the right place, they love Labor), but Bill took no notice (the grub).


    Obviously The Fix is in. Bill’s done the usual and bribed the factional warriors with tasty positions in… the Shadow Cabinet. Who wouldn’t want to be one of them? That’s gotta be the answer.


    Bill Shorten, re-elected unopposed, survived TURC and Turnbull, increased his party’s representation in Parliament by 14 or 15 seats,more popular than the PM, and he stole Malcolm’s Poll Bounce.



  29. Heard at the local footy, we played away this week. Three elderly (in their 80’s) women…..blah blah blah, at least we have pauline hanson, she’s only the only one with any brains out of the lot of them.

    Thank heavens they don’t live in our town.

  30. After not seeing Professor Amin Saikal on the ABC for a couple of years he seems to be ‘back’.

    Suggests that the ABC correspondents don’t have much idea what is going on in Turkey and need lots of ‘help’.

  31. This is what happens when morning TV trash pays Hanson* to show up and spruik her rubbish, week after week after week. Imagine you are a silly old woman who has never been at all interested in politics, you are trapped at home with a doddery old husband who drives you nuts. You hear this tripe as you eat breakfast, over and over again, and eventually it sticks in what’s left of your brain. Then she’s the only politician whose name you can remember, so you vote for her.

    Hanson has always been very clever at getting the media to do her campaigning, then she graduated to getting them to pay her for her opinion. Want to talk about Muslims? Call Hanson. Want someone to whinge about refugees? Get Hanson. Want an idiot to rant about single mums ripping off Centrelink You know who to call.

    They even asked – and paid – this moron to talk about the Paris bombings!


  32. Hanson is used as the on air vrsion of online ckick bait. Freak shows and train crashes have long been popular to gawp at.

  33. The ABC online banner –

    BREAKING NEWS President returns to Turkey, says coup plotters will pay ‘heavy price’

    I wonder what country they think the seaside resort of Marmaris is in ?

  34. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/16/world/europe/military-attempts-coup-in-turkey-prime-minister-says.html

    https://www.facebook.com/jeremybuckingham/videos/1224273700925149/ good for a laugh

    http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2016/07/14/3798417/mike-pence-tobacco-money/ on Trump’s Vice-Pres nominee


    • The chart doesn’t make a great deal of sense: the article does.

    • He is, for sure. He caused a fuss on Facebook once by claiming it was Labor’s fault there was algae in the Murray. Tony Windsor pointed out the the Murray Darling Basin agreement hammered out in the Gillard minority government was the first in over 40 years.

      It wasn’t perfect but was a great achievement after Barnaby had stirred up irrigators to sabotage the first attempt. On algae he might have been on more solid ground if he’d have placed the blame on the runoff from fertilisers. He seems like a wanker.

  35. Why the counting go-slow on the vote in Herbert? Yesterday – no counting for 24 hours, then a count early last night. Today – no counting, nothing.

    Is Brandis still scrutinising, and insisting on personally checking all the ballot papers, one by one, several times each?

    Labor, at last count was only 12 votes behind, with only around 900 votes left to count. Why is there a hold-up on the final result?


    • On Twitter Herbert came up. The AEC claim that the deferral till Monday was with the agreement of both sides scrutineers. Maybe Labor has a plan to match Brandis in heavy hitting.

      According to an ALP tweeter, there’s only provisional voting left and she said that’s running at about 60% for Labor. If accurate for the remaining 1134, Labor should win it.

    • While the Provisional votes are looking good for Labor, it has to be said that the vast majority of them get rejected at preliminary scrutiny, so that the average amount of votes accepted for each seat is only about 300-400.

      However, if they continue to break at 60/40 to Labor, then that combined with the remaining 193 Absent votes should be enough to overcome the remaining 44 Postal Votes and the 248 Pre-poll votes to keep Labor close to winning.

      And even if Labor loses, (and if it does, it may be in single digits or in the ‘teens) the margin is likely to be close enough to constitute a recount, a challenge and possible by-election. At least that’s what I’m holding out for.

      Mainly because Ewen Jones is a pathetic nasty two-faced git and Kathy O’Toole definitely deserves to win.

  36. I did a bit of gardening today hoping for some nice flowers in Spring. Have not the Liebrals and the Nats heard that old adage: As you sow, so shall you reap.

    Bill Shorten and Labor reaped a good crop of valuable produce. Turnbull and the Liebs/Nats got an infestation of cacti.


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