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  1. I’m hoping this unfortunate headcold I caught will go away tomorrow so I can help out at a booth or two, but, it doesn’t seem good so far since the symptoms flared up today, bloody winter.

    But good luck to everyone that is doing that.

  2. Jason Hand is also HTV ing and scrutineering somewhere in Makin so we may run into each other at the event, If Briggs goes down, i am going to open champers just for BK.

  3. Looking at a bit of K1W1 music and I spotted this. CTar1’s eyrie locale and the chap may even have been ‘in residence’ at the time. Definitely not an ordinary block of flats !

  4. In video game terms, this election certainly does have the air of an “unwinnable” final boss that will mess you up if you’re not expecting a hard go. But it’s still not impossible.

    I still enjoy this tune, which in gaming in the past year is a good example of this scenario.

    A fun fact – Undertale was released on the same day that Turnbull became PM.

  5. http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/federal-election-2016/election-2016-former-labor-mp-peter-batchelor-removes-greens-batman-banners-20160701-gpwszq.html

    Ugh, bloody hell, this isn’t welcome news.

    While yes, it’s understandable if the obvious scenario is playing out that the Greens are completely saturating polling places in Batman with their bunting so that there’s no room for any other parties, it’s not really helpful for it to be played out in this way.

    (Especially in that it’s being reported in this way by The Age where they’d be delighted with Labor not winning the election).

    Yeah, true, David Feeney’s been a bit of an embarrassing candidate and has few friends remaining, but really, Labor should have played this one by the books. Now tomorrow Greens all over Batman are going to turn on the waterworks about big right wing bully Labor/Union members ripping down their material.

    • Was never impressed with him back in the days of Bracks. Had the opportunity to regain the public transport infrastructure after the rent-seekers failed to meet the terms of the Kennett-Stockdale privatisation. Performance standards were set fairly high and the companies didn’t go close to meeting them.

      Under the terms, they forfeited everything back to the State at no cost if they failed to deliver. Instead, Batchelor ‘forgave’ them that failure, advanced them a bit of credit, and allowed them to continue. there was no question that legally they could have acted, just as Kerry Packer did to resume ownership of the NINE network after Alan Bond failed to meet his terms of purchase.

      Batchelor’s motive (quite likely that of cabinet) was that they didn’t want to carry the hot political potato of inevitable public transport failures, and they could pass the buck quite neatly if it was privately-owned. That worked all right for a few years, but the public is not stupid and eventually lost patience. It was the reason the Brumby government fell to Baillieu unexpectedly. You can’t run away from public responsibility.

  6. Incidentally, after thinking about this, I was just wondering if more experienced volunteers would know about the etiquette of putting up bunting?

    Like, for example, if the Liberal party decided to make sure every square inch of a polling booth in a marginal electorate such as Corangamite was covered with posters for their candidate, leaving no room for others, what would the procedure be to counteract this?

    • greedy self-centred blighters, can one just post over the top if they have taken all the space? I do not know the rules or unwritten protocols around this.

    • There are strict rules for advertising and other display matters at polling booths, actually written somewhere, but ultimately in the hands of the Returning Officer at the booth. (It’s possible Batchelor knew those rules and that the Greens were in breach of them.) I had a quite hilarious introduction to them at Bondi Junction way back in 1966.

      The captains of each party’s team were veterans from way back and both knew the rules. The first blow came from the Liberals’ bloke who complained to the Returning Officer that our stand was too close to the entrance. The stands had to be at least 20 feet back and ours was only 18 feet back. The Returning Officer came out and had a look and a measure, and ruled that we had to move everything back.

      Old Harry was furious about that petty complaint, but was quick to get his revenge. He went and had a look at the Liberal mounted posters and measured them. He reckoned they were an inch too large and therefore ineligible to be displayed. The poor Returning Officer (who must have dreaded every complaint lodged by Harry or John the Liberal Captain) was called out and measured the said mounted posters. And Harry was right,. He ruled that they could not be displayed and they had to be removed. A great victory for Harry, which did not improve relations with the Liberal camp, but they started it.

  7. Thank you for the Pub Joe6pack and to the Mods Fiona, Bushfire and anyone else who does it here.
    Thank you, everyone, for the camaraderie. That is so important over an eight week haul.

    Cheers and win, lose or draw: we have proven like Corporal Jones says; “they don’t like it up em.”

