Forty-nine Days to Go Friday

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Far out!

I mean, like, which Coalition prime idiot thought a really looooong campaign would be a fiendishly cunning idea?

Why didn’t someone say,

Hey, man . . .

The Numbers

Didn’t anyone whisper in his shell-like that

The Road to Moscow

can so easily turn into

Photographic Memory

Or that Australians don’t like elections in

SIBT Students

or during the

Taekwondo Central

And why oh why didn’t some brave person blouse-front him and shout

Hey, man . . . everyone knows you’re in the

Ramparts of Civilization

Oh well.


Dr Ryan Llera

543 thoughts on “Forty-nine Days to Go Friday

  1. Speaking of manning polling booths. I have for a few elections now volunteered to help on election day and at pre polling at Qbn. When asked by the organisers where I want to go for election day I always tell them “wherever nobody else wants to go”, as that suits my nature. When I get there usually it is just me and one other ALP person, a couple of Libs and thats it. Yet my wife tells me that the local booths in suburban Canberra are flyblown with Greens supporters all getting in each others way in the morning but abandoned after lunch.
    Roots and brothels come to mind.

    • I had a similar experience volunteering for Labor in the Warrnambool area at the 1999 Victorian election. I finished up at some obscure rural school on the way to Warrnambool. It was a lonely spot unlikely to yield many ALP votes, but there I was, with the AFL preliminary final on and able to be listened to.

      Essendon, the raging hot favourites, were playing Carlton. I thought about that match as I contemplated Labor’s chances at the election. Kennett was regarded as unbeatable. The polls actually showed it as being fairly close, but all of the key marginal seats seemed to be safely in the hands of the Liberals. I happened to remark that Labor had about as much chance as Carlton.

      Incredibly, against all the odds, Carlton won that day. Kouta played a blinder from memory. It was that stunning result, combined with my earlier observation, that gave me some hope for Labor. The swing in our seat was about 7 or 8%. It wasn’t enough to win our safe seat but was certainly enough, if statewide, to give Labor a chance. It was ‘undecided’ on the night, a little like the 2010 federal result, depending on country independents. Later they went for Labor.

      Just goes to show, don’t believe everything you read about invincibility. They were wrong then and probably likely to be wrong again. And it has been that way in history, too, starting with David and Goliath, the Persian invasion of Greece, and the Spanish Armada.

  2. I’ve never taken part in an election other than being a voter.

    HTV’s, I’ve never taken.

    I make up my own mind.

  3. I will vote 1 Labor 2 Aust Sex Party 3 Seniors (SUPA) That is 14 choices (12 ALP) so hopefully my vote won’t exhaust. Have not given Greens a preference for yonks as I do not believe they are in fact left/progressive anymore. Used to put Greens very last and Libs second last: rather a real Tory then a faux fax leftist!

  4. Over the road someone said :
    As you Tasmania has a small state Parliament that usually governs in a coalition.
    When Christine Milne was in Tasmanian Parliament the Greens co-operated with Labor
    under McKimm the Greens were not so cooperative with Labor

    I am amazed at the hubris of Di Natale thinking he has the experience, knowledge and skills to government Australia.
    We have all learnt that a Roads scholarship didn’t prepare mRabbitt for leadership, being a revolutionary yes!, PM no!
    We have all also learnt that being a sucessful businessman is often about dudding your customers and fellow investors and our current PM has done that in spades

    The more I learn about Bill the more impressed I am, in the TURC hearing he was across the detail of the businesses being examined, his answers were university level case study presentations of the operating environment, business threas and work place conditions. [Great stuff for MBA students to listen to] He explained he aimed to get the best pay and conditions for the workers but not at the expense of the business going broke, because then the workers would be out of a job. When Stoljar asked a particular question Shorten responded “that is not what the company told us” ie they lied somewhere

    Other people probably had better things to do but I watched the Windsor community meeting.
    Shorten answered the questions asked directly, he didn’t ummm or ahh, he didn’t always tell people what they wanted to hear.. Turnbull was hestitant, off message as you would expect when you don’t dare tell the voters your plans because you know they will hate them and vote you out.

    In Higgins currently held by O’Dwyer, the ALP volunteers are pathetic arguing with voters who decline to sign their petition about animals. Silent about treating people worse than animals

  5. stonyhabbott:

    -The circle jerkers on the couch all agreed that Shorten only won the debate because the questions favoured him.
    WTF does that even mean?
    So because Shorten has taken positions that are resonating with the concerns of everyday Australians then his far superior performance at the debate is to be down played and shrugged off.

    Sometimes our political journalists need to be actually told what they are looking at. Let me just walk them through this for a moment:

    1. 100 undecided voters were chosen for this debate.
    2. These voters asked questions about things they were concerned about.
    3, Shorten answered the questions in a way that satisfied them.
    4. Turnbull did not.

