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  1. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Not much today folks!

    As I said yesterday, the Libs can pick “em!
    Now for the ugly part of the Dick Smith collapse.
    Harold Mitchell writes glowingly about Paul Keating, the champion disrupter.
    Urban Wronski asks, “What mandate Mr Turnbull?”.
    Will Xenophon and Wilkie succeed this time on limiting poker machine betting?
    So Turnbull donated $1m of his own money to the struggling Liberal campaign coffers. Straight from the Caymans perhaps? Google.
    Michelle Grattan writes that those in politics who are risk averse don’t leave much of a legacy.
    Quentin Dempster on Turnbull’s dilemma – Is it cabinet or is it the backbench for Abbott?
    John Roskam writes that Turnbull is determined to make superannuation another ETS moment for himself. Google.
    The unfair ATM rip off.
    Why Baird banned greyhound racing but not casinos.
    Why Tasmanians were right to be “Mediscared”.

  2. Section 2 . . . with Cartoon Corner (Fairfax has changed its layout now and it makes it difficult to locate cartoons’ jpg files).

    Channel 9’s Today Show covers itself with glory here.
    Five reasons for Trump’s campaign continuing to fizzle.
    How Boris Johnson’s appointment is being viewed overseas. It’s not being well received.

    Alan Moir and a “contrite” John Howard.
    David Pope and the “mandate”.
    David Rowe introduces the dangerous Delcon Dorpers.

  3. Laura Tingle has written a cracker of an article here! Must read. Google.

  4. Kaffee, a few years back we lunched at Tallevant in Paris for our 30th anniversary and the part that stood out for us apart from the €280 bill was the service. No less than 7-8 waiters of all differs job descriptions on duty just in the area we dined in. The food was fine but I’ve had comprable in Canberra, I agree that over there service is a vocation, not a job.

  5. Now the Hanson compared to Mandela story has finally hit the news here’s my post from the other night.

    I think Hanson deserved that prison sentence and should have served the full term.

    Little-known fact. When Hanson was sentenced another woman – Karen Ehrmann a Queensland Labor candidate – was ending a 3 year sentence for the same crime.This woman did not have her sentence quashed nor was she released from prison.

    Alan Ramsay explained it in August 2003 –
    Don’t cry for a sleazy grub

  6. Lord of the Fridge

    It looks a wonderful place for an anniversary dinner. From a review it looks like the service is still ‘up there’

    There is a reason why Taillevent always is the highest rated Paris restaurant on Zagat. First there is the staff. None in Paris are friendlier, more attentive or more knowledgeable……………….If you can only afford one 3 star dining experience in Paris, do NOT miss eating at Taillevent.

    • One of “Le Grand Tables du Monde” and they give you a gift of a book about it and all the other restaurants in that group World wide. Yes, friendly and a total dining experience, recommended by a French mate who celebrated his meant there.

    • And all the really worthwhile, non-socialites who died today after long and valuable lives will get no media mention at all.

  7. I wonder if there are Australians among the victims in the Nice terrorism attack. Just to give Turnbull and Bishop something to do …

  8. An appropriate thread, in the light of today’s atrocity.

    The terrorists’ aim is to foment a mix of xenophobia, religious differentiation, racial suspicion and outright fear into irrational hatred and knee-jerk reaction. Very sadly, it often works.

    From the origins of WW-1 to today, lone crazies have suckered governments into futile, overreaction in response to political pressure. Millions can die if it’s targeted well enough.

    This one was pretty well targeted: a crowd of people enjoying a balmy night on the French national day (of all days le quatorze Juillet!), watching fireworks, getting on with each other, out for a peaceful evening a long way away from the hate-filled ghettos of the big cities. It’s almost certain that Muslims were killed in Nice, too. But the terrorists don’t care. They won’t be around to contemplate the awful consequences of their actions.

