Facebook Friday


Appparently Tonight  This is happening on the facebook Thingy


I have never used facebook nor do I intend too but Lord Mal seems to think it is a wonderfull idea


Now I know I am not the sharpest Pencil in the box but Who is goung to be logging on /watching this at 6.00pm on a Friday Night? I’m sure most people  will feel like this.


But for those that are going to watch may I suggest


But as it’s a Friday night lets not forget the Pubs tradition of being happy


Indulging in your favorite tipple


And possibly listen to some tunes



PS. If some facebook person watches the debate will they be kind enough to give a report.



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  1. Saw a bit of ch7 news, they did an excellent summary of where things are at with the CFA stuff. Almost showed turnoff in a bad light, certainly were explicit about lnp raising hundreds of thousands dollars for lnp with people thinking they were supporting the CFA and showing Dan Andrews demanding the lnp give that money to the firies.

  2. BB

    Oooh noooo, unlike you I couldn’t stand their inanity. Will watch one of the commercial channels, then if Labor look like they’ll win, will go over and watch them deflating.

  3. I will be scrutineering, dammit!

    Tried that once, but gave up when the Libs started helping me out of sympathy.

  4. SBS is pleased to tell you that Hindmarsh is the only marginal seat in SA.

    Poodle and Briggs must be delighted.

    Oh, and their news was a Waffles love-in, with special emphasis on volunteer firefighters.

  5. I’m better at shouting at the screen and standing up suddenly, punching the air and saying “YESSSSSS!!!”

  6. I can’t see volunteer firefighters really voting for the Libs on a single issue. It seems more like a way of shoring up the base by the Liberals, to me.

    After all, by accounts, the Victorian volunteers didn’t do all that crash hot a job on their last excursion.This is not to say their hearts are not in the right place, and that there aren’t some born firies among them, naturally skilled in the arts of fighting fire and persuading farmers etc. to leave their homes (which is a big askk a lot of times, so requires diplomatic skills).

    But it never hurts to bolster up the ranks of doughty volunteers with real professionals, who are somewhat detatched from the individual personal outcomes, and train by all accounts pretty much every day of the week.

    Union/Schmunion it’s professional skills that count, and sober heads.

  7. The warm-up for The Liberal Party Half-hour: “Bill refused to answer a question”.

    Bab Bad Bill!

  8. Where the two leaders are campaigning tells you: in Lib marginals.

  9. This little black duck,

    A beauty

    Probably their best so far.There hasn’t been a better one IMO!

    Sometimes I think the gold logies go to the wrong people!

    • Their 3-4 minutes each week gets nowhere near the recognition it deserves.

  10. “He was just a lowly captain …”

    Start of the first story on TLPH.

    Barbara Cartland would have been proud.

  11. John Clark has been a fave of mine since his days as Fred Dagg. So long ago was it he had hair.

  12. This little black duck,

    Their 3-4 minutes each week gets nowhere near the recognition it deserves.

    Surely it must make some campaign strategists do a reappraisal of what they are putting forward on behalf of their clients when satirists & cartoonists call them out on their bullshit.

    But no. They hold out on the belief that the ordinary man in the street ( & his spouse ) are totally fooled by their bullshit offerings and for this election, in particular, that is a good thing because it would be very much for the interests of the country for this mob to be shunted as far away from the hands of government as possible.

    IMO, nobody’s buying their bullshit. The more they try & ram it down our necks, the more people will reject it.

  13. John Clark selling Jake the Muss before he was Jake the Muss a Mk III Zephyr .

  14. bushfirebill,

    I’m better at shouting at the screen and standing up suddenly, punching the air and saying “YESSSSSS!!!”

    I did a bit of that myself last night watching Qld win state of origin 2016 at Suncorp Stadium in Qld.

    NSW hate that place. It’s an old graveyard & for some reason the ghosts there hate NSW rugby league players.


    I am going to enjoy next Saturday night, just to see the look on her face.

  16. Wow, just wow, from TLPH!

    I have never seen Leigh right-facing profile: very attractive!.

    She did interrupt muchly.

    Bill did not “refuse to answer”: he is, as we know, methodical and thorough.

    She wasn’t quite taken aback but did pull back a bit.

    Do I detect a fear that Labor may be the next lot in charge; even from Their ABC?