    The other piece of crucial information to add to this is that Sky News predicted, prior to the debate, the topics these undecided voters would be asking, and got them all wrong.

    So, that’s your information. What can you conclude?

    Yes, you can make the observation that the questions favoured Shorten. But that’s not a conclusion, that’s an observation. To draw a conclusion you have to ascertain why the questions favoured Shorten. This the Insiders team – and pretty much everyone in the press gallery – have failed to do.

    The conclusion you can draw is that Shorten and the ALP are in touch with the concerns of undecided voters – or at least this sample of them. And that Turnbull is not. And from the extra bit of information, you can also conclude that the press gallery are out of touch with the concerns of undecided voters as well. You can also fairly confidently conclude – given that they think people are concerned with the sorts of things Turnbull wants to talk about, and that they’re so quick to make excuses for Turnbull’s poor showing in the debate – that the press gallery are more in sympathy with the Turnbull government than this country’s undecided voters are.

    • Your conclusion of where the voters are, where Shorten is and where the press gallery is is completely and utterly spot on.

      For months Shorten has been written off by the pundits of the press as a failure, doing nothing of worth. And all the time he has been developing an agenda that meets with the concerns of undecided voters. He knows how the community is ticking, Turnbull and his advisors,together with the press gallery have no idea.

  6. I saw this tweet from PVO this morning.

    Turnbull’s week has been calamitous. There’s no other way to describe it. It started with him being named in the Panama Papers, and ended with him comprehensively losing a debate despite being characterised as the best orator since oratory was invented. In between he had terrible days out on the hustings, and had to cut a couple of them short. The only way it could have gone worse would have required him to have been arrested.

    And yet five of those six reckon he won the week? Why? I mean, I know why they did; because they’re all cheer squad members. But what possible justification could they offer?

    • I should also mention in relation to this that Paul Kelly was scathing of Turnbull’s performance in the debate. He couldn’t be bothered talking about Shorten – an attitude reflective of the press gallery’s entire thinking on Shorten since he became ALP leader; no matter how good Shorten is, or how well received, he’s invisible to the PG – but he did come up with a long list of things Turnbull has to get better at doing. His unstated conclusion was that Turnbull is way short of the kind of performance required of him.

      But that was on the night of the debate, when it was all fresh in their minds. It’s amazing how easily it can all be forgotten the next day. They just reset the ‘Turnbull is wonderful’ switch and carry on again.

  7. Just returned for seeing the BIG plane arriving in Perth. . Traffic chaos but knew how to get around that. Found prime possie at the end of the runway. Local planes coming overheard great shots coming in, going overhead and landing. Then came the swearing. 30 minutes before the AN-225 arrived a wind change which meant planes were then landing from the other end. With the AN-225 coming in so low the ^^%$$#@#$%! fence became a problem when it got close. Some consolation being that it meant after landing the plane would be down our end as it turns to make its way back to the airport. So despite the fence some sort of ok pics and a good close look at the beast. She’s a big bustard alright. The width of the wings made the runway appear more footpath like. When it landed there was something funny looking near the cockpit. The crew had opened a window and had a large Ukraine flag flying. Must be a cargo plane thang NZ Hercules crew did it in Iraq.

  8. James Massola trying to stir up anti-Labor comment yet again, this time with a beat-up tory about MPs who do not live in the electorates they represent. Of course, most of those he mentions are Labor MPs..
    He left out the biggest and best example though.

    Tony Abbott.

    So much for journalistic research, as usual, Massola has botched it.

    Tony used to live in his electorate – Warringah, but a redistribution some time back means he has been a resident in Mackellar for quite some time. The good sense (maybe) of the Mackellar preselection committee means Tony has been saved from having to vote for Bronwyn Bishop this election, and he must be pretty happy about that.

    Does it really matter if an MP lives in their electorate or not, as long as they live somewhere nearby?

  9. Aquirre

    “Kelly, Shanahan, Kenny, Sloan, Albrechtsen ”
    Orc mercenaries from Mordor Media say Yaaaay to the leader of Sauron’s party of choice. Who’d a thunk it.

    • Turnbull won this week of the election campaign way back when he decided to join the Liberal Party. That’s the way they’d see it. How could they ever doubt his good judgement when he aced that decision?

  10. joe6pack

    Quite a roar and rumble as it hit the ground, lots of smoke from however many tyres it has. However when it was taxiing in front of us it was surprisingly quiet. Taking off will be a hell of a noisy affair when all 6 engines get a work out. Might just see if I can get out to that one.

    If you need to shift anything give them a call +38( 044) 454-28-52 🙂 They helpfully had their phone,fax and email address on the plane.

