Federal Election 2 July 2016


Soon the Polls will close and the counting will begin. Sometime tonight the results will be in and we will know what sort of Government we will have for the next 3 years. Will Labor be victorious or will The Libs be the ones that are popping the champagne corks? Will there be a Hung Parliament? All will be revealed in the next few hours so take one last deep breath, Pour yourself A drink or 12 and have some snacks at your side.

We are in for a roller coaster of a night.


894 thoughts on “Federal Election 2 July 2016

  1. Yikes!

    I have a friend and his partner who are just outside of Dallas right now. They left a few days ago on the direct flight from Sydney.

    He is an ex-cop, quite senior at the end. He’s recently retired with a nice old-fashioned defined benefits scheme, which has set him up for life.

    He is the son of an American serviceman, who met his mother while over here during WW2. Turns out he has a lot of rellies in Texas. And they are just about all cops.

    He’s sent me photos of how gun-happy they all seem to be. Guns in the bedroom, guns in the living room, guns on rack in the pickup or the boot of the car, even guns in the toilet. They have dozens of guns, of all types. Armalites everywhere, shotguns, 45s, Magnums, little “ladies’ guns” and yes, even their kids have their own guns. It’s like Fantasyland for the NRA.

    This one one of the photos. My friend’s comment:

    “I searched everywhere at home to find the picture of the gun in Craig’s car and finally here it is – it is his assault rifle and he keeps it plus other bits and pieces in the boot in case they are needed when he is working.”

    With the shootings in Dallas, and the number of police involved, I’m wondering whether they are not finally getting their wish, often expressed to my mate, to have a shootout with “the Niggas”.

    Oh, and of course, Obama is persona non gratis. They tell my friend that if he was to ever come to Dallas you’d have to queue up to be the assassin.

    It’s infected my mate quite a bit, too. He goes over there more and more often. Several times a year.Last time we saw them for a meal, all he could talk about was his trip and how he’d get to play with his cousins’ guns when he got there. This includes machine guns. When I started laughing he got quite defensive, and told me about the time he had to discharge his pump action “shottie” when some neighbours became a bit threatening. He was annoyed that he had to surrender it to John Howard’s buyback scheme, back in 1997. It was the nearest we’d ever come to having an argument. I hadn’t realized how serious he’d become about guns.

    All of his rellies have been wounded, one of them quite seriously, “in the line of duty” and recovered enough to go back to work. Two of them have shot and killed people, also “in the line of duty”.

    Judging from the amount of gunfire in the couple of video clips I’ve seen so far, there may be quite a lot of “duty” on its way for them, and I hope my mate stays inside and very “peaceable like”.

  2. BB

    America has always been my no go to country. I’d go to Canada and even Mexico, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near America.

  3. Gravel

    America has always been my no go to country. I’d go to Canada and even Mexico, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near America.

    Yep. A tourist once and twice a work visitor. Not impressed.

  4. I’d never go back, except perhaps to Hawaii, which is really lovely (particularly the island of K’uai) and is less tolerant of guns and all that “Bad Guys v. Good Guys” stuff. Hawaii has the lowest gun ownership in America and the 3rd lowest murder rate per capita (next to Vermont and New Hampsire) at 0.5 per 100,000 inhabitants. Also not a real long flight to get there.

    By contrast, Texas has a 10 times higher rate of gun murders, and 5 times the gun ownership ratio – just about the highest in America.

    As for the rest of America outside Hawaii, they can stuff it. Never again.

    Check it out here:


    Funnily enough, the worst murder rate by far in America is Washington DC, District of Columbia, 34 times higher than Hawaii.

    • Hawai’i also just legislated to have the FBI keep a register of all gun owners. NRA shat itself but I believe the governor kept his nerve. Didn’t see any guns for sale in Walmart I went to but I bought a multi-tool knife at an Outdoor Authority store and was confronted by a wall of guns.

  5. BB

    [I’d never go back, except perhaps to Hawaii]

    Yes. It’s OK for a 36 hour break.

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