  17. There is a “primacy and recency that works”

    Let’s see who can do that, come 2 July.

    Labor got the primacy on Medicare.

  18. I have a bit of a tickle in the throat, it is raining and cold outside, and coming home i realised my medicine cabinet was bereft f medicinal liquids. So i picked up a bottle of something to warm the cockles.

  19. Kelly O’Dwyer [Assistant Treasurer – Higgins, Vic] has a young Lib-Thug out there to impede other candidates access to voters. Said Lib-thug stands between voter and candidate, talks over top of candidate. I have said Lib-thug under control – not subtly but then I ain’t subtle – I have my secret weapon to make him look truly foolish

    I have run interference, unfortunately the coordinator hates my guts – she is very wet behind the ears “Oh the AEC wouldn’t do that!”
    “Sunshine, I have seen them do it”
    That said, the AEC as a whole has integrity, the individual polling officers are rooting for their own party and the scrutineers hold them to account

  20. Is anyone listening to Kitchen Cabinet or are we just watching the body language while we wait for Rake

  21. July 2 is not just election day, it’s also World UFO Day. By the end of the election coverage there may be some well-known persons wishing a UFO would beam them up and fly them off to a galaxy far, far away.


  22. I am a fan of Rake. Brilliant stuff. I heard the Americans tried to do a series of their own Rake over there and failed miserably.

    • It was on Foxtel here. I saw the first five minutes of the first episode, just to see how bad it was, had my worst fears confirmed and ran away.

  23. Puffy

    You are in for a real treat when you get to watch Bill on 7:30. We taped it, I followed the response on twitter, which seemed a bit iffy at the time. Decided to watch it, and it blew both of us out of the water. Bill just didn’t put a foot wrong, not matter how much Sales badgered, and Bill didn’t give her much time to badger.

  24. World ufo day, new financial year,wimbledon,what a good excuse for a get together.

  25. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Another early edition.

    Jess Irvine strongly calls out the Coalition’s shameless scare campaign on negative gearing and housing.
    In one of his trademark detailed articles Greg Jericho explains that house prices may have fallen but we shouldn’t expect a housing affordability bonanza.
    “View from the Street” tells us that the Coalition is gearing up to punish Turnbull in victory. It’s not going to be pretty. Nick Xenophon also comes under attention.
    And herein lies the base cultural problem in the defence forces. And it’s most probably not confined to Australian forces.
    In an unsurprising revelation from an insider it would appear that Centrelink is cooking the books with respect to waiting times.
    Michelle Grattan wonders if Turnbull is inoculated against Shorten’s Medicare scare.
    The Independent Australia says that Shorten is correct in painting Turnbull as a threat to Medicare.
    Could Lisa Singh be in with a chance to win a Senate seat after being spurned by Labor in Tasmania?
    The results of this survey on income distribution are hardly surprising.
    In a letter to the AFR Paul Keating tells it to stop misrepresenting him over company tax rate cuts. Google.
    Michael Keenan with a rather gutless attack on Anne Aly.

  26. Section 2 . . .

    Ben Eltham writes that the Coalition’s lies on border security are coming undone.
    Laura Tingle tells us that the electorate has finally woken up as negativism comes into play. Google.
    The NPC can’t get debates on health and immigration off the ground as both sides protect their weak flanks.
    In writing about Mike Kelly’s almost certain return to represent the bellwether seat of Eden-Monaro David Wroe predicts a Coalition win.
    Bill Shorten springs to the defence of Lucy Turnbull. Sort of.
    Former NSW DPP Nicholas Cowdery implores the parliament to properly debate its abortion laws to bring them into line with the rest of the country.
    The dishonesty of the claims of Morrison and Bernardi.
    It’s time for a catastrophic event to (metaphorically) wipe out the footy dinosaurs.
    Now it’s meat prices that are the subject of a war between Coles, Woolies and Aldi.
    This is what we hate mist about grocery shopping. Too right it is!
    It’s time to re-evaluate our attitude to germs.

  27. Section 3 . . . with Cartoon Corner

    According to this article Trump savaged himself when he attacked Hilary Clinton.
    This shooting in Germany has a strange look about it.

    Ouch! Alan Moir gives fake tradie Turnbull a good old serve.

