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The polls were tight but all the pundits and betting agencies were so sure the punters would do as they were told and vote to Stay.


Remeber back to the Qld Election. All the pundits said the LNP would be returned Easily?


Wrong. Labor won a tight contest . Silly Punters said the media.

Now one week to go till our Federal election and most of the polls have labor just ahead or at worst 50/50 we are still being told the punters will fall into line and Saint Malcom will win .How stupid are they.How do they know just by talking amongst themselves. The  “talk in the pub” is a common term I hear some right wing Broadcasters use.


How would they know? They wouldn’t have been in a working class pub in years. Unless to visit the toilets  maybe.


One week to go and nothing is settled .I am not saying labor will win, nor am I saying they will lose, but with things so tight it amazes me that these so called experts pitch out such confident predictions. I look forward to some humble pie eating if Labor do win but I guess the chances of that happening are the same as Syd winning a dog show .

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Not impossible but highly unlikley.

Bar is open


and Jukebox is free

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One week to go




189 thoughts on “Cranky Friday

  1. eJames,

    Agreed, especially because it’s a total negation of why the EEC/EU was established in the first place.

    However, I will share another slant.

    It looks to me much more like an Orwellian division of the world into three warring groups, that may occasionally merge.

    Just imagine Putin, Boris, and Trump saying something like, “Alright, boys, whom will we bomb today?”

  2. Fiona,

    Killary is more likely to bomb someone than Trump. She has the runs on the board. However, I know not what Trump will do, they could be as bad as each other.

  3. I do not have a rat in the bag for the Brexit referendum. I do not know the arguments and would not venture an opinion on whether it is a good or bad move on the UK;s part. But I would have thought that as the UK is a union that as well as a popular vote, three of the four countries involved should have been needed as a majority too, similar to our system. That way the more populous states cannot drag the smaller ones along on an unwanted ride. One county of England has more people than the whole of Scotland.

    From Wiki.

    Name % of UK Area Pop.density (2011) Population (2013)]

    1 England 83.9% 130,395 km² 406.55/km² 53,865,800

    2 Scotland 8.4% 78,772 km² 67.22/km² 5,327,700

    3 Wales 4.8% 20,779 km² 147.43/km² 3,082,400

    4 N Ireland 2.9% 13,843 km² 130.81/km² 1,829,700

    United Kingdom 100% 243,789 km² 259.16/km² 64,105,700

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