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  1. Lord of the Fridge –

    How did you find Hawai`i? Did you get over to the “Big Island” to see Kilauea? (my favourite.)

    • Sadly no, we were to take the MIL but she became unwell just before we went and we had only planned to go to the Big Island if she wasn’t able to travel. By the time we got there all tours were booked out but we had a great time. I worry about the Septics though and how their economy/society works. Even though the environment and climate works for the locals, there is an undercurrent of poverty/low wages. Plus, I hate tipping. Never can tell whether the service you are ‘buying’ is genuine.

  2. This is a bit long and rambling, but ….

    I don’t know if any of you have been noticing the crisis in Aurukun, the MSM have not been mentioning much about it. It’s serious though, with teachers evacuated from the local school twice, the principal’s car stolen twice, once by a group of kids that included someone with an axe, and teachers’ homes attacked. Things have become so serious the Queensland premier visited Aurukun earlier in the week. And that’s just problems at the school.

    Here’s come background.

    There are a lot of things going wrong in Aurukun, but one problem, the school, is now being blamed on Noel Pearson’s insistence on the use of an American teaching method, the discredited ‘direct instruction’.

    Aurukun: Noel Pearson’s syllabus partly to blame for school crisis, says former principal

    It’s interesting that Christopher Pyne, as Minister for Education, was a great supporter of direct instruction.
    Simon Birmingham has been making supportive comments too.

    …….if a child comes into the school system without some of the real basics in their literacy and language skills to start with then there’s a need for elements of the direct instruction and phonics type learning that has been more successfully applied in some indigenous communities


    Last December he was still talking about the good results being achieved by trials of direct instruction in the Northern Territory.

    Both men base their support for direct instruction on its alleged success in indigenous communities. Now we know it has not succeeded, in Aurukun it has just made things so much worse.

    Pearson made a big mistake in pushing this scheme into indigenous schools. You have to wonder why he thought it was a good idea, especially when indigenous schools using the normal Australian curriculum are getting much better results. What these schools need is a locally devised curriculum, not an old and discredited American scheme. Pearson has no qualifications in education, he is a lawyer. Why does he have so much say in the way indigenous schools operate?

    Aurukun: Noel Pearson ‘astounded’ by critics of education model

    Further reading –
    Direct Instruction and the teaching of reading

    Indigenous education: Noel Pearson’s Direct Instruction rolled out in remote Pilbara schools despite uncertainties

    Seven Years Of Noel Pearson Trials Have Led Aurukun To The Bottom Of the National Heap

    • Yes..I listened to a discussion about Aurukun on RN. yesterday morning…I always had grave doubts about Pearson’s ultimate agenda regarding the “whiting” of indigenous aspirations toward a more “competitive ownership” and individuality responsibility.

      Then he gave that solemn , respectful tribute at Gough’s funeral memorial.

      But that was were it began and ended as far as my good opinion of his opinion goes. He’s far too “Uncle Tom” for my liking.

    • I was going to say the same or a similar vein, but I recall past posts where Gigi’ has taken umbrage to any association to my mentioning of “sucking” or as I was going to say : “chockers”…as sailing a tad too close to the sexual wind for the liking!…but yes..I agree!

    • NSW Teachers Federation very concerned by the direct instruction education peddled by these for-profit providers. Pearson (the education provider, not Noel) are getting the type of foothold in education here that will potentially see trained teacters sidelined in favour of lower paid and less tained ‘education technicians’.
      Can’s imagine why a rigid curriculum wouldnt work with indiginous kids, it’s not like their lives aren’t already so structured!

  3. I’ll repost Kaffee’s answer to Stoney Habits query on Hillary Clinton here before I respond to both..

    May 28, 2016 at 9:26 AM


    No I am not into that Rove etc rubbish or the rwnj sector that has ‘T’he Clintons’ almost in the same league as the Freemasons and the Illuminati. My main problem is probably seeing too many years of Hilary doing what is part of the business of politics, compromising on beliefs and defending what she would know is crap. Her speeches and speech style do nothing for me either. No a Hilary presidency will not cause end times to be upon us it will just be business as usual. It would be a case of becoming president just for not being Donald Trump. Which given the choices is not a bad thing.

    I have to agree with Kaffee’ on this one , Stoney…but to add hat ; why sure..Hillary will most probably neither add nor subtract from the “Vishnu’s juggernaut” of American foreign policy or the overall management of the monstrous American Dream..for such a beast has it’s almost unstoppable momentum toward an uncertain destiny (with climate change upon us, we’re ALL in uncharted waters now!) I do believe she will continue chipping away with the social policies that Obama instituted…and I believe the American political establishment is the most viable way that such policies can be instituted without a total civil breakdown happening.