    A delightful contribution from David Pope on the return of Abbott and his monkey pod mates.

    Don’t you just LOVE this effort from Ron Tandberg!

    David Rowe in hospital with the leaders.

    Mark Knight in the holy cathedral of public outrage.

    • *sigh* I thought I’d be clever and preemptively quoted the quoted tweet since they apparently aren’t displayed, but it seems “blockquote” tags prevent tweet links from rendering too… I’ll be less clever next time.

  28. Thinking of giving preferences to the Animal Justice Party?

    Think again.

    Peter Wicks is a strong campaigner for animal welfare, so I take this seriously.

    Sleeping With The Enemy – Animal Justice Party seek a Coalition Government

    The Animal Justice Party however are confident that the Party who have broken election promises on Australian school funding, health funding, tertiary education, funding to the National broadcasters, as well as countless other things will honour their promise to protect animals in other countries.

    However it is not only the sudden policy about-face regarding cosmetic testing that smacks of hypocrisy.

    By giving the Liberal Party their preferences in such a marginal seat, the Animal Justice Party are asking their supporters to vote for the Party that knowingly sat by while knowing sledgehammers were being used to smash in the skulls of Australian cattle and their industry lobby counted its blood money


  29. Geez the abc must have watched a different 7.30 to what I did. Apparently he has gone ‘soft’ on his ‘scare’ campaign and is backing down on his ‘lie’ about lnp selling medicare. Hi rotation all night and this morning with none other than conman mathius spruiking for all his worth.

  30. On THAT interview last night…

    The basic reality is that Shorten has learned how to handle Leigh Sales. The trick is to not expect a footrub. In fact it is to expect to be attacked by a bucket of asphyxiating rock lobsters heading for water. Calm yourself down before you get to the interview, practice your bemused smile , and have the answers ready. Stick your hackles down with Tarzan’s Grip and get the points out.

    As many have noted here, going to countless Town Hall meetings has helped Bill get used to just about any wacky question, gotcha that anyone could possibly throw at him, and even a few Leigh Sales might dream up. Sales’ problem is that she thinks she’s more important than her guest. Once you deflate that bubble, you’ve got it made.

    On the other hand, Turnbull has gone the “Prime Ministerial” route. Not for him are the grubby, ill-lit, drafty halls of suburbia, full of sullen punters with axes to grind and hungry mouths to feed. The only halls Malcolm sees himself in are halls of power. It’s not a good look for a man from Sydney’s flush Eastern Suburbs with a harbour mansion as crash pad (because the official residence is too low rent) to be fielding questions from cancer sufferers who can’t afford treatment, dole recipients who can’t make ends meet and rent payers three months behind.

    Bill’s great saving grace is that he doesn’t mind humbling himself. Indeed he seems to thrive on it. To enjoy it. While Bill plods along shoelsss, Malcolm waves to the crowd and receives footrubs for his aching feet.

    Malcolm believes all his own publicity, but Bill can hardly believe his luck.

    I’m surprised at the vehemence with which the Liberals have tried to rebut the Mediscare campaign. What I suspect (hear me out) is that they really DO believe they are innocent of the charge.

    All they are doing is selling off the payments scheme, cutting bulk-billing, limiting pathology tests, privatizing hospitals, defunding state Health departments… but “Medicare”, as a brand at least, will still be there. It’ll still be a logo on a sign outside a private building, even if it isn’t anything like the original. And as anyone in marketing and investment knows, branding is everything.

    They’ve done this with the NBN, unfortunately rather brilliantly. I saw it a long time ago: gut FTTP, talk up fanciful laboratory benchtop technologies as the Next Big Normal Thing, spend more and more money on corroding copper, incur delay after delay, but whatever you do keep calling it “the NBN”. As long as they (and, regrettably, their critics) use the name “NBN” (or “Medicare”) then no-one can say they’ve abolished it. Sure, they’ve *changed* it, but they’d rather call that “reform”. So eventually when you compare the original to the new version there’s no similarity except in the name. They’ve even got a minister in charge of it. Mission accomplished.

    And THAT was Bill Shorten’s point last night: no one single cut of the thousand cuts applied to Medicare kills Medicare altogether, but taken together they leave nothing but a bloodied carcass, ripe for the pickings by every spiv, sleeve tugger and backroom urger in town.

