Felines Furever!

Our Guest Poster is none other than Kampong Palmer Trev, whose delightful remarks yesterday evening on his betters caught my eye. Trev (if he will forgive my informality) was kind enough to agree to the “appropriation” of his comment, and even more kindly supplied photographic evidence. Thank you, Trev, and may this be the first of many.

Cat Fotos

My neighbours are away for a long weekend of swimming competitions in Sydney – so I’m looking after their two cats and the two that own this place and consider me their maid. I really want my head read for feeding them ‘roo meat – all four now expect it.

Wally, aka Walter Furry-Griffen

“You can stick your Aldi canned muck … and we have had enough dry stuff, Trev”.

There are, of course, those who say that anthropomorphism is wrong (“No, darling, we are educated people who do not do that sort of thing. Animals are animals and we have no right to project human values. While we do believe in the brotherhood of man, it’s no reason, my dear, for you to associate with them – why else would we be sending you to that school? Now, eat your carob, sweetie, and before you go off for your music lesson, let me explain why when you are grown-up you should vote Green and have a Family Trust”).

Bugger ’em. Life is too short – and why have domestic animals if you can’t talk to them? Yes, lah, as in every other election I’ll be voting ALP.

Old Sporty (about 16 years old and built like Stalin crossed with a Yak fighter aircraft), from next door, is allegedly a Russian Blue cat. IMHO, the only Russian thing about him is his appetite – and it’s just as well I never have vodka in the house. I’d have visions of waking in the morning and finding Sporty reeling around the joint with a bottle in his paws, and meowing the “Volga Boat Song”. That black cat T-shirt on the linked post has some truth in it.

Sporty, the alleged Russian Blue

This is Canberra. Thick feathery winter doona onto bed today and a Chinese quilt on top – Ok, maybe should go under the doona (next time in China I’m going to buy one of those thick quilts from Shanghai filled with spun silk). If I find any trace of cat fur or a dug-out coriander seedling in the next 2 days, I’ll be invoking the ‘Kampong Palmer Internal Security Act’. Punishment without trial – do not pass go and do not collect $100. One swift swipe of the rotan (in this case, a whippy bamboo tomato stake). And to think I have a cat called Harry – named after Lee Kuan Yew (LKY). The uppitty little tabby bastard (“Singapore Tiger”) now wakes me up in the morning for the sake of it. It used to be in order to be fed. He must be about 5 or 6 years old now – in his prime. I’m still to discover if he has a law degree and a fondness for defamation litigation.

Cats – they probably taste good out of a very hot wok, with a bit of oyster sauce and a hint of ginger. You would be better off with a labrador as a pet. Then again, you could have an old black cat like the Tunku Jazz. A cat who thinks he is a labrador, or an old and rather benevolent Malaysian ex PM who lived long and had a fondness for slow racehorses, fast women and whisky. – Jazz even likes going for a walk and is always happy to see you when you arrive home. Jazz is my kind of moggie.

Tunku Jazz (left) and Harry (aka LKY – right) discussing armed neutrality

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  1. The sheep tacklers are #1 on 7.5.

    And so they should be. Brat-Boy-First-XV’ers-Shagging-Sheep comes foremost to the mind when considering Education, Pastoral Aggregation and The fun fact that, no matter who tenders, Leightons ALWAYS seems to get the gig to dig holes in the ground so that Western Sydney Tradies can get to CBD traffic gridlock all that quicker.

    This comes from one who knows and has tried to deal with 24/7 tunnel boring in my immediate (i.e. < 50 metres away) neighbourhood.

    They break the contracts up across different companies.

    Company A does the surveying.

    Company B does the tunneling.

    Company C does the above-ground infrastructure.

    Company D lays the tracks/roadbase, builds the platforms etc.

    Company E runs the project.

    State Cabinet runs the project overall, but everything to do with it is "Cabinet Confidential" and exempt from FOI.

    None of them know – or care to tell the average local punter – WTF is going on.

    You ask company A where the tunnels are going. They tell you, don't ask us,\, we're only the surveyors, and we've surveyed several different routes.

    Company B say we're only the tunnelers. Surface structures are someone else's business. Who are they, the punters ask. We don't know says Company B, the contract hasn't been let yet.

    Company C comes on board and the first thing they tell punters is that the surface structures in the "Artist's Impressions" are just that: impressions (and anyway, the "Artist" is working in Dubai now, so we can't contact him). If you press the point they tell you: Ask Company B.

    Company D comes along and say Companies A, B and C stuffed up, and they're trying to salvage the situation. Ask the Premier, they advise. He went to The Kings School after all.