  11. Didn’t the press gallery get it soooooo right about the misogyny speech by Gillard?..and when they did realise how effing “right” they got it, didn’t they harp on about ; “Oh well, she had no right to play the “gender card”..” Christ, the vast majority of them must have been AWOL when the intelligence tablet was handed out!

    • I knew that the super changes disadvantaged women and suspected divorce was a part of it

  12. Microsoft has now downloaded Windows 10 to my computer twice. The first time I didn’t know why the hell I’d used 3.6G of my monthly 10G all of a sudden. I actually contacted my internet provider and demanded a refund on the mystery extra usage (which I got). It was only when I had a look at my Windows Update history that I noticed it had downloaded Windows 10 and had been trying repeatedly to install it.

    It eventually stopped trying to install it, but now it’s happened again. 3.6G used up yesterday morning, and I finally found a notification somewhere in the Windows Update page that they’d scheduled an upgrade to Windows 10 tomorrow night without my knowledge. I turned it off – but it is telling me that the upgrade is downloaded and ready to install. So I might as well do it now that the data is gone and it’s ready. But I’m a bit annoyed about it.

    I still have a page bookmarked to show me how to reverse all of their data-mining settings while installing. So I guess I’ll wade through that when I get the time.

    • The thing that galls me is that there’s a warning they’ve put up about possible extra costs if you are on a plan and it causes you to go over the limit. And then they just go ahead and download it to your computer without your knowledge or consent.

  13. Aguirre

    It wasn’t too bad going through changing all the settings, not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Made easy by just following a “How To” YouTube vid as I did it.

  14. The Premier is scoring more runs

    Victoria won’t take advice from bigots about changing the Safe Schools anti-bullying program so it no longer includes controversial information on gender and sexuality issues, its premier says.

    The Victorian education department on Sunday launched a web page containing the original material used to teach students about sexual diversity that has been removed from the federal government’s amended version.

    The premier, Daniel Andrews, has defended the move while taking aim at the commonwealth.

    “I get my advice on policy from experts, not from bigots, not from people who really ought to be ashamed of themselves in terms of their views and their tampering with a program that actually works,” he told reporters on Sunday.

    • Jeezus, Joe!..what version did YOU OH has had nothing BUT problems on her tablet w/ 10.

  15. If we recall the press gallery and Murdoch traitors both predicted a Ho-Hum victory for both Newman and the Vic’Libs (I’ve even forgotten his useless name!) and got it both wrong AND it was a fair run for Labor in NSW!…

    So I suspect that both or rather triple ; the LNP. , Murdoch MSM. and the press gallery cannot afford for Turnbull to lose this election, because they will all look like dickheads!

  16. Power is back, yippeee.

    Gippy Laborite

    That is how I think I’m going to do the senate. Now to work out the next three?

    • Best thing that happened today, finding out this appalling person didn’t get her hate party registered.

      The comments under that article – yuck!

      If you had not heard of this person, she was in the latest round of SBS’s Go Back To Where You CAme from. She was so obnoxious, so foul that I couldn’t watch the entire thing, I lasted through one and a bit episodes and gave up.

    • Has a frightened look in her eyes. It’s amazing how often that occurs in Reclaim and gun-toting groups. Fear and Loathing is there among the bullies. They seek the safety of the mob.

  17. Windows 10 must be a bit of a lottery.

    I installed it and have had no problems at all.

    The only thing though – I bought new PC just after W10 came out, but asked to have W7 installed. My IT guru (No 1 son) said W10 was too new, too buggy, and advised I wait until all the bugs had been sorted. So that’s what I did.

    i have no idea what gets used up in updates, I have unlimited downloads so I never notice.

    It’s not faster though. My internet speeds have gone through the floor lately. I blame Netflix.

  18. There was a superb tweet earlier today relating to Mr Storrar, and outing the vile chris kenny and the appalling damon johnston by publishing pics of them.

    If anyone can find it, please please post it here!

  19. An oldie

    “Wife texts her handy husband on a cold winter morning:


    Husband texts back:


    Wife texts back 5 minutes later:

  20. “Tinny terrorists” resonates: that Terror Australis deserves all the ridicule it can get.

  21. About bloody time. A Labor pollie ( Husic) explains clearly when answering accusations of Labor waging a “class war” that is in fact the Libs waging a class war over the past 3 years.

    • No, no, no, no, NO, Kaffeeklatscher!

      The COALIEtion is defending the natural order:

      The rich man in his castle,
      The poor man at his gate,
      God made them high and lowly,
      And ordered their estate. . . .

      And that, m’dears, is Sydney Anglicanism to a T: Melbourne was very lucky not to be founded until after the Wesleys, Wilberforce, etc., had had their wicked way with the 18th century C of E.

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