    Malcolm Turnbull’s point? ‘Medicare is dead. Long live “Medicare”’!

    • I loved the gentle mansplaining from Bill.
      “Well you asked me to point why we argue that the Liberals are privatising Medicare. I’ll be succinct.”
      “Well, what I’m trying to explain to you is that the Government doesn’t have the buffer they claim to have to begin with”

      Then the accusation – gently given – of Ms Sales taking a Shorten speech out of context.
      BILL SHORTEN: Do you know where you got that speech from?

      LEIGH SALES: The Council of Social Services?

      BILL SHORTEN: And do you know the context within that speech was given? It was given for the mining tax.

      And this response to Sales carping about Labor not putting back the $57 billion this government has cut from hospital funding –
      “Well perhaps if I could explain what we have said and then we can discuss – you know, you can give me your opinion.”

      And so much more!

      All done so politely, so calmly, as Sales became more and more flustered and began to gabble, giving us an excellent impersonation of Scott Morrison at his crazed best/worst.

      Ms Sales has another interview with Bill, she said last night. That should be fun.

  31. First result in from the EU referendum

    Remain 96%
    Leave 4%

  32. One of those election issues that no-one notices unless they are directly concerned because the MSM chooses to ignore it. One where Labor has promised much more than the government.

    I’m not falling for Turnbull’s diabetes bribe
    “It’s a cruel and manipulative joke, to offer parents a safeguard for their children (and only a limited number of them, at that) in return for unquestioning loyalty.”

    Eureka Street is published by the Jesuits, but don’t let that put you off. It’s an excellent site and gives a lot of very intersting comment and some great journalism.

  33. The other thing about the Sales-Shorten interview last night was that Sales spent the first half of it trying to get Shorten to climb down from Mediscare.

    His point was that by chipping away at, or selling off bits of it here and cutting corners there, you achieved a Medicare privatization by stealth. Like a derelict building, it becomes so gutted that only the facade and the name remain, with everything else sold off or turfed into a skip. Good for saying “We still sort-of have Medicare”, but bad for actual Medicare as a functioning entity. Turnbull personally did this with the NBN (but Bill didn’t make that point… I wished he had).

    So, Sales asked him, and he gave an answer. She asked him again, and he gave the same answer. It clearly wasn’t the answer she wanted. She’d pumped herself up to be the Big Bill Destroyer, the “hard-hitting” interviewer who made a fool of him, but in the end really only made a fool of herself.

    OK, so his answer given, she *continued* to call it “hyperbole”. She basically said that she didn’t accept his answer, even as a debating point, or a courtesy. She just ignored him and pushed her particular “It’s a scare campaign” barrow with every phrase and breath in her body. I thought that was quite rude. You should ask a question, get an answer, test it once or twice, and then move on, without the added snark.

    The Liberals, as I posed above, may well believe their own argument. They may not see what they are doing as “privatizing Medicare”. This may explain the vehemence – across the party and all their media mates – in their response, because Mediscare’s obviously been tested in the focus groups and the message has come back “Hey mate… They believe it”. I’ll bet they were shocked that the public could be so untrusting.

    But who’s to blame for this? The punters are starting to shrug off the story that we’ve had two governments since 2013: an Abbott government and a Turnbull government. They’re starting to see that it’s just been one incompetent, double-talking government all along, one that failed, and then it installed a pretty face to paper over the cracks.

    And what’s enabled the punters to see the light? A 7-week campaign, that’s what. And whose fault is THAT?

    These idiots have been too clever by half. Their Senate wet dreams look like coming to nothing. They were based on the assumption that the public wanted to elect a government that got its way on everything due to a majority in both houses. But that now doesn’t seem to be the case. they were warned and warned again that it could backfire, but they ignored it all. They didn’t see any of this coming. they didn’t that, unlike assembling an investment portfolio, in Prime Ministerial politics it’s winner-takes-all, and loser gets nothing.

    And whose fault was THAT?

    This mob have dug their own grave and jumped into it. All that remains to be seen is whether the public will assist in shovelling the dirt back on top of their heads in time.

    I’ve used The Hare And The Tortise as a meme for a while now, but I’m starting to think there’s a good measure of Humpty Dumpty in there too.

    • All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

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