    Company E looks you straight in the face and says All We Manage Is Tolls and Fares. Don't ask us about construction.

    State Cabinet says: Vote for Us, We've got Dimples.

  2. Tony Burke managed the impossible: he shut up the Belgian Knucklehead on 7.5. Not Sold applied the Mercy Rule.

  3. Breaking news: AFP investigates national security pillow talk by Foreign Minister!

    Just kidding.

  4. Leaks telling us what we already know, quick smart action. Stolen diary pages from one of the highest officers in the land, browns cows.

  5. New season of Rake coming up. There goes the TV for an hour.

  6. This is really scary, the lnp have their own gestapo and using them during an election campaign. I was just a bit hopeful Labor would win this election, but this is the last straw. Australia, you have been royally rooted.

    And I will not apologise for my language so moderators you are free to ban me.

    • You mean “right royally rooted”.

      The government just doesn’t know when to stop crapping. The voters just might see it in sufficient numbers.

  7. Lots of jokes on twitter about how long it has taken the AFP to get around to the NBN leak.

    There was this Senate hearing …

  8. I wouldn’t be too worried about these raids. Everything else the Keystone Kops have tried has exploded in their faces. This will too.

  9. Interestingly Shananana and Pencil Neck’s tone is that this raid is a greater danger to the Libs. Basically electorally leaks to pollies are meh ? politicised raids !!!!

  10. Will Dr Dick be fined for paying his au pairs next to nothing?

    Business operator fined $72,000 for paying backpackers as little as $1.35 an hour

    A BUSINESS owner who paid young backpackers as little as $1.35 an hour after “luring them to a remote area of Tasmania” with bogus claims in job ads has been whacked with a massive fine.
    Harold William Jackson, who formerly owned and operated Harold’s Glass and Hardware and the adjacent Rhythm & Vines cafe in Queenstown, has been penalised $71,910 in the Federal Circuit Court in a case bought by the Fair Work Ombudsman


  11. Harold William Jackson, who formerly owned and operated Harold’s Glass and Hardware and the adjacent Rhythm & Vines cafe in Queenstown, has been penalised $71,910 in the Federal Circuit Court in a case bought by the Fair Work Ombudsman

    A few days ago in The Worst ‘Strayan newspaper was a story about a company being fined $20,000 for their slack arskedness re occupational health and safety that lead to some poor young bloke being killed. Life is cheap .

  12. The Belgian Knucklehead should have been a bit more careful.

    More than 600 “dies” on Dutton’s watch?

    Not a good look at all at all.

  13. About this raid. As Razz says, it’s not about the NBN, but a way to look at Labors tactics and see what they are going to release, as in policys and costing etc. It is not like nbn leaks are a security or sovereign risk. Why have they done it.

    • “Why have they done it.”

      Forgive them, father: they haven’t a clue what they are doing!

  14. Have I got this straight? Raids on ALP, including MPs, plus 20 NBN staff, because somebody wants to know how it got out that Turnbull was so abysmal in his Communications portfolio? During an election campaign?

    Once again, many questions raised, all about the cosy relationship the Liberal Party has with our federal police. At first glance, the only way to look at it is an an attempted cover-up of the mess they’ve made of the NBN, with the AFP complicit.

    It seems that every time the Liberals try a stunt that makes things worse for them, their solution is is try out a stunt which, if it fails, makes things way worse for them. And that new stunt fails as badly as the old one. We’re currently seeing the Abbott philosophy of Destroy Everything and pick through the rubble being writ large throughout the Coalition.

    I’m not that concerned about it working. As I’ve said a few times, the electorate just aren’t sympathetic to this government, and not conducive to being terrorised in this way. There’s no chance they’ll give the government the benefit of the doubt here – the reasons for the raids will have to be both clear-cut and compelling for it to cut through. And that won’t happen.

  15. “Some might believe him.”

    Between you, me and the gatepost …

    • Fiona,

      I treat my illnesses with disdain; for better or worse.

      If you would like an opinion about your pathology … when are you next in Your Nation’s Capital?

  16. Having not one not two but three au pairs. True blue Nimbin tree hugger Green.

    Request time. Even before his “Oh THAT $2.3 million dollar house” I had a great GRRRRRR re Feeney. Problem is I cannot remember what it was he did in the Rudd/Gillard years that landed him on my shit list. Any suggestions ?

    • “Having not one not two but three au pairs. True blue Nimbin tree hugger Green.”