    And fanatics will retaliate. The fanatics of both sides ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Osama was quite open about his aim to provoke the West into an over reaction and once engaged bleed the West’s treasury dry in the resulting quagmire. Give Iraq and Afghanistan and their US$6 Trillion dollar cost Osama looks to have had his wish fufilled.

  9. As a result of the Lib scraping home the crazy MTM will continue to be run out. Today it was announced contracts had been signed to start work on the HFC part of the NBN. I am sure Murdoch is pleased his puppets are going to improve delivery of his FoxTel content. Copper internet aka FTTN with the rest of the way to homes being via Telstra’s too–thin, too high impedance and rotten copper, sign up to the internet and watch your speed go down {sigh}

    All this will need to be replaced with ubiquitous FTTH very shortly after completion or even more businesses and our best IT/STEM graduates will head overseas and we sink into banana republic status.

  10. Had Murdoch taken a wider view he could have supported the NBN. Foxtel would have minimum cost access into millions of more homes via it. No Sat dishes expenses or cable installation costs except a visit from a low level Foxtel techo to install the box.

    The only minor irritant was other competitors but he was in the box seat, he could have offered a cheaper price for his product, expenses reduced, profits rising and 4K TV sales way up economy booming also benefit the Country.

    What could possible go wrong but he met with a mental pigmy called Abbort and the rest is history.

    I and many others might have not cancelled our subscriptions and returned the boxes to the nearest post office. He must be going senile to miss that opportunity or very badly advised.

    • Outside the cities most pay TV comes via satellite, not HFC. All this talk about re-using the old HFC cables for NBN delivery really irks me, because it just tells me that once again, people living in regional towns are being forgotten.

      Foxtel bought out Austar, the major regional pay TV provider, some years ago, keeping the satellite set-up. The two bodies are still run separately, with It’s odd, because when some part of my system needs replacing – the box, a remote, whatever – the new part is still ‘Austar’, not Foxtel. Just about every home in my area has an Austar dish, even thought the residents might have cancelled their pay TV subscription years ago

      If Turnbull’s abortion of an NBN is going to use existing cables then why not go a bit further and use existing satellite dishes? I’d be happy if the NBN could be delivered through my satellite dish. Why can’t someone work out how to do that? . It might be better than the rotting copper/kikuyu connection I use now for ADSL2.

  11. That Cher tweet last night in which she called Abbott ‘Twiddle Tosser’ –

    She made a mistake. She thought it was a photo of Boris with Nigel Farage.

    I don’t know what is more insulting – being called ‘Twiddle Tosser’ or being mistaken for Farage.



  12. After spending all morning combing through reports and records. Bananas has found three Australians injured while running away from the attack in Nice.

    She looks so pleased to be able to report that news.

    Stand by for Fizza to deliver the usual ‘they hate our freedoms’ crap.

  13. Currently in Cornwall in an area with no mobile phone reception.
    In my travels in the Cotswolds I formed the opinion that UK Internet and mobile coverage is worse than Australia

    Shocked to hear about the carnage in Nice, the fourth largest city in France

  14. Herbert drifting towards knife edge. Te bad guy’s lead has been reduced to 19. I reckon there are very few votes to count.
    If it’s a re-count the ALP should send John Faukner or some such expert to supervise the scrutineering.

  15. The following has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

    A few days ago I found my next door neighbour roaming around in my back yard looking for three of his young chooks.

    A bit of background here. A few months ago he bought 4 pullets, 2 Isa Browns, an Australorp & a White leghorn.

    Anyway, 3 of the beggars decided to go exploring in the neighbourhood and as they are on the verge of laying and had had some degree of loving care & attention as well as a lot of chook food, he was desperate to get them back. The one that stayed was happily scratching around in my yard where the whole 4 of them spent most of the day ever since he got them anyway.

    So yesterday, he found out that they were ensconced at the local Council Pound. Upon inquiry, he then finds out that it was going to cost him $37.00 each to bail them out of the pound.