  8. kk

    Looking at a bit of K1W1 music and I spotted this.

    Three thoughts on it:

    – Carl Davis was really good at making the Royal Philharmonic hit the mark and move on to the next bit;

    – If you’re going to have ‘her’ singing the small Philharmonic is the right choice; and

    – The Theatre has gone through a lot of refurbishment since then.

  9. Good grief, the Pomgolians may end up with Poodle Pyne’s twin as PM. Rupes must have had some good dirt on Boris to get him to step aside and let Rupes pet step up.

  10. Good luck today all cross fingers that Waffles & his mob fall short. I’m on the 6am to Melb & back to Sydney tonight so I’ll be looking here for updates and good news.
    I’ll throw the bones & hope the ancestors answer my call.

  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Well here we go! I am not confident of a Labor victory and just hope that it acquits itself very well.

    I’d advise you not to read this effort from Massola and Kenny.
    The 12 things to look for in tonight’s count.
    Lenore Taylor’s not buying Turnbull’s “stability” pitch.
    Hartcher with a reasonable contribution on the campaign as a whole and what’s in store for the winner.
    Paul Kelly says Turnbull has bet the house on this DD and looks at the Senate that he will face. Google.
    Jacqui Maley wonders what a winning Turnbull would do with Abbott after the election.
    Phil Coorey says that Turnbull may sort out an unruly Senate by giving it nothing to do. Google.
    The question that Duncan Storrar never got to ask.
    This is a lovely personal story of Antony Green’s life,
    The many things the new PM must attend to.
    Coalition voters are more divided than Labor’s on issues such as SSM.
    This will come back to haunt Turnbull in the event of him winning this election.

  12. Section 2 . . .

    Julia Baird implores Australians to think about it and make their votes count.
    The ATO digs its heels in to thwart Turnbull’s promise on tax cuts for those over $80000.
    Andrew Elder writes about the underestimated Bill Shorten.
    Potatohead just can’t help himself.
    Malcolm Turnbull is a hostage not a leader. WARNING: Large photo of a large George Christensen.
    Nick Xenophon is ready for the supershock to be delivered by voters.
    How business lobbyists are trumping our vote.
    Trump’s anti-terror policies sound a lot like war crimes.
    Liberal and Labor have some common ground with respect to worker exploitation. It’s a matter of who has more in the heart to get on top of it.
    Mike Seccombe has a good look at the cost of the election.

  13. Section 3 . . .

    Here’s a good look at what’s been happening in Mayo.
    Paul Bongiorno in his trademark good form talks about Turnbull’s moment of truth.
    Jim Middleton says there’s hope yet for a federal ICAC.
    Seven more reasons for not supporting Malcolm Turnbull.
    For the life of me I can’t work out how so many recalls could have been stacked up by Mitsubishi for the one monster release. Recalls generally are quite some time in the making and one of the big difficulties is assembling and distributing sufficient replacement components to make the launch of a recall logistically possible. In my case there was only one recall that involved a longish delay that caused me to lose sleep but in the end we didn’t hurt anybody. I’ve said it before that I’m glad to be out of that responsibility after having it for nearly 20 years.
    Nissan shows some sense here as it pulls out of the Footy Show.
    The Saturday Paper has a good discussion on the influence of the Australian Christian Lobby, not one of my favourite organisations.
    Boris Johnson has paid the price for peddling lies, half truths and evasions.
    Hoe Paul Keating became the modern day hero for left and right alike.

  14. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Ron Tandberg sums up the CPG contribution.

    Cathy Wilcox on worker exploitation.

    Alan Moir and the barely spoken subject of this election campaign.

    Winging it to the election with David Pope.

    More from Cathy Wilcox as she gauges the mood of the electorate.

    A gorgeous contribution from Ron Tandberg!

    Mark Knight is suggesting with some justification that robocalls have been overdone.

  15. Well, it is going to be a very long day for many of us who had our hopes and wishes. I said a few weeks ago, no matter the result tonight, Bill Shorten and the Team have to be proud of their effort regardless of the result. When you have ALL the msm against you, lies being told like they are and no one correcting them, to get to basically a 50/50 result in nine months is a mammoth effort.

    To all here that were physically able to help, thank you on behalf of a Labor voter.


    Hope the head cold will be gone when you wake up this morning.

    • At least now our Antarctic expeditioners can vote.