    I like Bernie Sanders idea of wresting control back off the Wall St. bankers…but I just cannot see the behemoth military, redneck, christian lobby tolerating ANYTHING political that has the slightest dreaded moniker of “socialist” attached to it!

  4. I’ve just posted this over the road.

    Briefly @ 2:08am
    The G’s already hate Labor. This is very obvious from their invective, their tactics and their campaign efforts. They have positioned themselves alongside Labor’s historic enemies. Hither from, Labor will have to allocate resources to defeating the G’s. Doubtless, this can be done. The first step is to place them last on every ballot paper.
    Are you serious? You want to use scarce resources to eliminate competitors on the left who want to see the defeat of the LNP as much as Labor does.
    1. Labor cannot win government without Green preferences.
    2. The so-called Li beral/Green alliance was a rumour started by Michael Kroger. This has to be the most successful tactic used by the Liberals to date in this campaign in splitting the progressive vote.
    3. The Labor party hasn’t sole rights in representing the progressive vote in this country. Respect that we live in a democracy.
    4. Shorten is doing a good job in presenting Labor as a united team but to defeat the LNP government the progressives need to be united.

    I can’t speak for the Greens as I’m a Labor party member. I know that here in Reid they want to see our candidate Tsirekas defeat the Liberal incumbent Laundy.

    Rapprochement not rancour Briefly. RAPPROCHEMENT.

    • Yes the Greens have the right to contest seats but Labor has the equal right to fight back and if the Greens don’t like that, too bad.

    • I’m not advocating putting the Greens behind the Libs on preferences but to believe that they are equally committed to defeating Turnbull is naïve at best given that they have spent most of their resources up to this point in attacking Labor and trying to wreck Labor’s chances at winning government.

    • Yeah, yeah!..i grudgingly agree, julia..we DO need as wide a cluster of prefs’ as we can get..and I’m not against a bit of fence-mending on the subject…but by jeesus!!…it does seem that every time Labor gets a taxi off the rank on some of those more prickly issues, the “fence” gets cut by these green delinquents with a pair of spoiling pliers!

      You’d think The Greens would LEARN just WHERE their policy wants have the best chance of getting an airing rather than run to the effing RWNJ.s just to prove an unproveable point!

    • The problem is the Greens want to take Labor’s place as the alternative to the Coalition, one of the two major parties. They seem to think the way to achieve this is by killing Labor’s vote.

      The Greens are now heavily pushing their ‘open ticket’ voting, and have stopped talking about preferences. The talk of a deal with the Liberals – only an allegation – must have hurt their polling. You know, that polling they say they are too pure to do.

      I don’t have a problem with the open ticket, it’s what I’ve always done – made up my own mind. It’s what I’ll do this time, too, and the Greens will not be getting my ‘2’ vote.

    • I should add that my vote will make bugger all difference. I’m now in the electorate of Cowper, thanks to the redistribution, and the Nats will be returned here, unless there is a miracle.

    • Leone, I understand where you’re coming from. The Greens obviously are trying to poach votes from Labor. But let’s be objective about this. Is not labor trying to poach votes from the Greens?

      That is vote1Julia’s point. The Liberal’s are pushing this as a progressive split. And the more we fall for this confected antagonism between each other, the more us progressives will find ourselves disenfanchised.

      To me, there is only one real objective: to get the Coalition out of power. The final proportion of electorates shared between progressive parties or independents is secondary. To argue otherwise seems to me pure partisanship.

      After all, we support Tony Windsor in New England.

      By the way, in case you’re wondering, I have always voted Labor, and doubtless always will. And yes, I see the hypocrisy in the Greens’ politicking. I don’t, however, assert that Labor is sinless in this regard.

  5. Malaysian Solution Mark II?

    Not enough, but a start, and a point of difference to the government’s lock-them-up-and-let-them-rot policy. This has to come with a commitment to set up regional processing centres, so there is no longer any need for anyone to use people smugglers. Without that, it’s not much use.