      Hmm, needs more wah-wah pedal:

    • Vote 1 Car Wash. My very first paid job was at a car wash doing weekend work when at varsity. Not too long after this song came out. Still remember my dismay when lining up for first pay packet getting 3/4 of sfa as union fees and other crap was taken out. After that it was OK. Those being the days when at The Bush Inn , ChCh, a jug of beer and a packet of salt and vinegar chips would see you get 7 cents change from a $1 note.

    • KK,
      Feeney was disliked as a powerful RW factional wheeler-dealer in Victoria, almost always behind the scenes, never with any public pronouncements or crucial speeches as per Doogie Cameron. Presumably he was effective because he was feared and despised. Adam Carr was on his staff for a fair while and benefited from his patronage, as he probably did from Adam’s political knowledge and intellect.

      I assume he must have something going for him, since his partner, Liberty Sanger, is a prominent ALP lawyer and very well-spoken, appearing regularly on Jon Faine’s political stoush sessions and acquitting herself well. The couple have remained staunch friends of Kathy Jackson, which sits pretty awkwardly with the damage she did to the party and the union movement.

      Possibly it was a friendship formed from student days and these often cross political boundaries. I remain a bit more tribal than that. I could never forgive Rudd after sabotaging Gillard’s election campaign, Kerr after the dismissal, and Jackson for colluding with HR Nichols/IPA people and ripping off union members.

  17. Kaffeeklatscher,

    1. Feeney is oleaginous.

    2. Feeney is – closetly – anti SSM.

    3. Feeney is obnoxiously RW.

    4. Feeney is really good at stuffing up.

    5. Feeney – thanks to head office – managed to have a really popular local woman bounced as Labor’s candidate in Batman prior to the 2013 election.

    Enough to be going on with?

    • PS. His spouse is allegedly a good mate of Kathy Jackson – he may, allegedly, be similarly inclined.

    • What’s something that is red on the outside and blue in the middle? I’m looking for an analogy for feeney and a few other alp pretenders thats like the “bounty bar” insult… and a similar one for the greens as well.. any ideas pubsters?

    • ” What’s something that is red on the outside and blue in the middle?”…Penthouse Magazine ?

  18. Ah ! That’s it. the bustard is part of the Taliban wing of the Labor party. Closer to the Abbottistas than Labor on social issues

  19. I have just watched a repeat episode of Utopia

    One topic was HR. They canned it for what it is: not about “human”: just about “resources”

    If I were to want to join an organisation and they spouted “HR” if I asked them about how they factored workers in the equation …

    • “I have just watched a repeat episode of Utopia

      There’s Utopia, and then there’s Utopia… Very confusing otherwise.

  20. Ducky,

    The neoconlib attitude towards employees is that they are units of production.

    These units are not human, and even if they might seem to be, are unworthy of consideration because they are not employers / rich / megarich.

    These units are disposable. Hence a unit that expires in the course of its duties represents a maximum four (maybe five) figure penalty to its user.

    By contrast, a unit that takes untoward action in relation to its user can be liable for anything from a mild to a huge fine to a bit of stir to the death penalty.

    • The problem with the neocon attitude to the “peasants” is encapsulated by the old Soviet joke. ” They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” .

  21. The forgotten coup in Australia

    By John Pilger

    Whitlam knew the risk he was taking. The day after his election, he ordered that his staff should not be “vetted or harassed” by the Australian security organisation, ASIO – then, as now, tied to Anglo-American intelligence. When his ministers publicly condemned the US bombing of Vietnam as “corrupt and barbaric”, a CIA station officer in Saigon said: “We were told the Australians might as well be regarded as North Vietnamese collaborators.”

    Whitlam demanded to know if and why the CIA was running a spy base at Pine Gap near Alice Springs, a giant vacuum cleaner which, as Edward Snowden revealed recently, allows the US to spy on everyone. “Try to screw us or bounce us,” the prime minister warned the US ambassador, “[and Pine Gap] will become a matter of contention”.

    Victor Marchetti, the CIA officer who had helped set up Pine Gap, later told me, “This threat to close Pine Gap caused apoplexy in the White House… a kind of Chile [coup] was set in motion.”

    Pine Gap’s top-secret messages were de-coded by a CIA contractor, TRW. One of the de-coders was Christopher Boyce, a young man troubled by the “deception and betrayal of an ally”. Boyce revealed that the CIA had infiltrated the Australian political and trade union elite and referred to the Governor-General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, as “our man Kerr”.


  22. Labor is stuck with David Feeney – and Richard Marles – until the voters decide enough is enough and vote them out.

    Feeney, Marles and Shorten have been close friends for years, best men and groomsmen at one another’s weddings, started their political careers together, were friends at uni, all that sort of thing. Shorten will do all he can to protect these two fools, and that’s not a good thing at all.