      Way back in the 1958 Federal Elections there were no voting facilities at all for us. To rub salt into the wound when I returned to Australia at the end of the year among the mail waiting for me was a please-explain letter as to why I had not voted. My memory is that my reply was rather terse.

  16. I’d bet Fizza stayed home last night and went to bed early. He’s an old bloke and the eight weeks of campaigning has taken quite a toll. You can see that in his face. He will need a nanna nap this afternoon, to prepare for tonight.

    Wouldn’t that make a great headline – Turnbull goes home for a nap.

  17. Good to see Michael West get a gig at the Sat paper. Sat paper has picked up the best of msm redundancies, apart from Karen Middleton who just keeps peddling cpg group think.

  18. Excellent article on Christians (REAL Christians) and same sex marriage by a Uniting Church minister.

    Marriage equality would be a victory for ordinary Christians

    The majority of Christians in Australia are making the same choice as the people of Ireland. We are tired of our voices and values being misrepresented by a noisy lobby group and out of touch denominational leaders. A 2014 poll found 59 per cent of Australian Christians support marriage equality. Not in spite of our faith, but because of it. The Australian Christian Lobby and Fred Nile’s Christian Democrat Party do not speak for us. In fact, the CDP speaks for very few. The last census indicated that 61 per cent of Australians are Christian and only 3.24 per cent of the NSW population supported the CDP at the last state election


  19. You have “admire” Newspoll for sticking to their core principal of sticking with the Libs come hell or high water. No more rounding of figures. To make it look like a Lib win we are down to 0.5% on a poll 2pp. They have based that on 0.027% of people of Australia that were polled. They are playing games with numbers.

    I live in regional Queensland and no way is that figure of voting pattern likely as unemployment is at astronomical levels and every day a shop closes down. I was talking to a old bloke that I used to do business with and he said in 65 years in engineering he has never seen it so bad.

  20. Well that it the Vote Early part of vote early vote often out of the way, great pleasure putting Libs last. In at 8 out by 8:09 being about 5 C helped deter some early birds. A bit of a lol afterwards. straight down from polling booth to the supermarket, only a few hundred metres away. Four of us who had been chatting waiting in line for the poll booth to open ended up pretty much in the same order at the checkout.

    Good atmosphere everyone seemed in a good mood. Party HTV people were also having fun. Even the Liberal ones! Greens people won the “Aww Cute” award. Large black poodle in a Greens t-shirt on , a green ribbon on its tail waving madly as it ran around trying to make friends with everyone.

    ‘Take a bow the Australian voters ,AEC and all those ‘scruting’ etc at the polling stations.

    • kaffeeklatcher makes a very good point in praise of the volunteers from all the parties at polling booths. these people give their time and their imagination to supporting the cause they love. It is arguably the best thing thing about our democracy at work, even though we know that the management and leadership of our parties largely ignore them.

      It is all the more reason to draw attention to BK’s fabulous links resources and his citing of the incomparable Andrew Elder. https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/-the-underestimated-bill,9190

      Don’t miss it, whatever you do. He uses an analogy of Bill Shorten to John Howard to cite the extent of their reach to people. I despised Howard, of course, especially for trying to impose Thatcherism on us, but he is right about his broad reach both through the organisation and to people out in the community: always civil and always listening. I think Bill does share that with JH, which is why he’s gradually grown. It’s a pretty good formula. Andrew hasn’t picked the election outcome winner, but he has picked who’s won.

      And I wouldn’t yet write off this election until the votes are well in.

  21. “I have a plan” versus “Save Medicare” really is a no-brainer …. for those who have a brain.

  22. Update on the goodies on sale at Camdenville Public School. I knew a photo of the full range would surface..

    Camdenville is just a swanky name for Newtown, one of Sydney’s trendiest areas. It’s in Tanya Plibersek’s electorate of Sydney. I’m not sure if the AEC will like the word ‘ballsack’ being used under a photo of Fizza, but it’s all in a good cause.

    • I’m glad you could see it, I’m never sure if Facebook videos are going to work for everyone.

  23. Massive queue for voting at old parl house- used most of the senate corridors before ending up in the members dining room. Havent seen these areas since i was a dept courier in mid 80s! But great atmosphere.. gave one of zeds minions a very blunt answer to his “zed for the senate?” attempt to hand me htv card. Got my souvenir pencil and badges… sausage queue too long tho’. Off to the mkts instead..

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