    Election 2016: Bill Shorten vows ‘day one’ action on Nauru and Manus

    Bill Shorten has vowed to take the first step to resettle refugees in limbo on Nauru and Manus Island on the day he is sworn in as prime minister, if he wins the July 2 election.
    The Labor leader says one of his first acts as prime minister would be to re-engage the United Nations refugee agency in identifying resettlement countries for around 2000 asylum seekers who have been held against their will on the islands for three years.
    “I will be sending [immigration spokesman] Richard Marles on the day we are sworn in to Geneva,” Mr Shorten told Fairfax Media.
    “I cannot believe that we are so inept that we couldn’t have negotiated resettlement arrangements for 2000 or 3000 people in the last three years. I just don’t buy it.”


  6. From the Courier Mail’s rolling coverage.


    A LIBERAL candidate has gatecrashed Bill Shorten’s latest media event at a medical centre in Sunbury, Melbourne, but has failed to articulate his own party’s policy on a central election issue.

    Liberal candidate for McEwen Chris Jermyn was repeatedly asked by News Corp Australia reporter Jason Tin to explain the Government’s position on Medicare and specifically lifting a freeze on rebates.

    Mr Jermyn appeared clueless, avoiding a direct response to the questions.

    Can you articulate the Government’s position, he was asked.

    “Of course I can, anyway I’d like to see what the Leader of the Opposition has to say,” he said before ending the interview.

    Later he fled media and shouted insults at them.

    It comes as Malcolm Turnbull is under pressure to put in a strong performance in tomorrow’s leader’s debate with a new poll showing Labor in front for the first time during the campaign for the July 2 election.

    The latest 7News-ReachTel poll gives Labor a 52-48 two-party preferred lead over the Coalition – well down on the 10-point lead to the government in January during the Turnbull honeymoon.

    Until now most polls have had the parties level pegging.

    Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie says the prime minister had “fizzled” so far because he’s being stifled by his party.

    “I would really love to see the man be able to get in his boots and do it himself and show us how it is done properly. I just don’t think he has been let off the strings,” she said this morning.

    Both leaders are scheduled to join AFL legend and indigenous leader Michael Long for the AFL’s Long Walk ahead of the Dreamtime fixture at the MCG.

  7. jaycee

    [FeeeeohhhhNAAAAHHHHH !!!???]

    You have caught the DTT link posting disease.

    • DTT link posting disease……???…”Hanson” that..if you don’t mind..

  8. I’ve been watching Canadian politics with a bit of interest lately, mainly because Trudeau’s government is looking for a new voting system since First Past the Post is pretty awful over there, in that they have 2 leftist parties that easily get over 50% of the vote and yet the Conservatives often win with a very low vote.


    I’d approve if they went with Australia’s preferential voting system, mainly because it would make it very difficult for the Right to form government. However, Canadian politics is very volatile, in that major political parties in the past have been completely wiped out in one go such as in 1993.

    I’ve been speaking to a few Canadian friends and they adore Trudeau as PM. Hopefully if Shorten wins in 5 weeks, he’d run a government as good as that.

  9. Vote 1 Julia & others

    Greens vs Labor, in a preference deal argument sense as opposed to policy differences sense, is all driven from Sydney & Melbourne. I expect there is little of that in WA, SA, QLD (as confirmed by Andrew Bartlett recently), TAS (some caveats but I expect a preference swap), ACT or NT. Its just straight preference swaps for Senate & the House of Representatives – barring the odd local branch issuing open HTV cards, which the Greens state head offices can recommend against but not prevent. If you’re not from Sydney or Melbourne in either party, the whole thing can look really strange compared to your local experience.

    Even in regional NSW & VIC, I expect good relations. I know one NSW candidate semi rural candidate has good relations with his local Greens counterpart & they are trying to get the local Lib MP out. But in Sydney & Melbourne its different, less so in the outer burbs but the fights in the inner city do tend to taint the whole town. In Melbourne the Di Natalie group (as opposed to the Adam Bandt type people) really think they’re in with a shot at being some sort of UK Lib-Dem centrist mob, and they want to play off people against each other to do it. In Sydney, the hard left Watermelon faction often have a personal background of being anti ALP from the left before they arrived at the Greens. The more moderate Greens there are mainly not the ones driving the anti ALP push.

  10. From Leroy’s Courier Mail link:

    It comes as Malcolm Turnbull is under pressure to put in a strong performance in tomorrow’s leader’s debate with a new poll showing Labor in front for the first time during the campaign for the July 2 election.

    The latest 7News-ReachTel poll gives Labor a 52-48 two-party preferred lead over the Coalition – well down on the 10-point lead to the government in January during the Turnbull honeymoon.

    Until now most polls have had the parties level pegging.

    Really? I guess if you ignore Newspoll, Morgan and Essential, that might be true.

