Forty-nine Days to Go Friday

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Far out!

I mean, like, which Coalition prime idiot thought a really looooong campaign would be a fiendishly cunning idea?

Why didn’t someone say,

Hey, man . . .

The Numbers

Didn’t anyone whisper in his shell-like that

The Road to Moscow

can so easily turn into

Photographic Memory

Or that Australians don’t like elections in

SIBT Students

or during the

Taekwondo Central

And why oh why didn’t some brave person blouse-front him and shout

Hey, man . . . everyone knows you’re in the

Ramparts of Civilization

Oh well.


Dr Ryan Llera

543 thoughts on “Forty-nine Days to Go Friday

  1. No wonder anything to do with climate change is being exterminated at CSIRO.

    Can’t have the natives getting restless.

    • The old putting fingers in your ears and going “lalalalalalalalala can’t hear you” to reality approach to problem solving. Not a very high success rate.

  2. My Confession:

    I don’t find New Rules funny at all. In fact, the are very few American comedy shows and comedians that I find funny. The one’s that I did find funny turned out to be Canadian.I guess I am old school, I love British comedy.

    I hope those who do post New Rules don’t take what I’ve just said personally.

  3. Is that the Chris Murphy of whom we wat?

    • Living in a flat at Double Bay is not single parent ‘hardship’. A real hard done by single parent in Turnbull’s younger days would have rented a mouldy one-storey terrace in Newtown, or Chippendale, back then far from the trendy locations they are now. And there was no welfare help for sole parents back then either, not that Waffles senior, in secure employment with a good income, would have needed it.

  4. OK, I’m fed up with all the Eurovision stuff. Why was Eurovision considered a yawn-fest and a joke until Australians started taking part? I still find it boring as …….

    So in revenge youse can all have some ballet, and this ties in neatly with Turnbull’s cuts to arts funding and the whinging going on because the Australian Ballet got their funding and the Upper Snerkville Players did not.

    First – Cuba takes the arts seriously. Castro wanted everyone to have access to the arts, he didn’t want it to be an elitist thing. So he chipped in to fund the Cuban National Ballet.
    Second – Cuban ballet dancers are now among the best, in the world, maye ARE the best in the world, and are sought after by the world’s leading companies. This is what government support for the arts achieves.
    Third – The Australian Ballet is one of the world’s top ballet companies and deserves every cent of government funding it gets, and then some. So cut the whinging.

    Here’s one of the very best of the latest Cuban products,Jorge Barani –

    i just know someone is going to come in with a ‘what about Nureyev’ comment, so here’s Rudi, performing the same Don Quixote variation, but with his own choreography, and somewhat hampered by having to perform on the concrete floor of an aircraft hangar, in his production for the Australian Ballet in 1973. Ballet has moved on a lot since then. What was amazing in the 1970s is now what every kid competing in the annual Adeline Genne awards does now. Still fantastic, but no longer unusual.

    So now do you understand why arts funding is important – not just for ballet but across the board? Maybe even for developing talent for future Eurovision contests, although I still don’t know why we bother with that.

    • Doing the four foot flips in Le Corsaire was a Nureyev signature.

    • I’m happy to have that version of Don Quixote.

      As I understand it, the way “Quixote” is pronounced in Spanish is “doŋ kiˈxote”; that is – a bit of a g at the end of the don and the x as the ch in Scottish loch: dong ki khote e.

    • Not too slow in Brazil either.

      Not for the better for the people in V or B.

    • Lots to do with the Oil Price. Maduro doesn’t have the funds for basic foodstuff. Rousseff’s departure in Brazil adds to Maduro’s isolation in Latin America. Venezuela’s ruling Socialist Party and Rousseff’s Workers Party. have been strong allies for a long time.

  5. I reckon the better a Labor policy is the later in the campaign it will be released.

  6. The Secret NSA Diary of an Abu Ghraib Interrogator

    In Consequence, he recounts the daily work of manipulating and mistreating prisoners even as he became disillusioned with the idea that such interrogations produced any intelligence of value.

    He writes about shoving detainees into walls and throwing chairs, seeing men naked in freezing temperatures and subjecting them to sleep deprivation. He sees detainees being struck by other interrogators. He describes a technique known as the “Palestinian chair,” rumored to have been taught to U.S. forces by Israeli interrogators. Fair describes the torture of one Iraqi detainee in the chair in excruciating detail. “His hands are tied to his ankles. The chair forces him to lean forward in a crouch, forcing all of his weight onto his thighs. … He is blindfolded. His head has collapsed into his chest. He wheezes and gasps for air. There is a pool of urine at his feet.”

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