    • Leone,

      I don’t dispute any of that.

      However, both Marles and Feeney are drones, and Feeney is in many ways worse than a drone.

      Shorten does have some redeeming qualities. Perhaps the modern – more rational in every possible way – Hawke? (whom I always despised).

  23. CIA admits:they sent Mandela to jail:

    How the CIA helped apartheid South Africa imprison Nelson Mandela for 27 years — and is now facing lawsuits

    It has long been suspected that the CIA played a role in the apartheid South Africa regime’s arrest and 27-year imprisonment of anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. It has now been confirmed.

    Donald Rickard, a former U.S. vice-consul in Durban, South Africa who worked as a CIA agent, admitted that he tipped off the apartheid regime with Mandela’s location in 1962, the British media reported this week.

    Rickard said the U.S. helped arrest the anti-apartheid leader because he was “the world’s most dangerous communist outside of the Soviet Union.” The U.S. feared Mandela was about “to incite” a communist revolution against the apartheid regime, and could align with the Soviet Union.

    “Mandela would have welcomed a war,” the former CIA operative said. “If the Soviets had come in force, the United States would have had to get involved, and things could have gone to hell.”

    “We were teetering on the brink here and it had to be stopped, which meant Mandela had to be stopped. And I put a stop to it,” Rickard added.

    The 88-year-old ex-CIA operative made these comments in an interview in March with researchers for “Mandela’s Gun,” a new film by British director John Irvin, which will appear in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival next week.

    Rickard, who retired from the CIA in 1978, died two weeks after breaking the silence in the interview.


    • US government aware of Mandela’s arrest claims
      Tuesday 17 May 2016

      US authorities say they are aware of reports that a former American official is claiming in a new documentary that he gave information which led to the arrest of former President Nelson Mandela in 1962.

      Donald Rickard told the film maker that he was a former US Vice Consul in Durban and a CIA operative.

      Unfortunately, he died several weeks ago. The film, “Mandela’s Gun”, is set to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

      The US State Department is not commenting further on the contents of these reports or the implications they might have for the relationship between the United States and South Africa.

      US State Department’s John Kirby says, “Well, our relationship with the government in Pretoria is very strong and we look forward to continuing to enjoy that close relationship going forward.”

      He says he has seen the press reports and does not have anything to comment.


    • Much the same as the jockeys carrying the horses over the line in the melbourne Cup if Waffles had been made Minister of Racing 🙂

    • AngryBee,

      When you want to post a tweet here, please follow these instructions:

      First, go to those three dots at the end of the tweet (circled in orange).

      Second, go to the “Copy link to tweet” and select and copy that option.

      Third, paste the result into your comment.

      Not that I’m being dictatorial, of course . . .

  24. So much better than Gaddhafi huh? Western Governments always know better!

    Weapons Headed to Libya – Hillary Clinton’s Interventionist Disaster Continues to Spiral Out of Control

    In retrospect, Obama’s intervention in Libya was an abject failure, judged even by its own standards. Libya has not only failed to evolve into a democracy; it has devolved into a failed state. Violent deaths and other human rights abuses have increased severalfold. Rather than helping the United States combat terrorism, as Qaddafi did during his last decade in power, Libya now serves as a safe haven for militias affiliated with both al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). The Libya intervention has harmed other U.S. interests as well: undermining nuclear nonproliferation, chilling Russian cooperation at the UN, and fueling Syria’s civil war.


  25. I have received several emails asking me to intercede on behalf of the struggling dairy farmers who face uncertain financial times. I have refused.
    The dairy farmers have been since the 1920s the bedrock of the Nats. I can remember several distant rellos of mine who are dairy farmers on the south coast of NSW bellowing their support for Howards cuts to the Public Service and expressing nil sympathy for anyone who lost their home etc in that saga. I don’t see why I should get too upset when the karma bus does a u turn and bowls them over. I don’t remember any of the farmers groups promising to pay any levies to keep car manufacturers, steel workers, nickel refinery workers etc in employment.
    If you are going to vote for neocon parties you should at least have the courage of your convictions and face your execution like a man when your turn comes.

    • So agrarian socialist “primary producers” are (belatedly) discovering the value of “leftist” unions/collectives?

      Colour me surprised…

    • To be more precise, I’m not surprised by your attitude – which I completely and utterly support.

      I’m also not surprised by the reactions of the sillier dairy farmers etc etc etc.

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