    Every positive thing for the ALP is granted grudgingly. I’d say it’s getting to be a habit, but it’s been the norm for ages.

  11. How accurate is all this polling? Isn’t most of it done by calling land-lines and at certain times? So they probably call old-farts like me – and I always hang-up, or if it’s a real person, say to them that I’m just the gardener, and that the lady-boss is not at home. Calling land-lines, they must miss out on a lot of the under 35, house renting, mobile phone owning-only (no-landline) set.

    Bugger me – I live in one of the safest seats in the country, my views are pretty irrelevant. I’ve had about 4 calls in the past two weeks.

    • I believe the polls are much better for Labor than is acknowledged, just going by the mammoth slip in Turnbull’s approval rating and Shorten’s rise…and if Turnbull’s image was the only thing that pulled the LNP. polling up from the gutter, then his fall ought to be matched by the TPP. numbers in the opposite direction..likewise for Labor and Shorten..after all the MSM. told us that Shorten was pulling the party down..

      BUT..let’s be real..if it is seen that there is a shocking hemorrhaging of support for the LNP. over to Labor and other parties and Indies’, there could easily be a stampede away from the LNP. that would relegate them to a rump…and therefore totally decimate the influence of the IPA. , Murdoch’s media, the business council and ALL it’s affiliates and most of the media queen hangers on in the MSM…and by jimminy..we couldn’t have THAT!

  12. When people comment on what is going on over the road, I cringe. I used to read all that guff until joe6pack, BB and Fiona started this up as a fill in. I was dreading having to go back there. The endless wars that were waged over there were totally off this planet.

    I love this blog, we can agree and disagree, align with whatever party, and there are no ongoing ‘my party is better than yours’. I hope it continues to remain like this.

  13. Personally, I don’t care what goes on over there, and would rather not have their infantile stuff repeated here. I use my scroll wheel sparingly here, but will use it if needs be.

  14. Labor accuses NBN boss Ziggy Switkowski of breaking election rules

    Labor has accused National Broadband Network boss Ziggy Switkowski of breaching election rules by penning an opinion piece in which he defended the company’s decision to call in the police over media leaks.
    Opposition frontbencher Tony Burke is calling on the nation’s top public servant, Martin Parkinson, to investigate what he says is a clear breach of the caretaker conventions that govern public servants


    • Does Tony Burke still not understand that laws, rules, and conventions do not apply to those Born to Rule?

    • I’m starting to think that when Pyne claimed that they weren’t in caretaker mode yet, he meant that they were going to carry on as if they were still in Government, just try and stop them.

  15. Kampong Palmer Trev

    There is no polling company left in Australia who calls “land lines only” for political polls, but its a trope that won’t die among poll sceptics on twitter & elsewhere online. For a recent run down on most of the political pollsters methodologies, see this article by the guy who used to do Neilsen polls for fairfax from back when Newspoll was taken over by the Galaxy polling company in 2015.


    • Awww!..c’mon, Leroy…do you not know how much mileage we get from banging that drum!!?…leave it alone will you…

  16. There’s this little bastard over the other side of Black and White Hill ( the locals in those days were imaginative people when it came to names!) , a tree-changer who’s got one of those motorised hang-gliders that he cranks into gear every now and then just to annoy me I’m sure…cos it sure as hell worries the nags…and tonight he’s got the effing thing out just as I’m wanting to bring the horses in from the paddocks to the stables..and the big fellah’s got the wind of it…he can’t see it but by jingo, he knows it’s there somewhere…just lurkin’ over the horizon..ready to pounce like a Siberian tiger…and I’ve got the lead rope and he’s all a tipping and a dancing on his tip toes like 600kgs of Fred Astaire on uppers…he’s ready to go and so am I!!..I swear to god the next time that little shit flies that mozzie-banger overhead, I’m gonna borrow my coz’s shotgun and it’ll be like shootin’ clay pigeons outa the sky!

  17. Has Leone seen this from Gadfly at The Saturday Paper

    Baird sold on privatisation

    The Pepsodent Kid, New South Wales premier Mike Baird, knows no limit to what amount of the state’s silverware can be hawked and privatised.

    The latest to be flogged off to the private sector is the land titles registry. Citizens are gobsmacked that this secure state-run resource is to be handed over to an outside operator. The word is the Macquarie Bank people have been interested in getting their paws on the proposed 35-year concession.

    A major property owner operating the land titles system sounds like a lousy idea. Land and Property Information,
    as it is called, is part of the Finance, Services and Innovation departmental “cluster”, and currently returns about $60 million a year to the state treasury.