    Considering he had only paid about $8.00 each for them in the first place, with the cost of the chook food, building a “PROPER” chook run and the council bail money, I would think that it will take better than 12 Months of each chook laying 1 egg per day for that time just to come out square on his investment.

    Naught as I am, and as most of you know, I have found the whole affair quite amusing! 😉

  16. Well, they’ve started counting the Provisional votes in Herbert, and they are coming out very nicely for Labor.

    So much that I retract my earlier assessment that it was going to be a win for the LNP. I think this is going to be a lineball result.

    Also today is the last day that postal ballots can be accepted, so there’s only 36 of those left to count.

    Overall, at the very least, there will be an automatic recount in Herbert. I can’t see how the LNP is going to get more than a 100 vote lead to prevent that.

    Also, since Herbert is a division with a large amount of regular ADF soldiers living in it, I certainly hope the serving personnel all had a reasonable chance of voting. Because as I recall in the 1995 state election, the result in the seat of Mundingburra was overturned because soldiers serving overseas weren’t given a reasonable chance to vote and so the very slim Labor victory was rejected and sent to a by-election, in which the Liberal party won and the Goss government lost power.

    So, the result in Herbert is by no means over yet, at least so I hope, unless of course this is a case of “Oh, well, if the LNP scraped a majority then that’s alright then, there’s no need to challenge it” by the court.

  17. How politicians react to the Nice tragedy and others tells you a lot about them.

    There are the ones who genuinely are concerned. And, then, there are the Mesmas …

    • According to the AEC, they only declare seats when it is mathematically impossible for any other candidate to win. Hence extremely safe seats like Farrer already being declared.

      So some seats won’t be declared as won for several weeks until all results are in and counted (without any challenge obviously).

    • Actually, now that I’ve double checked, Farrer hasn’t been declared yet. But safe seats are being declared, such as Mallee and Calwell.

  18. While I am here, unless I missed it from any other pubsters, A very happy birthday for our much loved Fiona for yesterday!

  19. gigilene,

    A greedy and heartless council.

    But only if you are in the process of trying to reclaim your lost chooks! 😉

    Love your work, Gigi!

  20. Fiona

    I tried to wish you happy Birthday yesterday but in preparation for dealing with our Ancien Régime you had popped out to practice your storming of the Bastille .

    • Aux armes, citoyens,
      Formez vos bataillons,
      Marchons, marchons!
      Qu’un sang impur
      Abreuve nos sillons!

  21. Heh, just on that thought about a possible Herbert by-election. Wouldn’t it be funny if all those ADF personnel so bravely serving in Peter Dutton’s Border Force didn’t have the chance to lodge their votes for the Liberal Party in time ended up causing a by-election that reduces the Coalition to a razor-thin majority that promises anything but stability if Labor wins it?

    And yes I’m aware that Townsville does not have a major naval base, but I’m also aware that the ADF as a whole seems to sneer at Labor and considers them to be pacifist leftie traitors or something like that because they refuse to enter Abbott style military adventures.

    • Very nice. Hopefully Labor party lawyers are dusting out the Court of Disputed Returns case for Mundingburra 1995 so that it can do the same this time around on the federal level.

  22. Andrew Barr finds the Theresa May solution for the not wanted on voyage

    Chief Minister Andrew Barr has appointed Liberal treasury spokesman Brendan Smyth as his first Commissioner for International Engagement, a $300,000 a year appointment for five years that creates a political headache for the Liberals in the lead-up to the October election.


  23. It’s not the ADF bods in Herbert who couldn’t vote, it’s the bods who were on wargames in the outback of SA who missed out in yet another AEC cost-cutting stuff-up.

    It doesn’t matter, just less votes for the Dark Side. All those rumours you hear about ADF personnel being told it’s in their best interests to vote Liberal? True. I have it on the very best authority. Just one of many reasons a certain close family member found he just didn’t fit into the army.