    In America, where the privatisation binge is even more berserk, people have to insure their titles because of a lack of faith in the security of privately managed registries.

    What won’t the money-obsessed God-botherers who run the state sell from underneath us?

    • Yes, I have seen that.

      By the time we can vote to get rid of Baird NSW will have no assets left at all, he’ll have flogged everything.

  18. National Library – Adult Migrant Education Posters from the 50s

    What ever happened to the mixed grill? Did it die from cardiac problems? Tastes moved on and that maybe a good thing. But sometimes….. I want one with a good quality pork snag, a little bit of steak, a small lamb chop, and some thinly-sliced grilled lamb’s fry and bacon – maybe an egg – and the mushrooms are a must. I’ll be honest, I want the lamb’s fry (or, even better calves’ liver) more than anyihing – with a bottle of red. No gravy – a bit of mustard is goodoh’ by me! Not that I had many mixed grills. Unlikely I’ll have another – too many issues associated with kidney stones. Can’t remember the last time I cooked liver. May well have been when Holly the Wonderdog was still alive – Three slices for me and the rest for you, Holly-Bolly Girl Girl – spare me Trev – what about some bacon?

    I do like those 10 pound Pom posters – suggesting that you and your kids can have a new beginning etc…come on out and get ahead. We have become such a base and mean society in recent years, with a semi bi-partisan approach of rack off, or arrive and we will lock you up.

    My favourites of these posters remains those made for the Commonwealth Railways (before it was privatised and before that, when it was the ANR from the 70s) from the 20s to the 60s – “There and back on the TAR (Trans-Australian Railway)”. And, I probably would have gone one way to WA by ship and back by train when it was still possible to do so. Travelled on the IP/Trans in the late 80s from Perth to Adelaide. Not quite the same as in the pre-1970 break of gauge days of changing at Port Augusta, and Parkeston (East Kalgoorlie).

    • Bloody hell, Kampy’..LIVER!!??..KIDNEY!!?…I can’t stand the inner organs of animals…errr!..that faint tang of urine as Leopold Bloom would say!…..but a mixed grill from a Barbi (not the one at the top of the page!!) w / onion….mm..mmm!

      Gonna stoke the old indoor Barbi (not the one at the top of the page!) up tonight and bang on a couple of porterhouse stackies…w / a touch of the old vino rosso and bang!..Bob’s your aunty!

    • There is a lot of reality check needed in Japan. Putting Betty Jeffrey’s book ‘White Coolies’ on the compulsory reading list of the junior high school curriculum would be a good start.
      Betty Jeffrey was a nurse interned by the Japanese along with Sister Vivian Bullwinkel. I heard that book on ABC radio as teenager, read as an audio novel.

  19. Jaycee, chook livers are even better. Go well on a BBQ plate/charcoal after a bit of trimming and marinading. Tradition will say shao xing (chinese cooking wine) . I’d say some medium sweet sherry and ginger/garlic/chili. As they say in certain Australian-Hokkien-Hakka-Teochew circles. Ah Beng’s your uncle and Ah Lian’s your auntie.

    Want or not, Lah?

    • Kampong..I spent many years shooting rabbits and then gutting and cleaning them..likewise spear-fishing..I have witnessed production-line gutting of chooks..it is not nice…none of it is nice..I have memories I would like to forget when it comes to the innards of animals…and I certainly bulk at eating them!

    • No Australian households will have broadband access, we fail to upload at 1Mbps, so good luck with 3Mbps

  20. Imagine being that grub who sent the message above to Nova Peris! What a low prick.
    I loved her reply.

  21. Nova Peris In my opinion was a mistake.
    Tokenism was all that pick was. Totally unsuited and undeserving for a high wage highly responsible position as a senator. Not one of J gillards better decisions.

    • i have not really noticed Nova Peris as a Senator, so i could not say how effective she was. We have a lot in the Senate who are not very spectacular to say the least. Sometimes you just have to start somewhere, i suppose.

  22. The happy clappy ‘Christian’ members of the gov’t pushing the ‘wealth is a sign of God’s favor’ and devil take the rest, scares the hell out of me. Next to a person like yourself and your compatriots, they do not deserve to even breathe the word ‘Christian’.

  23. Has anyone else noticed how far apart Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop are these days? They used to be the duo and now they seldom appear together. Any idea what has split ‘the dream team’?

  24. You are a bit of an enigma, Kambah Mick..and it intrigues me…It always intrigues me to see adults who have “seen a bit of life” to be devoted to religion later in their life.

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