    • My eldest son is a Major in the Army and currently in SA doing his thing. He is a chip of the old block and very much a voter on the left of the spectrum. Classmate ( loosely speaking of our friend Hastie) and very much of a different political persuasion than the bulk of the officer Corp. Not sure if he got to vote or not. Well check when he gets back tomorrow.

    • I have to say, those chapters in Savva’s books were particularly delicious to read.

    • I have a lot of time for Marieke, granddaughter of the sainted Frank Hardy of Foolgarah fame.

      Sad about the tats.

  24. I see, that is unfortunate and I’m sorry to hear those soldiers didn’t get the chance to vote.

    However, the case with Herbert is that there is a precedent at the state level in which because the result was so close, it had to go to a by-election, and that by-election changed the government of Queensland.

    While that by-election was probably for the best in that it allowed Queenslanders to experience life under the Coalition for a couple of years again which resulted in them voting Labor back in from 1998-2012, it’s pretty much the only way an election result can be challenged – with a very close result.

    • L/NP gets 77 or 76: what’s the difference, apart from a by-election?

      Waffles, his crew and the podsters may wish to differ.

    • The difference is pretty significant actually.

      The reason being is because some votes in the House of Reps require an Absolute Majority of 76 votes.

      Because all crossbenchers have declined the position of Speaker, that means the Coalition has to provide its own Speaker, which means that the numbers on the floor for the government equal 75, and those not in the government equal 74. assuming the case that Herbert goes to Labor.

      That basically means that the government will quite probably have difficulties in procedures should it pursue a government ideology of no negotiations, where it will struggle to get legislation past the lower house. Especially if even one of the 76 Liberal or National members has any reservations on it. If they cross the floor, it will be defeated, and that power hasn’t been felt in the Coalition for quite a while, so it’s hard to tell how they’ll respond to it.

      And also, if something significant to the government occurs, such as, Tony Abbott successfully defeats Malcolm Turnbull for leadership of the Liberal Party, then a parliament with only a 76 seat majority will be especially vulnerable to backbench defections that will undoubtedly set off another election.

      However, if the LNP retains Herbert, then its grip on power becomes somewhat more secure, in that they remain 2 votes from oblivion, rather than just the 1.

  25. A bloke in a truck goes on the rampage.

    All the reporting I have seen does flowery, obviously scripted, language and joins dots for which there is no established connection.

    Talk about a look-at-me syndrome!

  26. Excellent program on SBS tonight. They do have new stuff.

    The Inca: Masters Of The Clouds
    Friday 15th July at 8:25 pm (65 minutes)
    Clash Of Empires: Clash of Empires – Dr Jago Cooper travels through Peru and Ecuador to reassess the origins, accomplishments and nature of one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. Jago argues that it wasn’t simply a clash of arms that destroyed the Inca, but a clash of world views. He travels from Peru to the far north of Inca territory in Ecuador to reveal how the great strengths of the empire suddenly became factors in its rapid demise. (From the UK) (Documentary Series) (Part 2 of 2) (Rpt) PG CC

    I’m a big fan of ethnology (?) and like stuff.

  27. leonetwo,

    [ All those rumours you hear about ADF personnel being told it’s in their best interests to vote Liberal? True. ]

    My experience of it goes back to the early Hawke years. Started talking with a group of service men at a small shopping centre near me about supporting Labor at the upcoming election & was lucky to escape with my hide intact.

    Those soldiers, either through influence by higher-ups or through their own decisions tempered by the information they had been fed, were not going to vote anywhere but for the LNP.

    In order to see if there had been any changes in that opinion over the years, every chance I had to discuss politics with servicemen here in Capricornia got the same sort of response.

    Basically they are conditioned to believe that their best interests are served by supporting the LNP no matter what.

    Sad but true.

    • scorpio6to2

      Well of course they support the LNP. What other party gives them a greater chance to go out and kill ‘ethnics’ in foreign climes and get to collect some medals and campaign ribbons for doing so ?

    • I don’t quite think that is so.

      Brought to mind Alice’s Restaurant, once more

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